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Throwing together a girl’s night - but don’t have time to prep? In dire need of the best under eye concealer - we love our children, but we haven’t slept since they were born, am I right? Ready to redecorate your home - but rolling on a budget?

Welcome to the Living with Landyn Podcast - a space to chat about ALL THE THINGS, and bring back the sage advice of the women who walked before us. Down to earth and lighted-hearted, come join the conversation as Landyn Hutchinson redefines the word ‘pretty’ and authentically shares her lifestyle, food, and fashion tips.

She’s bringing laughs and insights on how to cultivate a flourishing marriage, what color to paint your living room, how in the world to balance being a working mom, steps to create an empowering wardrobe and so much more. Along with sharing her lifestyle guru hacks, Landyn sits down with some of the most inspiring people in her life (whether that be her mom or some big names we all know and love!) who share their stories that make you feel a little less alone in the hustle of your everyday life. Tune in for your weekly dose of hope, comic relief, and major support for your dreams.

Landyn is here to remind you that you have a safe space for you to be - you. All while helping you design your life - one pretty choice at a time. You’ve just found the best girlfriend you never knew you needed.

Let’s get started. This is Living with Landyn.
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Do you have a little nudge in your heart to open a retail boutique? Maybe even just a whisper that says, GO FOR IT. YOU CAN DO IT. In today's podcast episode, Landyn is diving DEEP into a conversation with her good friend, Elizabeth Allen about all things opening + owning a retail shop. Elizabeth is the owner and founder of e.Allen - one of Nashville's hottest boutiques and is known for her deep sense of style and notoriety on the fashion circuit. They are breaking down the barriers that might just be keeping you stuck in your thoughts about what to do next with your retail dream.  They are answering questions like: What are the top things I need to think about RIGHT now when opening a shop? What goes into the investment piece? What exactly do I need to know about Market (newbie lingo approved!)? When should I ACTUALLY expect a profit?   Big-hearted dreamers like us can get caught up when it comes to specific details - but action gets results! And this episode is giving you the roadmap to make it happen! In this episode you'll learn the 5 Must Haves when opening a shop, what to expect at each phase along the way, and getting over the fear of starting SMALL.  When you believe in yourself, and learn from those who have gone before you - you can make that dream happen, girl! Follow along with e.Allen here! If you're on the go when listening to this episode, be sure to check the EPISODE NOTES here!
Girl if you’re a mama or soon to be mama - LISTEN UP. This Part 2 Episode on all things new borns and toddlers is a GOODIE. In this episode, Landyn is finishing her conversation with Newborn Specialist and Professional Nanny - Katie Kelley - to dish all the things on parenthood to take you from overwhelmed to IN CONTROL. If you’re just tuning in for the first time, be sure to go back to last week’s episode and check out part 1 first! There was SO much good insight given on all things potty training and discipline for your new borns and toddlers. In today’s part 2 chat, Katie and Landyn are diving into: The 4 phases to foundational sleep patterns, Screen time guidelines, How to navigate meal time, and Katie’s GO TO products that every mama needs Why the difference CHOICE VS DEMAND is SO important   Katie, who you most likely know her as Katie Sitter’s Club on Instagram, has over 13 years of professional experience as a Nanny and currently lives here in Nashville and works as a travel/tour Nanny for a family in the music industry. Parenting can be A LOT - but this episode is here for you to connect even more deeply with your kids and feel confident in your sweet mama selves.    For full episode details, check out: Follow Katie here: Tune in for a special MOTHER’S DAY DISCOUNT CODE for all purchases online at (valid through May 9, 2021)
