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In this episode, I am interviewing Bill Schmarzo, the brilliant author behind 'AI & Data Literacy: Empowering Citizens of Data Science.' Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of data, AI, and the power of becoming a 'Citizen of Data Science.' Bill unlocks the secrets to navigating data privacy, ethics, and the inner workings of AI, all while empowering individuals and organizations to make informed, impactful decisions. Whether you're a data enthusiast, a tech leader, or simply curious about the future of AI, this conversation is your gateway to understanding, leveraging, and thriving in the data-driven landscape. 
In this episode, we're stirring up a robust concoction of data wisdom and craft beer appreciation! Join us as we sit down with the CMO of IBM Databand, Ryan Yackel, to delve deep into the fascinating world of data observability. Ryan will share his exclusive insights on achieving proactive data observability through 5 key steps that are vital in steering your data pipelines to success.But that's not all!As we navigate through these vital steps to attain data observability, we also embark on a sensational beer tasting voyage! Together with Ryan, we will pair each of the 5 key steps with the rich histories, brewing secrets, and unique characteristics of some of the world's most loved beers - Lager, Wheat Beer, Pale Ale, IPA, and Sour Beer.
Unlock the keys to becoming a true data virtuoso in this compelling episode! Join us as we dive into the dynamic world of data analytics with the brilliant mind behind the book, 'Be Data Analytical,' Jordan Morrow.  Whether you're a curious learner or a business leader seeking to harness the power of data, this conversation is your guide to cultivating a data-driven mindset. Tune in now and embark on a journey to unlock the true potential of data analytics in your personal and professional life!
Companies know how important it is to inherently understand their customers, yet they rely on surveys, testimonials, or customer service calls to gather intel. In reality, language is not the most authentic way to understand humans. Play is. With one of the largest psych databases in the world, Joe Schaeppi, CEO of Solsten, can dive into what it truly means to understand your customer and how Solsten is bridging the audience intelligence gap through the power of gaming. In this episode you'll uncover why you know someone's true self when they are at play.
Get ready to unlock the secrets to a more transparent data future! Join us in this captivating episode as we sit down with Lauren Maffeo, Senior Service Designer at Steampunk and Author of "Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up".Delve into the world of data transparency and its profound impact on organizations, as we explore practical strategies to enhance data practices and build trust. From striking the right balance between privacy and transparency to fostering data literacy, our expert guest shares invaluable insights for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're a data enthusiast or a decision-maker seeking a more transparent data culture, this conversation is your gateway to harnessing the true power of data. Tune in now and embark on a journey to a more transparent and data-driven future!
Prepare to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of LLMs (Large Language Models) and their transformative influence on data utilization. In this episode, we sit down with Ryan Janssen, CEO of Zenlytic, and Paul Blankley, Founder/CTO at Zenlytic who shed light on how LLMs are revolutionizing how companies interact with and extract insights from data. Discover how LLMs pave the way for new interfaces that lower barriers to gaining valuable insights. We'll also explore the critical challenge of hallucination and the strategies to mitigate it, ensuring responsible data utilization. Get ready to learn how LLMs empower self-serve capabilities, driving efficiency and agility across organizations. 
Unlock the secrets to maximizing the value of your data with an exhilarating episode on data observability vs. data quality! Join us as we sit down with Ryan Yackel, CMO of, and Stephanie Valarezo, Senior Product Manager, IBM Data & AI Data Integration (DataStage), to unravel the crucial distinctions between data observability and data quality. Discover how these twin pillars empower organizations to ensure reliable, accurate, and trustworthy data. We'll get into industry insights and best practices that will revolutionize your data-driven decision-making. Whether you're a data enthusiast, a business leader, or a curious mind, this conversation is your key to unleashing the full potential of your data assets. Tune in now and embark on a journey to master data observability and data quality like never before!
Get ready to explore the hidden side of large language learning models! In this episode, we dive into the fascinating world of cutting-edge AI technologies and the data governance challenges they bring. Join us as we unravel the complexities of managing vast amounts of data, ensuring privacy, and addressing ethical considerations in the realm of large language learning models. Our expert guest will share insights, real-world examples, and strategies to navigate these challenges successfully. If you're curious about the future of AI and data governance, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now and stay ahead of the curve!
Get ready to unlock the power of data literacy in kids with our guest, Gulrez Khan, Data Science Lead at PayPal & Author of the book 'Drawing Data with Kids.' In this episode, we explore the importance of nurturing data literacy skills in children from an early age. Discover the innovative strategies, activities, and insights shared by our expert guest to make data literacy engaging and accessible to young learners. Whether you're a parent seeking to empower your child or an educator eager to revolutionize your teaching, this conversation will inspire you with practical ideas and success stories. Join us as we dive into the world of data literacy and learn how it cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in our little ones. 
Dr. Tom Redman, a.k.a. “the Data Doc” returns on the Lights On Data Show to talk about the importance of getting regular people involved in their data programs. We'll see how an organizational chart that puts people at the center look like and why data is a team sport.Checkout Tom's new book, People and Data: Uniting to Transform Your Business.
Are you eager to embark on an exciting career in data science? Join us as we unravel the secrets to successfully transitioning into the world of data science. In this episode, Jess Haberman, Director of Learning Solutions at Anaconda, will share their expert insights, and invaluable tips on acquiring the necessary skills, exploring different career paths, and unleashing your potential in this rapidly growing field.  Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking a career change or a curious learner looking to dive into data science, this episode is your roadmap to success. Tune in now and unlock the doors to a thrilling new chapter in your career!
Unlock the secrets to building governed data products without the hassle of complexity in this game-changing episode. Join us as we sit down with Vishal Singh, Head of Data Products at Starburst to explore the art of seamless data governance. Discover how organizations can navigate the challenges of governance while fostering agility and innovation. Whether you're a data professional or an organization seeking to maximize the value of your data assets, this conversation is your gateway to unlocking a new era of data-driven success. Tune in now and embrace the power of governed data products, without getting tangled in the mesh!
Are you ready to step into the future of work? Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we explore the dynamic landscape of workplace automation. From AI and robotics to blockchain and emerging technologies, we delve into the trends, challenges, and transformative power of automation in organizations. Our expert guest, Jon Darbyshire, CEO & Co-Founder of Smartsuite, shares invaluable insights on how automation is reshaping job roles, the key risks to navigate, and strategies for a smooth transition to an automated workplace. Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation that will inspire you to embrace automation and future-proof your career. Tune in now!
Applied Cryptography

