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Episode: 2022.8.19The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to endure difficult moments. Maybe you are struggling to stay motivated and want to give up. Perhaps you are feeling lost and are anxious about the future. By embracing hard challenges, you will learn to face obstacles head-on and grow as a person.Our first caller, Jaymie, wonders how she can stay determined to maintain a proper diet and exercise routine to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. She notices that she does not see any physical changes. Nancy discusses how switching up exercises can benefit your mind and body. Listen in to learn helpful tips on how to improve your workout habits. Our inspirational guest, Jann Simmons, had a difficult life. She shares her story about she overcame her struggles as an orphan. Simmons was emotionally and physically abused which affected her upbringing. Her mother resorted to alcohol when her father died. As Jann grew up, she became a wife and mother. She eventually went to therapy and despite painful flashbacks she found her purpose. Tune in to hear how Jann was able to conquer these life changing difficulties and has written a memoir and speaks regularly to neglected youth. Maybe you are someone who is constantly experiencing tough transitions in life. You feel like you are battling continuous hardships that are coming from every direction. However, with positivity and focus, you can live full out.
Episode: 2022.8.18The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to break through barriers by not giving up. Maybe you’ve recently hit a bump on the road and you are at the point where you just want to quit trying. Perhaps you are tired of feeling defeated by focusing too much of what others might think of you. By harnessing onto perseverance, you will be able to face and achieve any obstacle that comes your way.Our first caller, Danny, is currently facing a loss of hair and wonders how he can regain his confidence. Nancy motivates him to keep on being resourceful and strive on for a positive mindset despite his hair loss. She also inspires him to let his other attributes shine and to look beyond this loss by being affirmative to himself. Tune in to hear how maintaining a confident attitude can benefit you to feeling unique. Our inspirational guest, Dan Henk, grew up feeling judged and rejected. A guidance counselor who once told him he was going to be a no one in life, actually motivated him to follow his dreams and passions. Despite the discouragement Dan had faced, he realized he had a love for art. Throughout the small jobs and paid gigs, Dan encountered two unfortunate events that occurred one after the other. Being diagnosed with brain cancer to losing his wife of six years took a toll on him, but the losses fielded his fire. Listen in to hear how Dan was able to conquer these life changing barriers and onto making it as a success. Maybe you are someone who is seeking for that right job or just not having the best of luck in relationships. Perhaps you have felt like your battling a constant war of everything just going wrong around you. When nothing seems to go right it might feel like you’re losing, but you’re actually becoming stronger. Placing one foot in front of the other and showing action will assist you to breaking those fences and live full out.
Episode: 2022.8.17The Living Full Out show encourages you to learn how to continually spread love. Some of us may have grown up in an affectionate household, while others have not experienced acts of service or grace. Life is a journey that continues to teach people lessons. When your able to be open to changes, you can grow in your ability to connect others. Our first caller, Krystal, wonders how she can balance her workload without burning herself out with finals coming up. She finds it difficult to get everything that she needs to get done without cutting out her free time. Nancy encourages her to consider what is the most important aspect. Tune in to hear how to efficiently manage time by putting yourself first and how it can impact those around you. Our inspirational guest, Ellie Peterson, knows how it feels to be broken by life's challenges. When she was in her early twenties, she was divorced and raising three children on her own while working multiple jobs. On top of all that stress, she was diagnosed with cancer. At this low point, she entered into her own recovery. Listen to hear how Ellie gained a new perspective on life. Perhaps you are feeling discouraged and want to give up. It is hard to continue learning to love in difficult moments. However, with an optimistic outlook anyone can live full out.
