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Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast
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Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

Author: Allen Pearcy, Mark Raymond, Ten10 Productions

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Join long-time friends Mark and Allen as they travel back to Pawnee Indiana to visit Leslie Knope and the gang, breaking down each episode of the hit show Parks and Recreation. Each week they feature a different episode and special guest Ron Swanson frequently helps out.
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This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that reminds us all just how awkward being setup can actually be! For starters, while Leslie is interested in Justin, an old attorney friend of Ann's, Ann is clearly saving him for herself and sets up Leslie with a she kind of knows. A really awkward dinner date leads to an even more awkward MRI. Meanwhile, Mark is having a bad day as he suspects Ann's motivation vis a vis Justin AND has to endure 'Marley and Me' to make matters even worse. Finally, and most importantly to Ron, Tom helps Ron search for an taxpayer funded assistant to help save Ron from the taxpayers themselves! We meet lots of unmemorable candidates before meeting "The Worst" of them all - the one and only Jean-Ralphio Saperstein!
When we last left our heroes, the brave Mark and Allen (and almost-as-brave intern Constantine) had valiantly broken down Christmas Scandal, the very first Park & Recs Christmas episode.  Five storylines, people!  Five!!!  They walked through the episode scene by scene, discussed the highs and lows, the funny points, the heart moments, and everything in between.  In the second half, they will discuss the episode overall, including Firsts, Tropes, Deleted Scenes, and finally, the all-important and ever-popular scoring segment!  Here at LFP Worldwide Headquarters, we know how much you like your "Sexy Dexy".  Therefore, after the Live From Pawnee "main course", we will provide the perfect "after dinner coffee" with the conclusion of our exclusive Kevin Symons interview!  So to all of our loyal podcast viewers ... get comfortable, tune your podcast dials accordingly, and keep up - this will be a fun ride.  (P.S.  We know you're not viewers.)Check out Kevin Symons here:\_2g
Get out your calculators and count along with us as Mark and Allen breakdown this jam-packed episode that has no less than 5 story lines! In fact this episode has so much going on that we decided to break it into 2-parts this week. We've got Christmas Follies, sex scandals, gift exchanges, liver-ladies, life-altering relationship decisions and did we mention sex scandals? We're talking about, of course, S02E12 "Christmas Scandal"! Tune in to hear what happens when Leslie is falsly accused of an affair with Councilman "Sexy Dexy" Dexhart and the gang does their best to cover Leslie's insane schedule and preparations for the "Winter Wonderland" community event as she takes some time off to clear her name. Meanwhile, Andy has been thinking of April's gay boyfriend all day and Mark and Tom debate the merits of blood diamonds as a Christmas gift for Ann.Check out Kevin Symons here:\_2g
Paid spokes-shill, Ron Swanson, has a special message for you this week from LFP Worldwide HQ! Listen in as he spills the tea on our special, 2-part rewatch of Parks and Recreation's Season 2 Christmas Scandal! Be sure to tune in that podcast dial when the fellas are back from their break and listen to the special interview with Sexy Dexy himself!
As the name would suggest, this week Mark and Allen welcome our newest "viewers" and do a quick review of the first 15 episodes of Parks & Rec we covered on the podcast. The episodes and their scores will be listed, grouped, tiered, summarized, triangulated, and other nonsense mathematical terms until the abacus breaks from stress!  Will any episodes get re-scored?  Who knows?  Anything could happen.  Before he left, Constantine left us these questions to tackle:  "Why are these two still on the air?"  "How do I change the station?"  "Where are my onions?"  "Are they really viewers?"  (EDIT:  Ha ha, Constantine.  Please report to HR when you get back.)  Many thanks to our fantastic sponsor, Apple.
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode where Tom and Wendy officially call it splits ... it turns out even for fake marriages, love hurts!  Finding out Tom and Wendy got divorced, Leslie does everything she can to make Tom feel better, not knowing that it was a green-card marriage. Leslie and gang plan a fun night out for Tom, but it's possible no one knows how Tom really feels about the divorce...  During all the divorce shenanigans, Andy continues his efforts to pursue Ann, including trying to insult and belittle Mark. Finally, Andy challenges Mark to a game of pool with the hopes of hustling him... which don't turn out as he expects.  The stakes continue to rise... the pot grows bigger and bigger... What will happen?  Who will win?  No one knows!  As always, we tackle the tough, gritty questions others shows run screaming from, like ... What is going on with the mysterious 4th floor?  Is it a horrorscape, the Twilight Zone, or a gateway to Narnia?  What would Leslie's stripper name be?  Is it disturbing that Jerry wants Tom's body? (Yes. Yes it is.)  Can you legally win a person from a game of pool?  What is "the perfect spooning size"?  Do dinosaur-themed restaurants ever get old?  (This one depends on who you ask.)  Loyal podcast viewers, so much goodness has been crammed into this episode, we almost made a table of contents just to keep up.  (Yes, we know you're not viewers.)  So come on out with us, and bring your appetite!  We hear that Seabiscuit is waiting for you.  Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Jurassic Fork and The Glitter Factory.
