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Living Gallantly is a self-love podcast all about being kinder to yourself, thinking abundantly, and getting to know me, the creator of lifestyle blog Gallantly, gal.
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Thank you for waiting! Today’s podcast episode is about scarcity mindset vs abundant mindset—not in relation to money but in everything else in your life. While I have been practicing an abundant mindset when it comes to wealth, I realize that a roadblock in this was only thinking about it in terms of money. Scarcity mindset, in general, is about thinking there is not enough in the world for you. You have some doubt as to how unlimited the resources and benevolence of the universe truly is in all things in our life, not just money. Listen to this podcast episode to see if you are failing to have an abundant mindset in the same way I did!
Thank you for waiting! Today’s podcast episode is all about that mean voice inside your very own head, the one that’s constantly putting you down, telling you you’re not good enough, and making you doubt yourself and your abilities. It’s time to silence that voice, and I will tell you how after diving into how this voice even seems to work. (Also, I realized I pronounce “menial” completely incorrectly while editing the video, so whoops, my mistake!)The next episode will be up on next Thursday! In the meantime you can check out the blog post I mention on surviving toxic…xic-environment/Facebook:
Living as Gallantly, gal

Living as Gallantly, gal


Today, I switch things up a bit by telling you more about myself as the creator of the blog, Gallantly, gal. Learn more about me and my views on being an online personality in the fourth episode of Gallantly, gal. Thank you for joining me on my journey and I hope that we can continue to grow a close relationship through this podcast!For more, check out my
The third episode of the Living Gallantly podcast explores how people are inherently judgmental and how judging others holds us back in life. Rather than focusing on others, we can practice empathy and focus on our own selves and our own flaws. How can we learn to accept the things we don't like about ourselves? Or work on improving them, if possible? Definitely not by focusing on other people's! Being judgmental is a toxic trait that only feeds our own self-consciousness and self-criticism. Let's try to quiet that inner critic we all have, and here are some tips on how we can accomplish this.Check out more advice on my blog!
People who have incorporated morning routines into their lives have been known to be happier and more successful. That's why it's important to try to find a way to treat yourself from the very start of your day and begin with the right mindset. When the day seems to be veering off course, it's also important to keep things in perspective and never lose hope until it's time to call it a day and reflect on the last 24 hours. Fair warning, I say "morning" and "day" a lot in this episode! Apologies in advance ;)Check out my blog!gallantlygal.comAnd the post I mentioned in this episode!
Living Gallantly is a self-love podcast all about being kinder to yourself, thinking abundantly, and getting to know me, the creator of lifestyle blog, Gallantly, gal.I introduce my podcast in my very first episode and get into why the moment is always now. Thank you for listening and share this with someone you love so we can all learn and grow together!Check out my blog!
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