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Simon Cantwell FaceBook: Twitter: @sp_cantwell Instagram: @esspysee James McCann: The Sound of Nazis FaceBook: Imaan Hadchiti: Imaan After My Own Heart
Clara Cupcakes:  FaceBook: Twitter/Instagram: @claracupcakes Clem Bastow: Escape From L.A FaceBook: Twitter: @clembastow Instagram: @clambistro
Kevin Lim: Jokes To Bang To Twitter: @kevinshlim Tom McCLean: Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn FaceBook:  Twitter/Instagram: @mcccclean
Claire Sullivan: Space Cadet FaceBook: Twitter/Instagram: @Clairekoolkat Geraldine Hickey: Listen Out For The Castanets Harrison Engstrom FNC: Friday Night Comedy: FaceBook: Twitter/Instagram: @HarrisonTheFan
Rose Callaghan and Mates @operation_rosierosecallaghan.comA Hip Hikers Guide to the
Laura Davis: Ghost @lauradaviscomicAngus Brown: Angus and Demi are: Best Good @gusgusbrown
Jekyll x James: Cactus Blastus @jekyllxjamesDaisy Berry: Am I Normal? Daisy BerryTwitter: @dberrycomedyInstagram: @daisyberry68Corey White: The Cane Toad @MrCoreyWhite
Simon Cumming: Three Little Gigs @simonbcummingInstagram: @simonbrcTimothy Clark: Chimp @mrtimothyclarkTom Lang: @langaround
Double Dippers with Blake and Blake Freeman (Just add him as a mate)Discover Ben
Claire Luka MullerDouble DipcastTwitter: @LukaCMullerInstagram:
Sarah Bennetto @jonestowncomedy
Martin Twitter: @sancezvasquezInstagram: @dunlopmartin @AuntyDonnaBoysInstagram:
Elf LyonsTwitter: @elf_lyons CabsTwitter/Instagram: @danicabs
Helen Duff @MrSammyPInstagram: Warneke Dates the Entire Audience.    @thegregfleet           Heartbreaker
2 States of Lauren Bok and Bridget Bloustien - The Tinder Profile of Dorian"
Rik Carranza - @rcarranzaInstagram:
Jon BennettIT'S RABBIT NIGHT!!!    Twitter: @thejonbennettInstagram: @pretendingthingsareacock    www.jonbennettcomedy.comPenny Greenhalgh - POP @pennygreenhalghInstagram: @pennyagreenhalghAdelaide: Doherty    @TheAydenDohertyYouTube user 4ryc3Transvestite Space Pirate From the Future LadgroveCome Heckle Joshua Ladgrove whilst he talks at you for 52 minutes in exchange for some of your money. Professor Neal Portenza's Catchy Show Title Portenza: Apologies in Advance
Disney Snot bottom and The Curse of the stinky silly zombie    @shaneadamczakzackadams.orgyoutube/zackadamscomedySound and Fury: Hamlet & Is Not A Love
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