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Author: Rocco (Big Daddy Linux)

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Hello and welcome to the Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux, the community... which is made up of Developers, Distro maintainers, Linux Personality’s and Everyday users.
Each one plays a vital role in our community and the goal is to have a discussion with each individual about their journey into Linux and beyond.
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Join me now as we turn the spotlight on!
37 Episodes
In today’s episode, I get to sit down with my friend Matt from the Dark1 Linux, Tech, Gaming channel. Matt and I have been friends for a few years now and we have had many conversations like this one but in this one, I get to ask him all the burning questions like KDE or Gnome? Enjoy! Twitter ( YouTube ( Patreon ( SocialBlade (
In today's episode I get to sit down with Uri Herrera who is the creator of the Breeze Theme and the Breeze Icon theme along with many other notable icon themes and is also the project lead for NitruxOS. Enjoy! Twitter ( Website ( Github ( DeviantArt ( Dribble ( LinkedIn ( Nitrux ( NX Desktop ( Paypal ( Patreon (
In today's episode I get to sit down with Nick Stouff from The Linux Experiment. We talk about his Linux journey and trying to use Linux at work. We also talk about his fantastic Youtube channel and Linux in general. Such a great conversation. Enjoy! Twitter ( YouTube ( Patreon ( Website ( SocialBlade (
In today's episode of Linux Spotlight, I get the opportunity to sit down with Carl Richell who is the CEO & Founder of System76. Carl can be such a deep thinker and very focused on his job but also has such a great personality and a wonderful laugh that makes this conversation just plain awesome! Enjoy! You can find more info about Carl in the following links System76 ( Company Week ( Website ( Wikipedia ( GitHub Pop!_OS ( Opensource Article ( Phoronix Article ( Twitter ( LinkedIn ( Automator Podcast ( Forbes Article ( L4E EP18 ( FossBytes Article (
Welcome to another episode of Linux Spotlight. Today I sit down with my friend Wendy Hill who is an extremely talented photographer who just happens to do all of her professional work and her personal computing on Linux. Wendy has been a long time BDLL community member and she is featured on many podcasts like Destination Linux and DLNxtend. Enjoy Telegram ( MeWe (
Welcome to this episode of Linux Spotlight where I sit down BDLL community member Dave Muller (DreamingWolf) where he shows us his talent for Poetry and Radio along with his love for learning! We travel through his history in Computers, coding and finally into Linux. Enjoy! Twitter ( Telegram ( Instagram (
Welcome to this episode of Linux Spotlight where I sit down with Philip Müller of the Manjaro project to talk about his life and hobbies and how he got his start in computers at a very young age to how he got started in Linux. We follow his development career from the beginning to where he is today with the Manjaro project. Enjoy! Manjaro ( Manjaro Twitter ( Github ( interview ( Destination Linux Interview ( Paldo Installer ( Amnon82 Contributions (
Welcome to this episode of the Linux Spotlight where I sit down with a newfound friend in Brent Gervais who is a professional Photographer, Podcaster, Deep thinker and Linux advocate. Brent is just a super nice guy and it was so fun to sit down and talk one on one and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did. Twitter ( Website ( Linux Unplugged ( Instagram ( LinkedIn ( LFNW 2018 Gallery (
In this episode I get to sit down with Emma Marshall and talk about everything from her love of Pinball and Pink to her history into Linux when she started her career at System76. Emma is an amazing person who lives up to her Happiness Manager title! I hope you enjoy this great conversation. Twitter ( System76 ( Github ( Destination Linux Episode 137 ( Brunch with Brent ( Jay's unboxing of his Thelio ( Jay's unboxing of his Galago Pro (
Hello I am your host Rocco and today I sit down with Chris Fisher of Jupiter Broadcasting to talk about his history into Linux and the creation of shows like the "Linux Action Show" to a whole network of shows through Jupiter Broadcasting. We also talk about what's in store for the future. I loved this conversation and I hope you do as well. Twitter ( Jupiter Broadcasting ( Jupiter Broadcasting Wiki ( LinkedIn ( Chris Fisher YouTube ( Jupiter Broadcasting YouTube ( Linux Unplugged ( Reddit ( Facebook ( Linux Action Show Season 2 preview.. Kindle Oops ( For the Las time | The Linux Action 468 ( about that last show ( BSD Now ( Tech Snap ( User Error ( Linux Headlines ( Linux Action News ( Choose Linux ( Self Hosted ( Linux Unplugged ( The Extras ( Brunch with Brent (
