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Are you ready to level up your LinkedIn? Join Louise Brogan for this weekly podcast where she shares her best advice and tips for using LinkedIn to make more profit in your business. As the serious social media network, LinkedIn can help you to build a valuable network of contacts, clients and customers. From LinkedIn profile tips, content creation, using InMail to articles, Company Pages and more. Join Louise for the Linking in with Louise Podcast and find out how you can level up your LinkedIn.
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This week’s podcast is all about a new feature that’s just launched on LinkedIn – it’s called LinkedIn Creator. If you’ve never heard of it - or even if you have but have no idea whether it’s right for you - then listen up! I’ll be talking you through the who, where, what, why and how in this simple-to-understand breakdown of everything you need to know. PODCAST PLAYER Over the last 10 years, LinkedIn has really changed from where it used to be. Back then, you may have turned to LinkedIn to find a job and would have maybe updated your profile accordingly. Fast forward to today and there’s a small, but growing, group of people who are creating content on the platform, for the platform. For example, live videos, writing articles, blog posts and comments all intended to start conversations. In this episode, I discuss who LinkedIn creators are, and how to judge for yourself how, and why you’re using LinkedIn to see whether you might fall into this category (heads up - not everyone will, and that’s totally fine!). Once you’ve made that decision, track along with me to understand the three key elements that Creator offers: Introductory card: what it is, where to find it, and what it should say about you Number of followers: How to see how many you have and whether they’re visible and clickable to your network Newsfeed prioritisation: How to ensure that what your followers see are the 5 or 6 things that you want them to read/watch If you want to find out more about LinkedIn Creator, why not book in with me for a VIP session? The online session lasts for 3 hours and during that time we will go through your LinkedIn profile with a fine-toothed comb; working out what needs to change if you have an existing profile, or how to start from scratch. We also go through your settings to make sure your profile is optimised – which means that people wanting to work with you can find and connect with you easily. I also offer a monthly retainer option to support and help you achieve your goals on an ongoing basis (see the links below). I work with clients all over the world, so time zone is certainly no barrier! Please just get in touch with me to find the most convenient time and let’s get it booked in - my June diary only has a couple of slots available now, but I would love to work with you! I’d love to hear what you think of LinkedIn Creator? Do you think it’s for you? Are you going to use it? Please do let me know. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to my podcasts, if you enjoyed it and found it useful, please give it an ‘A’. Thank you! Useful links To view my youtube video on LinkedIn Creator, watch it here: To see my LinkedIn VIP offering, all the details are here: Please see the overview of my monthly retainer package here:
In a podcast first this week, I’m co-hosting with my friend Crystal Collinson, which means for once I’ll be answering, as well as asking the questions! Crystal is the principal of Crystal Collinson Interiors, a full-service design firm specialising in the design and decorating of everything from new homes through to commercial projects. She lives by the simple philosophy that “design should solve problems, not create them”. She’s now putting her years of experience to good use, with the launch of her very own podcast – “The Productive Designer”, later this month. With it, she plans to educate, collaborate and motivate all interior design professionals to get to where they want to be. In this episode I share my advice for how professionals such as interior designers like Crystal can get the most out of LinkedIn. I offer my golden rules on.. 1.     Optimising your LinkedIn profile 2.     Being selective with your connections 3.     How, when, and what to post 4.     Why you need to focus on building relationships, and not just business 5.     How to get your customers to find you We also talk a little about the new LinkedIn Creator profile that’s in the process of being rolled out by LinkedIn. