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Hey! I'm Becca Campbell, Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I'm here to resolve your child's exhausting sleep habits so you can look forward to bedtime. Join me here each week as we change the future of your family's sleep story for good!
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What is Co-Regulation? How does this impact our child's development and future? If you're spending even 5 minutes searching through positive parenting accounts on social media, you're likely left feeling confused about co-regulation. Enter Drs. Jenna Elgin and Shanna Alverez of Helping Families Thrive! Today on the podcast these women talk with me about what co-regulation is and how you are likely already working on this with your family! We talk together for about an hour, and cover a lot of ground! Probably my favorite was the moment when Dr. Jenna pulled up her phone and literally read misleading social media posts to mythbust, ha! If you are looking for an evidence based course on positive parenting that won't guilt you or leave you feeling less than, Helping Families Thrive is exactly for you! Use code (HFTLITTLEZ to save 20% on their course!) Follow @ (helpingfamiliesthrive) on Instagram Follow @ (littlezsleep) on Instagram Find your child's sleep program to get the rest you all need
A big part of the (bedtime routine) around here at Little Z's is getting cleaned up! Bath, wash face or shower- it's always been a step that we simply imply...but haven't talked too much about. In this episode Lauren & Brooke of The Skin Sisters share insights on eczema, sunscreen and when to think about beginning a true skin care routine with your child. Mentions in this episode: (Micellar Wipes) (Bette Green Cleanser Stick) (The Skin Sisters on Instagram) Ready to find a bedtime routine that leads to a full night of sleep for everyone? Find your child's sleep program HERE!
In June 2021, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released new guidelines for products marked as "sleepers" on the baby product market. >> (See the full guidelines) Of course, this brought up a LOT of questions and I knew exactly who to ask them to! Holly Choi of Safe Beginnings is back on the podcast to share what these new regulations will mean, and answer your questions on "what now?!" >> (Follow Holly on Instagram) >> (Follow Becca on Instagram) >>Find your family's Sleep Program
Over the last 6 years we've enjoyed so much travel with the girls, and I *think* we've finally landed in a place where it's a pure JOY to be traveling with them! Find All Travel Blogs + Podcast Episodes: (How To Travel Internationally With Baby) (Travel Checklist For Your Child) (How We Kept Our Kids Sleeping 12 Hours On Vacation) (How To Handle Sleep On Vacation) (Surviving The Travel Day) Ready to make sleep a thing so you can enjoy traveling?! (>>Find your Sleep E-Coaching™ Program!) Follow Becca on (Instagram) Follow Chad on (Instagram)
No one ever said that if your child has a sleep schedule you have to STAY on the sleep schedule 100% of the time! Getting out, making memories and staying up late is so much fun. With the Fourth of July coming this weekend, we're sharing strategies to help you enjoy the night with specifics for newborn all the way to preschool age. PRODUCT MENTIONS: (Bassinet Stroller) (Stroller Fan) (Earmuffs for Kids) (Dohm Sound Machine) ^Amazon Affilate links RESOURCES MENTIONED: (Post by Safe Beginnings on Firework Safety) (Sleep E-Coaching™ Programs) to help make sleep a thing! MORE LITTLE Z'S (FOLLOW BECCA ON INSTAGRAM) (SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL)
If you're feeling anything like me, your children LOVE screens but you're realizing how much of a monster they turn into after just one show. I reached out to Andrea Davis of Better Screen Time to have her on the podcast....mostly just to give ME a pep talk and plan! This episode is for families with children of all ages. Andrea tells us it's never too early to start thinking about how your kids will use screens in the home, and I'm 100% with her on NO screens in the bedroom! CHECK OUT ANDREA'S BOOK: (Creating a Tech Healthy Family) (Visit Better Screen Time's Website) (Get a list of 100 Screen-Free Ideas!) Follow Andrea on Instagram (@betterscreentime) _________ Teach your preschooler to sleep independently in their rooms all night without depending on iPad, TV or your presence to fall asleep all night long! Check out Becca's (Preschool Sleep E-Coaching™ Program) to help make sleep a thing in your home!
Remember how I taught you how to move bedtime later for the summer? (READ THIS BLOG) Well, we decided to go ahead and try it out for our girls. It didn't work out the way we hoped! In this episode I'm sharing a few of the lessons I learned and how YOU can decide if moving bedtime later would be a good fit for your child...or not! Come on over to The Little Z's Sleep Society! We're always here to help you *keep* sleep a thing! (Try LZSS out for $1/1week!) Follow Becca on Instagram! Share a sleep win on our Google Reviews! Check out our YouTube channel! (Find your Sleep Training Course!)