Hello I am your host Rocco and our special guest today is my friend Ryan Lee Sipes In this episode I get to sit down with Ryan and talk about his history in Linux and how he got started on his computer journey and his love for music and technology all the way up to today where he is with working for Thunderbird. I hope you enjoy! GitHub ( Website ( Blog ( Resume ( Twitter ( Mastodon (
**Hello I am your host Rocco and our special guest today is Martin Wimpress In this conversation you will see how much of a professional Wimpy is who can not only deep dive into technical levels but also throw in humor to keep the conversation so enjoyable. It was my pleasure to have this discussion and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Wimpy’s World ( Website ( Ubuntu Wiki ( Ubuntu Blog ( Launchpad ( GitHub ( Github2 ( LinkedIn ( Ubuntu Podcast ( Linux Unplugged Guest ( Twitter ( Mastodon ( Instagram ( Facebook ( Telegram ( Youtube ( Twitch ( Steam ( Patreon (
*Hello I am your host Rocco and our special guest today is one of the nicest guys in Linux and I am proud to call my friend Rob Collins. * I have been waiting to do this episode since starting Linux Spotlight. In this episode I get to talk to Rob Collins from the Linux Quest Youtube Channel and also one of the original hosts of Destination Linux with me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You can find more info about Rob here Twitter ( YouTube (
Today I sit down with Blaine Packer, better known as IG or Infinitely Galactic from his Youtube channel. I have been watching his videos for quite a few years now and he brings a very unique perspective to looking at Distros and Linux in general. Enjoy! Twitter ( YouTube ( Blog ( SocialBlade (
Hi guys, In this episode I sit down with chzbacon, where we dive into his history in Linux and some of his other hobbies. In this discussion you will not only see a great guy but you can see and feel his passion for other people in the Linux community. Twitter - JB Linux Unplugged - JB Friday Streams - JB Extras - Brunch with Brent - Mastodon -
Today I sit down with Bernhard Landauer who is an Opera singer and he also happens to be one of the leads of the Manjaro Project as well. As you will see in this episode Bernhard is a very deep thinker and an all around great guy who loves interacting with the community. GitHub ( GitLab ( Website (⟨=en) Twitter ( WikiPedia (
Joe has been around the BDLL community since it started and is an all around stand up guy that is just easy to talk to and down to earth. This conversation highlights all of those qualities and more. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed talking with Joe! Facebook ( Twitter (
Michael Hall has worked for companies like Canonical, EndlessOS and currently works for the Linux Foundation on a project called EdgeXFoundry. He is an open source enthusiast and a wonderful community member that puts the community first! Michael is also currently working on the project! GitHub ( Website ( Arduino Snap ( Twitter ( Mastodon ( Ubuntu Wiki ( ( Patreon ( This episode would not have been possible without the great help I received from my friend Adam Grubbs. Thank you Adam!
In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I sit down with Jill and talk to her about her fascinating history in Linux along with her many collections and hobbies including her computer collection along with her Star Trek hobby! It was a wonderful conversation and I hope you enjoy it! LinuxChix ( LinuxGameCast ( Youtube ( Jill’s Youtube Channel ( Twitter ( Gitlab ( And here are the LWDW & LGC links to some of Jill’s interviews from SCaLE 17x GNU Health interview (Timestamp 33:13) ( Linux Journal (Timestamp 27:47) ( Inkscape (Timestamp 30:35) ( Nova King (Timestamp 36:54) (
This week I get to talk to my friend Michael Tunnell and finally get the answers to sought after questions like what hair gel he uses. No I really don't care about that but I do care about his history in Linux and how he come to love KDE Plasma. Enjoy! Website ( Youtube ( Twitter ( Mastodon ( Instagram ( Facebook ( This Week in Linux ( Destination Linux ( Destination Linux Network ( GitHub (
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