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a way for people who create a lot of content (including LinkedIn live videos) to start conversations with their networks and audiences in new ways. It’s early days, but I’m excited about it! Hope you enjoy this one! MEET CRYSTAL Crystal has her own site –, as well as her The Productive Designer podcast which launches later this month (available wherever you access your podcasts). Or you can connect with her directly on LinkedIn, or see lots of gorgeous examples of her work on Instagram at Crystal Collinson Interiors. Crystal is the principal of Crystal Collinson Interiors, a full-service design firm specializing in the Design and Decorating of Model Homes, Sales Presentation Centre’s, Condominium amenity spaces and small commercial projects. Crystal & her team work with many of the GTA’s largest home builders. After 18 years in the industry, Crystal has developed an approach to interior design that sets her apart, while setting her clients & trusted trade resources at ease. Running a full time interior design business while raising a family is not an easy feat. Crystal has the unique ability to be both creative yet extremely organized; keeping a handle on all the moving parts. Living by the philosophy that “Design should solve problems, not create them”. As a self-proclaimed productivity geek, she has developed systems, process and hacks to work smarter…not harder. Crystal is the creator and host of The Productive Designer podcast-launching this month. The goal of the podcast is to educate, collaborate and motivate all Interior Design professionals to intentionally design the life and business they want. CONNECT WITH CRYSTAL Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Website
It’s an all-Irish line up on the podcast this week, where I’m joined by my good friend and client, Andrea Dermody. Andrea is an all-round diversity and inclusion guru who’s built a thriving consultancy business off the back of a highly successful career in financial services. She works with organisations and individuals to reshape their organisational cultures to make them more inclusive. The result is that regardless of a person’s gender, background, socio economic experience, race or religion, they have the same opportunities of anyone else in that organisation.   Andrea’s passion for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is so infectious and it was an absolute pleasure catching up with her for this episode. So often a company’s D&I policy (if one even exists) is a mere box-ticking exercise where the focus is solely on compliance. Andrea and I chat about why this is ALL wrong, and how when companies move from the compliance space into the cultural space, it becomes a much better company to work at. Andrea breaks the D&I challenge down into: 1.     The work the organisation needs to do around its systems, processes, policies and its culture. (This one is all about human connections – underestimate it at your peril!) 2.     The work that under-represented people can do for themselves - even for those introverts who might be scared to go it alone I also loved hearing from Andrea about her work as part of the 30% Club – the group who’s objective is to get a representative 30% of women on boards. On top of that, she’s also part of the Dublin City University programme – a leadership and development programme designed exclusively for women. The programme covers building a personal brand, how you communicate and how you build credibility and confidence within your organisation. And finally (yes, there’s more!) we talk about how Andrea is using my help with LinkedIn for business to expand her network and reach new clients. I’m pleased to say she’s loving the results already. You can join Andrea and I live on LinkedIn this Friday at 2pm, where we’ll be continuing this conversation, and Andrea will be ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have. CONNECT WITH ANDREA If you want to get in touch with Andrea, you can find her through her LinkedIn profile or on her website.
What are your top questions about using LinkedIn?   I love getting questions from my audience and thought it would be fun to do an episode covering the top ten, so here goes:   Should you buy LinkedIn Premium Do you connect with everyone on LinkedIn How many connections should you have When is the best time to post on LinkedIn Does LinkedIn work for B2C business Should I have a Company Pa ge on LinkedIn What is the best way to spend your time on LinkedIn What is the best way to increase engagement on your posts? How many times a week should you post on LinkedIn What are your daily tasks for LinkedIn?   To continue this conversation on LinkedIn, come and join us inside the Linking in with Louise Group   If you need help getting posts written for LinkedIn, speak to me about our new done-for-you service -   Ready to book your VIP Session? Go to If you enjoy this episode, please leave us a rating or review on Apple Podcasts and if you have more questions you'd like answers to, then connect with me on LinkedIn and ask!
