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Let Love: A podcast with the Sisters of Life
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Let Love: A podcast with the Sisters of Life

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God is Love. “Let Love” is about giving God permission in your life, letting go, and receiving the Love that frees you to live in the truth of who you are. In the Let Love podcast, join the Sisters of Life ( for conversations looking at life through the lens of love. You are loved. You are made in God’s image, and your life matters. Let’s talk about it.
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In Lent, God revealed His desire to bring more life into our lives. In Holy Week, Jesus comes to us, right where we are and has said the final word. We can believe in the power of the Resurrection and welcome the joy of new life. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we claim the Easter difference together. Be not afraid. This is just the beginning.
In Holy Week, Christ is waiting to receive us. He is here wherever we find ourselves. There is no suffering Christ has not entered and not a moment He is not with us. This is good news. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we look at what this Holy Week entails. We're being invited to be with Him as the Father holds nothing back from us.
We're in the the last week of Lent and on the onramp to Holy Week. We all need to hold onto Someone and these days, it's a dare to trust. We need not fear because we are on a first name basis with God. In this week, we discover that there is life for me in the darkness. Do I believe Jesus can do it? Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we continue the journey together and find joy and strength in calling on His Name. He who claims to be the Life and the Resurrection is with us.
God is in our midst and in the day to day Jesus passes by. He finds us where we are and he is inviting us to see reality through His eyes. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we ponder the process of being made new in Jesus Christ and together let the Light break in. Lets look for God's wonders.
God is inscribed everywhere and Lent is a season of hope. He is asking for the heart of your heart and we have the chance to turn it over to Him. He is that place we are looking for. Christ thirsts for our misery and He starts where we are today. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we ask together 'Where is God seeking to meet me?' Because Jesus wants to go to the depths of who you are.
There is a gift given in the desert without conditions. Jesus wants to reveal Himself to us and let His glory into our life. Because our heart has been God claimed and we can stay where we are - loved, beloved, belonging. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we together lean into the certainty of Him who says to each of us today “Rise and look at Me.” We are made for glory and it awaits us in the desert.
We need the desert. Jesus was driven there by love and has claimed our deserts as His own. We have the gift of a new way and its about a Spirit-reliance. The Spirit wants to give us gifts and is waiting to flood our heart in the desert. Join us as we launch into the First Week of Lent together and seek the oasis of the Word. 
Its the Monday before Lent. Ash Wednesday is coming up. And the desert is rich. There are profound gifts, personal gifts for you that Jesus is inviting you to claim. This place is loaded with gifts and God is giving us the blueprint of how to be human again. Good things happen when we let go. Join us for this new Season as we journey together in Lent and look at the One who is going with us in and throughout this journey: Jesus Christ. 
Jesus is not virtual, He actually came. We have a Savior, He's here and He wants in. In Jesus we find all the grace we need. God is now accessible to all and in Him we have received everything. God has now opened Himself up totally to a relationship with us and in Him we find the way in our lives. This Advent Season has been all about opening the doors of our hearts that He may come. We have become aware of places we’re poor and now is the time to stay open and come close to Jesus, who can fit right in and bring new life. It's real, it's an awesome gift. Join us as we break open the mystery together.
We are beginning to taste the promised Joy of Christmas. There is an invitation to hold fast to these final weeks we look forward to Jesus coming anew into our lives. We’ve committed to this journey and here lies a new invitation. Ponder with us as we consider the deeper joys on this journey of freedom. It takes faith, trust and courage. Join us as we take this next step of faith together.
When it comes to living in peace, we all get tested. It's a battle everyday and it needs to be claimed. How do we bring life and love into situations that lack peace? How can we bring something new to these situations? How do we stay in peace? Its easy to get irked. That's why we're talking about this. Advent is a journey into that deeper interior peace that we all long for. Peace is a Person, and He is with us. This is at the centre of human heart - we long for deep, real, satisfying peace. Let's talk about it. 
Life is a surprise. Advent teaches us that the journey of faith is not a straight line. It's not what we expect and far beyond we can measure, figure out and plans for. In creation, in the exchange of gifts at Christmas, in the presence being with each other - all the time, every day, we see the surprising ways of God and of grace. Join us as we talk about stories that show us what it means to let God surprise us and how it blesses us. Let's hit the reality that God wants to surprise us this Advent. He wants to surprises with deep profound gifts of his love and the ultimate gift of his son. Are our hearts ready? 
We invite you to join us as we journey through Advent together! For the first time we will walk, week by week, as we discover what is held out to us in this special season of grace. It's a unique time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Marked by desire, thirst and longing - we’re reminded that we need a Savior  and can rejoice that we have one. It's a time to wait, because I know there is someone who loves me, wants to save me. Theres a point to this journey and we're on our way. Join us.
We’ve been praying. But sometimes it seems like God doesn't answer us. I can't hear God and it doesn't seem to work. What now? A lot of life is living right here. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace for a candid conversation on going to Mary and leaning on her. It's the place of strength and she leads us to Jesus who is the Way. 
We’re born thirsty for love. We need a Word to give direction, to satisfy the thirst in every heart for something more. The Father has answered in Jesus. His Word is Love and shows us how to get home, how to live & how to find answers. Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we talk about the Word we all need. 
Life can be hard and there is pressure to lose hope. At the heart of every experience is the question: who is with me? Is God for real when He promises that He is? It's a bold question that takes a bold response. Join Sr. Agnus Dei & Sr. Mary Grace as we talk about the difference it makes when we center our life around His Life in the Eucharist. It's the love we want  - total, unsparing, self sacrificing, given, will not and cannot be taken back or taken away. This is Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.  It does exist.
We are always preparing for something. We all have routines. What about prayer?  Prayer involves all of us. We are preparing for the relationship, connection and communion that we thirst for most. How can I prepare my heart? What does that look like practically? What's God up to in this whole reality? Join Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we chat about "getting in the zone." 
Trust has to do with everything. There's a lot of trust involved in life and in prayer. What we experience in life, we can carry with us into prayer and into our relationship with God. Trust makes us vulnerable, but God doesn't let us down. We are not alone. Join Sr. Marie Agnus Dei & Sr. Mary Grace as we talk about inviting Jesus in and letting Him show up.
There is no thirst that you bring to God that will not be satisfied. Join Sr. Marie Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace as we dive into this new season talking about 'How to Pray.' Why Pray? Because we are thirsty. There is a Source and there is Someone who wants to satisfy us. Let's get connected.
SEASON 8: HOW TO PRAY...Episode 1 coming soon: Monday, September 19!
Comments (4)

Kathy Huebl

the Salve Regena was awesome, thank you!

Mar 14th

Maggie Hartzheim

I sang Lauridson’s O Magnum Mysterium in college. It is an incredibly beautiful song. If you love that song, you will also probably love Pilgrims Hymn by Stephen Paulus. Lyrics are so prayerful and music simple and beautiful. Thank you both for sharing insights and your warm, loving selves.

Apr 17th

Gianna Rose Zeringue

Hi my name is gianna and im sixteen years old and feel a strong call to join the sisters of life. Its a big decision and honestly im scared. i have no idea if any of the sisters will see this, but to whoever does it would mean the world if you prayed for me. Also to the sisters of life: you are so inspiration and put in me a hope that i have a really hard time finding. i love the work you do and can't wait to see if God is really calling me to join you:)

Feb 17th
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