Applied Cryptography


Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Applied Cryptography, where secrets are hidden and data is protected. Our expert guest, Steve Orrin - Federal CTO of Intel, will share insights into the power of encryption, the latest techniques and algorithms used in modern cryptography, the impact of emerging technologies such as quantum computing, and real-world examples of how organizations are leveraging this technology to keep their data safe. Don't miss out on this exciting episode that explores the cutting edge of applied cryptography! Subscribe for more upcoming episodes of the Lights On Data Show. 
On this special edition episode of the Lights On Data Show, my guest, Lucia Stefanuto, Data Storytelling & Visualization Lead at Startup Genome will dive into Neuroscience in Data Visualization. We'll see what it is, why companies should pay attention to it, as well as tips and tricks and best practices that we can all follow. 
Intro to Data Quality

Intro to Data Quality


On this special edition episode of the Lights On Data Show, my guest, Hetal Kapadia, Technical Evangelist at ActiveViam, will dive into Data Quality. We'll see what it is, why companies should pay attention to it, as well as tips and tricks and best practices that we can all follow. We'll even get to find out some cool tips on organizing our sock drawer (yes, it's related).
In this episode, we'll explore how cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT and large language learning models are revolutionizing the way organizations approach data governance. Join us as we discuss real-world use cases, best practices, and the future of this exciting field. Tune in now to learn how ChatGPT can help take your data governance efforts to the next level!  Anthony Woodward is the co-founder and CEO of RecordPoint, a fast-growing SaaS solution focused on helping organizations discover, govern, and control their data for tighter compliance, more efficiency, and less risk. Anthony is regarded as one of the leading thinkers on the intersection of data and privacy. 
What's a proven and tested means of creating a dashboard wireframe that aligns your data with the needs of the business, meets user goals and achieves actionable outcomes? Here are some tips and best practices shared by Nicholas Kelly, Author, Instructor, and Creator of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit.
Direct mail may be older than the Flintstones, but this massive marketing channel is hardly stuck in the stone age. Top brands are spending billions to target, scale, and measure their direct mail marketing efforts, and they’re seeing huge dividends in return: we’re talking 90% open rates, brand recall that’s 30% greater than that of digital advertisements, and higher ROI than any other media channel. Dave Sink, Founder & CEO of Postie, will walk us through the disruptive digital analytics that have taken this traditional channel from dinosaur to dynamite.
The benefits and need for a data governance value framework, its components, challenges to overcome and best practices to adopt.Sarang S Bapat is the Director of Data Governance at Mitsubishi Electric Trane. 
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