Have I got a treat for you this week! I’m so excited to share this week’s podcast where I catch up with the absolute queen of sales, Nikki Rausch.   Nikki is the founder of Sales Maven where she teaches tangible skills that, when you take action and implement them in your own business, will give you massive results. Not only is she a sales strategist, she’s also a successful author of multiple books, podcaster and founder of the online Sales Maven Society.   In this episode we talk about how to pick up buying signals before you get a sale, and the right (and very wrong – clue: don’t mention Darth Vader) ways to connect with your targets on LinkedIn.   Nikki is a real fount of knowledge for all things sales and being confident. We talk about how to be assertive (but not pushy) and even how to deal with the knock-backs. Here’s just a taste of some of the other advice she shares…   1.     How to be a resource to people and offer them real value 2.     The importance of ‘pre-framing’ a first video or face-to-face conversation 3.     Why you need to have pricing on your website   I hope you enjoy listening to this one.     About Nikki You can find Nikki on LinkedIn or have a look at her website Exclusively for listeners of this podcast, Nikki has also shared her new e-book ‘Closing the Sale’ which you can download here:
Have you seen some LinkedIn accounts with follow instead of connect on their Introductory card? What does this mean and which should you have on your profile? How to Connect with someone on LinkedIn The default setting on LinkedIn profiles is to show the ‘Connect’ button. It appears to the right of your profile photo. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you are automatically following their content. How to follow someone on LinkedIn When you ‘follow’ someone on LinkedIn, you will see posts from that person in your newsfeed, but they will not see yours. When you follow someone but don’t connect, they are not following your activity on LinkedIn. Why do you choose Follow first rather than Connect? According to LinkedIn, your network should consist of people you already know. The follow option is to follow posts and articles from someone you want to hear from, but you don’t know. For example, the above profile is the News Editor for LinkedIn News. So you may want to follow her articles on LinkedIn news. Having a smaller network of people you want to engage with on LinkedIn usually provides a better experience than connecting with lots of people you don’t know. How to build a powerful network on LinkedIn One reason to choose to follow someone rather than connect, is if they are a thought leader within your industry and you want to keep on top of what is happening in the industry. Examples of people you may want to follow – speakers, podcasters, authors, politicians. The key differences between Followers and Connections When you are connected, you can see each others posts in your feed Followers can see your posts in their newsfeed. If you want to see one of your followers posts, you can follow them. You can only send messages to people you are connected to unless you have LinkedIn Premium* You can only endorse your connections for their skills You can only recommend (or request a recommendation from) a connection, not someone you follow *With LinkedIn Premium, you can send up to 15 ‘InMails’ per month to people who are not your connections. Conclusion If you wish to build a network of people to engage with on LinkedIn, then it is probably a good idea to keep your profile as ‘connect’ first. If you wish to build a following of people who want to learn from you and read your content, then set your profile to Follow first.
How do you know what to post on LinkedIn? How can you come up with ideas for content to market your business? Tune into today’s podcast to find out! This is something that a lot of people struggle with, and one of the reasons they hire me to help. This is your business network so try to keep it professional Be strategic – remember you want to win business on LinkedIn Keep yourself on a time limit – don’t get distracted and end up spending too long on your LinkedIn Remember the four pillars of using LinkedIn – Building a valuable network Getting your LinkedIn Profile up to date Sharing content that helps your audience Using LinkedIn Messaging to build on your relationships Read more here  The four parts to my LinkedIn framework Now, the first piece of good news is that you don’t have to do this a lot to get recognised on LinkedIn. So according to LinkedIn themselves, only 1% of people use LinkedIn, share content, or write posts on the platform at any given week. Make sure you share content that relates to your role – in this example, Sarah Doherty shares a personal story as well as lessons about personal finance Start with thinking about all the questions you get asked by potential clients. Write them down on a piece of paper and then under each one, find sub-topics. Keep an eye out for articles or stories in the media to share that relate to your topics. Work on writing your posts with the purpose of serving your audience. Start conversations with your network and you WILL start to get leads and inquiries directly into your inbox. If you need help coming up with a strategy for your LinkedIn content, then do reach out for a strategy session:
