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Author: Dr. Millicent Stone

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Have you ever wondered how to live a longer, healthier life? I am Millie, a doctor, author and co-founder of iOWNA (a mobile health app). My purpose in life is to help people answer this question and enable them to live longer, healthier lives. This is at the centre of everything that I do.
Aside from the provision of excellent medicine, embracing the best scientific discoveries and adopting a healthy lifestyle, I put art, nature and healing into the mix for achieving health and wellness. Join me as I delve into the different ways to achieve this, by speaking to a range of people from all walks of life, to explore their perspectives, and share their tips on how to live a longer, healthier life. From artists to gardeners, they all have something interesting to add to the conversation!
In my first series, The Art of Healthy Longevity, I share the wisdom of artists and people who love art.
17 Episodes
Join me as I speak to Charlotte Froud; an inspirational young artist, as we discuss art and how it impacts our wellbeing and enables us to enjoy a longer healthier life.  "Art gets you to observe the beauty of the little things in life" Charlotte Froud
Join me in conversation with Wendy Rolt; a Cornish based artist, as we explore the sense of self and identity and the impact on our wellbeing. Her work has some powerful medical themes featuring images of the human form, particularly women and our vulnerability as we undergo medical examinations. "Having purpose enables us to live a longer healthier life." Wendy Rolt
Join me in conversation with Christopher Wilkinson, OBE, an eminent and award winning architect and artist who has designed many notable buildings, but Maggie’s Centre, Oxford, for cancer sufferers is his most proud achievement. He challenges us to think how the spaces we live in can impact our health and wellbeing. He tells us how buildings of the future need to be responsive and finally shares with us his vision for the spaces we occupy to be safe, yet interesting. Light is a key feature in his work and he believes art and science are linked and this linkage is a key to the longevity of our planet.  
Join me in conversation with Emma Rose, a Bath based artist, whose colourful imagery is dramatic, uplifting and warms the heart. She paints in response to her environment and has used art as a healing tool to leave behind physical and emotional trauma.  "The Bridgerton painting was inspired by the impactful Netflix series, set in Bath, which touched the nation's spirit during lockdown, helping light and colour shine through the darkness." Emma Rose
Join me in conversation with Sarah May, a British designer of Trinidadian heritage, who brings the colour, movement and vibrancy of the Caribbean to her designs. She believes everyone has a gift and the power to align their gifts with the principles of sustainability, contribution and compassion, translating purpose into reality. In her case, she creates beautiful and everlasting pieces of bespoke jewellery.  "Gold, silver and gemstones are all natural and have some healing properties." Sarah May
Stephanie Weager is a Gloucestershire based life coach, artisan and author. She has helped thousands of people find their way in life with her deep intuition. She is passionate about using natural fragrances and essential oils to heal the energy around us. Her passion for flowers started as a young girl when she experimented with fragrance from daffodils to bluebells. This curiosity  with flowers lead to her stunning candle designs, Fragrances by Stephanie. She believes in filling oneself with art and colour and the power of a lit candle to bring wellness and healing to the home and heart. "Natural is good; use more natural products to prolong the life of our universe." Stephanie Weager
Join me as I speak to Mr Donald Sammut, a talented artist and hand surgeon and a caring and empathic doctor. Donald uses art in his day to day work to improve patient outcomes as he gives people function back in their hands. In his work in Nepal with leprosy sufferers where some of his patients live hand to mouth, regaining hand function is vital to their survival.   Donald teaches his students to see not just look and to listen not just hear their patients. These are key skills to enable our patients to obtain improved outcomes and live longer healthier lives. Join me as I support his Working Hands' charity to bring life back to hands of those less fortunate than many of us.   "Art teaches us to see, not just look at the world around us." Donald Sammut
Join me in conversation with Dan White, a Pulitzer prizewinning photojournalist, who has captured the essence of many people from the jazz musicians of Kansas City to Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, from behind his lens. Dan thinks the biggest thing we can all learn from a photographer is how to look a little more deeply as we wander through our lives. He tells us to look where the light is to see the beauty around us.  "The big lesson from photography is looking at the little things closely to see the bigger picture of life." Dan White