The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to walk through life with purpose. Perhaps you have tried out a variety of different careers after graduating high school. Maybe you have an overwhelming passion for your creative hobbies, but are unsure about how to apply this to your personal journey. We can use the broad experience we gain throughout life—both our highest highs and lowest lows—to carve our own unique path. Our first caller, Debbie, wants to know how to move on after ending a toxic relationship. Nancy encourages her to visualize her past partner in a negative light so that she will no longer idealize them in her mind. Next, Nancy advises Debbie to look toward her future and start determining what she wants to look for in a new love. Tune in to hear how you can realign yourself after dating a deceitful partner. Our inspirational guest, Shelly Rainey, discusses her struggles with enduring multiple miscarriages. When she lost her first pregnancy at the age of 27, Shelly was urged to get a hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids but she resolutely refused. Following a second miscarraige, Shelly was finally able to give birth to the light of her life, Hannah. After more loss, Shelly would reflect on her feelings of grief to understand her way forward. Listen to learn about how Shelly used both her difficult and joyful experiences to determine her purpose in life. Our final caller, Lizbeth, wants advice on how to actually follow through with her goals instead of dropping them. Nancy tells Lizbeth to take her larger goals and begin implementing them in smaller pieces, find an accountability partner, and visualize where she will be when she accomplishes her aims. Tune in to hear how you can fulfill the promises you make to yourself. Perhaps you have just been rejected from your dream college. Maybe you have felt lost in forming deeper connections in your personal relationships. Whatever setbacks we may encounter, we can use these important and, sometimes painful, moments to help guide our journey ahead. When we decide to walk with purpose and dedicate time to developing our life’s roll, we have already taken the first crucial steps in living full out. Call us 800-333-0001
Episode: 2022.8.15The Living Full Out Show encourages you to love yourself. Maybe you are struggling with your mental health and suffering with anxiety and depression. Perhaps you are overwhelmed at work and keep putting the needs of others before your own. By learning how to unconditionally appreciate what you have to offer, you will grow as a person.Our first caller, Brendan, wonders how he can maintain his independence while living with his family. Nancy encourages Brendan to create a consistent schedule that keeps him on track. She guides him to set boundaries for those around him when he is working. Tune in to hear how you can become available without distractions when having a job remotely. Our inspirational guest, Deborah Hawkins, worked hard to overcome her depression. After her sister’s death, her parents neglected Deborah, causing her to seek validation from others. As she grew up, she eventually found her love for writing. Deborah pushed herself to continue, although she had a discouraging professor in college. She faced many struggles in life but did not go down a dark path. Listen to hear how Deborah went from feeling unwanted to loving herself. Our second caller, Anna, is having trouble staying motivated to exercise more often. Although she does work out, Anna has a hard time keeping up with a routine. She wants to know how she can prioritize fitness. Nancy advises her to take small steps such as going on a walk or run once a week and building a schedule from there. Nancy explains how Anna can maintain her energy. Tune in to gain tips on how to stay consistent with self care. Perhaps you found yourself in a situation where you are second-guessing your choices. Maybe you are shy and are worried about making new friends because you’re worried they will judge you. Being fond of who you are starts by building self-confidence. Learning how to enjoy your own company will assist you maximize opportunities and live full out.
Episode: 2021.7.3The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to find closure and gain confidence. Maybe a previous ex hurt you, and the unresolved negative feelings surrounding that breakup have kept you from fully moving on. Perhaps your work environment isn’t healthy, but you don’t know how to express those stressful experiences to your boss or coworkers. By facing the past and finding forgiveness for yourself and others, you will be able to lift the weight of difficult emotions from your shoulders and live full out.Our first caller, Susan, is struggling to maintain her personal connections while navigating political division. She wants to protect her relationships, but notices her acquaintances cutting people out of their lives if they choose not to get vaccinated. Nancy reminds her that the beliefs and feelings of those in her life are outside of her control. Listen in to hear how you can focus on what’s within your orbit and love the ones you’re with abundantly. Our inspirational guest, Jennifer Alemany, felt the push to keep pursuing her happiness after the loss of a parent and two significant others. At 33, Jennifer lost her mother only 30 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, Jennifer ended a 15 year relationship with her romantic partner, which pushed her to spend some time in the country. There, Jennifer met her soul mate, who passed away from cancer only 10 months into their connection. The grief she felt was so deep, she was dragged into an identity crisis. Tune in to hear how Jennifer found closure by forging new bonds and discovering a more fulfilling career path.Our second caller, Jodie, wants to learn how to let go of a toxic friendship. She was close with this person for a long time, but now her experience is that she is no longer being heard. Nancy tells Jodie to find the best method to deliver her feelings to this person, and take time to think about all the words that she needs to say. Listen in to hear how you can confront your current emotions and take your power back.Perhaps you want to live a life that you can be proud of, but you are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Maybe a connection with a family member seems damaged beyond repair, but you’re uncertain of the next step forward. By finding the courage to confront past wounds that hold you back, you can seize control of your future happiness as you live full out.