If you’ve ever wondered how you can get directly in front of your target audience to amplify your brand message, then wonder no more. Joining me on this week’s podcast, Esther Kiss explains how she turns her one-of-a-kind publicity strategies into million-dollar sales. Esther is the founder of the US based publicity and marketing agency, Born To Influence. She specialises in helping experts and personal brands get more publicity through appearances on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on some of the top podcasts in the world. In this episode, Esther shares her experience of going from marketing professional to publicist extraordinaire. We talk about some of the big-name clients she has worked with and how she has built on their existing marketing strategies to find the hook for media pitches. We also discuss Esther’s insights into how you can position yourself so that media outlets want to talk to you by: Connecting your unique expertise with the trending topics in local and national news Using research studies to create your own engaging hook for your brand Podcasting to build your knowledge-leader status so that high profile collaborators want to take part If you want to hear more, and to ask Esther any questions directly about her approach to building publicity, we’ll be live on LinkedIn this Friday 23 April at 3 pm. Simply visit my LinkedIn page to tune in. About Esther Esther Kiss is the founder of Born To Influence, a boutique publicity firm specializing in helping experts and personal brands get more credibility, leads and sales. Her clients have been featured on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on some of the top podcasts in the world, resulting in millions of dollars in additional sales. Esther has worked on campaigns in a variety of industries from SaaS products, mobile apps and digital information products to New York Times and other national bestseller book launches to philanthropic projects. She's also the producer and host of Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, where she interviews highly successful entrepreneurs and New York Times bestselling authors about their publicity and marketing strategies. To learn more, go to: You can also connect with Esther on LinkedIn or on her website, where you can access her free media positioning checklist. If you connect with her, don’t forget to let her know that you heard her on this podcast.
How much content have you shared on LinkedIn recently? Do you struggle with coming up with ideas for posts or how to write those posts? Let me take the pain away! Find out in today's episode why you should think about outsourcing the content creation and take yet another thing OFF YOUR PLATE! I have been working recently with a handful of clients on an ongoing basis. And I have to say, I absolutely love it. What I like more is the impact I can see happening. When people are working consistently with me they are seeing improvements and are getting really good leads. We're talking four and five-figure leads. I really get to know about the client and their business, and the type of people who are reaching out to them and the type of people we're trying to reach. So it's really exciting and fun. Find out more about working with me on an ongoing basis here Check out the standing desk here
Fiona Walsh is a PowerPoint specialist based in Cork, Ireland. Fiona signed up for a LinkedIn Profile Review in 2020 after attending a free webinar. Then Fiona joined the course, LinkedIn Learners Lab to further her knowledge of using LinkedIn for business. Now she gets a steady stream of inbound leads each week. Find out about her messaging strategy in this week's podcast. Fiona started her business, Imagine Coaching, in October 2019. As a certified coach, Microsoft master instructor and a life long learner, Fiona is well placed to be able to help clients with a number of things. She specialised into PowerPoint training and support during 2020 and we discuss how changing her profile and her LinkedIn activity has led to clients and new business. If you would like to book your own LinkedIn Profile Review, visit Click here to access the LinkedIn Learners Lab, this is no longer a live group but you can still benefit from all the training in this online course. Join Fiona and I live on LinkedIn at 2pm UK/Ireland or 9am East Coast this Friday, 9th April to discuss how you can use PowerPoint in your business.
