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What's the secret recipe to drive company-wide metrics alignment? Arnaud de Turckheim is the CPO & Co-Founder at Castor and will reveal this to us on this Lights On Data Show episode.
The data transformation is a long journey for most companies. So how should we best engage teams and individuals in the data transformation journey, help them grow the data literacy, culture, etc.? Let's address this important topic with Nicolas Averseng, Founder and CEO of YOOI.
Marius Moscovici, CEO and Founder of Metric Insights, will define what BI Governance is and discuss the key BI governance challenges while providing a practical approach to tackling those challenges with a BI Portal. An effective BI governance strategy ensures that you are getting maximum engagement with BI across your enterprise.
Data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, project manager, data steward, etc. We always encounter some or all of these roles in data projects and programs. But there are also some critical roles which more than often are overlooked. Because of that, most data science projects fail. To tell us all about it, let's welcome Tom Redman, "the Data Doc", and the President of Data Quality Solutions. 
Data catalogs are here to stay and a great asset to data-driven organizations. But how do you best implement a data catalog? To tell us all about it, walk us through the pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to follow, is Rupal Sumaria, the Head of Data Governance at Penguin Random House UK who successfully implemented a data catalog recently.
The Data Warrior

The Data Warrior


Kent Graziano, ‘The Data Warrior,’ is an award-winning industry thought leader, author and speaker. A semi-retired Snowflake data cloud and data vault evangelist, an advisor at Lyftrondata, and an overall legend within the world of data.  We'll learn more about the mysterious data warrior, his recent move to join Lyftrondata, data warehouses and the rise of the cloud, Snowflake vs. Redshift, and many captivating stories on how companies benefited from the power of data. 
Why do so many data governance programs fail? What are those common pitfalls that we can avoid and what are those approaches that work better? Shinji Kim is the Founder and CEO of Select Star and is joining us on this Lights On Data Show episode to share her thoughts and best practices on this topic.
This episode's guest is Brent Dykes, Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero. He'll walk us through the steps to create a good data story, insight vs. observation, the importance of the narrative, colors and emotions, and how to avoid those common mistakes and pitfalls when creating an effective data story. "The ability to effectively communicate and telling a story with data is no longer a luxury in today’s economy; it is a necessity."
The Future of Data

The Future of Data


John Thompson is a 2 x Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Innovator in AI, Data & Advanced Analytics. As a senior technology executive leading Data Science & Product teams is the best one out there to reveal to us what the future of data holds.
Companies have a hard time to create a data strategy and especially one that you can drive value from. Why is this challenging and what can we do about it? How do you drive value from your data strategy? What are some potential ROIs that you can call out and measure? Our guest for this episode is Nicolas Averseng, Founder and CEO of YOOI.
In this episode we'll go over a real-case study and go over how a fintech company matured their data governance program, what their drivers were, how support was gained to invest in the data catalog tool, OvalEdge, how they onboarded it, and the company's outcomes of the enhanced data discovery and data literacy. We'll be joined by Sharad Varshney, CEO of OvalEdge, and Lucia Arando, Data Management Manager at Naranja X.
Christina Stathopoulos, Analytical Lead at Waze (Google), shares tips and advice from her experience on how to build a data science career when the odds seem to be against you. We'll talk about what skills to invest in, how to build a portfolio, find a mentor, and women in tech. We'll even talk about why reading is beneficial for your health and how you can read more as well as learn a new language. Don't forget to join in the #bookaweekchallenge
What is your top time sink in your data team? For most it's the time it takes to provide data access, migrate data to the cloud, and govern it all. So what can be done about these time sinks? How can these be mitigated? Join us on the Lights On Data Show with James Beecham, CTO & Co-founder at ALTR as we'll address this topic.
How do you put together a successful data strategy? Let's learn about the typical framework for a successful data strategy, its key pillars, and success factors.  To walk us through these we're joined by Dora Boussias, Director of Enterprise Architecture & Data Strategy.
Our today's guest is Susan Walsh, the Classification Guru, the Founder and Managing Director of The Classification Guru Ltd, and the author of "Between the Spreadsheets: Classifying and Fixing Dirty Data." In this episode we address: Tips on fixing dirty data;  The perfect date format;  Normalization, standardization, and taxonomies;  Procurement and spend data;  Mixing fruits with savory;  What is dirty data and how can you fix it? You're expected to cleanse data, but very few are trained on how to do it so here are some tips to get you started.
Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms are motivated by optimization processes that we observe in nature, such as natural selection, species migration, bird swarms, human culture, and ant colonies. They are fascinating. Let's learn more about them from Marcello La Rocca, Senior Software Engineer and Author of "Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures".
How do you make your analytics strategy compliant to your privacy laws? How does PIPEDA, CCPA, GDPR, and so on influence how you engage with your current and potential customers? What are the differences between the privacy laws in Europe and North America and how do you respect all of them? How do privacy laws affect your analytics strategy? Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of PiwikPRO, is joining us on the Lights On Data Show to impart his knowledge on the subject.
Do you want to get started with autoML? Join us and Nathan George, Author and Author & Data Scientist at Tink What autoML is and what it is used for What environments autoML works with The projects/tasks recommended using autoML for Best practices and advice Plus, advice for those wanting to get into data science Don't forget to check out Nathan George's book on "Practical Data Science with Python":
Why Society Needs A.I.

Why Society Needs A.I.


Democracy is under a lot of strain because politicians are more distant from their constituents and mass media is relinquishing its role to keep politics in check, just to name a few. Should A.I. start taking on that role and aid our society? Join us and our guest, Kye Andersson - Chief Experience Officer & Partner at Canucci + A.I. Sweden, as we'll address this topic and go over: A.I. applications Current challenges in our society and how A.I. can help What the future holds
Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of PiwikPRO, is joining us on the Lights On Data Show to discuss: Why mapping the digital customer journey is important Example of a typical journey Best practices, tips and tricks Action items as a result of the mapping exercise
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