DiscoverLiving UnReserved Devotional | 365 Days in the Song of Songs/Solomon
Living UnReserved Devotional | 365 Days in the Song of Songs/Solomon

Living UnReserved Devotional | 365 Days in the Song of Songs/Solomon

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There is a balance the believer must strive to maintain at all times. It's a balance between living free, untethered to anything, and being consecrated to God's ways, plans, and purposes. Living UnReserved is a daily devotional that equips you for a balanced Christian walk.

This year we're going deeper with Jesus with daily lessons from the Song of Songs. It doesn't matter if you start from the beginning or not, I promise you won't feel lost so join us every morning.

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Hills are smaller than mountains but are more important than mountains on the journey of faith. Hills prepare us for the mountain. Our triumph over mountains do not mean much to God except we surmount every hill in our way. --- Send in a voice message:
Every decision has a cost. Obeying Christ has the greatest cost but also the greatest reward. If we will be resolute and consistent in obedience, we must know what every decision will cost us. --- Send in a voice message:
After the Beloved's seven-fold compliment, the Bride consents to the Beloved's previous request. Of what significance is that? --- Send in a voice message:
The final virtue of a maturing believer seems a bit uncomfortable but is very significant when decoded. Life in the church is one of interdependence and this virtue shows us that. --- Send in a voice message:
Spiritual warfare is real. Doing exploits on the earth is only wishful thinking for a believer ignorant of spiritual warfare. Today, we talk about the virtue of the Bride that makes her formidable against the enemy. --- Send in a voice message:
Our virtue today is characterized by a sliced open pomegranate. There are two schools of thought on this and both are equally significant. Find out in today's lesson. --- Send in a voice message:
Words are a very important aspect of our day to day relationship with people. James said any man who doesn't err in speech is a perfect man. What effect does intimacy with Jesus have on our words? --- Send in a voice message:
Today we look at the third characteristic of a maturing believer. This particular one is very essential to the development of the others. Without it, we can't have the other virtues. --- Send in a voice message:
The second characteristic sign of a growing believer is one many in our day and time struggle with. It is an unpopular opinion to be set apart in our day to day affairs but it's required of us. --- Send in a voice message:
In Song of Songs/Solomon 4:1-5, the Beloved pays the Bride seven compliments that are virtues of a maturing believer in Christ. The appearance and improvement of these seven virtues indicate a deepening with the Lord. Today, we look at the first. --- Send in a voice message:
Every individual determines Jesus' place in their lives. Our actions define who He really is to us. Some crown Him their Bridegroom King and others simply see Him as that man who died for them and nothing more. --- Send in a voice message:
Today's text is the only place in the Songs of Songs where the daughters of Jerusalem are referred to as daughters of Zion. Of what significance is beholding Jesus and seeing Him in His beauty. --- Send in a voice message:
... --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode we interpret all we have said in the light of the Bride of Christ: the church. The palanquin is a type and shadow of the universal body of Christ. --- Send in a voice message:
... --- Send in a voice message:
King Solomon's palanquin was not just sturdy, it was elegantly decorated and adorned. Of what significance is that to us believers? --- Send in a voice message:
Elegance is only appreciated when a product serves its purpose for being made. In this lesson we study the palanquin in which we travel through the wilderness of life with our Bridegroom King Jesusm --- Send in a voice message:
Grand processions do not only attract admirers, they attract greedy men too. Travelling through the wilderness had risks. In our text the Bride describes her Beloved's entourage. The men who kept Him safe and would keep her too through the wilderness. --- Send in a voice message:
Living in the world is a journey through the wilderness. It's uncomfortable and many challenges surface each day. There is however a provision made by God for His own to travel in style. Our travel couch. --- Send in a voice message:
Jesus is many things to the believer. Receiving Him as Lord and Savior is receiving Him as all that we will ever need. As He is our all, what does He deserve in return. --- Send in a voice message:
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