Episode: 2022.8.14The Living Full Out Show encourages you to make the best out of the life you are given. Perhaps you realize new changes are coming in your education or career and you’re figuring out what will be your next move. Maybe you’ve experienced a tragic event that made you think that there is so much more to life that meets the eye. By encountering these innovations, you will be able to see the bigger picture in time. Our first caller, Madison, wants to know how she can stay motivated in her last few months of high school and stay calm when thinking about college comes to mind. Nancy advises her that life is about action, being on the move makes you take steps forward. She encourages Madison that even though she might make a mistake she is strong enough to press through it and trust herself to make a decision. Listen in to hear how you can change feelings of uncertainty into confidence. Our inspirational guest, Megan O’Donnell, shares about her life changes after she had encountered an unfortunate and shockful situation. After the tragic shooting in Vegas, Megan became a survivor which changed the entire course of her life. As her priorities transformed into something greater, she realized she got a second chance of life. Megan’s idea of success was about money and living in the corporate world, but now her achievement consists of her family, friends, and her business. Tune in to hear how Megan was able to take her life by the reins again. Our second caller, Adda, a mother who just became an empty nester, wonders how she is able to regain her self care routine. Nancy reminds her that this is her moment to shine. She advises her that she can go for a run or take photographs like how she used to before she had a family. Nancy explains that it is good to take the time to explore sources on how to find new friends who share the same life experiences she is going through now. Tune in with Nancy for tips on how discovering new ways to network can change your understanding in any situation you may be going through. Perhaps you've been given a second chance of life. Maybe you are going through a transition with your family that probably brings a few modifications to get used to. Making the best of your life can create challenges along the way, but it can also influence new possibilities and opportunities that you will be able to grasp onto. By learning how to renovate your life, you will be able to start a new chapter and live full out.
Episode: 2022.8.13The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be free spirited by being open to new opportunities. Maybe you’ve already adapted to your routine and only allow yourself to go along with chances that seem familiar to you. Perhaps you were given a shot that you regret not taking, whether it be a job position, or taking a fun break to go abroad. By learning to grasp onto different possibilities you will be able to take risks and create new adventures in your life. Our first caller, Mithila, wonders how she can establish a good support system. Nancy encourages her to take a look at a few question books that can prepare her to keep an open conversation with people. She says it will assist her to consider other ways on how to answer questions and create healthy relationships. Tune in to hear what methods can benefit when making a new group of friends. Our inspirational guest, Carrie Smith, grew up in a religious household, with a family that placed her with boundaries and limitations. Still unable to be her true self through her first and second marriage. Carrie felt discouraged and hopeless, but with the advice of a friend, she stood up on her own two feet and decided to be her authentic self. She stepped into the light and embraced every opportunity she was given. Listen in to discover how Carrie placed a stop to her negative past and choice to create a life full of purpose. Our second caller, Patrice, wants to dedicate herself to a fitness lifestyle. She asks Nancy what she recommends to change in order for her to achieve that goal. Nancy advises her to take action by wearing tight outfits which will aid her to feel more motivated to work out. Tune in with Nancy for tips on how to create a drive and a passion to exercise. Maybe along the way you’ve run into people who have placed limits in your life. Perhaps you became tired of those barriers, and desire to expand your wings to see what else is out there. Moving forward and finding the right opportunities will benefit you to take risks and live full out.
