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Author: Deb Boulanger

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Your ultimate guide for making the leap from corporate leader to entrepreneur. Deb Boulanger is an executive leader, entrepreneur, and founder of The Launch Lab for women entrepreneurs. Is it your time to break through the glass ceiling once and for all and claim your ticket to the C-suite? Come back each week to get leading strategies, advice and tools that will give you the skills and confidence you need to replace your corporate paycheck and make an even bigger impact through your work. Are you ready?
22 Episodes
Are you launching your business responsibly? Or are you on a path to run through your savings before you reach profitability? Learn the keys steps to reach your revenue goal, avoid burning through your savings, and calculate your business ROI.
Deb's guest this week is Tiina Wilen, the creator of the Avenue Growth System. A methodology that helps small business owners create assets and systems to grow their revenue, profits, and joy. In today's episode, Tiina shares her insight into the unpredictability of the entrepreneurial journey. We discuss how business owners can scale their business while also growing them, the importance of partnerships that work, and knowing how to focus on what is relevant.
Your first business idea might not be your best one. Learn how to spot patterns and pivot who you target or what you offer if you struggle to get clients. Get the four areas to focus on for your business do-over.
Cate Luzio is the founder of Luminary - a collaboration hub for a diverse community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and women leaders in business and the nonprofit world. Cate shares the importance of business plans and how to keep your focus when everything you plan on suddenly changes. Learn to master your mindset and thrive in your business during difficult times.
Deb gives actionable advice on how to distinguish an emotional investment from a profitable one, and how to build your business basics before investing in business accessories.
It's important to remain open and experimental in your first launch so you can quickly adjust to market feedback and demand. According to Jessica Korthuis, founder and CEO of Sohuis, now is not the time to perfect your solution before you have an ideal buyer. It might be counter-intuitive to find a buyer before you build your product, but it's the best and fastest way to zone in on your differentiated value.
It was just a year ago that Kristin left her law firm to start her entrepreneurial journey. After hitting her own moment of truth, Kristin created her unique methodology for high-powered leaders to harness their physical, mental and spiritual energy to drive exceptional results.
New challenges and new situations require a multifaceted mindset. What skills do you already have, or do you need to work on? What do you need to lose in order to become successful as an entrepreneur?
Business fundamentals series #4: Without a steady stream of clients who can fulfill the mission for your business, it can be dangerous for your business. So now is a good time to re-evaluate. Where is the money coming from? Fulfill your brand promise through the products that you offer.
Is your message being buried in the noise? Do you sound like every other professional in your market? And do you notice eyes glazing over when you talk about your business? Learn how to stand out in a crowded market and twist your brand to be more relevant now than ever before with our special guest, Brandtwist founder, Julie Cottineau.
Business fundamentals series #3: How to message your business and stand out in a crowded market? How to get new prospects, charge, and sell your services?
The real truth on how hard it is to launch a business, why most businesses fail, and how to find proof that there is a real market for your idea before you burn through your savings.
Meet Tisha Williams - a pastoral leader who followed her passion from actress and model to corporate leader to minister. Her entrepreneurial spirit has transformed a little local church into a national platform to bridge faithful followers across the nation in the first-ever YouTube channel for her ministry called "Bridge Nation." Life After Corporate explores diverse paths of entrepreneurship where women are making an impact with their gifts in new and innovative ways. Rev. Williams is a great example of one who found the "gap" in her market and leveraged innovation to deliver an even greater impact.
Is your marketing narcissistic? Is your message not really landing with your audience? While it's one of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make, it can be deadly for your new business if you don't know how to speak what your clients think. Let's find the gap in your market and find the space where you can stand out with your message.
Can you still sell your services in the middle of an economic crisis? Today we are chatting with sales strategist and business coach, Natasha Joan Haughton on how to sell your services without sounding sleazy - especially in this time where there is fear and uncertainty about the future.
Whether you are still employed, looking for a job, or looking to build momentum in your business, it’s more important now than ever before that you create authentic connections with people that share your values and can support your aspirations.
The Corona Virus Pandemic has created new challenges in how you market and how you sell. It’s “Business Unusual.” And if you can get beyond uncertainty and anxiety, you can embrace new opportunities that are right before you. Now is the time for you to show up in a bigger and bolder way than you ever have been before.
Are You Making These 3 Common Rookie Mistakes In Your Business? Lessons from the entrepreneurial trenches with Jane Wesman, Author of "Dive Right In — The Sharks Won’t Bite" and President of Wesman Public Relations.
How not to burnout being your own boss.
Are you doing the right things at the wrong time? It’s easy to feel like you are moving forward in your business, when you are only making “fake progress” that can really slow your revenue down.
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