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Author: Joe Vulpis & Ilya Feddy

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14 Episodes
The boys make a pact about naming their kids, getting flashed in a Applebee's parking lot, and a very possible kidnapping scam that could have gone very wrong. Plus aliens probing and is a sex doll worth it? check out our instagram @lightweightspod and keep up with updates there :) --- Support this podcast:
A stranger delivers a pizza with a survey, the first feret gets cloned, and we get our first billboard ever! Plus Dr. Phil wants to analyze our relationship and we discuss boobs. Follow us on instagram to win money @lightweightspod --- Support this podcast:
The final pod-cabin episode has arrived as a blizzard cuts the boys trip short. A hot tub mishap, where will Joe have his ashes spread, and did Ilya really get a lap dance from his own mother? All these questions get answered in the highly anticipated, final pod-cabin Lightweights Podcast. Thanks for listening lightweights! --- Support this podcast:
We have one of Ilya's former lovers come on the podcast to talk what he was really like between the sheets, Joe struggled vlogging, and valentines is ruined. Honestly this one is a 10/10 so hope you enjoy! If you dig it, please rate us on apple podcasts!! It really does help us on the charts Follow us on insta @lightweightspod xoxo Lightweights --- Support this podcast:
Day 2 of being locked away in the log cabin, Ilya vents out his frustrations with Joe. They also talk about sharing their location with a fan who shows up at their house, skiing hungover, and stealing almost one million dollars from a grocery store. Thanks for listening lightweights --- Support this podcast:
Ilya and Joe buy their first house together (sort of), what were the guys like back in school, and a childhood icon is not who they say they are. Plus we find out what would really happen if a nuclear attack would happen and there's only 30 seconds to live. Follow us on instagram @lightweightspod --- Support this podcast:
Joe and Ilya rent a cabin in the woods, literally the middle of no where, got drunk, and recorded a podcast. Which one of the guys would survive in jail? Which one called for strippers and which called for a prostitute? We're gonna be releasing these fun cabin episodes every Saturday in February.  --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast we have our friend Nick Antonyan join us, we chat about our day driving NASCARs on a track, the new bus stop bench advertisements we bought to advertise our podcast, Nick being a super fan of our podcast, and catching two people making love near our bench. Plus we give away $225 to a listener of our podcast! Make sure to follow our instagram @lightweightspod --- Support this podcast:
Hi gang!!! Our friend who is a pro boxer/nutritional supplement tycoon/pro power lifter/all around badass dude, Mike Rashid King graces us with his presence and shares some insight on how he worked his way up to being the number 1 selling protein supplement in The Vitamin Shop. Mike has worked his way to the top of his industry and shows that hustle really pays off. Please give it up for our friend, Mike Rashid King. Follow us on instagram @lightweightspod --- Support this podcast:
One of the guys has an S.T.D. scare, everyone thinks they're hooking up, and the Lightweights podcast hits record high numbers on the charts! Ilya, Joe and Annelise will be attending a strip club for research and a fan gets the very first lightweights tattoo! Make sure to follow the pod if you like what you hear and rate us a 5* :) xoxo Joey & Illey --- Support this podcast:
Our friend Dr. Evan Antin who is a world renowned wildlife expert, TV show host, and veterinarian comes by to chat about animals, his experience saving endangered species, and encounters with venomous snakes. Dr. Evan Antin had his own TV show on Animal Planet called "Evan Goes Wild" and just released his book "World Wild Vet". He's an all around badass dude and great soul, enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Ilya brings in a 600 pound fire hydrant by himself, Joe discusses a bank robbery from his former job, and the aftermath of leaking your own phone number. Plus Ilya loses $10,000 from gambling. Please rate us a 5 star also!! If you're reading this comment "Joe is cuter than Ilya" --- Support this podcast:
Ilya and his parents go to a nude beach, Joe has bad hygiene, and Annelise got asked to dance by a very famous actor. The boys also play the odds game and someone leaks their own phone number. On that note lol, please don't call or text or anything, just save the number, and when we call people it'll say our name and it'll be funny. Love you guys, thanks for listening! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Ilya and Joe's first podcast! We talk about Ilya's parking ticket addiction, Joe's fight with his girlfriend, and how much money both the guys have saved up. --- Support this podcast:
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Nickles Nandkumar

i had to get surgery for that 2

Feb 13th

Nickles Nandkumar

i thought the fucking word was dick😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Feb 10th
Reply (2)

Nickles Nandkumar

JOE "funny" 😂😂😂😂😂

Jan 27th

Nickles Nandkumar

Its not long enough (thats what she said) I'm talking about the podcast

Jan 23rd

Nickles Nandkumar

illya i actually had to get surgery for that 2

Jan 20th

corey fornwalt

fucking right fellas big fan here @deltakillbox

Jan 12th
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