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Teacher Aimee and student Charlie continue their quest to find out how people are getting to used to the new normality during the pandemic. As students return to schools and teachers return to work, we speak to charity CEO Eva Hamilton from Key4Life about how ex-offenders are transitioning from lockup to lockdown. Retired teacher David also uses our website at listening to explain how he's trying to develop a love of stories to help his community try to cope.
After our summer break, we are back with some galatic explorations as we speak to Nasa about the recent Space-X trip, find out about Virgin’s plans for the world’s first horizontal space launch and speak to a space scientist Olivia Smedley.  Show Notes: In this episode, media teacher Aimee and UK student Charlie hear from space experts both in the UK and abroad. The future of space exploration holds no boundaries and may even find a way for satellities to help with the tracking of the current pandemic and Covid-19. Want to get involved? Visit us at  Links Mentioned: ·      @NASA  ·      @Cornwall_spaceport   ·      @Goonhillyearthstation  Follow Us: ·      Website- ·      Twitter- @listenarchive  ·      Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
In the second of our two-part technology specials. Aimee and Charlie speak to experts in robotics, artificial intelligence and where new technological developments will take us during coronavirus and beyond. Professor of robotics at UC Berkeley, Ken Goldberg gives us his insight into machine learning. Head of BBC digital and columnist for OneZero Simon Pitt explains how he has been surprised by tech companies such as Apple, Google and Twitter. Innovative engineer and Foursquare developer Max Sklar reveals how the location-sourcing software has been finding new avenues during the pandemic.
In this special episode focused on the future of technology, Aimee and Charlie speaking to leading American entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of technological developments in their industries. Emmy-nominated filmmaker, speaker and Webby founder Tiffany Shlain has received over 80 awards and distinctions for her films and work, and has been named by Newsweek as “one of the women shaping the 21st century.” She tells us why she advocates a break away from the screens once a week. Director of "Coachella, 20 Years in the desert" Chris Perkel tells us how he has been spending the pandemic in the mountains of Montana and experiencing his first documentary to be released as a Youtube original Webby person of the year Avi Schiffmann was given the accolade for being the brains behind the most famous coronavirus tracker. He tells us how he believes technology makes learning accessible for everyone For more go to:
In this episode, as we have hit midsummer and this time we would normally be schlepping through a festival field, Aimee and Charlie speak to some of the leaders in the world of the festival.  Our podcast is produced within sight of the famous Glastonbury Festival, UK and we are pleased to revel in the memories of some those crazy festival times, if only in a virtual manner.  John Kerrigan from the West Holts stage tells us how he makes a cracking voda trifle , Sarah Chayantz, artistic director of We Love Green and We Love Art music festivals reveals the secrets of them going digital and Jon Plane tells us how he managed to get Dave Grohl to dedicate a song to his late wife Laura in their amazing set in 2017.   If you want to contribute your story visit "  "">@northernechoes " "" Listening Archive; Twitter- @listenarchive Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project Visit "" to donate only £3 to support us !
This is the second part of our Black Lives Matter special reports. Aimee and Charlie speak to leading experts in diversity in the UK and America. Marcus Ryder, who worked for the BBC and for the Royal Television Society explains why the media need to be more inclusive in their approach. Mark Robinson explains how he turned away from gangs to become a solicitor and Human Resources expert Theresa Robinson in Texas wants businesses to take the conversations further than the tick box approach.
This week, in the first of a two- part special on diversity, Aimee and Charlie speak to the journalists and reporters who have been covering the Black Lives Matter protests across America. Show Notes: In this episode, freelance cinematographer Mike Shum explains what it feels like to be filming the iconic images that are appearing on the front page of “The New York Times”. His colleague Katie G Nelson relates how it is to be female reporter reporting in volatile situations. Science writer Drew Costley tells us the catastrophic effects of the use of tear gas in protests. We are also joined by protest phographer Kirk Tsonos from Los Angeles. This episode is brought to you in the support of the Black Lives Matter Foundation as we wanted to make our small contribution towards the movement. Links Mentioned: <ul>     <li>         <a href="">@drewcostley</a>         </li>         <li><a href=""></a></li>         <li><a href=""></a></li>         <li><a href=""></a></li>         <ul>             Listening Archive:             <li><a href=""></a></li>            <li><a href="">Twitter- @listenarchive </a></li>            <li><a href="">Instagram- @listeningarchive </a></li>             Want to donate to our project? Visit <a href=""></a> to donate only £3 to suppourt us!         </ul> </ul>
This week, join Aimee and Charlie as they talk to top performing athletes about the trials and tribulations of their sporting careers. We have chosen the quotation from Nelson Mandela as our episode title because we feel sport will be a way to drive us forward and as a student and teacher team we have seen at first-hand its transformative powers.  Show Notes: Paralympian Chloe Ball- Hopkins talks about how she feels being unable to train currently  and why she is setting up a media network to show greater representation of sports for people with disabilities. Worcester cricket player and charity founder Callum Lea explains why he created Sporting Minds UK to help provide support for young athletes. Former GB sprint medallist Richard Buck draws upon his experiences as a top-performing athlete and now actor, to provide an inspirational message about resilience. GB freediver and former horse stuntwoman Nicky Margieson Schellander tells us how recovering from cancer enables her to tackle dives of over 41 metres without any diving equipment If you want to contribute your story visit  Links Mentioned: ·      @chloe_ballhopzy ·      @sportingminds_ ·      @rickbee400 ·      @margiesonNicky ·      Follow Us: ·      Website- ·      Twitter- @listenarchive  ·      Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
