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Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan

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On the Let’s Talk About I‎t podcast, Taylor Nolan gets candid with various celebrity guests and experts. The podcast focuses on mental health, relationships, and personal development. Taylor's unique perspective comes from her studies in psychology and counseling, as well as her time spent on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise reality TV shows. Join Taylor each week, and let's talk about it. Please Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. We read our reviews, and love to hear from our listeners.
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Taylor’s turning 27 and Kirah, an astrologer, is on the podcast to read her chart. They talk about Taylor’s SMR (sun, moon, and rising) signs, Mercury retrograde and so much more! Taylor spills about a relationship that Kirah believes will see a turning point in August! Resources: Kirah’s Instagram Kirah’s Website Kirah’s Twitter Kirah’s Patreon
Taylor has Vanessa Geffrard from VagEsteem on the podcast this week! Vanessa shares what VagEssteem is and how she came up with the idea. Taylor and Vanessa discuss how identity, including humor impacts approaching sexual education. Vanessa talks about her experience with including her family in sex positive conversations. Vanessa and Taylor break down "hoetation" and how to have convos with those in your hoetation! Resources: Vagesteem Website Vagesteem Podcast   VagEsteem Instagram VageEsteem Twitter VageEsteem Facebook CashApp: $Vagesteem Venmo: Vagesteem PayPal VagEsteem Additional Resources: The Vulva Gallery Instagram The Fat Sex Therapist Instagram
Taylor has her friend from The Bachelor Jasmine Goode on the podcast. They discuss blackness in the bachelor world and what it looks like to be black and proud. Jasmine talks about her experience as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Taylor and Jasmine share personal experiences being black and biracial.    Resources: Jasmine's Instagram
EP124: Chosen Father

EP124: Chosen Father


Taylor celebrates Father’s Day by having her chosen father, Robb, come on the podcast and share how he entered into his.  Taylor was his “practice daughter” and now has two children of his own, who you have likely seen on her Instagram.  Robb shares his experience as a black father and reflects on the stereotype of black fathers. Taylor reflects on her relationships with the father figures in her life and her “daddy issues”.  Resources: Robb’s Instagram
Taylor invites friend Les Alfred, host of Balanced Black Girl podcast, back on the podcast for her 3rd interview!  Taylor and Les process gaining new white followers over the last two weeks during the Uprising, and the pressure to educate on social media.  The women share this safe space to discuss their experience in blackness and lend each other support.   RESOURCES: Balanced Black Girl   Les Alfred    Venmo  @lmoney0821    
EP122: Bust an Ethical Nut

EP122: Bust an Ethical Nut


Taylor is joined by King and Jasmine, who are three-time award-winning adult film stars who have dedicated their craft to creating a more inclusive and ethically sound adult entertainment industry.  Together they own Jet Setting Jasmine and Royal Fetish Films where the love of the arts, film and sex education are combined to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to push their sexual boundaries.  Taylor considers following in Jasmine’s footsteps of being a licensed clinical therapist who also works in Adult Entertainment.   Royal Fetish Films From the Spirituals to Hip Hop Webinar Jet Setting Jasmine Website Jet Setting Jasmine Instagram  Jet Setting Jasmine Twitter Jet Setting Jasmine Onlyfans  King Noire Website  King Noire Instagram  King Noire Twitter  King Noire Only Fans
EP121: White People

