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Welcome to the Lincoln Absence Advisor podcast! As the disability and leave landscape continues to expand and evolve, we’ll help you keep up and keep informed. Our podcasts take a deep dive into important topics such as the evolution of the FMLA and ADA, state regulations, the compliance challenge, and the complexities of day-to-day administration. In this podcast, our Lincoln benefit professionals provide thoughtful and vigorous conversations that tackle the important leave topics employers need to understand.
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When your company is building a paid leave policy, using the right policy language is crucial. In this Lincoln Absence Advisor podcast, we explore this topic with product manager Annie Jantz and absence consultant MacKenzie Carver. We take a detailed look at policy language – what to look for, where to find helpful input, and why it matters. This thoughtful conversation covers topics such as exclusions and inclusions, eligibility, creating clear definitions, coordination with state and federal policies, and resources that are available to help you build a policy that fulfills its intended purpose. Annie and MacKenzie will also discuss what they see as the #1 language miss that occurs when building or reviewing a paid leave policy. Also, be sure to check out our latest webinar, Shaping the right paid leave offering, which offers more details about the importance and impact of paid leave and how to best put your company’s policy together.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.  LCN-3852647-100521
When you look at reasons people take leave from the workplace, do you consider eldercare and all the complexities this includes? In this episode of Lincoln Absence Advisor, Lincoln’s Joanne Archer, VP of product solutions, Michelle Curtis, product consultant for Lincoln’s life product, and Julie Frick, claims manager for group benefits, share their different experiences with eldercare.They focus on the many needs employees may be juggling when caring for an elder family member and how those needs can shift so quickly throughout the aging process. Their stories showcase not only day-to-day needs, but also the many emotions your employees may be experiencing. Listen in to hear what employers can do to help employees that may be experiencing similar responsibilities.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3751474-090821
During our Q2 webinar – A new focus: mental health, disability, and the whole employee we received a lot of great questions from our audience. One area where our audience showed interest was the benefit of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). More specifically, how could an EAP help someone who may be experiencing mental health related issues when transitioning back into the office? During this episode, we tackle that question as well as explore all the other assistance areas an EAP can help with.Joining me for this conversation are David Campbell, Senior Vice President of Quality Control – ComPsych Corporation, Keith Birns, Senior Account Manager – ComPsych Corporation, and Emily Igrejas, Senior Product Manager – Lincoln Financial Group.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3669981-071321
During the latest Lincoln Absence Advisor webinar, A New Focus: Mental Health, Disability and the Whole Employee, we received many questions on which accommodations work best for mental health and how to handle such a sensitive subject with your employees.For episode 9 of this Lincoln Absence Advisor podcast, we hone in on these questions with product lead Annie Jantz, and vocational consultants Melissa Michuda and Emily Mathies. We discuss elements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), accommodations we’ve seen used for mental health needs, and various processes and perspectives that employers should consider on this subject. Resources mentioned in this episode:A new focus: mental health, disability and the whole employee webinarMental Health America Workplace Survey 2021© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3659595-070621
Having a child can often be tied to joy and happiness, but there is another side that many new moms are going through – balancing their own mental health while they adjust to this new world they find themselves in. When we talk about maternal mental health, we often focus on postpartum depression, but it’s also important to consider the whole cycle of being a mom and the different effects this new role can have on mental health.In this episode of Lincoln Absence Advisor, we are joined by Lincoln’s consulting physicians, Dr. Amy Feitelson, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Jennifer King, a family practice physician, as well as Marissa Mayfield, product lead for our statutory products. Together, we discuss and define maternal mental health. From observation to experience, we dive in to various aspects and explore how employers can help new moms in their workforce cope with the additional stress they may be experiencing.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3644061-062321
Recently we’ve seen a lot of interest in California paid family leave and the overall state disability insurance program, which is why we’ve put together this episode to answer frequent questions and simply talk through a state program that can sometimes be confusing to navigate.Listen in as Bill Mcshane, national sales advisor for the west coast, Kristin Hostetter, product lead for our CA private plan offering, and Alexa Greenberg, general counsel, answer questions on private plans and the basics of the program as well as give their thoughts on aspects employers should be especially aware of. Resources mentioned: Lincoln's CA SDI FAQ© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3627680-061021 
Disability insurance is something that has catapulted to the forefront of many employers and their employees’ minds over the past year. Many see the value of this coverage for the peace of mind it provides if someone were to miss work due to a covered injury or illness. May is disability insurance awareness month, and what better way to kick us off than by talking to three HR employees who interact with disability insurance almost every day? Joining me for this discussion are three of my colleagues from Lincoln Financial Group - Mindy Jarecki, Sr. Consultant – HR Business Management, Keshia Hamoud - Leave Management Specialist, and Amanda Petersen - Absence Claims Director. During this episode, we cover everything from common questions around disability to advice for employers when working with their employees on a disability claim.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3582544-050721 
We’re hearing a lot about returning to the workplace and questions on if employers can (or should) require the COVID-19 vaccination to do so. Often, this conversation leads to many challenges and complexities, such as the need for accommodations, support communication and resources, and state policies and laws. So, after reviewing questions from our most recent webinar, two of our webinar speakers discuss this topic thoroughly. Join Trish Zuniga, lead for leave regulations and Annie Jantz, product lead from leave management services as they talk about vaccination policies, leave impacts and ADA requirements.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3550343-041521
