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The Successful Africans brings you inside secrets on how people have achieved massive success in business, careers and creative endeavors. Join Abisola Shof for stories on how successful Africans got their first paying customer, built their brand, moved up the corporate ladder, and many more... so you have a real picture of how to become the next successful African.
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How does one go from being a New York City attorney, to traveling the world, posting breathtaking photos of beautiful destinations, and getting paid to do it?On this episode, Cynthia Andrew, popularly known as SimplyCyn, shares how she became a prominent travel and fashion blogger and influencer, and how that has allowed her to work with top brands such as Nike, Adobe, and a long list of others.Cynthia offers tons of great advice for creatives. She also talks about how she pitches top brands to get campaigns that rival an average salary.Follow CynthiaInstagram – – Creditshortiefoeva2 - Yeah - - Peaceful hip hop - - Making up - - Decay - - Parallel universe -
As you’d imagine, starting and running restaurant business is no joke. On this episode, Fola Jinadu, owner of Suya Spot, a destination restaurant experience in the Baltimore MD area, shares some creative ways he raised funds to start his business, and the highs and lows of running a successful restaurant.He also shares the impact of COVID-19 on Suya Spot and what suya lovers can do to support his restaurant and other small businesses during this time.Follow Suya Spot - Spot’s website - 
On this episode, Abisola interviews Bilkis Ogbonna, founder of the ACE Festival. Looking to build on her success organizing a festival in 2019 that pulled thousands of attendees, Bilkis' 2020 plans are disrupted by COVID-19. Yet amazingly, she pivoted to helping people impacted by the pandemic, in collaboration with The Successful Africans podcast.Get ready to hear stories of real people that have been touched through our COVID-19 relief effort, from Maryland USA, to several states in Nigeria.Click here to donate and see updates on our campaign - learn more about Bilkis, and the ACE Festival, click here -
On this episode, Abisola interviews Asafu Thomas, CEO of Naya Labs. Once upon a time, Asafu got laid off from his job, THE END! Or not... Asafu, used that as a prime opportunity to start his own company, which made $1.8M at its peak. Talk about turning your "bad" to "good"! Since then, Asafu sold his first company and started a second one. He also invests in other startups. Two things stand out in Asafu’s story. The first is how he has built a solid network of relationships that he often leverages. The second is his passion for Africa. Asafu sources talent in Africa, trains them, and hires them as developers in his company. Both of these are main factors in Asafu’s success, but even more so, his involvement in sourcing talent from Africa is his own unique way of giving back. Naya Labs Website - COVID Relief Donation -
On this episode, Abisola interviews Addie Elabor, an entrepreneur who quit her job, and cashed out her 401k, to build her online fashion brand, D'Iyanu. Today, D'Iyanu has grown to become a profitable multi-million dollar company will several employees.Addie describes how each of her work experiences in corporate America gave her skills that were directly translatable to her clothing brand. Listen carefully to pick up on her work ethic and intentionality in business, both of which are contributing factors to her success.D'Iyanu's website -'Iyanu's instagram -
On this episode, Abisola interviews Femi Abolude, a prominent wedding photographer in the DC, Maryland and Virgina region.Femi is the definition of the word "hustle". From being a bank teller, to working at a truck stop gas station, and then finding his way into the Information Technology field, Femi shared the multiple ways he created opportunities for himself where they did not exist, and how that resulted in his success as a photographer and videographer.Femi's website -'s Instagram -
On this episode, Abisola interviews Fope Agbedia, Vice President of Business Development at MasterCard.Fope discusses the journey of how she made it to the Vice President role within 9-years of graduating from her PhD. She shares a lot of great tips and advice from her experience that anyone can apply to be successful, whether in career or business.Fope Agbedia - Successful Africans Workshop - Finding your niche and turning it into a business. On April 11, 2020 at Suya Spot, Owings Mills MD. This is an event for people looking to turn their skill or passion into a business. Your Story - Tell us the story of your journey to success and the lessons you've learned to inspire and uplift other Africans. -  
On this episode, Abisola interviews Chiko Abengowe, an entrepreneur who quit his job at age 26 with only $1,000 in his bank account, and now owns multiple businesses with revenue in the millions.Chiko Abengowe describes how the jobs he had after college helped him learn the ins-and-outs of medical staffing. He talks about the leap he made from being an employee to being a business owner, and the multiple challenges that naturally came with being a first-time entrepreneur.One thing you’ll notice in this conversation is that his zeal and determination for success flowed throughout the interview, and that in itself was most likely a significant factor contributing to his success.Relevant LinksChiko Abengowe - Office - Staffing - Property -
On the first episode, your host, Abisola, interviews Bolanle Ogunmakin, a serial real estate investor. Bolanle walks us through the journey of how she paid zero dollars to buy her first investment property in Washington, DC. She shares some of the funny, yet frustrating nightmares she dealt with and lessons she learned along the way. Finally, she provides some real good advice to beginner investors.Relevant LinksReal Estate 101 Workshop with Bolanle (Feb 8, 2020) – Open Doors - 
Join Abisola Shof for stories of hustling, epic mistakes, near-misses, and euphoric successes that Africans experienced in their journeys to build success in business, careers, and creative endeavors.
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