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How does Jeff Bezos keep getting richer? What’s up with Kanye’s sneaker empire? Is Kim Kardashian really a self-made woman? These are the types of topics we’ll unpack on Listed, a conversation show about the people, money and power on Forbes’ famous lists. Cohosts, listologists and Forbes editors Maggie McGrath and Abram Brown break down how these people influence and change the world by talking with the Forbes writers who know them best.

10 Episodes
At Forbes, we scrutinize the fortunes of fictional characters—like Jolly Old St. Nick—as carefully as the ones that belong to real life billionaires. On this special minisode (the last of 2019), Executive Editor Michael Noer, creator of the Fictional 15 list of the world’s richest fictional characters and one-time Santa scholar, stops by the studio to talk about the rich, powerful and totally made up. 
Forbes Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes has been coaxing stories and insights from the world's richest and most powerful since before Maggie and Abe were born. He also has his own Forbes podcast, "What's Ahead." In this special crossover minisode, Steve stops by to impart what he's learned.
George Lucas: A Real Force

George Lucas: A Real Force


With Star Wars Episode 9 about to premiere next month, Maggie’s Mom (aptly) suggested we look back at the career of billionaire movie man George Lucas. Forbes Entertainment Editor Rob LaFranco joins us in the studio to analyze the singular rise of the highest grossing auteur in the known universe.
We all know Guy Laliberté's blockbuster first act: Cirque du Soleil. Now he’s trying something pointedly different—a pyramid. Laliberté’s creativity is out of this world, and Forbes Entertainment Reporter Maddie Berg will tell us all about it.  
The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in 23 years. But owner Jerry Jones has never been richer, and "America’s Team" has become the world’s most valuable sports franchise. Forbes’ Mike Ozanian tells us how Jones does it.
Going West, a Kanye Story

Going West, a Kanye Story


Kanye West really is a business, man, thanks to his billion-dollar shoe empire. No one knows that better than Senior Editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who tells us all about Yeezus—and the wild weekend he spent with him.
The Celebrity 100

The Celebrity 100


From superheroes to superstars, we dive into our list of the world’s top-earning celebrities. We explore the rise and wealth of Taylor Swift, The Rock, Marshmello, Kylie Jenner and all your other favorites.
Let's Talk MacKenzie Bezos

Let's Talk MacKenzie Bezos


MacKenzie Bezos is an author, a billionaire, a former Amazon employee—and absolutely not talking. But that won’t stop us from exploring the mystery around MacKenzie with the Forbes reporter assigned to her story.
Who are the richest Americans and how did they make their fortunes? Veteran Forbes 400 Editor Luisa Kroll takes Maggie and Abe behind the scenes of this legendary list and the big personalities on it.
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Listed is coming soon


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