EP121: White People


Taylor has two conversations around race related recent news of Hannah Brown using the n-word, and the murder of George Floyd. Robin DiAngelo, author of white fragility, joins Taylor to discuss reverse racism, the good/bad binary of racism, and what white fragility is. Taylor is then joined by Vanessa Grimaldi, a white female friend from The Bachelor, to share the conversations they’ve been having around race with the recent news.  White Fragility White Fragility Work Book Words that Don't Belong to Everyone
AASECT-certified supervisor, founder of the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, mother, wife and author Dr. Tina Sellers joins Taylor to discuss religious sexual shame.  As the author of Sex, God, and the Conservative Church, Tina shares her four-step model for healing religious sexual shame, which includes touch and non-touch exercises.  This episode will help empower you to rise above your sexual shame and embrace your value. RESOURCES Dr. Tina Sellers Sex, God, and the Conservative Church Books Mentioned: Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein
Amber and Matt Barnett from Love is Blind join the pod to chat about life after reality TV. The two get very honest and vulnerable about their relationship, the impacts of reality tv, and their future plans. The couple and Taylor share stories about dating on TV and how it's not always as it seems.   RESOURCES Amber's Instagram Barnett's Instagram
Dr. Emily Morse, founder and host of Sex With Emily, joins Taylor for a Q&A session to help answer questions submitted by listeners! The two give advice on various sexual health topics, including masturbation, orgasms, porn, sex toys, and finding deeper connection with both a partner and yourself. The two exchange personal stories and experiences, and Taylor has a few questions of her own! 
Kelz Dyke, #theaccountant, and Matthew "Jesus" Smith from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle join Taylor during quarantine to discuss life after reality TV! They give us a look behind the scenes, and share lessons they learned from their time on the show about building emotional connections vs. strictly physical relationships. We also learn about a new side of Kelz, as he shares stories about how his family, religion, and relationships have played a role in who he is today. Matthew lets us into his mindset behind leaving the show early, and he and Taylor chat about monogamy, masturbation, and more!  RESOURCES Kelz's Insta Matthew’s insta
Do you know your aura color? This week on Let's Talk About It, Taylor gets her aura read by fourth generation psychic medium, Mystic Michaela, who specializes in reading auras, which are the colorful life force energies around individuals. Taylor gets some dating tips as Mystic Michaela reads the aura of two potential love interests.   Resources:  Mystic Michaela's Podcast Mystic Michaela's Website Mystic Michaela's Instagram  
Taylor and Justin meetup via Zoom to discuss the Polyvagal Theory, and Justin's belief that we are stuck - not broken. The two apply the concepts from the theory to the current global situation, and breakdown the science behind why the isolation and lack of social engagement is causing anxiety and depression in many of us. As a society, our safety feels threatened, and the two dive deep on how to get curious and look inward to mindfully move into a healthier state of mind.  RESOURCES Justin LMFT Justin's Instagram Polyvagal Podcast  
Taylor chats with Dr. Sasha Heinz about the struggles of perfectionism, and how difficult it can be to manage the constant need for external validation. Dr. Sasha Heinz is a development psychologist, life coach, and is an expert in positive psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. The two apply their knowledge to work through common negative tendencies human's experience, and provide insight on how to make a lasting change. During the conversation, the two exchange personal stories on how these themes have shown up in their lives and how they've come out on the other side - and ways you can learn from their experiences!  RESOURCES Dr. Sasha Heinz's Website Dr. Sasha Heinz's Instagram 7 Fascinating Ways To Hack Your Brain To Be Less Negative According To Science
"The drugs aren't the problem, you are" is a phrase Alexis Haines lives by, as she outlines her journey with addiction, trauma, and abuse and how it led to her eventual recovery. Taylor and Alexis deep dive into Alexis's past trauma and recovery journey, and how she's used her past to fuel her future as a sober advocate and healer. With her new lifestyle, Alexis keeps very busy balancing herself, her marriage, parenting, work (which she does a lot of - recovery advocate, podcast producer, author, and doula!), and she shares with us how she got from a place of numbing reality to creating her desired reality and thriving in it. RESOURCES Alexis Haines Instagram Alo House Malibu Rehab Recovering From Reality Recovering From Reality Podcast Recovering From Reality Book  
Arielle Estoria, a poet, author, speaker, and curve model, joins Taylor in LA to discuss her self-love journey, and how it relates to religion, modesty, and shame. Additionally, she discusses her interracial relationship, and how the two plan to navigate raising biracial kids. At the end, Arielle shares her original poem Magic (In Your Bones) and her artistic expression of her journey will give you goosebumps, so be prepared!  RESOURCES Arielle's Instagram: Arielle's Website:  Arielle's work on iTunes: Arielle's work on Spotify: Embodiment/Sacred Feminine, Hillary L. McBride Trailercast Podcast: 
Scheana shares her personal journey of dating after divorce, which includes dishing the details on her new relationship - and she tells us why she's never been happier! Taylor and Scheana discuss speed in progressing a relationship and overcoming societal expectations when dating in the public eye. The two also chat about various forms of body expression, Scheana's masturbation journey, and working through freezing eggs and family planning options.  RESOURCES Scheana's Instagram: Scheana's Podcast with Taylor: Vanderpump Rules:   
Taylor is joined by Shan Boodram, Los Angeles-based sex educator, popular YouTube personality, and intimacy expert, to discuss the excitement, uncertainty, and challenges of navigating relationships. Shan is the author of The Game of Desire, in which she teaches self- and social awareness to make dating your new favorite hobby - and the two discuss how to bring these tools and suggestions to life to help create meaningful connections that honor yourself.  RESOURCES Shan's Instagram   Game of Desire Instagram Shan's Website Game of Desire Website/Shan's Quizzes  
Taylor and Quigley dig deep into social media and the impacts it can have on mental health. There is constant pressure to push the creative envelope, but it's also necessary to establish boundaries in order to avoid burnout - it's a fine line to navigate those two agendas. The two share personal growth stories, while also diving into the struggles they've had managing their platform, including feeling shame, regularly comparing, and experiencing depression.  RESOURCES Quigley's Instagram   Officially Quigley  
LoveLine host, therapist, lecturer, educator, and author Dr. Chris Donaghue chats with Taylor about being authentic in your sex life, and doing what makes you feel most yourself in relationships. The two discuss topics such online dating, non-monogamy, chemistry vs. compatibility, and how to honor your true self in your romantic and sexual relationships. Taylor and Chris challenge the societal "norm" around sex, and share personal experiences in regard to evolving and growing sexually.  RESOURCES Dr. Chris's Instagram   Dr. Chris's Website   Love Line's Instagram   Dr. Chris's Books: Rebel Love   Sex Outside The Lines
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Self awareness.

Aug 23rd

Monique LaJeunesse

I've commented before just on the first episode, but this is worth talking about! Every insight gives so much, and I feel a breakthrough nearly every episode. I love the format and elatable knowledge.

Aug 21st

Nancy Byal

36 ur best podcast yet. they keep getting better and better. so helpful to ur listeners!

Aug 11th

Monique LaJeunesse

so comprehensive and relatable, I even took notes to solidify concepts. This topic was recommended by my counselor and I've had trouble finding something I can really digest. thanks a lot! will definitely recommend.

Aug 6th

Kathryn Franey

so inspiring. thank you so much for sharing!!!

Apr 17th
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