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Author: Joshua Galinato

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Hosted by Joshua Galinato, the Lifelong Learning Podcast invites individuals that are great in their chosen fields to discuss topics on learning and getting better in their craft.

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In today's podcast I got to talk with productivity guru Laura Earnest. Having blogged on the topic of productivity for nearly 10 years we talk about how what attracted Laura to being productive, dealing with burnout and her new direction towards living a deliberate life.Relevant LinksGaliway.blogWebsiteAbout Laura EarnestThe Earnest Life Podcast
In today’s podcast I managed to talk with the guys behind Stickk. If you’re the type of person or know someone that struggles with sticking to their commitments, then Stickk is the tool for you.It’s a free tool that utilises the power of loss aversion to help you stay committed to your goals.I myself have been a user of Stickk and have experienced its benefits, it actually helped me learn another language, and it’s currently helping millions of users to achieve their own goals. From weight loss to quitting smoking, there are thousands of success stories that utilised Stickk’s powerful psychological techniques.Both Jerry Brown and Pablo Spinola joined the podcast today, both currently work for Stickk and have used the platform in their personal lives. We go in-depth about the power of loss aversion, adding additional social elements to your commitments as well as a few success stories that changed the lives of many users.Relevant LinksGaliway.blogStickk’s WebsiteAbout The TeamHow it worksTwitterYouTubeInstagramFacebook
Calvin is a writer, startup operator, and surfer that is on a mission to empower 10 million people to live a more fulfilling life. Whether it's through his writing, podcast, scholorships or his weekly newsletters, Calvin provides some great resources that opens up your mind and improve the quality of your life. His 10 second bio goes a little something like this,I grew up poor in a single parent home, worked my ass off, studied at Princeton, lost my mentor to cardiac arrest, worked on Wall Street, grew a business while traveling the world, lost my mom to suicide, and ignited my mission to empower 10 million people to live a more fulfilling life.If you're seeking change or want to nurture your mind I strongly recommend you check out his site over at CalvinRosser.comUseful LinksWebsiteAbout CalvinSh*t You Don’t Learn in School PodcastLife Reimagined
Originally from Lithuania, Tomas is a lifestyle blogger, content marketing consultant and entrepreneur.The more we talked with each other, the more I realised how both he and I have had similar journeys and think in similar ways.In our conversation, Tomas and I talk openly about a variety of subjects around personal development. And we touch on areas with what we’re struggling with, topics like impatience and knowing when to pause.Links:Show Notes & Useful LinksTomas Laurinavicius Website
On top of being the founder of The Meta Learners, Dimitris is also the founder of one of the most successful Greek podcast on self-improvement, The Brain Hacking Academy and is a core member of Jonathan Levi's SuperHuman Academy leadership team. In today's episode, Dimitris and I go deep into different learning techniques, mental models and how procrastination almost took a hold of his life. We talk about his past, his addiction to video games and how he managed to break free from it. For someone who "wasted his life away", it's amazing to see how he turned it around and managed to achieve so much.If you're looking to incorporate a growth mindset and understand different mental models give this episode a listen and as always, you can find the show notes over at
Erik is a self-proclaimed learner of skills and the creator of the 100-hour challenge. He's travelled the world picking up new skills. From learning salsa dancing in Columbia to Thai Massage in Thailand, he's been all over the world. Currently, he's dedicating his time to learning Yoga whilst being out in Bali. So what is the 100 hour challenge? Basically, Erik dedicates a minimmum of 100 hours of focused learning in his chosen skill. Currently, Erik has dedicated 100 hours to each of the following skills: - Thai Massage - Ultimate Frisbee - Chess - Salsa Dancing - Kizomba Full show notes and links are available at
Fredrik loves to learn languages, currently, he can converse in: - English - Swedish - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Hungarian - And a little Czech I too am fond of learning languages and I’m currently trying to get better at Swedish. That’s how I came across Fredrik. His “Simple Swedish Podcast” is a useful resource for anyone trying to learn the language. In his podcast, Fredrik speaks slowly whilst using simple words & phrases. For someone who needed to expose himself to the language, I found Fredrik’s podcast to be a valuable resource. In addition to his podcast, he includes transcripts of each episode. I find listening to each episode whilst reading the transcripts to be a great way of increasing my data input for the Swedish language. They’re completely free and you can find them all on his site, In today’s episode, we talk about where he got his love for languages, what tools & habits he implements with his language learning and near to the end of the podcast we get to talk a little Swedish together. If you’re not Swedish, I apologise for not understanding, and if you are Swedish, I apologise for butchering your language! Where to find Fredrik Don't forget you can find all of today's show notes over at
Danny Forest is a self-proclaimed obsessive learner that attempts to learn 3 new skills a month. A couple of years ago I reached out to him via email to ask for some advice about learning new skills and he was nice enough to give me his time and answer a few questions. Fast forward two years later, he kindly agreed to join me on the podcast to talk about what he’s currently up to. In 2018, Danny took up writing on Medium and within a year he became one of the top writers in a number of different categories. He attributes his success to his routine and following through with it. From approaching a new skill to the tools he uses to stay on top of skill learning, we talk on a number of topics related to skill learning. All of today's show notes can be found over at
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