Summer is coming, and all the memories of pool days, beach vacations and more! But before we get there, let's check in with Holly Choi of Safe Beginnings to review: Swim gear: lifejackets, puddle jumpers, floats, etc Swim lessons: when to begin Pool fence: regular builder or specific pool fence Holly ( (@safebeginnings)) is a nationally-certified first aid instructor focused on the infant and toddler years, and an active child injury prevention advocate. As a mom of two young children (ages 2 + 4), Holly lives with the same challenges all parents face keeping their children safe on a daily basis. Using Instagram, Holly provides practical tips and advice to help parents and caregivers prevent injury for the little ones in their lives through informative posts, stories, live broadcasts and online courses. (Visit Safe Beginnings Website for more!) Let's also *ENJOY* the summer without the sleep deprivation! Use my free (4 Steps To Solve Nightwakings) Guide to get started! Follow (Becca on Instagram) (Find your Sleep Program)
I'm not here to pick a fight with the anti-sleep training world. I'm just here to finally stand up for what I do. In this episode I'm stating my opinion about the anti-sleep consulting world / anti-sleep training world. I even took to Instagram to get YOUR questions about sleep training and how to handle parent shamers who come swinging. I commit that everyone we do here at Little Z's will be helpful and get you access to sleep. WARNING: this is a little longer of an episode and it's my totally raw opinions. (Follow Becca on Instagram) (Check out Little Z's Sleep Programs )for ages 0-5 years old (Leave a review) for the podcast! Looking for research on crying and sleep training? The following articles are here to support our process, and explain how sleep training is the most beneficial skill you can teach your baby: (Helping Babies Learn to Cope with Stress & Sleep Well) (AAP 5 Year Follow Up of Benefits & Harm to Sleep Training) (Sleep Linked to Better Cognitive Development) Looking for our podcast episode with Helping Families Thrive all about Attachment Parenting vs. Sure Attachment? (Listen here)
It's all about the nursing newborn mamas today! We're welcoming my friend Morgan Jackson (IBCLC) of (Prepared Beginnings Lactation) onto the podcast! Actually, this was a saved IGTV that Morgan and I hosted on my Instagram! We talked all about her experience breastfeeding her first son, and now her SECOND son! We all know kid #1 is not the same as #2...3...4...! Morgan shares the real and raw of what's going on right now with her son, PLUS we are answering your newborn breastfeeding questions! Did you know Morgan's entire Breastfeeding Basics Class is WITHIN my Newborn Sleep Course?! (Buy the course now!) --Plus, check out my (FREE Newborn routines guide here!) Follow (Morgan on Instagram) Follow (Becca on Instagram)
Dr. Erin Docampo (OTD, OTR/L) specializes in children that have sensory processing difficulties, disabilities and various developmental delays. She joins me on the podcast this week to talk about how these facts impact sleep and gives SO MANY strategies to help these families maximize their child's sleep each night. Your child CAN sleep, and Dr. Erin is here to help! 💛 Tap the link in bio to download the podcast! Want Dr. Erin Docampo to speak at your group? Reach out! Email (Weighted Blanket Calculator) Follow Becca on (Instagram) (Find your sleep program here!!)
Every other week inside The Sleep Society I pop on LIVE to answer questions about sleep! From newborn to preschool we cover it all, and this week I'm sharing just 3 questions from our last session together inside LZSS. Want to get access to Becca’s video library of FAQs, roadmaps for sleep and join a community of moms who also value sleep just like you? (Try out the Sleep Society for $1/1week!)
Are you getting ready to introduce solids to your baby? When it comes to the world of solids and baby food, the options (and opinions) can seem overwhelming!!! But we're here to help you! Edwena Kennedy of MyLittleEater is sharing her Texture Timeline. This tool helps you confidently understand what textures and types of foods to offer your baby according to their age and abilities. Ready for more?? Edwena's (Baby Led Feeding Course) will help you walk step-by-step through the Texture Timeline AND share recipes, tips and strategies to introduce food to your baby. Use code (LITTLEZSLEEP) to save 15% off this course! Listen to Edwena's last podcast episode: (Overcoming The Fear of Gagging & Choking) Follow (MyLittleEater on Instagram) Follow (LittleZSleep on Instagram )
We talk a lot about getting your child to sleep and how to help them. But what about Y-O-U...MOM!!!!!! In today's podcast I'm talking with Alison Boden, Registered Dietician Nutritionist of Nourishing Radiance to discuss insomnia in postpartum mothers. We talk through strategies to help you sleep better, and discuss how even a bedtime routine for YOU could be the link to calmer rest. (FOLLOW ALISON ON INSTAGRAM) (LEARN MORE ABOUT ALISON'S PROGRAM: RADIANT MAMA) (FOLLOW BECCA ON INSTAGRAM) (GET NEWBORN SLEEP HELP!)