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that shows us how to be one of the boys... sometimes even better than one of the boys!  Leslie convinces Ron to let the women (and Tom, LOL) come on an anuual hunting trip with the guys. Ron is not happy about this change of plan, but Leslie is determined to prove she can hang with the guys.  Things don't exactly go as planned... there may or may not be some gun mishaps... and comedy ensues.  Meanwhile, with everyone else on the hunting trip, April is ordered to do boring phone work, and Andy is just wandering around... so they end up hanging out and engaging in a series of fun activities.  As always, we tackle the hard questions no other show will confront, such as ... What is the difference between the male and female turkey call?  Is it true they both sound like rap music?  What's the most important rule of chewing tobacco?  How do you restrain a furious Ron?  What's more beneficial - shooting over someone's head, or shooting under it?  What is "Spit-Take Theater"?  Folks, there's so much educational goodness here, you might as well get college credit.  So join us.  It'll be fun.  But for God's sake... if you value your life... do NOT shoot at Donna's car.  A tip of our hunter's hat to our amazing sponsors, the Pawnee Fishing Bureau and Slippery Elm State Park.
This week, Mark and Allen share the love while sharing the answers you've been looking for - Galentine's Day style!  As always, the mail is really piling up, and one can consume only so many candy hearts and boxes of chocolates before taking action.  So once again, assisted by unpaid intern Constantine, they go through your questions and pick the cream of the crop to talk about.  Sweet relationships?  Funny relationships?  Dysfunctional relationships?  Folks, we've got it all here.  Get ready for good vibes as they attempt to answer relationship-based questions sent in by YOU, our smart and talented viewers!  (YES ... we know you're not viewers.)   So kick back, turn your podcast dials accordingly, and embrace it.  You know you want to.
Join us for a special, heart-felt message from Mr. Romance - Ron Swanson himself! Listen as Ron shares his thoughts on the BIG LIE created by the Greeting Card industry and quickly changes the topic to something far more comfortable for him to discuss. Learn about the origins of the now-famous Galentine's Day and bask in the beautifully radiant mid-February weather as we wait out the Spring thaw together!
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that shows us how great team building can be... and how awful some noises can be.  After a mural in City Hall is defaced, the Pawnee departments compete to design a new replacement. Leslie and gang face adversity in the process, both from without (Sewage Department) and from within (disagreement in the ranks).  Meanwhile, business is booming for Andy's shoe-shine stand, and Ron shows support by getting his shoes shined.  In the process, Andy and Ron share... an uncomfortable moment... and are unsure how to deal with it.  As always, we tackle hard questions that would break lesser men, such as...  Which is better, a lizard puking up Skittles, or a human-sized hamster wheel?  What does a death row convict's art therapy look like?  Who would sit at the head of your table: Greg Kinnear, a NASCAR, or Ron Swanson?  Whose idea is the best?  Who will win?  Join us and see.  And for God's sake... If you ever get your shoes shined, keep your eyes open, look straight ahead, and keep QUIET.  Many thanks to our awesome sponsors, the Pawnee School of the Arts University (a.k.a. PSAU) and Dr. Harry's Podiatry. 
This week, Mark and Allen break down the classic Episode that introduces us to Ron's ex-wife Tammy... actually his SECOND ex-wife Tammy (also known as "Tammy Two").  The gang learns that Ron's ex-wife Tammy, deputy director at Library Services, is gunning for Leslie's vacant lot to build a library, and she'll stop at nothing to get it - including manipulating Ron with sexual exploits too graphic to discuss.  Meanwhile, Leslie gets Andy a job in Pioneer Hall as a shoe-shine man, giving him ample opportunity to try and win Ann back.  As always, we tackle the tough questions others are afraid of, like...  Is it better to be Eleanor Roosevelt or Cleopatra?  Why does Tom suggest people take the high road?  What is "the Ron Shuffle"?  There's no telling what could happen here, folks... tune in and find out!  Whatever you do, do NOT go to the library... those people aren't to be trusted.  Don't make us say "I told you so".  A tip of the hat to our wonderful sponsors, the Motel Glen Capri and the Pawnee Library.
This week, Mark and Allen talk through facts, opinions, questions, answers, and a few audio clips as they look into why Michael Schur is so... freaking... awesome.  We peel back the layers of the onion as we talk about his early days at Harvard, his time spent at SNL, shows he has connections to, such as The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place, why he is so liked by those that work with him, and more!  We can speculate what the future holds for him, but one thing we know for certain... Michael Schur has had an undeniable impact on the world of sit-coms.