Girl, if you’re a mama or soon to be mama - LISTEN UP. This episode is about to be your new best friend. Motherhood is NOT for the faint of heart. There is NO MANUAL for what to do when you come home from the hospital with your sweet little baby! In this episode, Landyn is inviting on Newborn Specialist and Professional Nanny - Katie Kelley - to dish all the things on parenthood to take you from overwhelmed to IN CONTROL. Katie, who you most likely know her as Katie Sitter’s Club on Instagram, has over 13 years of professional experience as a Nanny and currently lives here in Nashville and works as a travel/tour Nanny for a family in the music industry. In Part 1 of this episode, Landyn + Katie cover: Katie’s 6 step, potty training bootcamp process,  How to discipline a strong willed child during a tantrum, All things boundaries! Table Manners + expert tips for everyone to enjoy mealtime, and  What it means to give ‘parent approved options’   Parenting can be A LOT - but this episode is here for you to connect even more deeply with your kids and feel confident in your sweet mama selves.  For full episode details, check out: Follow Katie here: Tune in for a special MOTHER’S DAY DISCOUNT CODE for all purchases online at
THE KEY TO BOTOX IS KNOWING WHAT MUSCLES TO RELAX AND HOW MUCH. In today’s episode, Landyn welcomes back Living with Landyn podcast veteran, Dr Brian Biesman. If you tuned in during Season 1, he was episode 15 and they covered all things botox and filler. It's still one of the most-listened to episodes to date, so, it was a no brainer to bring Dr Biesman back on.  Dr Biesman is the director of his own practice in Nashville, TN and specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery and minimally invasive techniques like Botox and fillers. He is also a leading expert in laser skin resurfacing and medical grade skin care.  Dr Biesman was recommended to Landyn years ago and is so well loved in the community for his conservative approach and understanding for his clients to remain looking like themselves. In this episode Landyn is asking all the questions you want answers to. They cover: Landyn’s new area of filler she’s been receiving WHY CELLULITE IS SO NOT YOUR FAULT + how to take care of it Dr B’s surprising story of how he got into cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery The 3 reasons you would need filler (vs Botox) Brand new things coming to the industry (be the first to know, ladies!)   All this said, Landyn’s message will always ring true: YOU get to define what beauty is for yourself and your body. Confidence is always the most beautiful thing you can possess. This episode is here to simply educate you as you do (or don’t!) make decisions to step into Botox or Filler.  Enjoy this very insightful and cutting edge conversation with Dr Biesman! For full episode details, head to: Follow Dr Biesman here: Check out his site and services here:
FRIEND TO FRIEND. You know Landyn spills her skincare secrets - always! It’s what friends do!  So when she continually saw amazing skincare results (we’re talking plump skin, healthy glow, and blurred lines) from a gel product you can apply in your home, she knew she had to bring on the owner and founder to ask all the things! In today’s episode, Landyn is bringing on founder of the skincare line Lumisque, Lana Kerr. Lana + Lumisque presents that fan-favorite gel product, CO2 Lift: a medical grade brand of cosmeceuticals that utilizes the powerful benefits of Carbon Dioxide to lift, tighten and regenerate the skin. Who doesn’t love that?! And without going under the knife or any injections! If you’ve been following Landyn on Instagram stories, you’ve most likely seen Landyn’s hilariously relatable experience with the CO2 Lift Mask application (you might look a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire for 45 minutes, but the results are SO worth it). And in this conversation, they aren’t holding anything back!    Landyn is asking YOUR questions, like:   What exactly is carboxytherapy? Does the mask ACTUALLY work + how often should I use it? How do we apply the CO2 Mask gel the RIGHT way? Is it pregnancy safe? How long do the results last? Can this treatment help with stretch marks, cellulite or dark under eyes?   And, ladies - our face isn’t the only place this carboxytherapy can rejuvenate! You’ll have to tune in to find out exactly what we’re talking about (and you may want to put on some headphones while listening if there are little ears around!). If you’re interested in trying any of these products, receive a discount with code: LANDYN 15 For full episode details, check out: Follow CO2 Lift here: Peruse the website here:
