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Lets Talk About Cars YO!

Author: Salomondrin

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Let's Talk About Cars, Yo! is a show where we discuss all things automotive in a personal, fan-engaging way. Get ready for laughs, tears, and many "WTF DID THEY JUST SAY?!" moments!!!
81 Episodes
Let's talk about cars yo!!!
Let's Talk About Cars Yo!
Let's Talk About Cars Yo!
My G's, Welcome back to another episode of LTACY where we discuss the new car market, electric car market, and jump into Formula 1 discussing the Red Bull situation with Checo Perez! LFG!
My Guys! I’m facing the dumbest question in the word right now: Should I get the latest and greatest, or ‘just’ the old special edition!? I need your help answering this. From there I wanna take you to some of the most disappointing this that happened in the car market. Let’s talk about electrics real quick and some F1!
My Nephews! As my moving date to California approaches I'm starting to eye what the next move will be for my garage... I haven't really seen cars in 3 years, so I'm very excited about what's coming! Also, F1 had a crazy good race in Spain, so lets talk about it all!
This 2023 F1 season has only had 5 races and we’re noticing Red Bull is gonna dominate this year even harder than last year. This is concerning to all teams, but specially to Mercedes. They need to come up with a brand new car, and seems a bit too late!
In today’s episode of LTACY, Sergio and I go a bit off course from the usual topics and dive into some of our craziest and funniest stories through the years! From buying a special edition Bugatti, to when Sergio almost killed me! As well as what we are most excited for in 2021 when it comes to cars and our lives! This and more on Episode 5 of Season 5 of LTACY!
In today’s episode of LTACY we have our guest co-host Sergio back with us from covid! We chat about the brand new Lamborghini ONE OFF! The newly released cars from McLaren, Hennessey, and Pagani! And what Ferrari is doing in their hunt for a new CEO! This and more on Episode 4 of Season 5 of LTACY.
In today’s episode of LTACY we have our guest co-host Sergio back with us. We chat about what Ferrari I'm ordering next, as well as the new "King of The Ring" and it's soon to be competitor out of Lamborghini. We also break down my Rivian truck spec, and what exactly happened with SSC America and their Tuatara. This and more on Episode 3 of Season 5 of LTACY.
In today’s episode of LTACY we have our guest co-host Rohael with us. We chat about what car should I buy, what’s happening with McLaren financially, and we explain “the electric car bubble” and what it entails! We also take a look at the market and make financial predictions on value based on what’s going on in the world! This and more on Episode 2 of Season 5 of LTACY.
Welcome to SEASON 2 of LTACY, or as it says everywhere else... SEASON 5! LOL In today’s episode Alejandro and Sergio tell us how they found their love for cars. We also analyze if YouTube has ruined the car world, and why it makes perfect sense for Rimac to acquire Bugatti!
What's up my G's!? This show originally aired live on on 4/29/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Listen to the episode here: Spotify - iTunes - 00:00 Intro/What we will be talking about. 01:30 Where has Ale been? 03:55 Ford GT 17:00 Season 4 18:12 Ford GT or Singer? 19:36 More season 4 talk 22:30 Car News: Hellephant 23:49 R36 GTR Rumors 28:44 AMG Going all wheel drive/some LC 500 32:19 Tune for NSX 32:57 Are all pros eligible for the featured posts 34:18 NFL Draft 36:10 Avengers:Endgame (NO SPOILERS) 41:00 We are major investors in movie pass/ AMC Theater talk 47:22 Podcast once a week 48:00 Formula 1