Episode: 2022.8.12The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to persevere in life when the going gets tough. Perhaps you struggle to find a balance when times become challenging. Maybe you were let go from your job and now you’re on the search for a new career, but in the meantime you’re finding it difficult to maintain your family. No matter the situation, try shifting your plans and see how it will benefit you to endure through any trouble you may be experiencing.Our first caller, Amy, asks Nancy what she recommends on how to handle grief with the anniversary of her mother and sister’s passing approaching. She feels sad and emotional when the thought of being unable to share moments with her two loved ones has ended. Nancy shares with her how it’s good to cry, for it aids to release all the negative energy she’s holding within. Listen in to learn how pivoting life through sad circumstances assists you to cope with grief. Our inspirational guest, Danielle Spaar faced many shifts and turns throughout her life. As she was growing up, she felt withdrawn, as if she was less important for her family. Because of this, she was terrified to let anyone in and see her insecurities, but eventually she married her husband and had two kids. Throughout this time she was determined to create a career on what she loved doing, a hair salon. Eventually, keeping up with a business and a family was difficult so the transition involved her selling the business. Danielle had also survived breast cancer, which brought numerous challenges. Tune in to hear how Danielle exceeds all her goals and overwhelming moments throughout her journey. Our second caller, Sabrina, tells Nancy that she is struggling to save and wonders what are a few ways to financially conserve so her family can buy a home. She is married and has a nine month old baby and is finding it challenging to discover the right resources to guide her. Nancy advises her to seek a professional who understands her family and goals. Listen in as Nancy gives tips on how to create your own personal research on making a few financial pivots along the way.Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to let go and taking a few risks, but making minor curves in life may lead you to the positive side in whatever obstacle you may be facing. By having a plan or support from others, you can discover many ways on how to pivot in life and live full out.
2022.8.11The Living Full Out Show encourages you to do what it takes. Maybe you have lots of ideas and you’re struggling to bring them to fruition. Perhaps you set a goal for yourself, but you’ve not been able to follow through. By putting in the hard work, you can strengthen your mindset and reach your dreams.Our first caller, Maryann, is struggling to stay motivated with dieting. Nancy advises her to find an anchor to keep her going. She tells her to visualize what being healthy would look and feel like. Tune in to hear how you can stay inspired to achieve your fitness goals.Our inspirational guest, Sterling Shrout, grew up in poverty and found himself in the wrong crowd as a teenager. He started selling marijuana which eventually led to a drug trafficking conviction at the age of 19. After overdosing on heroine, Sterling realized he didn’t want to die and that was the first moment he felt like he had a solid direction in life. From there, he went all in reading every audiobook and podcast he could get his hands on. Today, he owns five different properties that he renovated himself. Tune in to hear more about how Sterling put in the work to turn his life around.Perhaps you found yourself in a place where you’ve become complacent. Maybe you are unhappy with your situation but are unsure how to change it. Building a life you love starts with determination. By doing what it takes, you can improve your resilience and live full out.
2022.8.10The Living Full Out Show encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you recently broke up with your partner and you are overwhelmed about entering the dating scene again. Perhaps you set a goal for yourself to get in shape, but you feel uncomfortable working out at your local gym. By learning how to challenge yourself, you will begin to see every difficult situation as an opportunity for growth. Our first caller, Natalia, wonders how she can stay motivated to go to the gym every morning. Nancy encourages Natalia to identify her purpose and remember the benefits of working out. She says to have those you are surrounded by, keep you accountable of staying in shape. Tune in to hear how to strive to better yourself. Our inspirational guest, Alexia Bartholomew, was neglected and mistreated by male family members as a young girl. After being sexually abused, Alexia felt lost and did not know what the future had in store for her. As she grew up, she eventually found her voice. Alexia pushed herself to try something new by joining the military. However, once her time in the army ended, she was confused where she belonged. Listen to hear how to Alexia went from feeling unwanted to loving herself. Our second caller, Adrienne, has a goal of managing her time better. She wants to know how she can priorities all her responsibilities. Nancy advises her to consider having boundaries. She explains how Adrienne can organize her day. Tune in to gain tips on how to maintain a steady pace. Perhaps you found yourself in a situation where you feel out of your element. Maybe you are naturally introverted, and you want to expand your friend group. Stepping out of your comfort zone starts by building self-confidence. By learning how to take advantage of new situations, you can maximize opportunities and live full out.
