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Author: Dylan Kraayenbrink

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Have you hit a brick wall in your creative life? Writers get blocked, photographers get shuttered, podcasters get muted (mentally, that is). Whatever your creative pursuit is, sometimes you get to the point where moving forward or creating your next big thing seems impossible.

On the Live Life Creative Podcast, join me, Dylan, in conversations with both well-known creators and local creatives just like yourself as we talk about their journey in creativity, some of their biggest challenges, and how they overcame those challenges. You’ll come out the other side inspired and equipped to break through your personal brick wall and ready to create your best work.
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I photographed the first 5k to Fight Human Trafficking held at my alma mater Cornerstone University. It was organized by a friend I met there, Katie McNabb (who was also a guest on the show), and a couple of her friends.This was an event to raise funds for their former youth pastor who’s now a missionary in Thailand with an organization that works to free people, mostly young girls, from being trafficked and sold, so I was glad to be a part of it.This is another event where I’ve been trying to learn to take photo and video at the same time, still struggling with getting proper exposure. Another new thing that I tried for this was shooting with two bodies during the race.These were both good experiences, but I want to help you bypass the hard parts with what I learned from this experience. Take a listen and level up!Link to the show notes: the show on Instagram! for free on whatever podcast platform you're listening on, and share the show with a friend!Thanks for listening this week,Dylan
Today, I'm breaking down how to photograph an event with three major, and very different, lighting conditions:Indoors, outdoor sunny, and outdoor shade.I definitely made a bunch of mistakes with this event and learned a lot, so I want to help you skip the making mistakes part and go right to the learning part!First though, I need your opinion on something. I started this podcast very broad, covering the whole of creativity as a focus for the show.I realized that’s way too much and I don’t know enough to make that podcast, and so I decided to focus on just photography and that’s where we’ve been at for the past couple episodes.Since It’s just focused on photography now, does the show need a new name?I love “Live Life Creative” as a name and it’s great to put on a hat or a tshirt, but does it fit this podcast anymore?Let me know what you think, send me a message on IG @livelifecreativepodcast or tweet me @dkphotoxyz.Here's the link to the show notes: for listening again this week,Dylan
LLC021Thoughts about the photographic direction of the podcast? Do I need a new name for the show? Let me know! Send me a DM on Instagram @livelifecreativepodcastThis time around we're talking about photographing a Yelp Grand Rapids event at the New Holland Knickerbocker, another great brewery in Grand Rapids:How do deal with a beautiful natural light scene that fades at sunset, leaving you with less-than-ideal indoor lighting?How should you treat guests at the event, and what can you do to get them to relax around the camera?What should you do when a great photo unfolds in front of you?Plus, I give a short review of the Nikon D750 (only five years too late) and compare it to the Nikon D7000, my first camera.And at the end, I talk about the free, open-source photo editor darktable (the lack of capitalization is their choice, not mine), and whether you want to learn more about using a great free alternative to Lightroom.Thanks for listening to Live Life Creative!DylanFind the show notes at
LLC020This week in adventures with Dylan, we learn some good stuff about shooting in shade white balance and dialing it back in editing, the sweet, sweet goodness of shooting at sunset in a room with giant windows, and maneuvering around terrible backgrounds.I'm glad to see you've stuck around with the photography stuff, and you'll learn more about improving your own photo game with this episode as well.Let me know your thoughts on Instagram, DM me @livelifecreativepodcastShow notes at http://livelifecreativepodcast.xyzSupport the show on Patreon for any amount:,Dylan
LLC019Welcome to the second episode of the photo-centric direction of the podcast, hope you're liking it so far.If you've got an opinion on the evolution, let me know:You can send me a DM on Instagram @livelifecreativepodcast or an email through the website, http://livelifecreativepodcast.xyzThis episode I'm talking what I learned by photographing an event at the Green Well, a tasty restaurant here in Grand Rapids, MI.Mostly it was a lesson in combining flash with the limited ambient light, plus a bit about snagging photos of event attendees who are nervous around a photographer.Enjoy,Dylan
LLC018I've enjoyed creating this podcast up to this point, but I underestimated the time commitment it would require and take away from my other projects in the works.I've spent time retooling the idea of the show and what topic I want to pursue, and I've decided to veer towards photography.I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me. To set up future episodes, I wanted to touch on what's in my camera bag to give you context for my experiences and better enable you to apply those lessons to your own photography.Find the list in the show notes at http://livelifecreativepodcast.xyzSharing the podcast with a friend is the number one way to help grow the podcast. Tell them to listen and help them get set up with a podcast app if they don't already listen to podcasts.You can follow along on Instagram, @livelifecreativepodcastThanks,Dylan
The End of the Show? Maybe

