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Heidi Swapp, a wife, mom, entrepreneur and influencer of women, teams up with David Kozlowski, a licensed marriage and family therapist to create a podcast that brings light to tough topics related to personal and family relationships. This unlikely duo was brought together by the death of Heidi’s son Cory, who passed away from suicide in July of 2015. Heidi and David discuss information, tools and strategies that have helped her these past few years to learn, grow and understand the complexities of these relationships. Heidi is not a typical mom, and David is not a typical therapist. The unique combination of relatable info, sense of humor and honest expression through personal stories makes this show a ‘must listen’ for parents who are genuinely looking for help to connect with their kids, and improve the quality of their relationships.
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In this episode, Heidi talks about why she hung a PRIDE flag, how it opened up discussions for her family, and David and Heidi give you tips on how to talk to your kids about PRIDE.
In this episode, Heidi talks about the emotions she had after telling the story of "Stabbing the Balls" on last week's episode. She may or may not have overthought about it while listening to a murder podcast. We also discuss how you can instill confidence in your kids. While also, diving deep on how where some of your kids greatest insecurities and lack of confidence can come from.
In this episode, David and Heidi talk about the best and the worst ways to have conversations with freshly graduated teenagers when it comes to what they are going to be doing with their life and what they want for their future.Check out our patreon at
In this episode, David and Heidi talk about how the experience of being a daughter or a son creates parents to hold their children to different standards due to their own personal experiences in life.
In this episode, David and Heidi discuss what you can do as a leader, be that in your family, job, extracurricular activities, etc. to be able to build a culture of strong Social Health in those groups.
Being a blended family is hard enough, let alone when you as the step parent as to parent a step child who has gotten in some massive trouble! David and Heidi give you some suggestions and ideas on how to handle it all! Catch more at
In this episode, David and Heid discuss how to handle parenting fatigue and how it differs from being tired of being a parent!
In this episode, David and Heidi breakdown the best ways to get your kids to show appreciation for all that you do for them and how to get them to start doing it while they are young!
David and Heidi build on last week's episode of kids being anti-fragile and when to allow them to be anti-fragile. This goes into when you should and shouldn't use sarcasm with your kids and the repercussions of fighting sarcasm with sarcasm.
In this episode, David and Heidi talk about when do you as a parent let your kids go through a difficult time because they are antifragile or when is it too much for them and you have to jump in.Join Our Patreon Here:
We can't believe it has been 3 years!! In this episode, we take the time to thank all of you, apologize to all of you, and let you know what we are doing as a Light The Fight 3.0 to make sure we are more available to you and provide the resources you need/have been asking for!
In this episode, David talks about how once you are grounded how shame can be used as a tool, how the shame we have for ourselves can be used differently and affect us differently than being shamed by others. We recommend listening to our previous guilt vs. shame episodes #002, #003, and #012!
In this episode, David and Heidi take a deep dive in discussing ways to help your kids be motivated and making sure they are motivated by the right things.
In this episode, David and Heidi answer some of the overflow questions from the Don't Freak Out Event done on 3.11 with Sunset High.
In this episode, David and Heidi answer questions from our first Don't Freak Out event in over a year! Heidi also discusses her Hot Topic of the week being the Oprah interview with Meghan Markle.
In this episode, David and Heidi discuss how to use YouTube to help your kids, why it works, what David has learned teaching in his class, and why he launched a Mr. Koz Channel
"The conversation doesn't end after the conversation is over" In this episode, David and Heidi talk about how to support people who have depression, are going through a depressive time in their life, and how conversations don't just end once the words are done being said but can and need to continue in order to support others. Thank you to Tricia in Austin, TX for helping spark the conversation for this episode!
In this episode, David and Heidi talk about how we can lose sleep over the future and our kids future and what we can do to control it.
In this episode, David and Heidi discuss how sometimes you need more than just love in your relationships.
In this epsiode, David breaksdown ways on how to be able to be friendly with your kids so they are more likely to open up to you and trust they can have deep conversations with you.
Comments (4)

Kelli Williams

Hello. I've never commented on a podcast before, so bear with me. 🙂 My situation is similar yet different from Heidi's. We lost our son to a tragic accident in July 2018. This year is his 21st birthday, on May 14th. He is the same age as your Cory. He is our oldest of 2. Our daughter just turned 13. Do you have suggestions/advice for the younger sibling? She struggles with her loss so much, and I feel like I don't always have the right words to help her. My heart is with you, Heidi. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story. You have helped me navigate my loss and grief. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.❤ Kelli, Illinois

Apr 16th

Jill Call

love this podcast, I've learned so much!

May 2nd

Robin Bringhurst

This is so helpful and uplifting and real. Thank you, thank you!!!

Dec 28th

Jeannette Holley

I love your channel. Keep it up.

Aug 29th
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