Join me in conversation with Lisa Butcher, a former TV presenter and top model who has turned to art to heal herself after bereavement and now helps others as a well-being expert with her iLAb therapy. Lisa believes healing takes many forms, from a simple walk in nature to medical intervention for serious illness, and as part of a holistic healing journey we, must listen to our bodies and be grateful for what we have each day. ‘Healing comes in many forms’ - Lisa Butcher
Join me in conversation with Professor David Isenberg, an eminent and world leading Rheumatologist and The Versus Arthritis Professor of Medicine at University College London who explains how combining medicine, science and art can improve deadly diseases such as Lupus. He eloquently outlines a case for improving longevity by asking deep questions and seeking answers through ground-breaking research as he has done over a 30-year career at UCL. We also hear how David keeps himself sane as a doctor through music. He translates this personal experience to a message for anyone dealing with illness on how to maintain wellbeing. He tells us how art, especially music is necessary and accessible for both the patient and clinician to live a longer, healthier life. ‘Asking questions helps us move forward’ - Professor David Isenberg
Does being a writer reduce longevity? Is writing an occupational hazard in the modern day that can lead to mental illness itself or indeed premature death? Join me as I learn about the psychology of longevity of artists including authors from a world famous Psychologist, Academic, Author and Broadcaster, Professor Adrian Furnham.   "It's difficult not to be controversial when asked your opinion on certain issues" Adrian Furnham
Join me in conversation with food writer & author of 'Chemo Cookery Club' Penny Ericson. Penny writes from the heart and embraces art and science with her recipes, focusing on creating healthy and tasty meals, especially for those suffering with cancer. "Food is the key to healthy longevity." Penny Ericson
Join me in conversation with my friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Tim Spector, who is a world renowned Rheumatologist, academic and author.   Tim has extensively studied twins, the microbiome and food science and published academic papers and books in these areas. He has co-founded JoinZoe, a digital app that will enable us to personalise food selections to beat disease and live longer, healthier lives.   Tim was recognised for his public service during the pandemic in the Queen's Honours List. He has published a number of books including The Diet Myth and more recently Spoon-Fed that will dispel the myths around food science and fundamentally change our philosophy towards food, health and longevity.   "You can change your destiny with your food choices" Tim Spector
Join me in conversation with fellow entrepreneur & classmate Suraj Thakrar, who runs a sustainable food distribution business called Turnells. His mission is to bring healthy food to all at affordable prices. In our stimulating discussion we touch on purpose, family values, sustainability and how to make changes to your life. "I would like people to think of the impact of what they are eating" Suraj Thakrar
Join me in conversation with art therapist, poet and artist Sundar Kanta Walker. Imagine a world with personalised medicine and nutrition, where people heal themselves through science and good food. In this podcast I learn how creative writing gives us food for thought and change by bringing together innovation, health and art to make our world a better place.  “Meditation can put us in touch with our inner selves and enable us to live better” Sundar Kanta Walker
Join me in conversation with Prof Fergus Shanahan, a leading Irish researcher in gut health and the microbiome, curious and passionate to find answers to questions that really matter to patients and author of 'The Language of Illness', a book recently published, that all clinicians and anybody affected by an illness should read!   ‘A healthy microbiome is the key to living a longer healthier life’ Prof Fergus Shanahan
Join me in conversation with Penny Horne to discuss the garden of her dreams; a beautiful and artistically constructed safe haven to heal after life throws a curve ball. From relationship problems to family crises, a visit to her oasis in Somerset is a truly restorative experience cherished by many and showcased recently in Landscape magazine. Her garden is a lesson in transforming suffering into beauty and the perfect place to visit for anyone struggling to find themselves or simply wishing to optimise their mental well-being. “I didn’t have a breakdown, I had a breakthrough because of art.” Penny Horne.
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