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Join us LIVE every Tuesday - Friday at 5:30 pm EST, at Life Transformation Radio is all about OUR transformation. Here, we tell the stories of WHY we are doing what we’re doing, we highlight that transformational moment that changed our lives, and how we use it to help transform others and elevate their lives as well. Join our Facebook Community, Life Transformation Radio Community. Please subscribe, rate, and review the show if you enjoyed it. Learn how to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands. We will empower the listeners with the tools necessary to take MASSIVE action, and inspire them to live EPIC lives. My guests are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Podcasters, Innovators, Business Owners, and other life changing people who elevate everyone around them.
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Mark Victor Hansen is widely known as an American Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and member of multiple board of directors. He is best known as the Founder and Co-Creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, with more than 500 million books sold. In the area of human potential, no one is better known and more respected than Mark Victor Hansen. For more than 44 years, he has focused solely on helping people and organizations reshape their personal vision of what’s possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful change in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide.  You may know Mark as “that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy.” Mark and his business partner, Jack Canfield, created what TIME magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade.” With more than 500 million Chicken Soup For The Soul books sold around the world, and over 100 licensed products in the marketplace, it is one of the most successful publishing franchises in the world today. Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an International Speaker, Researcher, Corporate Consultant, Author, and Entrepreneur. Her expertise is in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a Transformational Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness, by tapping into their own inner resources. Having personally guided people from seemingly impossible states of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness—to triumph, freedom, and happiness, is what drives Crystal’s conviction that all people have unlimited potential for greatness if they only understand how to access those resources. Website: Website:
One of the most respected experts in Thought Leadership today, Nicky Billou is the creator of Heart Leadership(TM).  He believes strongly in the free enterprise system, and is committed to causing 1 million successful Entrepreneurs worldwide, to strengthen the constituency for free enterprise. He is the #1 International Best Selling Author of the book, Finish Line Thinking(TM): How to Think and Win Like a Champion. He is the founder of eCircle Academy where he and Theresa Dugwell run a yearlong Mastermind & Educational program working with Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers and Entrepreneurs, positioning them as authorities in their niche, and Million Dollar Clinic, where they help clinic owners add 6 to 7 figures a year to their income while working 10-20 hours less per week. He has helped create eight $1 million earners, and 40+ 6 figure earners.  As the host of the #1 podcast in the world on Thought Leadership, The Thought Leader Revolution, Nicky has interviewed over 200 of the world’s top Thought Leaders, such as Mark Victor Hansen, John Maxwell, Ivan Misner, Jack Canfield, Scott Adams, Oprah’s Coach Marie Forleo, & Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank.  He is the co-creator of the Your Finest Hour Summit. Listen to our previous episode here: Apply here:
Robert Grigore (AKA The Celebrity Saviour) specializes in eliminating anxiety, depression, addiction, and more in as little as a single weekend. Robert is a Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved EMDR Consultant, Speaker, and Author of the book, “You NEED Therapy. EMDR: Real People With Real Problems Getting Real Help.” He has dedicated his exclusive practice to radically freeing top creative professionals from their unconscious prisons of self-sabotage so they can elevate humanity with their extraordinary legacies. Website: Want to apply to work with Robert 1 on 1? Click here to purchase your Congruence Consultation for only $197. FB: LI: IG: If you'd like to donate to Life Transformation Radio, click here.
Michael J. Penney is a Combat Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan. He served in the United States Marine Corps infantry with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines deploying twice to Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005-2006 and 2007. Michael reenlisted during his second tour and transferred to Quantico to become a weapons instructor. He is certified as a Combat Marksmanship Coach, Trainer and Instructor Trainer. He’s a Formal School Instructor, School Trained Designated Marksman, Small Arms Weapons Instructor and Foreign Weapons Instructor. In 2011, Michael deployed on a third combat tour, this time with 1st battalion 5th Marines, leading a section of embedded advisors through Kajaki & Sangin Afghanistan.  Having served in two wars, over 8 years of service in the Corps, Michael was honorably discharged as a Sergeant, and now an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Business Development Professional.  In March of 2016 he presented at TEDxRaleigh,  “What’s Your IED: How to Add Value During Life's Explosive Situations”, combining military and personal experiences in an effort to bridge the lives of Veterans and Civilians. This one talk has cultivated many wonderful relationships between veterans and business leaders.  Michael is the creator of the “5 Paragraph Business Plan", taking the military operations order format and applying it to business. He currently works as Chief Advisor at, working with business leaders around the globe, calling upon his military and entrepreneurial experiences to assess, train, advise, and assist businesses in the implementation of the 5P Military Management Method For The Modern Workforce. Empowering leaders with an action oriented business management tool focused on business creation, growth, and long-term sustainability.
