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The Successful Africans brings you inside secrets on how people have achieved massive success in business, careers and creative endeavors. Join Abisola Shof for stories on how successful Africans got their first paying customer, built their brand, moved up the corporate ladder, and many more... so you have a real picture of how to become the next successful African.
3 Episodes
On this episode, Abisola interviews Chiko Abengowe, an entrepreneur who quit his job at age 26 with only $1,000 in his bank account, and now owns multiple businesses with revenue in the millions.Chiko Abengowe describes how the jobs he had after college helped him learn the ins-and-outs of medical staffing. He talks about the leap he made from being an employee to being a business owner, and the multiple challenges that naturally came with being a first-time entrepreneur.One thing you’ll notice in this conversation is that his zeal and determination for success flowed throughout the interview, and that in itself was most likely a significant factor contributing to his success.Relevant LinksChiko Abengowe - Office - Staffing - Property -
On the first episode, your host, Abisola, interviews Bolanle Ogunmakin, a serial real estate investor. Bolanle walks us through the journey of how she paid zero dollars to buy her first investment property in Washington, DC. She shares some of the funny, yet frustrating nightmares she dealt with and lessons she learned along the way. Finally, she provides some real good advice to beginner investors.Relevant LinksReal Estate 101 Workshop with Bolanle (Feb 8, 2020) – Open Doors - 
Join Abisola Shof for stories of hustling, epic mistakes, near-misses, and euphoric successes that Africans experienced in their journeys to build success in business, careers, and creative endeavors.
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