This week, we focus on social media and the power it has to enforce change in our communities and in our businesses.  Show Notes: In this episode, NHS campaigner Dr Meenal Viz explains how social media is helping with her campaign for a judicial review following the lack of PPE in some hospitals. Comedian Alex Horne from Channel 4 tells us about how he has turned from a taskmaster on TV to a taskmaster online and author Giles Paley-Phillips argues that twitter has become a force for good during his current isolation. We also meet university graduate Joe Seddon who has set up a digital platform, Zero gravity,  to help put young people in touch with  mentors to advice on how to get into Oxbridge and other top universities.   If you want to contribute your story visit  Links Mentioned: ·      @meenalsworld  ·      @AlexHorne  ·      @elistender10 ·      @joinzg ·      Follow Us: ·      Website- ·      Twitter- @listenarchive  ·      Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
In a special episode for Mental Health Awareness week, we speak to global pioneers at being kind and making a difference in our communities. Dr Radha from BBC Radio 1 gives Charlie some advice about being a 2020 school leaver and advises Aimee to switch up her routine to make a difference to positivity. We also hear from one of the first people to take part in the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine trial in the UK.  Show Notes: In this episode, media teacher Aimee and Uk student Charlie hear from the advocates of mental health and caring for communities. Dr Radha explains how we all need to start being kind to ourselves as well as each other,  whilst writer Jack explains what its like to take part in vaccine trials during a global pandemic. Young entrepreneur Lewis explains how he used his own back-story to inspire the growth of his non-profit, Chit-Chat and Kylie from Australia explains how she has felt moved to help the homeless in her adopted country of Bali. Want to get involved? Visit us at  Links Mentioned: ·      @DrRadhaModgil  ·      @jack_sommers  ·      @ChitchatBritain ·      @crisiskitchenBali   ·      Follow Us: ·      Website- ·      Twitter- @listenarchive  ·      Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
Episode Show notes How do you keep in contact with social distancing? We catch up with visitors from across the world that are determined to help their communities keep together despite the global pandemic threats. Show Notes: In this episode, media teacher Aimee and Uk student Charlie hear the heartwarming stories of people who are doing the best for their communities. Meet doctor Keir, who explains how he deals with the stress of working in medicine currently, Jonathan, who has been writing a song a day since 2009 and history teacher Katey whose determined to create a snapshot of what is happening now. Links Mentioned: @Keirshiels  @songadaymann  @raulgaab  Follow Us:  Website-  Twitter- @listenarchive  Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
We catch up with visitors from across the world that are stuck in the midst of extreme situations due to coronavirus but remaining full of hope.  Show Notes: In this episode, media teacher Aimee and UK student Charlie hear the tremendous tales of people across the world who have been trapped by coronavirus.  How do you deal with the unexpectation that life is throwing at us?  Meet US principal of the year, Tabari Wallace who explains how he has made celebrations special for his 2020 school leavers and a plea from Lauren and Joe who are stuck on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. We also hear from Circus ringmaster and artist Doug, whose been camping at the last festival in the world for over 3 months.  Links Mentioned: @TabariWallace“Lauren Carrick” on Facebook or - sign the petition to bring them home! @dfranciscoart Follow Us: Website- @listenarchive Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
Media teacher Aimee and UK student Charlie open a treasure chest of stories to uncover how we are all coping with this new normality.   Show Notes: In this episode, Aimee and Charlie hear tales from TV journalist Eve who is grounded in Paris and normally used to interviewing celebrities. Felix and Bella discuss how they are finding solace in running to escape from isolation and native New Yorker Brian reveals how he believes there is fresh hope for America because of coronavirus.  Follow Us: ·      Website- ·      Twitter- @listenarchive  ·      Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
Media teacher Aimee and UK student Charlie coming to you with the latest visitors from all around the globe with their latest coronavirus snapshot. As we all experience these strange times.. we want to know how you are finding ways to cope with this new normality. Show Notes: In this episode, Aimee and Charlie bring a whole host of visitors to you who are opening up about how we are all finding this strange new life, that we have all be plunged into. Without the support of our normal routines, how are people around the world coping with the measures that are being put in place to fight the global pandemic? Meet filmmaker Nick who has created a beautiful film of his four-year-old daughter’s viewpoint of what is happening right now and Hannah who has been coordinating fitness routines for her whole street. We are also joined by Ryan from Micronesia, one of the only places in the world not to have coronavirus currently. Links Mentioned: · @Nick_tree_film · @wordsbyverds · · @millfieldschool Follow Us: · Website- · Twitter- @listenarchive · Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
Meet the time capsule

Meet the time capsule


Media teacher Aimee and UK student Charlie meet people from all around the world who are telling the listening archive their coronavirus journey. You may think we are isolated and alone but the listening archive are determined to show that we are all in this together. Bringing the everyday ordinary to the daily extraordinary for your listening pleasure through the stories submitted to Show Notes: Aimee and Charlie chat about the beautifully poignant stories that have been submitted to the listening archive this week. What does coronavirus look like for people across the world and how are we all managing to cope? Meet Terry, a teacher and football coach who has shaved his head to raise money for the NHS and frontline nurse Carlos who tells us what is really like to wear PPE. Be inspired by fifteen-year old guitarist Rhys who is showing some legendary riffs through the corona sessions. We also meet expat Nina who reveals what it is really like to be in total lockdown in an apartment in Santiago, Chile. We’d love to hear what’s keeping you grounded during these uncertain times : visit us at . Links Mentioned: · @rhysmillerguitar · · @millfieldschool Follow Us: · Website- · Twitter- @listenarchive · Instagram- @listeningarchive Want to donate to our project? Visit
Listening Archive brings the global community together on our weekly podcast. Join hosts Aimee Coelho and Charlie Kilner as they connect with individuals who’ve told us their real-life stories through our distinctive platform : It’s not all about the changes of covid-19 : listening archive aims to unify in this uncertain future.
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