Steve Snyder, UCLA graduate, in 2009, retired from Vision Service Plan after a 36 year career working in sales and sales management. He then began his quest to learn more about World War II experiences of his father, pilot Howard Snyder, and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth. It became his passion, and after 4.5 years of dedicated research, resulted in his book, Shot Down.  An Amazon #1 Best Seller and recipient of more than 25 national book awards, Shot Down is set within the framework of World War II in Europe and recounts the dramatic experiences of each member of a ten man B-17 bomber crew after their plane, piloted by Author Steve Snyder’s father, was knocked out of the sky by German fighters over the French/Belgium border on February 8,1944.  Some men died. Some were captured and became prisoners of war.  Some men evaded capture and were missing in action for months before making it back to England. Their individual stories and those of the courageous Belgian people who risked their lives to help them are all different and remarkable.  Steve is a member of numerous World War II organizations and past President of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association. He keeps busy making PowerPoint presentations to all types of organizations and attending air shows around the country signing copies of his book. Website - Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn - Twitter -
Mike McDonnell is a Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Coach that has cystic fibrosis and diabetes but hasn't let that stop him. After going from hiding in the shadows, invisible... to being in the spotlight, sharing his message. He now helps others do the same. Mike returns to the show today to promote his newest book, My Introvert Journey To Being Visible, available on Amazon.  If you feel like you're an introvert, you will want to listen to this episode.  Order the book here: Listen to our first episode together, here: If you'd like to donate to Life Transformation Radio, click here.
Ingrid Huffman is a Pig Wrangler, Goat Herder, Tractor Mechanic, Plumber, and Restoration Rancher. She's the Creator of, Owl Warrior Hub, Curator of the CTL Process (creation, transformation, liberation) and she guides people to liberating themselves from PTSD.  More than anything in the world, Ingrid cares about living a liberated life in harmony with all of creation. Prior to doing this work, she was an RN, in the US Navy Nurse Corps 91-94, the US Army Nurse Corps 03-09, with one deployment to Iraq in 04-05.  Then, she was diagnosed with PTSD, herniated lumbar spine discs with degenerative spine disease, and knew it was time for something different.  Ingrid quit her job, and started this journey. 8 years, 30 pigs, 8 cattle, 5 horses, 10 goats, 20 ducks and geese, 1/10 of an acre of food forest creation, and 50 human lives liberated, here she is!  When it comes to living a liberated life, Ingrid has a simple philosophy: be open and willing to experiment!  As an Innovator in the realm of PTSD and climate change, she has devoted her life to guiding people to living a liberated life in harmony and love with all of creation.  One client described her as a persistent alarm clock that doesn’t give up, while another declared her to be a warm, open, home of understanding.  When she’s not wrangling pigs, herding goats, or plumbing, you can find her co-creating the food forest, offering & conducting healing sessions, she's reading or creating a quilt.  Liberate yourself from PTSD and cataclysmic climate change today by becoming an OWL Citizen (OC) at FB:
Alex Vonderhaar is a Business Owner, Podcast Host, Guitarist, and Lead Neuro-Marketer for his digital marketing agency, Hidden Falls Media. Alex has helped hundreds of businesses around the world leverage neuroscience and psychology principles to accelerate their growth. Go check out Alex and his team on his podcast, The Hidden Falls Media Experience, where they talk all things marketing, branding, advertising, neuro-marketing, and have some of the worlds best experts talk shop.  Website: iTunes Podcast: Instagram: Instagram: If you'd like to donate to Life Transformation Radio, click here.
Justin Pogue is an Award-Winning Author and Real Estate Consultant based in San Jose, CA.  His services are sought after by property management companies, investors, and real estate consulting companies alike.  FOX News, The Mercury News, SFGate,, and have all featured his insights for the benefit of their audiences.  He got his start in real estate by purchasing properties on the Lands Available list in the state of Florida.  Since 2003, he has developed and managed apartments, rental homes, and student housing across the United States. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @RentalSecret Youtube: If you'd like to donate to Life Transformation Radio, click here.