What's up my G's!? This show originally aired live on on 4/15/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Listen to the episode here: Spotify - iTunes - 00:00 Intro 00:45 Season 4 Start off 01:20 Learning from your mistakes 05:43 Senna Fire reignited my fire 13:06 We all go through shit 16:48 Opening new Doors/Indy Long Beach 20:26 Formula 1 22:42 Our Logo on an Indy car 23:40 Moto GP 25:00 Bugatti Veyron 39:37 K Egg 31:50 Rimac 33:27 Pinafarina 33:51 Ivan and Tesla 42:42 Rimac and Hammond 46:33 Streetspeed 47:19 Senna Insurance 49:01 Maseratti 12c 50:29 Do you want to drive an F1 car?
What's up my G's!? Today's episode kicks off Season 4 for the Salomondrin channel, and we cover what happened on the channel and what's to come! ENJOY!!! This show originally aired live on on 4/8/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Listen to the episode here: Spotify - iTunes - 00:00 Intro/Season 4/Vacation/Businesses 05:08 Goals For Season 4/F1 and Indie Racing 07:02 Buying the Best Car Possible by the end of the Year 08:50 Someone Donated $100? 09:58 Creating a new streaming show 11:21 I want to meet Elon Musk 12:07 Am I getting the GTR Pro 13:20 Ferrari Collector 13:45 New Set Up/New Content 15:55 Back to having meet ups 16:27 Am I getting a New House? 18:17 Plans for Goodwood? 18:46 Whats up with the Taco Shop? 20:56 Are you replacing Farghini? 22:28 When is baking baked coming back? 26:59 Whats the next Tattoo? 28:06 is the 720s Spyder worth it? 30:28 Why haven’t you added Brabus Alpina or RUf to your collection? 33:10 Tagged in Car Fire pics 34:59 Shark Tank Show Idea/Send us your products 36:53 Watch Collection Video 37:29 Business Advice 40:09 Real Estate Advice 41:28 Moto GP 42:26 Any plans for Italy 42:54 G wagon Update 43:20 Major Jumps in Car Class in my life 45:57 When did you realize you were rich? 46:24 Would you get another 918? 47:08 AMG 6x6 47:32 Beetle RSI 48:09 What have you sold? 49:03 NEW 4x4 49:25 Ferrari 49:55 SEASON 4 Whats coming?
What's up my G's!? This week's episode has all the info on the Ferrari P80, my Ford GT, and what really happened with the Tesla! Enjoy! This show originally aired live on on 3/25/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Watch the episode here: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Going out of town 00:45 Ferrari P80 03:10 Best Lambo-Like car 03:25 Whats going on with App 3:53 Which Bugatti am I buying? 05:22 Why is buddy naked? 05:34 Am I getting a Ford GT 05:57 When will the RR Black Badge Cullinan come out? 06:23 Get an LFA 06:40 Zagato 7:55 Model 3 Performance 08:29 TDF 09:12 Business Trip in Mexico 09:50 Model X 10:57 Which Daily? 11:20 Apple TV/Facebook Watch 13:42 Simulation Race 14:15 Mexican K Egg Crash 14:37 12C vs R8 15:06 Phantom or Cullinan 15:52 Cayenne Coupe vs Urus 16:07 Ram Rebel 16:50 What care should my mom get at 40K 17:49 BMW 8 Series vs AMG 4 Door GT 18:45 GT500 Engine in Raptor? 19:28 750 Million Power Ball 21:34 What Brand will Revitalize them-self next? 22:50 Superleggera or Conti GT or 8 Series 23:30 Will old school designs make a come back? 24:51 When Are we getting regular vlogs? 25:32 Auto Subscription Services 26:40 Pagani 28:27 Camaro ZL1 or E400 28:55 If I had to drive the same car for the rest of my life what would it be? 30:11 Window Breakers 31:10 Daimler and BMW Autonomous 32:21 Bugatti Prices 33:54 Belen’s G Wagon 34:31 Exchange Student Buying a car 35:22 Montezuma’s Revenge 35:59 What non Car related things excite you? 36:42 Evan Paul 37:06 Goodwood/Formula 1 Netflix 37:43 Which of the remaining cars do I drive the most? 38:34 Silver Senna 39:40 Carweek 41:05 Anything on the East Coast? 42:37 What kind of animals do you like? 43:30 Ford GT
