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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.
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Despite how common pregnancy loss is, families often suffer in silence. In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, Life Kit teamed up with the hosts of the podcast docuseries NATAL to share stories from parents who have experienced loss, and expert advice about how to support loved ones through grief.
Author Sonora Jha shares insights from her memoir, How To Raise A Feminist Son, which includes practical to-do lists about how to handle some of the hardest conversations with sons.
Our names are an extension of who we are. And if your name is mispronounced all the time, you know how painful that can be. In this episode, we're talking about why getting names right is so important — and how to correct others and rectify your own mistakes.
Buying a car is intimidating. This episode will help you strategize to avoid all the potential pitfalls, so you can drive away with a good deal. (This episode originally ran in Feb. 2020.)
The pandemic has reshaped social routines. Lots of people are worried about returning to a pre-coronavirus world of water-cooler talk and packed social schedules. Author and Life Kit regular Celeste Headlee has some advice.
Raising kids who pitch in around your home doesn't require bribes or a chore chart. Kids want to help – and parents can nurture that desire by including them in age-appropriate ways.
Actively listening is tough, but it can transform your conversations and improve your relationships. Here's some advice.
Money isn't just about numbers. It's about emotions, too. Tiffany 'The Budgetnista' Aliche's new book unpacks the relationships we all have with finances so you can make the most of your cash.
Navigating conversations with kids around race and racism can be tricky. Here's what to think about while talking to kids about the rise in anti-Asian attacks and the shootings in Atlanta earlier this month.
Over a year into the pandemic, many teens are missing milestones and struggling with their mental health. Here's how to spot red flags and when to get help.
Deb Perelman of the blog and cookbook Smitten Kitchen says she's not an organized person. But, she says, she's got a system that works for her in the kitchen. She told NPR's Shereen Marisol Meraji about it — and shared her tips for other home-cooks working in small spaces.
Concentrating is hard. Concentrating during a pandemic is even harder. Some experts say the key to focusing isn't forcing yourself to work — but taking strategic breaks to let your mind and body wander.
How To Deal With Burnout

How To Deal With Burnout


Burnout is common across the globe, and the pandemic has only exacerbated it. In this episode, experts unpack the signs of burnout and how you can gain more control over your work and your life.
Is unemployment taxed? What about stimulus checks? The pandemic has changed a lot when it comes to filing taxes. In this episode, we break down the filing process and tackle common COVID-19-related tax questions with a CPA.
Is an indoor visit between vaccinated friends safe? How about a hug with Grandma, even when young relatives haven't gotten their shots? The CDC released their guidelines for fully vaccinated people last week. Here's an explanation of what they advise, from NPR's Short Wave team.
Plenty of people put off seeking therapy because of the stigma, cost and inconvenience. Here are four tips to help you make your first appointment, even virtually. (This episode originally ran in January 2020.)
Intimate partner violence is widespread and traumatic. Here's how you can help a friend or loved one in an abusive relationship.
Fast fashion takes a toll on the environment and on workers. Here's how you can shop more sustainably and build a closet with a better impact.
Everyone has different boundaries. In this episode, we'll talk through what consent is and how to get clear about what you're comfortable with — so you can communicate that to others.
In this episode, NPR's Sam Sanders talks with Short Wave host Maddie Sofia for answers to listener questions about the vaccine. (Here's the story we reference about improving your face mask protection:
Comments (51)

John N

I 100% agree with this premise. I think you missed the mark on the delivery of the message.

Apr 9th
Reply (1)

muffen jr

heads up that tax filing has been extended for 2021, the new deadline is may 17.

Mar 18th


I really wish they'd stop saying we can return to a "new normal". You can't return to something new. This is how life will be from now on. Settle in.

Mar 3rd

Emily DeVries

Perfect timing! I'm quiting my job tomorrow!

Feb 28th

Ariel Reynante

Life Kit is usually pretty good, but this episode in particular is excellent!

Jan 26th

tara dan

why she talk like this

Jan 17th

Mustafa Thunder

I know farsi. maybe i could help you :)))))

Nov 24th


The statement date/due date thing is really weird. Learned something new there.

Nov 16th

Soheila Mohammadi

I am strengthening my listening skills with your podcasts and I am very interested in what you are saying Where and how can I find the text of your podcasts to read?😊

Oct 23rd
Reply (2)


love this. so helpful! thank you

Oct 15th


Everyone with medical debt should listen to this, great advice!

Oct 13th


30% US Stock 15% Stock of foreign countries 20% Domestic US real estate 15% US Treasury bonds 15% US Treasury Securities

Aug 24th
Reply (1)

Aastha Dua

I love the tip at the end!

Aug 8th

Erin Nelson

.... How is someone not wearing a mask NOT affecting me? Thanks, Death Kit.

Aug 5th


And how do I keep it out of my eyes when sweating during my outdoor workout?

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

Mo Atchison


Jul 4th

Lucy Tobier

great episode! thanks!

Jun 17th



Jun 9th

Jorge Montes III

I think it has been more than a decade!!! I, belong to a minority. I think that it is high time the we are all treated with the same respect. What makes the white people superior to any othrrs???

Jun 3rd

Jorge Montes III

yes, I agree. The coronavirus has changed everything and every way that we do things.

May 30th
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