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Author: Nick Russell

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Let's Chat with Russtek is all about Hustle, we're all about entrepreneurs, we're all about tech and mostly we're all about social media! We're going to give you as much content as we can while keeping it fun! Are you ready to chat? Support this podcast:
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This week we Chat about blogging and how that can help your business as well as grow your reach on your social media platforms. Are you adding links in your blog? Do you have CTA's on your post and archive page?Theses are just a couple of the things we chat about in this week's episode!Have you seen our blog? The link is below... to our Facebook after listening to this podcast and Let's Chat about it! Support this podcast:
When I was asked to speak at a Gala for St.Clair College I was honored! They asked me to speak about networking and branding and after some thought, there was no other way to explain that then to wear my Flat Cap with my suit at the gala. In this episode of Let's Chat with Russtek I talk about how I got that hat and how that hat became part of my personal brand! As always, for more head to our website! Support this podcast:
Welcome back to Let's Chat with Russtek and in this week's episode we talk about mindset and setting up a routine that will help you succeed. Do you have a morning routine? We chat about ours and how it's help us stay focused and work to achieve our goals! Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Let's Chat with Russtek we are talking about Instagram Bots and why you're seeing people liking your posts from months ago or why you're seeing odd comments that don't make sense on your current posts. Are Bots good or bad? We'll figure that out in this episode! you want more engagement on Instagram and don't want to use a bot? Click the link below and let's chat about how we can help! Support this podcast:
In this week's episode of Let's Chat with Russtek we talk about being more productive and using ToDoist to do that. We talk about some of it's great features and how it can help you become more productive in both your personal life and in business. Want ToDoist for yourself? Click the link below and start using it today! you looking to be more organized and more productive in 2019 with social media? Get our 3 FREE content calendars! Click the link below and get yours today! Support this podcast:
This week I want to talk to you about something that is not ok in business. That's blackmail! This something that happened to me and it's now happened to a friend! In no way is this ok. Have a listen and then head to our Facebook page and Let's Chat about your thoughts on the subject! you hear our outro? Yes, we have a free download for you, just head to our website and get your free content calendars and start your new year off by being organized! Support this podcast:
In this week's podcast we chat about what's better, Facebook likes or targeting a specific market to get sales. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!!!Be sure to head to our website where you can find the full podcast!!! Support this podcast:
In this week's episode of Let's Chat with Russtek we talk a little bit about the power of Twitter, using a BlackBerry and how you can see what's new with BlackBerry Mobile and how they are starting to make a come back.If you want to learn more about the BlackBerry Meetup and Networking event in Windsor, On click on the link below to find out more! Support this podcast:
This week we chat all about schedules and if they are good or bad for your business. Some say they are amazing and some say lose engagement when they use a scheduler for social. What do you think? Do you use them? Leave us a comment on Facebook or YouTube and let's chat! better, let's chat about that in person! If you're in the Windsor area on November 20th, come on down to Chapter Two brewery and join us at our networking event. You might even walk out with a brand new BlackBerry KEY2! Support this podcast:
This week's episode is all about getting things done and tips that will help you along the way. I also want to have a discussion on things that you do that help you get things done. Head to our Facebook page and Let's Chat! you interested in learning about taking your social media to the next level? Head to our website and Let's Chat about our FREE Facebook Audit! Support this podcast:
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