Why are some people afraid of posting on LinkedIn? This is something that I hear time and time again from people. Whether it is my clients who hire me to work with them - to help them understand how they can use LinkedIn as a vehicle to raise their profile, raise their visibility online, and win business as a result. Maybe they want to get speaking engagements, maybe they want to host corporate workshops, maybe they want to work one to one with people.   There are different reasons why people want to use LinkedIn for business. Those are some of the main reasons people hire me to work with them. But I would say at least nine out of 10 clients that work with me have a stumbling block over fear about using LinkedIn to market themselves or raise their profile online. And that's what I want to talk to you about today If you want to reach out for help with your LinkedIn account, then check out ways to work with me here and book a call
I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn to see if my audience had heard of (or were using) LinkedIn Pods. Along with 'grenade posts', today we dive into what I suggest NOT to do on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is your business and professional network. Yes, it's true, people do buy from people - but LinkedIn themselves have asked people not to share content such as dogs in costumes - it is the platform where people go for business. So here are two things I suggest you avoid - Being part of a LinkedIn pod - A pod is an organised group of people who are expected to comment on each other's LinkedIn posts. There is an obligation to comment on all the other member's posts from your pod. Why do people do this? Quite simply, they want engagement on their content and 'setting' up comments can actually trigger other people to leave comments as well. Why do I recommend not doing this? Listen in! The 'grenade post' - this is where someone will post a deliberately provocative post in order to create controversy with their audience. This can generate a lot of discussions but unless it is how you like to work with clients, beware of turning people off! If both of these tactics bring you engagement, why do I suggest you avoid them? Because of the very reason LinkedIn doesn't want you to share pictures of your dog in a fancy dress. LinkedIn is where people go for business. Sharing content that helps your audience creates genuine conversation and builds on relationships will lead to you winning business. Starting an argument will not. Faking your engagement will not only give you a false idea of how successful your strategy is on LinkedIn but people who are following you, will soon realise that the comments on your posts all come from the same group of people. Invest your time and money learning how to use LinkedIn for business. (yes, some pods are part of paid programs!) rather than trying to cheat the system. Get in touch if you'd like to build a strategy that will help attract your ideal clients to you.
Are you generating leads from your LinkedIn activity? How much time do you need to spend on LinkedIn to start bringing consistent inbound leads for your business LinkedIn is seen as the professional social media networking site. According to a State of B2B Marketing Report from Wpromote, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation, and 62% say it generates them leads, over two times more than the next-highest social channel. But HOW do you use LinkedIn for lead gen? Let’s look at seven ways to generate inbound leads for your business from LinkedIn. You can see the full show notes here.
Michelle Kaplan is the Corporate Poet. We discuss using LinkedIn when you transition from working in corporate for 30 years to starting your entrepreneurial journey. Michelle shares how she uses poetry in her coaching and workshops, and we discuss how I have worked with her to switch up her LinkedIn activity and raise her profile on this platform.   For full transcript of this episode, visit To work with Michelle, reach out to Michelle Kaplan on LinkedIn To work with Louise, reach out on or visit
Are you using LinkedIn groups? How do you find one that is 'good'? So many people are moving away from Facebook, is this the time to start your own LinkedIn Group? Today we dive into why you should consider LinkedIn groups, how to set one up, LinkedIn group chats and of course, what could be done to improve this feature. >>Podcast Player << To get help with your LinkedIn presence, why not book a strategy session today... Visit Work With Me to find out more. DIY support LinkedIn VIP Sessions Join the Linking in with Louise group here.
Have you ever had the following happen? Someone sends you a connection request on LinkedIn with no message and you have no idea who they are, or why they want to connect with you. Someone connects with you on LinkedIn and as soon as you accept their connection request, they send you a sales message. Or an automated message. Don’t miss the opportunity to start a conversation When you connect with someone on LinkedIn without a message, you are missing a huge opportunity. LinkedIn is the social networking site for business owners and professionals. When you connect with someone, you add them to your network. In order to build a valuable network full of potential customers, clients and collaborations, start out with having a conversation with your new contact. When someone logs into their LinkedIn account and sees a handful of new connection requests – 2 with a message and 3 without, which ones do you think they will look at first? When you receive a genuine message from a new connection, the usual thing to do would be to reply. Now you have moved beyond one of many connections in