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Living the Freedom Life

Author: Kyle McMurray

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Living the Freedom life is a short, 5 minute podcast designed to help you live to your potential. Published every Thursday and hosted by Kyle McMurray, a certified expert coach and author.
56 Episodes
Chasing Happiness 1

Chasing Happiness 1


Everyone wants to be happy. Even if there is someone who says they don’t, they have resolved to bitterness and believe that happiness is too elusive. All of us want to be happy. What does it mean to be happy?
You probably learned this in Basic Biology Class but what is the biggest organ that you have? And probably the most important one? That’s right, your skin. Show Notes: In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:27 tells us that We are the body of Christ. It goes on and talks about the different parts of the […]
When I was young, we didn’t play very many games. Like board games or card games. Like at all. None. But now, things are a little different, well, they are a lot different.
54 Double Pandemic

54 Double Pandemic


You can say what you want about the pandemic right now. There are people saying that the reporting numbers are false, they are skewed and there are scare tactics being used by the media and the government. All of that may be true, yet none of it could be true. It doesn't matter, it may affect you, it may not. It’s still a virus. You could be asymptomatic or lose your life, no matter what your age. We can compare it to the flu, past pandemics, or, we can compare it to government control. No matter how you view covid-19 it’s still highly contagious, it is costing lives, and there is a simultaneous, or concurrent, double pandemic going on.
While on vacation I learned that there’s a great deal of difference in isolation for CoVID-19 and travelling 1500 miles to experience waves crashing. It doesn't necessarily mean that seclusion and isolation are automatically a good thing.
Episode 52 Stress Bank

Episode 52 Stress Bank


Summer is here, the 4th is around the corner and there is a LOT of tension in our nation right now. If stress is one of the leading causes of so many health issues, why aren’t we looking into this more? Why aren’t we more intentional about stress management?
We discuss a common hurdle that most people experience.
49 To Guard or Fight

49 To Guard or Fight


I don't want to make any assumptions here, but have you ever heard of the armor of God? Now remember, we're not here to talk about religion but we are here to talk about a true relationship with God and what that looks like. There is some symbolic language that's used in Ephesians 6 that describes a reality that you may be able to associate with. With everything that's been going on in this year, covid-19, racial Injustice, riots, looting, all of it. I believe that we need this truth that I want to talk to you about today on Living the Freedom Life.
I was recently reunited with a childhood friend this week. It was great, it was a trip down memory lane, but even after all those years, it felt very familiar but it got me to thinking about some things I want to share with you today.
I'm not sure if you've heard about this study or not, but apparently there's a lot of research invested into this. It's called The Shopping Cart Test. There’s several indicators involved but it discovers the type of person that does or does not return a shopping cart, after they're through unloading whatever they purchased into their vehicle. The study shows The Shopping Cart Test is a great way to find out whether a person is capable of self-governing. It reveals whether or not you will do the right thing when...especially when no one is looking.
You would think that everyone would be rooting for The Alliance to restore the Republic, but there are people who are fans of The Empire and Darth Vader. What I've discovered is, There’s a little Vader in all of us.
We are a combination of the top five things that influence our life. It seems to me that those top five things are pretty important. If I don't decide what they are, who does?
This week we continue our series "A Toddler with a Machete" but we want to help walk you through one of our exercises. Listen as we discover how.
You've heard the definition of insanity. We say “In order to have a different outcome in life, we have to do something different.”
Have you ever thought about the power of a question? You can guide an entire conversation by asking questions. But what other power does a question hold?
Squirrels and distractions can get us off track and away from our Vision and Mission. How do you keep your focus?
COVID19 has us staying at home, but what are you doing with the time?
This week on LFL we talk about an upcoming eBook "The Power of 4 Questions, How to Tame a Toddler Running with a Machete"
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