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Author: Dylan Kraayenbrink

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Have you hit a brick wall in your creative life? Writers get blocked, photographers get shuttered, podcasters get muted (mentally, that is). Whatever your creative pursuit is, sometimes you get to the point where moving forward or creating your next big thing seems impossible.

On the Live Life Creative Podcast, join me, Dylan, in conversations with both well-known creators and local creatives just like yourself as we talk about their journey in creativity, some of their biggest challenges, and how they overcame those challenges. You’ll come out the other side inspired and equipped to break through your personal brick wall and ready to create your best work.
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All You Have is Your Name with Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography
LLC009Devin: “I shot a wedding once where the bride hated her hair so bad that she literally had scissors in her hand, was about to cut her hair before her ceremony, and I had to in there and talk this girl off a ledge because I want them to know it’s not nearly as bad as you think it is.” I’m talking to Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography from Charlotte, North Carolina, he and his wife have an awesome wedding photography business. I found him through another interview on the Photography Together podcast, I started listening to Devin’s Anchored Business podcast, and following his just really amazing images on Instagram, I love what he does.Devin really delivers the goods on this interview, we talk about how you can rise above the competition by being unique, the most important principle you NEED to have in your business, and this super crazy bug problem shows up right in the middle of the interview, it’s insane to listen to.We talked for so long that I split our interview into two parts, so part 1 is right now and part 2 will release in the next interview episode, episode 11.Before we jump into that, you can connect with me personally on Instagram, follow @livelifecreativepodcast, or find Live Life Creative Podcast on Facebook as well.I also wanted to share some good news with you, we just hit 600 total downloads from all the episodes! Thanks for listening along and sharing it with your friends.Find the show notes for this episode at the podcast by becoming a Co-Creator on Patreon! Help reach the goal of $20 donated per month and put the podcast on a less-restricted episode hosting plan:
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LLC000Welcome to Live Life Creative, the podcast to help you break down your creative barriers and be inspired to create your best work yet – and love it!If you’re tired of being stuck in a creative rut, but you can’t seem to break out on your own, I know that feeling: frustrated, angry, maybe even a little nervous (or worse) because your income relies on your creativity.I’m Dylan Kraayenbrink, host of Live Life Creative, and I want to help you break through those barriers holding you back, because the world needs to hear, read, or watch what you have to say.I’ve been stuck in my own work many times. Sometimes I can work out of it on my own, but far more times I’ve needed the help of friends and mentors to get back to creating awesome stuff. (For me, that’s audio and photography.)That’s why I created this podcast for you. We’ll have conversations together and with other creatives on what’s held them back from creating great work before and what they did to break out of a creative sinkhole.So, don’t just stay stuck and end up hating the passion you once loved and abandoning it.Subscribe and listen to each episode, put in to practice what you hear, and get back to creating awesome videos, podcasts, blog posts – whatever you do! – and LOVE it again.Because we all should Live Life Creative.Subscribe in your favorite podcast app or listen online at

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