Benji Bruce started his first business as an Illusionist/Mentalist.  He started learning magic when he was 10, and by 13 he was performing for tips in restaurants.  Eventually he worked his way into the corporate market where he would get hired by companies like Remax, Aflac, AAA, Best Buy, IBM, and more, as the Keynote Presenter and Entertainer for their events. While performing, other Entertainers and Speakers began to ask Benji how he was getting hired by all these companies.  So he started building an online training company.  However, Benji didn’t take the online business seriously because it didn’t make sense for him to put effort into selling an online program for $297 when he was getting 10-30k for appearing at events.  Then ‘it’ happened.  Benji’s first breakthrough with the personal brand was when he hit $93,000 in a single month. After that, Benji said, “To hell with performing. I’m doing this online stuff.” Website: Wesbite: If you'd like to donate to Life Transformation Radio, click here.
Dr. Gazelle is a former hospice physician, part-time Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor, and Master Certified Coach for Physicians. A long-time Mindfulness Practitioner and Educator, she is also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  Dr. Gazelle’s life has been devoted to helping vulnerable people get what they need to get through the difficulties they face. She began her career as a Hospice Physician and spent 15 years caring for seriously ill patients and their loved ones. She then switcher her focus to healthcare professionals and the difficulties they face in what we all understand is a broken healthcare system. She became an Executive Coach and, over the past decade, has coached over 500 Physicians and Physician Leaders on leadership development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and moving from burnout to balance. She is a sought-after Speaker and provides dynamic keynotes, workshops, virtually and in-person.  Dr. Gazelle has had her own resilience journey, moving on from a childhood that included severe abuse, and building a life that includes much success, joy, and laughter.  Dr. Gazelle is the Author of, Everyday Resilience: A Practical Guide to Build Inner Strength and Weather Life’s Challenges, released in August 2020. Her work has also been featured in such diverse venues as the New England Journal of Medicine and O, the Oprah Magazine. Website: Twitter and FB: @GailGazelleMD If you'd like to donate to Life Tranformation Radio, click here.
Ashra Bennett is aTransformational Sacred Divine Feminine Coach, 7th Generation Seer (Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic), and Visionary Alchemist.  She has fostered a highly progressive successful 16+ year career across multiple industries and disciplines as a Public Motivational & Inspirational Speaker. This natural ability has seen her transform hundreds of thousands of individuals' lives globally.  As a natural storyteller, Ashra speaks on stages across the world in intimate to large gatherings sharing insights and tangible knowledge that cultivates immediate change in the lives of the audience.  Ashra is on a mission to transform 100 Million individual lives in the USA through grounded, tangible & heart-driven connection. Website: New 12 Month Program Launching 12/12 2020 " THE CHALICE™" If you'd like to donate to Life Tranformation Radio, click here.
Daniel Ramsey is the founder & CEO of MyOutDesk, the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company in the marketplace with over 500 5-star reviews, and over 13 years of experience serving more than 6000 clients.  Daniel founded MyOutDesk during the last global financial crisis of 2008 to help businesses leverage the remote workplace and scale businesses with virtual assistants.  In 13 years with MyOutDesk, Daniel has helped thousands of clients scale their businesses and grow profitability. He has worked with some of the largest companies in some of the fastest-growing industries.  Daniel has had the opportunity to work with many of the largest sales organizations, technology startups, insurance, real estate, and healthcare companies, and he’s willing to share those lessons with you. Facebook: and   Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: and Website: If you'd like to donate to Life Tranformation Radio, click here.
Danielle Roberts is a Medicare expert and the co-founder of Boomer Benefits, a licensed insurance agency that helps baby boomers navigate their entry into Medicare in 48 states. She is the Author of the best-selling book 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make, which helps beneficiaries avoid critical but all too common Medicare pitfalls.  Danielle is a member of the Forbes Finance Council and a past president of the Fort Worth chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She now serves on the state board as its Medicare chairperson. She has appeared on more than 100 podcasts, radio stations, and TV segments as a Medicare resource, and has over 600,000 followers on social media.