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that introduces us to not only Leslie's nemesis, the criminal mastermind Greg Pikitis (Cody Klop), but ALSO the great FBI legend Burt Macklin!  Leslie tries to stop a high school punk who vandalizes the park every Halloween, and seems to be willing to go to extremes to get the job done... but will he get the last laugh?  Meanwhile, Ann hosts a Halloween party that threatens to be a snoozefest... unless someone can save the day.  We tackle the tough questions no one will touch, such as...  How do you dress up as a straight man?  How does one define the adjective "turdish"?  How does Ron eat Almond Joys?  Folks, this is almost too much goodness to cram into one show.  But beware... the Pikitis calling card may be on your doorstep next!  Thanks to our tremendous sponsors:  Mighty Wipes and the Pawnee Mystery Closet.
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode finally addressing the pesky pit that's been with us from the beginning.  Leslie and the gang volunteer to help the organization KaBOOM! build a playground for Eagleton (don't judge) in just one day!  Frustrated at the lack of progress with the pit, Leslie takes advice from Mark to cut through the red tape.  In the process she injures Andy, opening Pawnee up to a possible lawsuit.  As usual, the tough questions are addressed, such as...  What does a man-pillow look like?  Do pigs purr?  How many doing caps does Tom own? And, where are Andy's clothes....again?  Look for special guest appearances by Bob Belcher... er... I mean Archer... er... I mean attorney Scott Braddock (played by H. Jon Benjamin) and Keef 'Kaboom' Slertner (played by Paul Scheer).  Don't bother looking for April or Donna ... they are still vacationing with Jhonny.  Many thanks to our amazing sponsors:  Bucket of Cake and the City of Pawnee.
In this week's podcast, Mark and Allen help you relive when Leslie and the gang welcome their counter parts from Pawnee's sister city to the south. Meet Raul, Elvis, and Antonio; but, ignore intern Jhonny - he's useless. Watch Tom swallow his pride in exchange for cash tips and see if April will marry lowly Intern Jhonny and run away to his small Estate in Venezuela. Tune in an hear how much more impressive Raul's title is than Leslie's and see if she will give Chavez a shout out in order to get enough money to finally fill in the Pit! You can expect all of this and more on this week's show - Viva LFP! 
Join us for a special, motivating and heartfelt message from the man, the myth, the legend...Ron Freakin' Swanson himself! Recorded live in our studio (using a responsible social distance), this is a Live from Pawnee exclusive! It's exactly what the doctor ordered and will help you put out the dumpster fire that was 2020 and focus your positive vibes into a great 2021!From all of us at Live from Pawnee and the LFP Worldwide Headquarters, we wish all of you, our viewers, a very Happy and Safe New Year!Enjoy!
This week, Mark and Allen serve up the snacks and the answers you've been looking for in yet another Mailbag Day Special Episode. The mail has been really piling up at LFP Worldwide Headquarters, so they have tried extra hard to unearth some gems.  Assisted by unpaid intern Constantine, they peruse through the questions that are keeping you up at night. Or at least those you are curious about. Relationships? Improvisation? Tropes? D-Bag ranking?  It's got all this and more. Be sure to turn your podcast dials accordingly and listen!
Join us for a special Holiday (of your choice) message from the man, the myth, the legend...Ron Freakin' Swanson himself! Recorded live in our studio during yet another special (court ordered community service) visit, this is a Live from Pawnee exclusive!From all of us at Live from Pawnee and the LFP Worldwide Headquarters, we wish all of you, our viewers, a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!Enjoy!
This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that introduces Councilman Bill Dexhart, Channel Four Eyewitness Newsperson Perd Hapley, anger peeing, sham marriages, and the legendary Duke Silver!  Leslie is nervous about her first date with Officer Dave Sanderson (like, REALLY nervous), so best friend Ann tries to help her prepare by immersing her "in a tank of bad date"... but Leslie gets a bit TOO confident (and drunk), and... well, we don't want to spoil it.  Also, the gang at City Hall plays a game to see who can dig up the juiciest dirt on the others - Ron has two ex-wives (and a mother) named Tammy, Tom has Taliban robes, Jerry finds out he is adopted ... and these aren't even the dirtiest secrets!  So put your moral high ground aside and join in - Jerry Springer has nothing on this episode!  Hats off to our fantastic sponsors, Travel Agency "Dank and Damp" (specializing in caves) and Cozy's Bar in Eagleton.
This week Mark and Allen give the rundown on the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant and watch along as April competes against the likes of Trishes and Susans for the....Gift Certificates!?! Ann finally takes out the trash...well, she does that all the time...but, this time she discovers Andy living (and working) in the Pit! Officer Dave is back feeling confident and looking to take Leslie out for a cup of Coffee and hits the wall - Leslie's wall that is - when he shows his ignorance. Will April win the Beauty Pageant and defer the cost of a fence? Will Dave bone up on Powerful Women in Politics in time to regain Leslie's respect? Will Ann take Andy back in? JOIN US as we find out together this week as we cover the series' ninth episode! Thanks to our wonderful sponsors: The Pawnee Museum of History (and Medical Oddities) and JJ's Diner!
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