2022.8.9The Living Full Out Show encourages you to rebuild your life. Maybe you recently broke up with your partner and lost everything you created together. Perhaps you were let go from a job after spending years establishing your career and you’re trying to pick up the pieces. By learning how to turn the page, you can transform your life into one you love.Our first caller, Camille, wants to know how to start a business without fearing defeat. Nancy advises her not to give her past failures power. She encourages Camille to become her own coach and instead think about the benefits she could bring future customers. Listen in to hear how you can overcome your fear and let your wildest dreams come true.Our inspirational guest, Danielle Jeune, felt abandoned as a child after dealing with her parent’s divorce. After her father remarried, her stepmother began abusing her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Danielle found hope when she met her high school sweetheart, but eventually realized she needed to divorce him. Though it was painful, she chose to rebuild her life by looking to her spirituality. Tune in to hear how Danielle was able to heal by learning to love her inner child.Perhaps you are second-guessing the direction of your life. Maybe your passion is dwindling for your business, and you want to go down a different path. Rebuilding your life starts with confidence and trusting your intuition. By learning how to view challenging situations as opportunities, you can start over with grace and live full out.
2022.8.7The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to maintain hope. Maybe you feel stuck at a standstill in your career, and fear failure to move up the ladder. Perhaps your past relationships were unsuccessful or you have yet to find someone you truly connect with, and worry if you will ever find the right partner. By having a glass half-full mentality, you can be motivated to press forward and look on the bright side during your journey.Our first caller, Sky, wonders how to avoid boredom or monotony while having a full time job working in housing at her university. Nancy encourages Sky to remember her purpose and the positive impact she has on new college students. She says to wake up each day grateful to grow and learn from the lessons her position teaches her. Tune in to hear how to stay self-fulfilled with a busy and hectic schedule.Our inspirational guest, Shannon Buckmaster, was neglected and mistreated by her family as a young girl, except for her grandfather who she saw once a month. Shannon’s mother eventually kicked her out of the house and she was taken in by a friend. Shannon’s upbringing led her to believe that she was unwanted and undeserving of love, later ending up in an abusive marriage. After being held accountable by her therapist and other positive influences, Shanon realized she had the power to change her circumstances. Listen in to discover how Shannon took a leap of faith to break the cycles of dysfunction and pain in her life.Our second caller, Tal, has a goal to become a Radio City Rockette. She wants to know how to balance the desire to achieve her dream while also slowing down and living in the moment. Nancy advises her to enjoy the now and appreciate the free time she has. She explains that honoring and nurturing her inner child can reduce stress. Tune in with Nancy for tips on staying present and mindful while pursuing your ambitions.Perhaps you are currently earning a degree, and the difficulty of managing the workload is causing you to doubt your abilities. Maybe you are going through a tough time in your life and struggle to see your situation improving. By remaining optimistic and believing in yourself, you can truly live full out.
2022.8.6The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be open with others. Perhaps you struggle to communicate your emotions. Maybe you are afraid that you won't be accepted by the people around you. Expressing yourself is a healthy way to improve your connections and live full out.Our first caller, Anna , asks Nancy how to juggle an internship, a job and summer courses at once. She feels sleep deprived and overcommitted. Nancy shares her advice on how to improve your mindset to take on the day as well as tips on how to get a restful night's sleep. Listen in to learn how you can conquer your days no matter how scary your to-do list may look.Our inspirational guest, Amy Gravino, was diagnosed with aspergers, a form of autism. Because of this, the outside world saw her as different, attracting bullies starting as early as second grade. After feeling as if she had to justify her existence her entire life, Amy eventually went to college and found people who understood her. Although her struggles seemed to be lessening, she soon was faced with heartbreak and betrayal. Tune in to hear how Amy takes on the stigma behind sexuality and autism by being open with others.Our final caller, Christine, tells Nancy that she has returned to work full time and is overwhelmed with responsibilities to others. She feels as though there is no time to nurture herself. She enjoys her roles as career woman and mother, however she wants to also do the things that make her happy. Nancy gives tips on how to budget your time and maintain a healthy outlook. Listen in as Nancy outlines how to balance work, home and self care.Maybe you are afraid of feeling like a burden. Perhaps you feel like you will not be taken seriously. Being your most authentic self and opening up to others is essential to truly living full out.