Judi Miller started her career as a Certified Public Accountant and went on to excel in the world of corporate finance for over 20 years. Most of her life has been dedicated to personal development and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment. Over the past several years, Judi’s interest shifted toward spirituality. Her growth was no longer aimed at making herself better; instead, she began to focus on finding her intrinsic wholeness.  This shift brought her numerous lessons around the nature of the creator, forgiveness and the trajectory each soul follows throughout the course of many lives. Today, sharing these lessons is an integral part of her journey. As a Coach, Speaker and Author, she shares her relatable and heartfelt messages with others who want to awaken to their true greatness and experience lasting happiness.  Judi has trained with some of the world’s most spiritual visionaries and is certified in The Energy Codes, Happy for No Reason, and The Passion Test. She will inspire you to live a more passionate life filled with greater clarity, joy and happiness. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Linda McIsaac discovered the different innate abilities that people are born with based on the way they think and how to measure them with an online assessment called Xyting Insight. This is a big “aha”! She applies her science of mind technology in many areas of a person’s life to help them better understand themselves and others.  Linda has Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, she was the first woman Superintendent of Schools in Wisconsin.  Established first computer training and application development company in Madison, WI sold to Inacom 1998.  Started Xyte, Inc. in 1999 to investigate and research the people side of the equation.  True meaning of a team at home and work by applying Xyte’s methodology and solving the biggest problem, communication breakdowns. Promotes value, respect, and appreciation for everyone’s gifts. 2Connect, a book written by Linda and her daughter Megan utilizes the Mind2Heart technology of Xyte to find a soul mate or improve an existing relationship.   Website: and
Jeff Marconette Jr., “the international Make Every Second Count Speaker” is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Coach, a Youth Mentor and the Host of Make Every Second Count Live on Facebook and YouTube, all from the sleepy town of Piqua, Ohio.  His life was nearly ended at the young age of 17 while waiting to turn at a green light.  After 18 years of recovery, which he still continues today, he now sees why it is so important to Make Every Second Count, he stresses that point to everyone he works with because very few people ever get a second chance at life and he doesn’t want anyone to waste the one they get.  It's time for you to stop wasting time and learn how to Make Every Second Count, now stand to your feet and put your hands together for the International Make Every Second Count Speaker Jeff Marconette Jr.  Website,  Free gift,  YouTube, Facebook Group: Make Every Second Count movement Show: Make Every Second Count live on every Tuesday at 7pm edt
Sharon L. Corsaro is a true Alchemist. She is a master of energy, but her greatest gift is sharing that mastery in a deeply simple, grounded, and humble manner.  Having walked away from a very successful rise in the corporate world early on, to traveling the world with no map other than her awakening spirit guiding her, Sharon’s decades of experience are a living example of the awakening process. Yet her roots in high-end corporate communications with Fortune 100 companies gives her a deep grounding that is now matched by, her spiritual knowing that leads her in ALL things.  Sharon is coming forth new now to share the power she unearthed within herself, to awaken and activate that same power that is available in all.  The key components of a collaborative conscious creative process that operates in partnership with benefit to the whole.  Having done a life study on how the CREATING process works, Sharon is now a Master Alchemist who understands core energy, and a powerful business woman who understands solutions, while holding impeccable vision that sees strategic alignment for best next actions, immediately, usually in one conversation. Business alignment with business core power is the answer to gold.  Core Alignment is everything.  As a personal guide, Sharon has walked the walk. From a life with no vision whatsoever early on, she is now wide awake.  It's been a long road and now she is here, alive and well, to tell the story, and to share stories from deep encounters across the globe.  Everything is truly about energy alignment, in business, in relationships, in personal development, in governing, and in solutions on grand scales. To understand energy dynamics, at its core, and have deeply grounded business and worldly knowledge, is a powerhouse combination possibly unmatched. FB:
Danielle Harris-Branch, is a Speaker, Coach, Image Promoter, and Author of the forthcoming book, From the Other Side of the Bed: Allow Faith to Transform Your Perspective Through Life’s Hardest Blows. She is a double cancer survivor and was simultaneously healed of uterine and ovarian cancer and has also survived the battle against Steven Johnson’s Syndrome, a rare condition that only affects every two in one million people. Danielle is also the recent widow of Delmar Branch, who endured 23 years of medical hardships with a smile. Her metamorphosis developed through life’s painful blows and the recent death of her husband. Her humor, transparency, expertise, and experience in coping with painful experiences encourage those who feel lost, hurting, and looking for a purpose to live with confidence and boldness, as she helps them re-imagine their lives. This inspirational icon is also the founder of Global Girls Connect, executive director of R.E.A.C.H. Community Services, Inc., and owner of Image Promoters. Danielle is an inspiration for those looking and needing to strengthen their faith, encouragement, relationship tips, purpose, healing, and hope. Instagram: Facebook: Website: Twitter: Linkedin: Youtube:
Heart-centered Entrepreneur, Abigail Gazda has transformed her passion for education into a full-time career as a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Life Coach.  Abigail is the CEO of Hearts Unleashed, a full-service transformation company committed to empowering people to operate with full freedom, power, and self expression in every area of life.  She is a Clarity Coach and supports souls speaking up about their silent struggle and unleashing the authentic leader within.  As the Host of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, she is committed to turning dreamers into doers and helping raise the frequency of humanity with the development of Emotional Intelligence. Website: Listen in to the Hearts Unleashed Podcast Instantly catch up with @_Instagail_
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