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Living High Vibe!

Author: Schanen

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I'm on a mission to inspire others to get UNSTUCK and start living HIGH VIBE. I'll be featuring unique ways to free your mind, "flip the script," and reinvigorate your zest for life.
4 Episodes
I found $20 in the street today. I believe that God shows Himself to us in small ways (although I think $20 is a big deal!) and He uses circumstances to nudge us closer to Him or build our faith. Listen to see why $20 was the perfect nudge for me to trust God today.
Working on being good at what I'm good at! Stop comparing & "should-ing" yourself.
My role as a wife!

My role as a wife!


My role as a wife and how I create high vibes by thriving in that position.
Coping with losing Howard • Coping w/losing Howard, looking for my purpose
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