2022.8.5The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari guides you through overcoming hardships in your life. Maybe you don’t know where or how to start your career. Perhaps you feel like it’s too late to go after your dreams. Finding what makes you happy can be your fuel to living full out.Our first caller went through a toxic relationship and wants to know how she can recover from it. Nancy advises her to disassociate herself from the troubling person in her life. Our caller also learns to take that experience and learn from it by attracting good into her life. Tune in to hear more of Nancy’s advice.Our inspirational guest Dustin Chapman has been on American Idol and has had a passion for music since a young age. When he was 15 years old, he found it hard to sing due to pain in his chest; after multiple doctor sessions, he was told he had achalasia, a disease of the esophagus that makes eating impossible. After being in the hospital, he still had a desire to perform his favorite songs. He’s performed for many people on stages and enjoys bringing a smile to patients in hospitals, especially since he knows the power of lyrics; he wants to give that feeling to others. Listen in to hear how melodies continue to save Dustin.Our last caller, Casey, wants reinsurance if getting the COVID-19 vaccination is safe. Nancy suggests he do some research and ask himself why he wants the vaccine. She also agrees that there’s always uncertainty with something new, but that shouldn’t stop us from making choices for ourselves. Tune in to hear more.Maybe you feel like there’s an obstacle in your journey. Perhaps your struggling with making a lifesaving decision. Allowing ourselves to think positively and finding that energy can guide us in living full out.Call us 800-333-0001
2022.8.4The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari invites you to find your own rhythm. Maybe you’ve found a career that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning, or perhaps you’re still looking for a job that feeds your passions. Through getting in tune with what you really want in life, you can find the best way to be an original.Our first caller, Amanda, needs assistance with communicating with the person she’s dating. Nancy advises Amanda to express her feelings freely with her partner, and to find moments to give him positive affirmations. Tune in to hear how taking risks can be beneficial to healthy romantic relationships.Our inspirational guest, Luca Patuelli, was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare neuro-muscular disorder that made walking very difficult. Since he was 7 months old, he has undergone a total of 16 surgeries to support his body. As a teenager, Luca still found ways to be physically active, from skateboarding on his back to using outrigger skis to support his legs. Unfortunately, at the age of 17, Luca had a surgery that took away his ability to skateboard, but another door opened: the world of breakdancing (BBoying). Since then, he has found a home through the BBoy community, dancing across the nation with his team of all-stars, the Ill-Abilities. Listen in to hear about Luca’s athletic journey and how he continues to find ways to live life his own way.Our final caller, Rae, is struggling with the stress of isolation from COVID-19. She feels that the pandemic prevents her from living life fully. Nancy tells Rae that finding moments of virtual human connection – either through FaceTime or Zoom – could improve her spirits greatly. Tune in to hear how you can connect your mind with your body.Maybe you’re wondering what you can do to find your rhythm again. Perhaps you can return to a passion that you might’ve put aside or bring excitement into your day-to-day through music. By finding your own way to dance big, you can live full out.Call us 800-333-0001
2022.8.3The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to Build Confidence in everything you do. Maybe you are struggling with how you portray yourself to others or wish you went about certain situations differently. It is human nature to be your hardest critic. In order to gain confidence we need to accept ourselves and our biggest insecurities.Our first caller Erica was seeking advice on how to stop over analyzing her conversations at work and sharing less to her co-workers. Nancy told her that it is okay to be emotional about subjects she cares about and to find a way to articulate when she is speaking as to why she feels the way she does. Emotions can be a strength and Erica can use her feelings to shed light on situations she is passionate about.Our inspirational guest Terry Healey was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma at the age of 21 which started as a minor diagnosis but became serious after 6 months when he began experiencing tingling feelings in his face. This led to a serious surgery