What's up my G's!? This one is loaded with juicy information from the biggest scam, the OBJ debacle, and what happened to Pedro. The show originally aired live on on 3/13/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Watch the episode here: Time Code 00:00 Instagram and Facebook down 00:42 Giants 02:35 Senna Insurance 05:26 Antonio Brown 07:13 Great Idea for a Business 11:40 Do you follow Soccer? 16:08 Daniel Suarez 20:32 Joe Rogen and Howard Stern 22:04 Dobre Brothers 22:41 Got my Real Estate License 25:10 F1 Show on Netflix 25:54 OBJ 27:27 Techart GT Street RS 28:35 UFC or Boxing 31:02 TATA 33:20 K-Egg Number 35:01 6x6 Video 35:30 Tesla 35:55 Bac Mono 37:00 Portugal 37:23 Elon Musk 38:09 Amazon and Rivian vs Tesla 39:55 Batista or Rimac 42:15 Rivian 43:28 What are you watching? 44:41 G63 45:58 YouTube Plaques 46:24 Toxic Comments 47:54 Doug Funny 50:10 Expedition Lemon 54:29 Car Wash Bill 55:00 Next Venture 57:26 When are you gonna game? 01:00:10 College Scandal 01:06:17 Mansory Bugatti 01:07:25 Turbo S or AMG GTR 01:09:30 Any Real Estate Videos 01:10:40 Speedtail 01:13:40 Buddy got scammed 01:24:10 Tesla vs VW 01:27:30 Box of Chocolate 01:28:15 Elon Musk or Steve Jobs 01:29:39 Buying Cars Online 01:30:50 Rolls Royce 01:34:10 Bugatti 01:35:00 Car into a woman 01:38:30 Pedro? 01:41:05 Corvette 01:42:22 UBER driver menu 01:44:09 How did belen feel about the stiffness test 01:47:43 Most beautiful car to come out lately
What's up my G's!? Finally, this is the news you've wanted. The show originally aired live on on 3/11/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it. Watch the podcast here: Time Code 00:00 Intro 00:51 Daylight Savings 01:19 917 Concept 03:50 R Kelly Interview 07:56 Belens G63 10:50 Mclaren Insurance 15:17 Buddy’s Wife and Trump 16:40 More Insurance 23:21 Would you take another Senna? 24:09 What Performance car do you recommend under 60K 25:47 How you overcame the fear of being on camera 28:01 Would you get another Tesla? 28:31 Who else do you watch on YouTube? 33:11 What car would you recommend for someone 6’7”? 36:20 Ford Bronco 39:30 Tesla Cutting then Raising Prices 43:30 Hennessy F5 Venom 44:25 K-Egg 300mph 46:55 Rimac 50:23 Back to K-Egg 52:40 Speedtail 53:50 Curious about the market now 54:40 On the verge of depreciation 59:25 Mercedes A Class 01:01:36 Verge of Appreciation 01:04:08 Someone bitching on YouTube 01:10:02 Where we started and where we are going 01:12:30 Meet Ups 01:14:20 AMG GTR 01:16:15 Travel Meet Ups 01:20:28 Stiffness Test 01:26:10 Hotbox Hot Topic 01:27:29 Deleted LaFerrari Review
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Kasst Valkarie

don't like the new format it's shit

Feb 27th

shit head

why did they stop

Feb 7th

shit head

wtf happend

Dec 6th

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did it get cancelled

Oct 10th

D Robertson

got so excited to see a new one I had to bust a Persian pose right in the detail bay!

Jul 30th

kyle mustang


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farshad acts like such a kid......... grow up man, be wise.

May 30th

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first one???

May 28th

Robert Miller

I wanna hear some pop-pops!!!

May 25th

Salar Afshar

farghinis laugh sounds like Elmo

Nov 29th

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Wow he has 'seen' the most amazing podcasts.

Oct 6th

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pablo is a girllll

Oct 2nd
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