Maternity leave is such a common reason to be absent from work, but have you ever asked if what your company provides is truly enough to help the mothers among your employees prepare for and recover from childbirth, bond with their new baby while adapting to a new normal and successfully come back to work?In this episode of Lincoln Absence Advisor, we went straight to the source –mothers who are back at work – and asked for their thoughts. Listen in as Emily Igrejas, disability product manager, Susan Lawson, manager of voice of the customer, and Sara Kilbride, national sales executive, discuss their own experiences with maternity leave, including what was going through their minds before, during and after leave, what they needed the most, and how employers can help retain talented mothers in the workplace.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3512999-032921
In the past year, did you miss a routine checkup, dentist appointment, etc.? If you did, you weren’t alone. In fact, by June of 2020 41% of all American had delayed or avoided some type of health care.  On this episode I’m joined by Dr. Glenn Pransky and we talk about the action of deferred, delayed, or avoided care. We take a deep dive into why so many Americans chose this action, the potential for it being problematic in the future, and how employers can provide a potential solution.   © 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.  LCN-3480903-030521
In this episode, we continue our conversation about the balancing act employees face with work and caregiving, and what they need from their employers.Dr. Glenn Pransky, a physician and internationally-recognized researcher in work and health and Annie Jantz, product lead for Lincoln’s leave management product discuss where an employer can start and what to be observing along the way. From leave policy reviews, innovative solutions, and our expectation to learn more in the years ahead, there is a lot for employers to consider.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3459697-021921
With heightened attention, many employers have watched employees balance more responsibilities of family and work. In 2020, an estimated 80 million people left the office and started working at home, and a quarter of a million people took their elderly parents out of nursing homes and assisted living because of fears of COVID-19.  These shifts in responsibility have put a stronger lens on caregiving, a topic already affecting the workplace. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Glenn Pransky, a physician and internationally-recognized researcher in work and health and Annie Jantz, product lead for Lincoln’s leave management product to define the multiple caveats of caregiving and what employers should be focused to help take care of their employee caregiversLinks to sources referenced in this episode.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3459365-021921
A new year brings new leave program launches and updates. In this episode, we dive into questions we received on various state PFML or PFL programs during our last webinar, Preparing for 2021. Join Lincoln’s Marissa Mayfield and Kristin Hostetter, product leads for state leave programs, as they answer questions on PFML, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York programs in our last season 1 episode of Lincoln Absence Advisor.Resources mentioned in the episode:Connecticut Paid Family Leave WebsiteLincoln’s Webinar, Preparing for 2021LCN-3350422-120120 © 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
On November 3, the residents of Colorado voted to pass Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave, making it the 9th state with a paid family leave law.  In this episode of Lincoln Absence Advisor, Lincoln’s Kristin Hostetter, product lead for PFML programs, and Sarah Montgomery, general counsel share what they know about the program in our first conversation on this state.LCN-3328189-111220 © 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
Get answers to your questions on Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML). In this episode, we’ll answer the questions we’ve heard on private plans, administration, definitions, and more. Join Lincoln’s Kristin Hostetter, product lead for Connecticut Family Leave, and Alexa Greenberg, legal counsel, as we discuss the latest information we’ve received on this new program.Resources mentioned in the episode:Connecticut Paid Family Leave WebsiteLincoln’s Connecticut Paid Family Leave WebsiteLCN-3318581-110520 © 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
With the summer coming to a close, it’s time to catch up on all the latest compliance news as it relates to family and medical leave laws and regulations. In today’s episode, we’re joined by two of my Lincoln Financial Group colleagues. Trish Zuniga Compliance Consultant, and Annie Jantz, Senior Product Manager for State Disability and Paid Family Leave. During this episode we discuss:The on-going federal response to COVID-19PFML program updates from MA, CA, and COInsights into Company Paid LeaveCheck out the FAQ: “What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws” LCN-3314418-110320 © 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
What is ableism? Why should it be a key topic in any workplace diversity and inclusion program? In this week’s episode, leaders of Lincoln’s internal resource group for people with disabilities join us for an open discussion on this trending topic. Mike Kellar, vice president of recruiting, and Arlene Hendricks, director of life underwriting, share their observations and stories and also touch upon how companies can identify and avoid the negative effects of ableism.LCN-3290564-101920© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
In this episode, we talk about the “Disability Mindset.” A term that describes a mindset that can develop after an employee becomes ill or injured – taking them out of the workplace – where they begin focusing more on their disability rather than their ability to return to work. Joining us to talk about this topic are two Lincoln Financial Group employees. Saretha Bradley, and Melissa Michuda of Lincoln’s Vocational and Clinical Operations. During this episode we discuss:What the term "disability mindset" means How open communication and education surrounding disability programs is keyThe importance of flexibility, customized solutions, and thinking outside the box when it comes to return to work solutionsResources: JAN (Job Accommodation Network)LCN-3270050-100520 © 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
Clarity on FFCRA

Clarity on FFCRA


There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – in particular, the impact of schools reopening and the recent revisions from the Department of Labor in response to New York’s federal court ruling.  Learn more about:What the DOL clarified in this week’s regulation updatesThe impact of these regulation updates and clarifications on the recent New York court caseThe three scenarios for schools reopening, when an employee is covered by the FFCRAJoin Lincoln’s Sarah Montgomery, Assistance Vice President and General Counsel for Group Protection and Annie Jantz, product lead for leave services, on this latest episode of Lincoln Absence AdvisorResources:DOL’s FAQs for FFCRA Lincoln Financial’s Compliance Updates LCN-3241508-091520© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
Emily Igrejas, Lincoln product manager, joins our podcast today -- and brings us her expertise in disability coverage and how it interacts with PFML. She clarifies the complex layers of information surrounding STD in the PFML landscape, as she:Explains the key differences between STD and state-mandated leave Explores the unique value of STD coverage when it’s combined with state coverageBreaks down important concepts and definitionsWalks us through examples of how an employees’ one illness or injury can trigger several different leave or benefit programsLCN-3228793-090320© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
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