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Author: Jonathan Roseland

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The podcast about becoming 'Limitless' in real life. While technically a 'self help' podcast, it packs a punch with scientific biohacking strategies for boosting your neurotransmitters, ninja lifehacks and Sociopathic tactics to dominate (ethically!).

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Introducing Myself, My Story and My Values
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Jay Honey

Good afternoon. I believe you are correct in stating that our memories are to blame for most of these examples. Chris Farley's imitation of Darth Vader replaced the accurate context and quote from TESB. Jim Carey's parody of Sally Field in "The Mask" has replaced our memory of her statement. Sinbad, who is mistaken for Shaq's role as a genie, once hosted Sinbad the Sailor movies in 94. After being questioned he recalled this and latee presented a Polaroid of himself, dispelling all would be Mandella-mongers worst assumptions. I do believe that we live in a simulation. However it's purpose would be nullified if alterations were to be imposed postumously. Btw I am a massive fan of your work. Thank you. Sincerely, Jay.

Jul 31st

Joseph Pace

Thanks for all your content. I think I've seen most of your smart drug videos from the old Youtube channel. They are the best out there, all in all. Hopefully, some of those that you have backups of can be uploaded on other platforms. As a Kratom user for pain and depression, thank you for sticking your neck out for the people who need it. It is so safe it's ridiculous. Assuming one doesn't blatantly abuse it. It's kinda cool to lose a channel for a good cause, though. Hats off! :)

Apr 27th

Mark Groleau

get halfway through the podcast and it keeps locking up you may want to check on this cuz it doesn't really matter which podcasts it is it keeps locking up could be your formatting problem?

Feb 1st

Mark Groleau

well sir I look forward to continuing your podcasts on this format. you've always got interesting things to talk about different viewpoints. and I know that a lot of the suggestions that you made in your YouTube videos have made an impact on some of my Life hacking experience. here's looking forward to a continuing relationship keep putting out that great content

Jan 28th

Jonathan Roseland

Mark Groleau Thanks Mark!

Jan 30th
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