The End of the Show? Maybe


LLC017This is the point in the podcast where I question whether it's useful to you or not. Should it be killed off?Also head's up, it sounds WAY different than it usually does.
LLC016 with Cameron WhitmanThis is the second of a two part conversation I had with Cameron Whitman, so if you'd like to hear the first part, go back two episodes and you'll find it there.One building block for success that Cameron emphasizes is finding ways to build multiple streams of income with your creative skill.We're jumping straight into the story of how Cameron and his wife started their food blog Our Salty Kitchen (hint: blogging isn't easy), how his stock photography lands him client jobs, and how he can turn client jobs into stock photos, again, building multiple streams of income.We also talk about times where he's gone down in the dumps with his creativity, and his advice for you on getting out of that kind of dark place.And in honor of his podcast Cameras or Whatever, we also do picks of the week!---Support the podcast on Patreon!'s links:Website: credit for episode artwork: Margaret Show links:Show notes:
LLC015This is an episode that maybe I should have created closer to the beginning of the podcast, to really lay out the core values of what the show is about, so that anybody new to Live Life Creative would understand what it means and how it’s going to help them.But I think I needed a little bit of time to figure out exactly what it is for myself first. I dived into creating this podcast head first, and I didn’t have all the answers then. For that matter, I still haven’t figured out all the answers, I just have a little clearer idea of what some of them are now.I know my ideas aren’t going to get better without help from you and other people listening. So, if you hear something you think is nuts or way off base, the show needs your feedback to refine these core values.Send me a DM on Instagram, @livelifecreativepodcast, or the contact form on the website, a Co-Creator on Patreon: WEB: Instagram: the show notes for this episode at can help the podcast by leaving a rating and review on the podcast app you're using right now, it's much appreciated! And it really does make a difference.You can also bookmark and click the Amazon affiliate link on: Each time you make any purchase through the link, a small percentage of your purchase comes back to the show, at no cost to you.
LLC014 with photographer Cameron WhitmanCameron Whitman is a photographer specializing in food, stock, and event photography. If you’ve ever dismissed stock photography as being hokey and dumb, well, you’re mostly right.But Cameron has a unique and artistic perspective on what stock photography can be. You’ll learn a lot on how something you may think is extremely dull has so much creative potential. So learn not to pre-judge and instead find beauty in everything.Talking with Cameron really shifted my own perspective on looking at the world and the potential of stock photography. An idea he’s talked about in the Cameras or Whatever podcast is that there needs to be stock photography of everything. That includes the joys and tears of life, and that needs to be captured so carefully and beautifully, a big challenge creatively if you’re looking for oneIf you’re into photography, I’d highly recommend the Cameras or Whatever podcast, it’s one of my favorites.Follow me and the podcast on Instagram @livelifecreativepodcastOr search "Live Life Creative Podcast" on Facebook as well.Cameron's links:Website: cameronwhitman.comInstagram: @kammerun and @camalog (film shots only)Twitter: @camrockerAs a note, Cameron's opinions are his own, and do not reflect the feelings or perspectives of Stocksy United.Remember to rate and review the podcast on whatever podcast app you're using!And tell a creative friend that they need to listen to it as well. Get them set up with a podcast app because not everyone knows what a podcast is or how to get them.
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