Where should I splurge when designing my home? What’s the best white paint color? Can I mix patterns?   Your girl APRIL TOMLIN is BACK! And she’s dishing her BEST TIPS on how to design your home to feel like YOU.   AND! She’s also chatting about a HUGE announcement - and you’re hearing it here FIRST.   April is the owner and founder of April Tomlin Interiors - an in demand design business known for their texturized and distinctive style plus A-list clientele.   April also just so happens to be the helpful mastermind behind Landyn’s store layout in Nashville, TN.   In Season 1, April’s episode was one of the MOST downloaded episodes - so Landyn of course had to bring her back for Season 2!   Landyn + April chat about: April’s surprising passion behind interiors Answering Her #1 Question: How she got into interior design How April finds her rhythm of motherhood and business ownership (+ what her sacrifices look like right now)   And they are answering all of YOUR questions, like: Design trends coming in + out The best paint colors for walls and doors How to create a gallery wall  Best place to splurge on your home   If you’re ready for your home to feel like YOU - this episode is your new best friend.   Follow April here! For full episode details, check out:
"IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO NOT NEGLECT YOURSELF. YOU ARE THE BEST TO YOUR KIDS WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY. AND YOU ARE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE REMEMBERING WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE." Today, Landyn is bringing on long time friend, Brandon Kadish. Brandon is a singer/songwriter, wife to a fabulous music producer, mother of 3 (including twins!), and has the most AMAZING song out right now.  BUT it was a journey for Brandon to get back to music. Because, like all moms tend to do, we put our passions on the back burner to fully give ourselves to our families. Brandon was born and raised in Mississippi and realized at a young age that she loved to sing. As a matter of fact, she recorded her first album at 12 and then, hilariously, hustled her way into her first songwriting publishing deal with her sister at 19. In this conversation, Brandon chats with Landyn about her journey from singing in church to playing in bars, her pregnancy path with PCOS, and that amazing song she just released. They also cover: Brandon’s unexpected path with TWINS, How to have 'the talk' (you know the one) with your kids, Why our standard for a ‘good mom’ is actually pretty stupid - and what the bar SHOULD be, and The surprising and scary thing the ladies suggest if you have a highschool senior, and How Brandon found her way back to her passion and HERSELF. Grab a cup of coffee. Or a glass of wine. Whatever you prefer. And meet Brandon. Listen to Brandon's song here: For full details on this episode, check out:
WHEN YOU COME FROM NOTHING, YOU APPRECIATE EVERYTHING -  Today, Landyn is joined by her financial accountant, Andrea Rothe. Andrea is a partner at the Nashville based financial firm, Iris Financial, and has an amazing story of overcoming adversity.   Andrea moved to the U.S. with her family in 1991 from the Former Yugoslavia - with only what they could fit into suitcases to start their new life. Andrea says this is what instilled her strong work ethic, gave her appreciation for everything, and ultimately led her to starting her own business.    Andrea's story of overcoming will move you - and her tangible tips on finance will equip you!    In this episode, you'll learn all about Andrea's story as well as all things financial. Like: Should I own OR lease a car? Where do I start when it comes to investing? How do I build better credit? How do I pay myself as a business owner? Where do I start with student loans? This episode is answering all the questions we should have learned in school! There are even amazing tips in this conversation for all the business owners out there, too.   Tune in for the most fun financial chat you'll experience!   Follow along with Iris Financial here:   For full show notes and conversation details, head to:
A HAPPY HOME - "For me, the real passion is creating a happy home and happy family. And because I enjoy decorating so much, it's one of the tools that I use to create this home of happiness and joy." This is the heart and passion behind Jennifer Houghton's (aka - Turtle Creek Lane) elaborate, beautiful, and over the top decor. Today, Landyn is joined by the joy and master decorator herself, Turtle Creek Lane. Jen is best known for her Instagram and home decor blog where hundreds of thousands of people visit every day to be uplifted and inspired by Jen’s daily, home decor content. Clearly Landyn’s and Jen’s decor preferences are quite different, but their heart for it is exactly the same! This episode is full of sweet + uplifting sentiments about family, marriage, and of course - creating an inviting home. In their conversation, the two chat about: Marriage rhythms to keep it going strong "Balancing" motherhood and all the the other hats we wear How to get out of a funk when you're just super overwhelmed And OF COURSE - she’s asking your questions like: Where does she store everything? How long does it take her to decorate? Is she really THAT happy? Why does her husband have a unicycle?! (if you know, you know) And her answers just might surprise you. Tune in to hear why Turtle Creek is so much more than glue guns + rainbows! Enjoy this episode! Follow Jen on Instagram! For full show notes, visit:
