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Author: Kyle McMurray

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Living the Freedom life is a short, 5 minute podcast designed to help you live to your potential. Published every Thursday and hosted by Kyle McMurray, a certified expert coach and author.
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If you're listening to this today, Thanksgiving Day, instead of listening to this right now, let me encourage you to go check the turkey, check on the biscuits, hug your mother, sit down with your grandparents and listen to those stories they want to tell you. Then come back and listen to Living the Freedom Life. I want to share with you some things I learned about glue today. Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone! You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Ep 72 I’ll Have A Glue Thanksgiving Without You
With Thanksgiving coming up I thought we would have a discussion about something that I’ve found everyone struggles with. Forgiveness. You may even have someone that comes to mind.  Even as I mentioned the word, Forgiveness, you already have a picture in your mind of what that looks like. Even if you don’t, That’s okay, […]
With all of the celebration coming up, of us surrounded by holidays, let’s talk about the one that no one admits to celebrating until we don’t have it in our lives. Trash Day! Yeah, Trash Day. I know, you may think that I’ve gone off my rocker...When we don’t take out the trash, it doesn’t take long for it to pile up and things get nasty. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, ep 70 Happy Trash Day!
I just found out that this broadcast goes further than I expected, Living the Freedom Life isn't just in the United States. I want to say welcome to our listeners that are abroad. Zech 4:10 says “Don’t despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you stand on political issues, here in the states, this Wednesday we will celebrate Veterans Day, the people who served our nation and preserved our freedom. That’s what we are talking about this week on Living the Freedom Life.
I wasn’t raised in an overtly Christian home. Both of my parents were decent people, but we NEVER talked about eternal things. We only went to church to pay homage to my grandparents. And here is what I would like to share with you today. I’m a Halloween baby. Now, I’m not mentioning that for Happy Birthday accolades, but I'm sharing this with you today because of the messed up theology I had about my birthday when I was growing up. I somehow formed a belief system that the day of my birth had something to do with who I was. As I mentioned before, I even had life examples to confirm what I was believing. Which brings us to a saying we have at Kyle McMurray Coaching “You will find what you focus on”.
The Cloak The Cloak

The Cloak The Cloak


A cloak is an outer garment that hangs loose from your shoulders. And if you think about it, a cloak usually worn by someone creepy. If you see a person wearing a cloak, they're probably trying to hide something. Dracula wears one, even the Grim Reaper wears a cloak. Let's be reminded of something when we think of these images. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode 67 The Cloak
There is a lot of information, and I mean a LOT of information on Halloween’s origin. Some are opinions, and some are facts. You may be surprised as to which ones come from which direction. But I did a little digging of my own. You know, doing more than a simple Google search, then claiming to be an expert. Today, we are talking about something I’ve struggled with [in my identity]...all of my life and how it ties into Halloween goes deep into how my belief system was formed. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode 66 {I know, one number shy of the “mark of the beast”} This episode is called “Something Spooky”.
A warm yellow glow against my wife's face, and watching her snuggle into a blanket with a warm drink in her hand... that makes me smile inside and out. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast. Today, we are wrapping up our series “Who Is Ready for Fall?” with Episode 65 and we are talking about being Fireside today.
Who is ready for fall? If you're a regular listener, First off thank you. But our regular listeners know by now that fall is my favorite time of year. We're nearing the end of our current series titled “Who is Ready for Fall”. And this week is Episode 64, we're talkin about Preparation. We’re not talking about Preparation H, Or buying a bunker in the mountains preparing for the end times. quite frankly, if things are going to get that bad, I don't want to be here on Earth. I want to be with Jesus by that time. This week we're talking about Preparing during The Fall season. Now depending on where you live, we are in Central/North Texas, there's not much preparation time that needs to go into our 6 days of chilly weather we have each year.
In Texas, there are two growing seasons that act as bookends to our extreme heat. Of course the Spring traditionally gives us the more obvious signs of growth, but The Fall, or Latter growing season, even though it’s short, With some careful planning and management, there's still time for the soil to offer up a little more production for the year. Our job is to be aware and open to it.
In our second episode of the series Who is Ready for Fall? We are talking about the most labor-intensive activity of the entire growing season. In farming communities all across the globe and across time, they celebrate this time of year. And yes, if you eat, it affects you too. Today we are talking about Harvest Time. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast, episode #62
We are starting a new series of Episodes for our Podcast named “Who is ready for Fall?” Here in Texas, we’ve had what we would call a mild summer. The heat hasn’t been as bad as it could be. But still, I’m ready for Fall. I’m ready for change. I’m ready for the things that associate themselves with the season of Autumn. That’s a big deal and we are going to be talking about it in our series Who Is Ready for Fall? You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode #61 Today we are talking about Leaves.
Show notes: In the classic novel The Odyssey, Homer writes “Men are so quick to blame the gods: they say that we devise their misery. But they themselves, in their depravity, design their grief greater than the griefs that fate assigns.” One thing that I enjoy, is to do what I call Spiritual Spelunking. Now […]
In our series Chasing Happiness we've asked the question “What does it mean to be Happy?” and we've talked about the age old “mind over matter” theory of Putting on a Happy face. Well, this week I wanted to discuss an aspect of Chasing Happiness that I've eluded to all along and I can sum it up in one statement. You're Listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast, and we are in the last installment of our series called Chasing Happiness, Episode 59.
In our series last week we talked about chasing happiness, what does it mean for me to be happy?  One statement we say around here is: “You will not find happiness while chasing it. It will always be elusive.” ~ KM Coaching In our 2nd installment of our series Chasing Happiness today, I want to […]
Chasing Happiness 1

Chasing Happiness 1


Everyone wants to be happy. Even if there is someone who says they don’t, they have resolved to bitterness and believe that happiness is too elusive. All of us want to be happy. What does it mean to be happy?
You probably learned this in Basic Biology Class but what is the biggest organ that you have? And probably the most important one? That’s right, your skin. Show Notes: In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:27 tells us that We are the body of Christ. It goes on and talks about the different parts of the […]
When I was young, we didn’t play very many games. Like board games or card games. Like at all. None. But now, things are a little different, well, they are a lot different.
54 Double Pandemic

54 Double Pandemic


You can say what you want about the pandemic right now. There are people saying that the reporting numbers are false, they are skewed and there are scare tactics being used by the media and the government. All of that may be true, yet none of it could be true. It doesn't matter, it may affect you, it may not. It’s still a virus. You could be asymptomatic or lose your life, no matter what your age. We can compare it to the flu, past pandemics, or, we can compare it to government control. No matter how you view covid-19 it’s still highly contagious, it is costing lives, and there is a simultaneous, or concurrent, double pandemic going on.
While on vacation I learned that there’s a great deal of difference in isolation for CoVID-19 and travelling 1500 miles to experience waves crashing. It doesn't necessarily mean that seclusion and isolation are automatically a good thing.
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