the newsfeed, to one to one in the inbox. How can you add a message when connecting? Click on the person’s name that you would like to connect with Click on “Connect” on their introduction card (if you are using mobile, click on the three little dots to the right of the ‘connect’ button) Select ‘Add a note’ Write your note and click on Send Beware: Not all connection messages are the same Imagine you are at a conference or business networking event. Someone comes up to you, shakes your hand, gives you a business and walks away without saying a word. Or worse, you meet someone at an event, say hello and they immediately tell you what service they provide at and ask would you like to buy it. Would this method work with you? What do you think your first reaction might be? Don’t waste the opportunity to make a great first impression when connecting with someone on LinkedIn. So what connection request message can you send? First of all, think about WHY you want to connect with this person. Are they in the same field as you? Have you heard them on a podcast? Did you see an article they wrote? Will adding them to your network add to the value you get from LinkedIn? Have a look at their LinkedIn profile – is there something in their profile you can connect over? What recent posts have they shared? Can you start a conversation about a topic they seem interested in? Five examples of LinkedIn messages to send when connecting Here are five examples of messages you can send when connecting with someone on LinkedIn: The person you met at a networking event – try to send this connection request within a few days of meeting someone: Hi Traci, ‘it was great to meet you at the event today – I’d like to connect so that we can stay in touch’ 2. Someone you have heard on a podcast Hi Martin, I heard you on the LinkedIn with Louise podcast – I loved what you said about how to manage teams well. I thought it would be good to connect here on LinkedIn’ 3. Someone you want to connect to, but haven’t met yet ‘Hi Barbara, I saw your post on social media marketing and I liked how you wrote about the different platforms needing different approaches. LinkedIn is my own preference and I’d like to connect with you here. Looking forward to seeing more of your content, 4. Someone who might be able to help you in your business Hi Louise, I work with a team and we are struggling to get leads on LinkedIn. I heard your podcast about LinkedIn strategy and we’d love to have a chat with you to see if you can help us. 5. Someone you have been referred to Hi Allison, I am connected to Martin Huntbach, and he recommended I connect with you as we have a similar audience. Looking forward to finding out more about what you do. If you received any of the above messages, do you think you would respond? If the answer is yes, now you are starting a one-to-one direct conversation with someone. You may not convert the new connection into a lead but when you get to know someone through a conversation, they will remember you and your business. This leads to genuine business relationships which leads to growth and sales. Bonus sixth connection request message example Here is a genuine message I received this week in my inbox: Hi Louise, I’ve been enjoying your posts and would love to connect and have you in my network. Regards, C Guess what? I replied and we had a conversation. If you would like help and support with your own LinkedIn strategy, get in touch to find out how I can work with you.
Angela Pitter from Boston is the owner of  Live Wire Collaborative. As a digital marketing strategist and advisor Angela works with small to mid sized businesses to help them unleash the power of social media. She aims to help them to connect, collaborate and convert their target communities on whichever social media platform is best for them.   Angela says when she is working with a client, she always think of think of it as a partnership. collaborating, rolling your sleeves up, and working together to get it done. And that's why she had to add the collaborative.   The company was founded in 2012.   After 20 years working in corporate tech, Angela got into digital marketing by default when she started to build brand awareness on Facebook as a member of her school board.   We talk about how Angela grew her business by hosting social media workshops,  is a member of her local Chamber of Commerce and how much we both believe in the power of networking.   We discuss how many people have a fear of using LinkedIn, but also, have so much content in their back pocket they could and should be sharing on LinkedIn.  E.g. white papers, presentations and blogs   Points include How to tell your story on LinkedIn and relate it to your business.  Using video on LinkedIn, New features released in 2020, especially LinkedIn Events – listen out for Angela’s great tip for finding events to attend with your ideal audience on LinkedIn  Why should you be using Company pages, not just for employees but also to drive attendance at your own LinkedIn Events.   Angela is a big fan of Clubhouse and we dive into how to get more out of that plus what is happening on Instagram and other social media platforms   Connect with Angela: Website Twitter LinkedIn   To get some help with your LinkedIn, reach out to connect with Louise on LinkedIn at   You can book your VIP Strategy Session here -