that causes disfigurement to his appearance. Terry had to focus on what was on the inside rather than the outside. Listen to hear how Terry re-gained his confidence and embraced who he was.Our last caller Hormoz needed advice on how to stay focused when completing a task. Nancy suggested that he creates a to do list of everything he needs to get done and crosses off assignments as he does them. Nancy also shares ways in which an accountability partner can help him stay on track.Perhaps you lack confidence in a character trait you possess but are very happy with another quality you have. It is hard to realize how great you are without any reassurance from others but confidence comes from within so once you can navigate away to love yourself you can live full out!Call us 800-333-0001
2022.8.2The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be honest. Maybe you’re unhappy in a relationship but are convincing yourself otherwise. Perhaps you want to quit your job and are keeping it from your boss. Even though we may think dishonesty will protect others from getting hurt, being transparent is ultimately the best way to connect with your loved ones and stay true to yourself.Our first caller, Gabrielle, needs advice on how to deal with anxiety in nursing school and maintaining healthy relationships. Nancy reminds her that stress can come from more areas of our lives than we think, so she should focus on scheduling moments to communicate with friends and family. Tune in to gain strategies on how to manage your time.Our inspirational guest, Patrick Chester, talks about his 15-year-long addiction with gambling. Patrick’s struggle led him to lie to his business partners, family, and wife. As he continued to spiral downwards, he ended up spending time in rehab and jail. Listen to hear how Patrick’s family inspired him to become truthful with himself and those he had hurt in order to begin his journey to recovery.Our last caller, Shwe, wants guidance on how to get work experience before her MBA program, which starts in 2 months. Nancy advises her to look for some background in the job area she wants to eventually pursue. Tune in to hear how you can still find some meaningful opportunities that will set you up for future success, even when you're pressed for time.Perhaps you have bad news you need to tell a friend but are unsure how to break it to them. Maybe you are hiding a side of yourself that you fear others will see. In order to be the best version of ourselves, we must fully acknowledge our true feelings and the impact of our actions. Live full out by being courageous and having those tough conversations.
2022.8.1The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to open the door to opportunity. Maybe you’ve felt stuck in your day-to-day life and want to find a more fulfilling hobby, passion, or even purpose. Perhaps you’re ready for a career change, but you’re afraid of the leap from security. By embracing the unknown, you’re creating more possibilities for yourself.Our first caller, Clarisse, wants to promote her life and her creative skillset on social media in an empowering way. Nancy advises Clarisse to reflect on her strongest attributes that will translate best in a media presence. Listen in to hear how you can best represent yourself in a way that will positively filter into other people’s lives.Our inspirational guest, Katherine Magnoli, was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affected her spine. Navigating life in a wheelchair was difficult for Katherine, especially due to being bullied in her childhood. At the age of 26, Katherine set out to pay it forward and started writing children’s books featuring a superhero in a wheelchair called The Adventures of KatGirl. As Katherine’s stories took off, she created new characters with other disabilities, and she has reached thousands of children of all ages ever since. Tune in with Nancy to hear how Katherine channeled her adversity into an opportunity to educate young readers about living with limitations.Our final caller, Hannah, is struggling with maintaining healthy habits due to stressors like COVID and schoolwork. She has been struggling to find enough time for herself. Nancy tells Hannah that the first step to self-care is developing a better sleep schedule. Listen in to hear how you can open up more possibilities in your day through listening to your body.Maybe you’ve only ever dreamed of packing up your bags and moving to that new city. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go back to school but you’ve felt like you’ve never had the time. Every single one of us can find the opportunities that make us excited to live life to its fullest. Through careful planning, step by step, you can create manageable goals that will allow you to live full out.Call us 800-333-0001
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