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LendIt is the largest conference series dedicated to connecting the global online lending community. LendIt hosts three conferences per year in the USA, Europe, and China. LendIt USA is the industry's annual flagship conference and brings together every major online lending platform from around the world. LendIt Europe and LendIt China are regional conferences that allow attendees to explore those markets in greater detail. Financial innovators, investors and pioneers from all over the world attend LendIt for an opportunity to learn from market leaders, form key business alliances, and showcase and launch industry-moving products and services. LendIt is the must attend conference series for anyone conducting business within the online lending community.
951 Episodes
Smartphones are the Terminal of the Future - The importance of being an ally with small businesses - Creating a multiplier effect through recharging Adolfo Babatz, Clip Moderator: Rafa de la Guia, Quona Capital
Reshaping the Lending Experience in Brazil - Democratizing access to cost effecient loans in Brazil - The importance of data algorithms to improve prediction, customer profiling and decision making Sergio Furio, Creditas Moderator: Manuel Silva Martinez, Santander InnoVentures
Regulatory Environment Across the Region - How regulators view fintech and the potential impact it has on the economy - Understand their view on new technology  - The impact of politics on fintech regulation Laura Clavijo, SFC Carlos Orta, Deloitte Jorge Alexandre Casara, CVM Moderator: Leticia Riquelme, Inter American Development Bank
Reducing the Cost of Capital for SMEs in LatAm - Institutional capital helps to change the cost equation - Building an attractive alternative to banks through technology Nico Shea, Cumplo
Opportunities for Capital Markets Financing in LatAm Maria Ariza, BIVA
Open Banking as a Service - API delivery models help to change the transfer of funds and reduce friction - Building new connections and value chains can improve customer experience Anabel Perez, Novopayment Moderator: Mariano Carranza, Goldman Sachs
Harnessing the Power of Data to Improve Brazilians' Financial Well-Being - Alternative data can be the equalizer for the unbanked - Automation and new tech to stay ahead of the curve and banks Benjamin Gleason, GuiaBolso Moderator: Dave Nangle, Vostok Emerging Finance Ltd
Follow the money... Fintech investment opportunities in LatAm - Silicon Valley's growing interest in Latin America - How to scale in a way that can lead to a successful exit - The changing dynamics of funds in the region - Discovering positive ROI and new metrics of impact Mike Packer, QED Investors Fabrice Serfati, Ignia Marcelo Lima, Monashees Ishan Sinha, Point72 Ventures Moderator: Ben Saloff, AQN Strategies
Visa Everywhere Initiative - Awards Ceremony Eduardo Coello, Visa
Visa Everywhere Initiative Pagalo (Guatemala) Peiky (Colombia) Tiendapp (Colombia) Zen Finance (Brazil) Zinobe (Colombia) ZroBank (Brazil)
Visa Everywhere Initiative ¡Appa! (Argentina) DinDin (Brazil) Druber (Argentina) Facenote (Argentina) Flexio (Mexico) Kublau (Mexico)
Securing Institutional Capital - Closing the 85 percent gap for Mexican SMBs - Making sense of SMB data to understand and underwrite efficiently - The ROI potential in serving a market ready to explode David Poritz, Credijusto Moderator: Mariano Carranza, Goldman Sachs
Pushing the Pace on Innovation and Partnering with Fintechs - Innovating inside a big bank - Big retail’s move into financial services - The evolution of digital currencies. Manolo Sánchez, Former Chairman & CEO BBVA Compass Moderator: Katie Llanos, Iupana
From Broke to a Billion - Providing the tools, technology and resources needed to succeed - The power of mentoring and financial literacy Ingrid Vanderveldt, Empowering a Billion Women
Forging the Future of Money with Fintechs: Visa’s Vision for the Next Five Years of Payments Innovation - Keeping up with evolving consumer expectations to deliver faster, more personalized experienceS - Why it is crucial for leaders in the payments space to work in collaboration with fintechs - How programs like the Visa Fintech Fast Track program, Visa Partner Portal and Visa Everywhere Initiative are enabling fintechs to scale and promoting fresh thinking from startups Terry Angelos, Visa Moderator: Ana Paula Gonzalaz, 500 Startups
Building the Next Generation of Payments & Commerce Juan Pablo Ortega, Rappi Moderator: Arnoldo Reyes, Visa
Betting on LatAm's Future - Spotting potential amongst an emerging startup ecosystem - Finding the right disruptive company and market - Staying patient and allowing markets to pan out Paulo Passoni, Softbank Group International Moderator: Steve McLaughlin, FT Partners
The Neobank Revolution

The Neobank Revolution


The Neobank Revolution Vilash Poovala, Oyster Financial, Inc Stefan Moller, Klar Diego Caicedo, Omnibnk Gabriela Estrada, Vexi Moderator: David Feliba, S&P Global Market Intelligence
The Importance of Debt Capital for Growth Gordon Watson, Victory park Capital James Sagan, Arc Labs Jackie Hyland, A55 Jared Miller, Accial Capital Diego Creel Moreno, Creze Moderator: Rafa de la Guia, Quona Capital
Open Banking: the Core of the Collaboration Phenomenon Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Mambu Rafael Pereira, Rebel Edrizio De La Cruz, Arcus Financial Intelligence Inc. Maria Allen, Unisys Moderator: Lariza Galindo Hernandez, IFC
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