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Let's Be Single Together with Big Al

Let's Be Single Together with Big Al

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Big Al Mack is Single. Marjanna is Single. Now they're single... TOGETHER. Listen each week as they chat about their current and past dating lives. Crazy and wild stories. Uncensored and provocative! Maybe a little sexual tension in the room too?! Subscribe to this weekly podcast and enjoy it every TWOsday!
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Stories From Miami Man

Stories From Miami Man


Big Al and Majaranna swap some online dating stories, and they call their first guest on the show with a very interesting dating story.
Big Al proposes a dating experiment and Marjanna discusses the things she finds attractive in a man when looking for someone to date, as well as character traits she finds boring.



Big Al talks about his dealings with past dates that have been lazy and too much work. Majanna swaps stories and explains how important it is to look your best for selfies/pictures.
Big Al and Marjanna discuss moments of self-sabotage in their dating lives. Later on, they discuss how Big Al hit on Marjanna many years back and didn't even know it.
This week Big Al's having guests over at his house and is stressed about entertaining them. Marjanna and Big Al swap their bad online dating stories.
Big Al explains why he dislikes using dating apps to find women, and he and Marjanna swap their horrible experiences dating online.
Where it all begins! Big Al Mack and Marjanna introduce themselves, discuss losing their virginity, and how Big Al comes up with his nicknames for the women he dates.
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