We're aiming for 11-12 hours all night long for your child (1 night feed if you have a 4-5 month old!). "But like...Becca...that's 60 minutes difference. What do I do with that?!" I get it!!! In this episode I'm sharing a lesson from inside The Sleep Society where I talk about how to adjust your child's schedule when they are sleeping 11 hours at night. (TRY THE SLEEP SOCIETY FOR $1/1 WEEK!)
We're introducing a new series on the Little Z's Sleep Podcast! Once a quarter I'm inviting Drs. Jenna Elgin & Shanna Alverez of Helping Families Thrive to come share parenting trends they notice on social media. Today we're discussing how the parenting pendulum has changed in the last 30 years, what an effective timeout looks like and all about their new course- Parenting Essentials. Save 20% off Parenting Essentials with (code HFTLITTLEZ) Listen to the previous episode with HFT: (What Is Secure Attachment?) Follow (Helping Families Thrive on Instagram ) Follow (Becca on Instagram)
If you have a kiddo ages 2.5-3.5 years+ this is for you! Sometime around this age your child may be ready to drop the nap. In this episode I'm walking you through how to manage this transition, the #1 mistake I often see when changing schedules and how to handle the "what ifs..." like daycare or falling asleep in the car! Need some ideas for quiet time? These are some of our favorites! (Try the Sleep Society for $1/1 week) for even MORE videos and lessons on how to handle your child's sleep as they grow and change!
Does your potty trained child wake between 4-6AM needing to go potty?! IYKYK! I can handle how to help the early morning pee needs, but what if they gotta poop that early! How do we help their bodies adjust a poop schedule?! I have no idea! So I asked Allison Jandu, The Potty Training Consultant to come help share how to get your little one with this issue.  Allison is a wife, mom to two, four time author, creator of potty training courses and most recently the developer of a potty training certification program! Along with her team, she helps families all over the world make a successful and stress free transition from diaper to potty.  FOLLOW ALLISON ON INSTAGRAM (JOIN HER COURSES) LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A POTTY TRAINING CONSULTANT Other resources mentioned: Guest Blog: Potty Training While In A Crib Previous Podcast: Nighttime Potty Training Q&A
It was 10pm one night and Lauren was holding her screaming baby. She was so tired she couldn't remember the last time her baby ate, had a poop or took a nap. In desperation she sent her husband to Target. Surely if there is a button that brings food to your house (thanks Door Dash!), there MUST be a device (that isn't a phone!) to track baby's day to day activity. He came home empty handed, and that's when Lauren and her husband started building their own one-touch logger...Talli Baby was born! () In this episode Lauren Longo, creator of Talli Baby, shares why it was important to build a device that doesn't depend on having your phone nearby, how it brings peace of mind to families and why using a tracker like Talli is helpful to families with multiple caretakers. (>>SHOP TALLI BABY) (>> FREE SCHEDULE GENERATOR) (Follow Talli Baby on Instagram) (Follow Becca on Instagram)
There is ONE key theme to teaching your toddler through preschooler who to sleep independently: confidence! In this podcast interview, I'm flipping the script! Dr. Maylin of Raising Good Kids hosted an Instagram Live asking me questions about toddler sleep. In this interview we answer the questions: 2:33- Introduction to Little Z's 6:50- Thoughts on door locking 10:41- Kid wakes up and comes into parent room 22:58- How is confidence related to sleep? 25:44- What age can kids put themselves to sleep without help? 28:28- When to move to a toddler bed 31:22- Thoughts on melatonin 37:22- Nightmares and night terror thoughts  39:59- Roomsharing for siblings 43:39- Ideal wake times and early rising 47:50- Solo parenting a toddler 50:51- Can a child read for hours at night? 52:50- Wrap up! >> (GET THE TODDLER SLEEP E-COACHING PROGRAM) >> (GET THE PRESCHOOL SLEEP E-COACHING PROGRAM) Follow Dr. Maylin of @raisinggoodkids on Instagram Follow (Becca on Instagram)
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