Be honest... When did you last even look at your LinkedIn profile? Do you still have skills on there from the job you did ten years ago? Have you updated your headline in the last year? How do you know what bits to update and what to leave alone? Are you leaving money on the table because your ideal client skims through your profile, decides you are not for them, and moves on to someone else? It is time to update your LinkedIn profile - from the headshot and headline, to the skills and experience section. I want you to go through the whole thing! Recently a client of mine said that she was embarrassed by her profile on LinkedIn - so it was actually holding her back from posting any content as she didn't want anyone to look at her profile! Don't be that person. If you don't know HOW to update your profile, I can help - if you want to do it yourself, check out my 'LinkedIn by Lunch' mini profile course right here Maybe you would rather someone else just took it off your hands. Allow me to give you the profile you deserve. Book your LinkedIn Profile Writing Service today
How do you know if you are ready to invest in a coach or consultant for LinkedIn? When you are struggling with what to say, how to use LinkedIn and need some accountability and support, maybe it is time to think about hiring a coach. Six benefits to hiring a coach or consultant to help you with your LinkedIn this month?  It is hard trying to figure stuff out on your own You save time by bringing in someone who already knows how to use the platform It is much easier having someone help you understand how to write posts that get engagement and start conversations You get to plan what you are going to post about on LinkedIn without having to sit down and stare at a blinking cursor You can have someone else’s eyes on what you have already done, who knows what little tweaks and change can make a difference to your content Working with someone who specialises in using LinkedIn means they know what is working now - from new features to algorithm changes and updates, without you having to worry!  If any of these sound appealing to you, reach out and let's have a chat about how I can help you with your LinkedIn. Whether you would like a one-off VIP day or ongoing mentoring and support, book a call to see how I can help here -
When someone is looking for a coach or consultant to help them with a particular issue, they tend to go with someone they trust.  In online business, you will hear people talk about ‘know, like and trust’ factor.  How do you become known?  And more importantly, how can you build up the trust that leads to someone investing in your products or services? In today's podcast, I talk about five steps to help you build your authority online.   1.  Specialise What is your area of expertise? When someone needs a tax accountant, they look for a specialist who focuses on taxes.   When someone is building a physiotherapy business, they will follow a coach who works only with physio businesses.   By choosing your niche – by job type, customer base, age group or location, you will attract your ideal clients more quickly. Choosing your niche allows you to focus on creating content for that niche.   How can you choose what to specialise in? Talk to your customers and listen to their main concerns. Choosing a niche can involve a lot of factors – is there a need for your service?  Will people pay for it? Are you interested in focusing on that area?   2.  Listen to your audience What do your network want to know about?  Consider the questions you get asked time and time again.    What can you help your audience with?  What are their main pain points? One way to become known as an expert online, is by creating regular content that answers the questions your audience have.   Create content that not only leads your ideal client to reach out to you, but consider how you can put out messaging that lets people know who is NOT the right fit to work with you.  For example: Your ideal client may be someone who is in the business start up phase – so your content should help them with the first stages of business.  Reading Suggestions: They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan Content Fortress by Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge   3. Create content to help your audience.  Start sharing content with your network that showcases your knowledge and expertise. Keep it simple – you want to be able to attract your ideal clients and customers so don’t overwhelm them.   4. Become known as a guest expert Consider creating content for other larger organisations.  Become known as a guest expert – choose the publications or shows you know your ideal client is already reading or engaging with.    Podcast Guesting Start with pitching hosts who take guests – try connecting with podcast hosts who serve your ideal client.    Online Summits Submit yourself as a speaker for an online summit.  Once you start to appear as a guest expert on summits and podcasts, other hosts will notice and start to reach out!    5.  Talk to your network Connecting with your audience online is not a one-way street. Rather than broadcasting out to your audience, try to engage with them.  For Example –  In your daily or weekly activity on LinkedIn, take time to comment on posts from others in your network. Try to leave constructive comments – think about how you would behave if you were responding to someone speaking in person. Even if you outsource the content creation for your own posts, we recommend you take the time to interact with others in your newsfeed.   Your LinkedIn Checklist Download your free ten page guide to daily and weekly activity for LinkedIn Click Here   If your audience are on LinkedIn, then you need to create some visibility on this platform that attracts your ideal client to you.  Creating consistent content on LinkedIn that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise will lead to customers and clients reaching out to you to find out more about your services. 
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