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Author: Iron Horse Brewery

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The employees of Iron Horse Brewery take listeners "behind the curtain" on the weekly ups and downs of a regional brewery and spreading the magic of indie beer for a living. Have questions for us about running a brewery? E-mail us at and we'll answer them on the show! Support this podcast:
54 Episodes
Wes, Jared, Nicole and Aimee talk about their favorite beer in 2018, what's in store for 2019 and other random ways to level up in the new year.   --- Support this podcast:
Wes and Jared meet up with Charlie, Debbie, and Devin from Whipsaw Brewing. They discuss origin stories, create an on-air blend of two beers, dig into some industry news and then reveal a secret about Iron Horse Brewery brewhouse manager, Jake. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Jared, Nerd Paul, and Morgan talk about Oskar Blue's release of Hard Seltzer and what that means for the market. Trillium Brewing had some public HR issues. PBR and Miller Coors are BFF's again. And the answer the age old question what is the difference between QA and QC. --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Aimee, Nicole & Wes celebrate Thanksgiving by hating on cranberries, drinking a pale ale by NOLA Brewing co, and discussing some low abv, low cal beer. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Nerd Paul and Jared sample a beer from Deschutes, called humm zinger. They discuss the term craft, dive into what it means to be political and then answer the question: what beer should I drink if I hate carbonation. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Nicole and Aimee discuss their feelings on the Brewers Association proposed change to craft brewer definition, Brewdog Airlines, and our pilot porter. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Jared, Nerd Paul and Klauss the closer (Nicole) discuss their feelings about the passing of a beer legend, barley shortages due to global warming, small package beer and Mr IPA-NUT. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Greg drives around Ellensburg with a few of the brewery cousins talking about how Iron Horse got its start. The audio isn't great, but the stories give you a true glimpse of life behind beer. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, Jared, Greg and Wes interview Dr. Jeffrey Ventre, a local doctor, who was with Jim Quilter when he brewed the first batch of Irish Death. Dr. Jeff (as we call him) is probably best known for the documentary BlackFish. They discuss his story, ask a few beer related questions and banter about from the backroom of the pub. --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes, Jake, "Nerd Paul" and Morgan discuss the GABF and all its glory. Should breweries submit their beer to juried competitions? They dig into the intricacies of brewing difficult beer, namely Cozy Sweater and answer the question what is a Wheatwine? --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes, Greg & Dane drink a "desk aged" beer called Full Clip IPA by Stoneface Brewing out of Newington, NH. They "bro" banter about Algae Bloom, Beer and Wine, Dogfish Head, and Homegrown Brewing. The cousins of Iron Horse also talk about Mocha Death and a sport called Fowling. Word of warning there are few more expletives than normal. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Jared, Aimee and Special Guests, Lakyn and Nat from the hit band CobraHawk join in on the fun. This week's episode is all about beer and music. At the end of the podcast is one of CobraHawk's hit singles, Hot and Bothered. CobraHawk's Website >>> --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Jared, Nerd Paul, Justine and Molly drink a sour, talk about MillerCoors lay offs, PBR change in leadership, politics and beer. They also get into food and beer discussions. Listen up. --- Support this podcast:
Wes, Jared and Greg drink some more local independent beer, talk about the BA Independence campaign, BrewDogs Porn ambitions, and levels of selling out. A little discussion about beer tech and what gets used to make a quality beer. --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes and Greg drink their own beer juice, High Five Hefe. Discuss some beer business including, a new documentary about Stone Brewing, Lagunitas craft designation and other articles from Brewbound. They answer the big question: What makes a brewery great? --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes, Nicole and Aimee clarify what a Radler is, discuss the Haze Craze, question Miller Coors's business decisions and talk about the aluminum shortage . --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes, Rikki, Paul and Tyson talk about mixing craft beer, getting into home brewing, explore Melvin Brewing's medical debt erasing program and debunk Jim Koch's eating yeast to prevent getting drunk. --- Support this podcast:
Jared, Wes, Alex and Sabrina talk about 5% Craft Beer Growth, Non Compete Clauses, and Lists of Things. We say goodbye to Alex and Sabrina in their final podcast as Iron Horse Brewery cousins. --- Support this podcast:
Drinking a sour ale from Avery Brewing, we talk about Nielsen Beer Data, Dogfish Head's Impressive Growth, Boston Beer's BA Designation and we shatter some myths about beer. We also introduce the world to Danny, Iron Horse Brewery's newest sales cousin. --- Support this podcast:
We're talking drinking in public, wastewater issues, avocado ale, and dreaming up non-traditional beer collaborations. Devin and Crystal from the Iron Horse sales team guest. --- Support this podcast:
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