OWN YOUR STORY - Today Landyn is joined by one of her sweetest and closest friends, Maile Misajon. Maile is one of those women you just fall in love with immediately because she is so authentically herself and provides a safe place for you to do the same. Maile may even be a familiar face to some of you. Remember the girl band - Eden’s Crush? The reality show, Popstars? Yep, that was Maile. In this episode she is dishing all the things on being in an internationally known girl band, touring around the world, and finding yourself in your 20s. But there is SO much more than meets the eye with Maile. She’s deep, she’s wise, and she knows a thing or two about making the best choices for YOU. Tune in to hear: How she came back to dreams after losing herself in a relationship How she balances prioritizing her spouse, while staying true to herself Why speaking her dream out loud was so important on her journey The best piece of advice she received from the world’s biggest music producer This episode is for any woman that is riding the wave of life and trying to find their lane, their purpose, and their giftings. Because you can own your story - right here, right now.   Follow along with Maile here! For full show notes and conversation details, head to:
"Food is a universal language that we all speak. It’s communal. It feeds us, moves us, and can create a memory that lasts a lifetime. For Cortney LaCorte, founder and owner, making delicious food look beautiful is an art form that has long been her love language."  Family FIRST, Cheese second.  Today, Landyn is sitting down with her dear friend Cortney, also known as CHEESEGAL on Instagram, to discuss, that's right, ALL. THINGS. CHEESE.   They discuss how to curate the perfect cheese board, how Cortney started her business (@cheesegal) and they even bust myths on cheese and pregnancy! Tune in to hear:  Cortney’s love for entertaining + her biggest inspiration  The type of cheese that should be on every board  How to pair cheese with Rose Her love story with her husband, Chris LaCorte  Her very first cheese board order  How she curated her own storefront in downtown Nashville  This is an absolute, not to miss episode! To follow Cortney, click here:   For full show notes + cheese details, head to:
It’s almost time to whip out the roasting pan for your Thanksgiving dinner! This week, Landyn is bringing you everything Thanksgiving. Seriously, everything from how to decorate your table, to Landyn’s favorite way to prepare turkey and even her family’s holiday plans next week.  This episode also include: All of Landyn’s family camping details How to style your Thanksgiving Table DIY options to do with your family Dinner for two on Thanksgiving Landyn’s mother in-law’s corn souffle recipe (it’s to die for) We know it's been a year for all of us, but Landyn is wishing you and your family the best holiday. Find more details at
FRIDAY FAMILY FEELS - Today Landyn is back and tackling all your questions about family time during the holidays. Whether you’re trying to figure out which side of the family to spend your holiday with or maybe how you can stay budget friendly with a big family or even how to get along with your in-laws - Landyn has the answer for you! Need a way to keep your kids entertained in the car/plane? Landyn has THE best hack.  Just remember - WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. This episode also includes: +Newlywed couples and how to tackle visiting each others families during holidays +Family dynamics +Landyn’s family gift giving process +How to deal with difficult family members +Setting boundaries with family members +All the parenting hacks for long car and plane rides +What to wear to a family gathering For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
Happy Monday everyone, Landyn is back with fellow podcaster - Mallory Ervin! Mallory is a Kentucky grown, Nashville living dreamer that had a round about way of arriving at her passion. From her time in Miss America to being a three time contestant on a reality show, it all began with her sharing her love of fashion & beauty - which quickly transformed into a platform for impact. Today she and Landyn talk about living life to the fullest, taking chances and how they each created their own platform. This episode also includes: +Creating a positive and energetic life + finding joy in the smallest things +Seeing the world from a new perspective +Being present while being a working mom + mom guilt +How to actively choose your life +The Enneagram Test +Setting up a routine for a successful day +Not letting the tough moments derail you +Taking small steps to make the biggest impact in your life For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
