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Life and Some Jara is a podcast on how everyday people live fun and fulfilling lives. Join Abisola and Seyi as they share insights gathered from people just like you on relationships, building wealth, and self-care. Of course all this content is delivered with sprinkles of fun and laughter.
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This is the final episode of season 1 of Life and Some Jara. It's a live recording at our podcast launch party that occurred on Nov 9, 2019. Interested in the behind the scenes of how our podcast episodes are born? Want to hear our passion and the dreams that keep us going? Then this is the episode to listen to. Oh and we also throw in some Jara on exciting things we have planned for the future.
Full interview with popular Ghanaian DJ and founder of Afropolitan Cities, Kweku Amoako.He talks about how he got started from business school to being a DJ and ultimately creating the Afropolitan experience.
Full interview with popular DMV Nigerian chef, Renny Vonne, of Bites by Renny. She talks about how she got started, her passion, and how she creates a unique culinary food tasting experience. Don't get it twisted, she may be a chef, but she's also low-key a comedian.
This is the episode to take to the bank!Abisola & Seyi talk to Renny from BitesbyRenny, and Kweku from Afropolitan Cities on how they built the businesses of their dreams. From the real life "cheat codes" they used, to practical tips anyone can apply, both founders share it all. So if you are an entrepreneur, hustler or are even remotely thinking of starting a business or side gig, then pay close attention.As always, you can trust your favorite podcast hosts to deliver a spectacular engaging episode with sprinkles of fun.----1:00  Topic introduction2:01  Bio of the guests interviewed, Kweku and Renny3:43  Point 1 - Be willing to learn any and everything.6:42  Point 2 - Do something you enjoy so your passion and creativity can come through.9:40  Point 3 - Be unique and differentiate yourself. Pull from your life's experiences to create a unique and different product or service.13:42  How Renny & Kweku got initial customers to pay for their services.16:46  How they packaged or branded themselves to customers.21:06  Announcement about Life & Some Jara party on Nov 9, 2019.22:34  How they grew their business from friends to the mass customer, and started making the ka ching ka ching.27:29  How doing things with excellence helped them continue to grow.33:08  Advice Renny & Kweku had for entrepreneurs, hustlers, and dreamers.35:25  Announcing Renny's Culinary Boutique event on Nov 16, and Afropolitan Cities group travel to Ghana.
Choose one: Love or Money?  In episode 5, Abisola and Seyi bring you an entertaining talk about money in relationships, for both dating and married folks.Who should pay most of the bills? Should bank accounts be shared or kept secret? What about sharing you password (hint: a number people surveyed said HECK NO!)? These are some of the questions that we answered, while sharing our approach to how we manage our finances in our marriage with lots of giggles of course.
In episode 4, Abisola and Seyi talk about the addiction that people have for getting into debt. As always, they share real stories to show how some people are crushing debt while others are being crushed by debt. They also break the myth of common things that are considered as "good debt". All of this content of course is delivered with sprinkles of fun and laughter.
In this episode, Abisola and Seyi talk about the "horror movie" of African time... Black people time, Caribbean time, Nigerian time... whatever you call it, simply the cultural habit of starting events late.They describe how people lose money, and other effects of African time on our community. There's some laughs, some truths, some useful tips for starting events on time, and coping strategies for guests when an event starts late.1:09:  Introductions.3:30:  Story about the worst African time experience at a wedding.5:24:  Types of questions we asked in the survey on people's experiences with African time.5:50:  Question and story - Do you really find African time annoying?9:00:  Announcement of Life & Some Jara podcast launch party.9:45:  Reasons people start events late, despite how they themselves find it annoying? More stories on bad experiences.11:23: Reason 1 - people don't value time.14:20: Reason 2 - people are bad at event planning.16:40: Question and story - How much time should you give before starting an event?19:00: Research showing how waiting as a result of African time feels like being a horror movie.21:00: Breakdown of how African time is costing us big $$$.22:00: Tips and coping strategies planners and hosts can use to not make guests feel like they are waiting.24:45: Tips and coping strategies that event attendees can use to escape the horror movie experience.29:20: Podcast launch party announcement.
In episode 2, Abisola and Seyi talk about where guys and ladies said they hang out to meet people, and how they shoot their shots and make their moves. They also share about advice that ladies gave guys, and vice versa.
In this episode, Abisola and Seyi discuss answers they got from interviewing guys and ladies on what sweeps them off their feet when they first meet, and big no-no's that make them wave goodbye.1:00:  Introductions.4:00:  Types of questions we asked in the interviews.5:58:  Factor #1 that is important at the first meet – appearance.8:00:  What ladies think about appearance at the first meet.9:58:  Factor #2 that is important at the first meet – good conversation.13:44:  What ladies that about good conversation.17:35:  Factor #3 - Be independent, have ambition and drive.21:23:  Other factors – be sweet and kind.22:05:  Other factors – don’t be too materialistic.22:25:  Deal breakers in relationships – character becomes more important than looks.25:05:  Deal breakers in relationships – shared values/faith.25:45:  Deal breakers in relationships – sex.26:50:  Deal breakers in relationships – ideas on gender roles.27:50:  Deal breakers in relationships – continue good conversations and friendships.28:23:  Deal breakers in relationships – personal ambition and desire for growth.29:23:  Other random deal breakers – dishonesty, dating history, kids, financially irresponsible, race.30:00:  Wrap up, and peek into Part 2. 
Abisola and Seyi introduce themselves and tell you what to expect on Life & Some Jara podcast.
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