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Affordable, relevant, and diverse Continuing Ed for mental health professionals… one year of unlimited CE courses for just $60. Clearly Clinical is an approved provider with the APA, NBCC, ASWB, NAADAC, CAMFT, & CCAPP; we support women and minority presenters, and donate to the Trevor Project.

Our innovative CE presentations and interviews feature national experts and cover topics that help today’s passionate providers learn, grow, and shine.

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108 Episodes
Risk assessment expert Robert Scholz, LMFT, discusses critical approaches for evaluating whether a client may become violent, including identification of red flags and discussion of a clinician's role in threat management. Particular attention is paid to child, adolescent, and young adult client risk management. WARNING: This episode contains discussion of acts of violence.
Trans awareness expert Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC, dives into the ins-and-outs of important clinical considerations for providers who are wanting to support and best serve their trans and nonbinary clients. From the use of gender-neutral language to office signage, this course is a great primer.
Shari Simmons, LCSW, gives a unique and eye-opening look at how traumatic experiences shape personality development and the creation of strategies to ensure survival despite challenging circumstances and experiences.
Diversity expert Lambers Fisher, LMFT, offers a shame-free, centering approach to approaching values disagreements with clients. How do we maintain our values AND maintain rapport? This course covers it all.
LGBTQ expert therapist John Sovec walks through the stages of LGBTQ+ coming out, and explores how the coming out process involves a continuous stream of coming out moments across a lifespan. Coming out trauma is also discussed.
In this must-listen episode, Registered Dietician David Wiss dives deep about the gut microbiome, variations in diet, and their profound impact on mental health and addiction. Interview.
Insurance expert Barbara Griswold, LMFT, busts myths about billing insurance for couple therapy, and discusses coding considerations, legal/ethical concerns, and approaches. Interview.
Dr. Jamie Marich, an expert on addictive disorders and trauma treatment, gives helpful insight about how to effectively bring a trauma-informed side to traditional 12 Step work.
La Shanda Sugg, LCP, provides a helpful overview of Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapy (DARTT), including application to transgenerational dynamics and cultural, racial, and other traumas.
In this intimate, graceful interview, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, PSY shares perspectives and interventions to support couples in which one or both/all members are sexual trauma survivors. WARNING: Clearly Clinical listeners are warned that this interview course contains discussion about sexual trauma and acts of sexual violence.
Dr. Shashita Inamdar, a psychiatrist specialized in depression and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), helpfully discusses the application, risk, and benefits of TMS for people with 'treatment-resistant' depression, and gives a sound overview of how and when to refer clients for TMS
Robert Scholz, LMFT, LPCC, a crisis and threat response specialist, discusses some important considerations for practitioners who are contemplating how and when to return the office in the wake of the pandemic. Guidance about how to support clients with this decision-making is discussed, as well as insight for managers/supervisors.
Dr. Mark Stevens, PSY discusses the challenges faced by young adult clients and their families who are making hard choices about what to do during the 2020/2021 academic year due to the pandemic. Helpful perspectives, reframes, and interventions are discussed.
Dr. Frank Sanchez, PSY, LMFT, and Luna Malbroux, MSW, join trans advocate Jazzmun Crayton in discussing their clinical and lived experiences as multiple minority individuals... their thoughts on what it means to be members of both a racial minority and a sexual/gender minority simultaneously. Guidance for non-minority clinicians is also discussed.
Clinicians La Shanda Sugg, LPC, L.J. Lumpkin, LMFT, & Dr. Tiffany Crayton, LPC discuss the theme of therapeutic mistrust in the Black and African community, and offer insight about how the lived experience of BIPOC individuals may impact the course of therapy. Guidance for non-minority clinicians is also discussed.
Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, an expert on grief and loss, sheds a powerful light on how deaths caused by the pandemic are different than from other deaths, like lack of goodbyes and delayed/canceled funerals; the grief implications for surviving loved ones is discussed. Key insight is provided to help clinicians better support people who have critically-ill loved ones with COVID-19, or have already lost someone to the disease. Interview with Elizabeth 'Beth' Irias
Ariel Landrum, LMFT, an expert in the arena of online child and adolescent therapy, gives some great and practice guidance about how to keep sessions interesting, engaging, and effective. Important legal and ethical considerations are also discussed.
Frank Baird, LMFT, LPCC, gives a primer about the themes white therapists can begin exploring to be more aware of their own racial identity, cultural conditioning, and the effects on clients of color. Includes discussion of interventions and considerations.
Dr. Jamie Marich, LPCC, a trauma specialist, discusses the pandemic's global and personal trauma impact, and offers helpful interventions to client and clinician alike.
Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, an expert on grief and loss, desribes the origin and function of grief, and provides helpful interventions to help clients manage the innumerable losses caused by the pandemic. Interview with Elizabeth 'Beth' Irias
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