HAPPY FRIDAY! Today, Landyn walks you through her entire family tree, every single one of her siblings (yes she has siblings - 5 to be exact!) She also talks about her family's journey starting in Florida then moving to New York and then to Virginia. Plus what life was like being raised by a single mom and trying to make ends meet. This episode is filled with all the family ties you need to know about! This episode also includes: +The best thing her mom did during her parents' divorce +What it was like having a newborn sister at 21 +An update on what her parents are up to in retirement +Her grandparents who have been together since they were teenagers +Her mom’s Fiddle Leaf Fig Farm +Her families upstate NY’s Maple Leaf Farm For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
WELCOME BACK! Today Landyn is diving into all of your questions regarding everything skincare. You only have ONE face, so you might as well start taking care of your skin -especially as you start to age. Landyn jumps into a few different topics about how she takes care of her skin, her lash and brow regimen and how to keep your skin routine affordable. This episode also includes: + Botox + Bruising + Micro-needling + Lasers + Congested Skin + Aging + Exfoliating Your Skin + Lash Extensions + Brow Lamination + Eczema For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
Happy Monday! Today, Landyn sits down with her long time lash artist Suzanne Corey of City Lash Beauty in Nashville. Landyn has been seeing Suzanne for almost FIVE YEARS - that’s right and over the years they’ve fostered a deep friendship. They nearly know everything about each other and they have seen each other grow over the years. Today, Suzanne talks about her upbringing, her journey to opening up City Lash and busts a few lash myths you might believe. Landyn and Suzanne also speak to taking steps side by side together when building each of their businesses. This episode also includes: +Becoming a military spouse and raising a family +Her family's move to the south +How she went from being a journalism teacher to opening up her own lash salon +Starting beauty school at the age of 35 and learning the art of lashes +Following through with What If moments For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
Cheers to another Monday! Today, Landyn sits down with her right hand girl, Anne-Claire Patterson to talk all about mental health + her journey to taking a break from alcohol. Landyn and Anne Claire dive into what it’s like going to therapy the first time, dealing with anxious thoughts and the effects drinking alcohol has on them. This episode also includes: + Growing up with anxiety + Anne Claire’s journey to her OCD diagnosis + Intrusive thoughts + Tips on finding a therapist + Resources for taking a break from alcohol + I Am Sober App For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
Happy Friday! Today’s episode touches all on cleaning, yes you sure did read that right! Landyn tells all of her top cleaning secrets, her favorite cleaning products and even how they keep all their white furniture clean with their dog, Jack. This episode also includes: +How Landyn found her house cleaner, Betza +The vacuum that gets in every nook + cranny +Dish soap that fights all the grease +The best. mop. ever. +Landyn’s favorite fall candle (hint - Homegoods + Marshalls Scentsationals) +A laundry detergent you that will leave you speechless +Plus the prettiest appliances you’ve ever seen For more info and where to find everything Landyn talked about visit
She’s BACK - Karee Hays, Landyn’s skin extraordinaire is back on the podcast. She is the SKIN QUEEN in Nashville and the number one person Landyn trusts with her face. This week, they’re covering teenage acne, shaving your face (yes you read that right) and even the dreadful mask-ne (that’s right, the acne caused by face masks).   Plus Karee has graciously given a promo code for her products- use code LWLPOD15 for 15% off everything at  This episode also includes:  + The Opus laser treatment that Landyn has been using   + Accutane  + What to do with your mask-ne and how to treat it  + Moving from your summer routine to fall routine  + Chemical peels + getting that perfect skin glow  + Taking time + taking care of yourself  For more information, including links to everything Landyn talked about, visit:
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Jessica McCabe

love this podcast so much!!!

Aug 26th

LaShea Russell

OMG....sad summer is a REAL thing. I am a seasoned military spouse and summers are hard for a variety of reasons. I am grateful you gave it a label. I ❤ this podcast...such a blessing

May 16th
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