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Cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular due to the ideals of decentralization, potential gains, and blockchain technology, but their volatility remains high and these assets carry a greater risk of losses than many traditional assets. Tune in as Chip Hessenflow, a financial advisor at Wealthcare Capital Management, and our host Elysia Cadorniga, share their thoughts on digital currency as it stands and the future impact and possibilities it can bring. 
Mike McTaggart is the President of Global Digital as well as a very successful entrepreneur in Raleigh, NC.  As a self-proclaimed "geek with ADD," Mike is constantly working on life-altering projects in the digital realm. In this episode of Life is Digital, Mike talks with our host Elysia Cadorniga about the future of digital equity as digitalization changes the way we operate and interact as a community.
Sharon Bui is a Software Product Manager at Lenovo and a former Shark Tank Alumn. She knows it all; from creating a successful fashion business at the age of 20 to becoming an internet mogul at Lenovo. Listen as our host Elysia Cadorniga, Sharon's own sorority sister, talks with Sharon Bui about the metaverse, NFTs, and how marketers need to get ahead of the "Web3 era." 
Good visual design creates emotional impact past the surface level between the customer and brand. The role of a designer goes beyond messaging to create a visual structure that provides understanding and interpretation. Tune in as Bos Klein’s Creative Director, Mike Daines and Director of Client Services, Elysia Cadorniga, dive into the world of branding.
Zenn Plastic Surgery is one of the country’s foremost experts in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Zenn uses cutting-edge surgical techniques to provide patients with beautifully natural results. But, in the sea of plastic surgery options, how does Zenn Plastic Surgery separate themselves from the competition? And more importantly, how do they effectively communicate their brand message online to provide new patients the confidence they need to choose Zenn Plastic Surgery? Tune in as Susan Zenn and our host, Elysia Cadorniga, discuss the importance of brand authenticity and successfully sharing your company’s story online through digital platforms.  
If you’re older than 45, there’s about a one in five chance you suffer from some amount of hearing loss, and that rate climbs steadily as you age. Hearing aids are a long-term investment to enhance your quality of life. Therefore, cheaper or OTC hearing aids are not typically the best option for you. Tune in as Dr. Robert Keefer, owner of Now Hear This® Hearing Aids & Audiology, discusses the importance of proper hearing care, the value of seeking help from a professional audiologist, and using effective messaging to combat the common misperceptions around the industry. Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
With the constant growth of online universities, students have evolved their lifestyles and habits to accommodate a more permanent, virtual learning environment. For some students, this evolution of learning has presented key threats to their success. Isolation and lack of human connection have directly impacted performance and motivation. Oftentimes, this very challenge parallels within companies and organizations, resulting in poor work culture and increased levels of stress and/or anxiety. Listen as our host, Elysia Cadorniga, and Dr. Jessica Parker - researcher, educator, writer, and founder of Dissertation by Design - discuss the challenge at its core and how we can use digital tools differently to promote and empower human connection and culture. Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
Social media and digital awareness are powerful forces and when combined with a world renowned race car driver there is no stopping the momentum. Listen as our host Elysia Cadorniga chats with Nancy Andretti about her husband John’s battle with colon cancer and the hashtag that gave life to the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
How does a professional NASCAR Cup Series racing team market themselves in today’s digital landscape? Listen to co-hosts Elysia Cadorniga and Jenna Cooper in conversation with Matt Kohler and Derrike Cope of StarCom Racing as they talk about iRacing, social media and how “out of the box” thinking is helping them stay relevant.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
From his roots in a small Virginia town to the speedways of the NASCAR Cup Series, our guest, driver Quin Houff of StarCom Racing, talks with our co hosts Jenna Cooper and Elysia Cadorniga about his dreams, his journey and even what he wears underneath his race suit. Listen and enjoy! Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
As RLL enters its 30th year of competition in IndyCar Racing we chat with Kathi Lauterbach, VP of Communications, about their drive to a higher standard and what that means for their team and the value they bring to their partners. Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
Just like any business, schools also have a responsibility to keep up with the current digital transformation and make an impact, and that’s exactly what the Innovative Institute at Campbell School of Law is set out to do. Join our host Elysia Cadorniga in conversation with Kevin Lee, founding director of the institute, about the rapidly growing need for innovation and reform and how information technology is changing the game.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
Since its inception in 2014, Gather has striven to create coworking spaces that foster productivity, creativity, and a strong sense of community for its members. Listen as our host Elysia Cadorniga chats with CMO James Crenshaw about the beginnings of Gather and how they’ve grown to be the premiere coworking space in Richmond and surrounding areas of Virginia.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame inducted its first class in 1963. A lot has changed since then. Listen as Executive Director, Jeff Elliott, talks about the challenges they face and how they are working to bridge the gap between generations and ensure their mission of helping and mentoring student-athletes reaches far beyond the walls of the hall of fame.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
“Out of adversity comes opportunity” was put to the test by Nirali Shah and Kishan Bhula of Eventology when COVID hit last year and they found their event planning business needed a hybrid solution ASAP. Listen as they chat with our host Elysia Cadorniga about putting their new model into practice and how they see the future for all businesses.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
How people experience your brand or business has a lot to do with how you market and communicate with them. In this week’s podcast, our host Elysia Cadorniga and Jessica Coscia, Senior Communication Strategist at BOS Digital, talk big picture; taking a look at the tools of the trade and how to effectively combine them for the greatest impact.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
With the proliferation of fake news these days filling our social feeds, how does a biotech company separate fact from fiction and position itself as a trusted authority in the cannabinoids industry? To find out how, listen as our host Anthony Cadorniga, chats with Miriam Lamey, communication and social media specialist from Demetrix.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
As the saying goes; when one door closes another one opens. Listen as our host Jon Parks is joined by Andor Farkas, founder of the Hungarian based software solutions company Iron Rooster. Learn how they have had to rethink strategies, including digital marketing, to position and differentiate themselves.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
Amid the current chaos companies and individuals are experiencing, identifying and aligning with your brand and purpose is more important than ever. Listen as this week’s podcast delves into the ingredients that go into reaching your full potential.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
No matter the size or age of your business, keeping you and your team on track to meet company goals can be challenging. Listen to this week’s podcast and learn strategies to help keep people accountable, prioritize tasks and effectively delegate when needed.Questions or inquiries? Contact us at
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