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Throwing together a girl’s night - but don’t have time to prep? In dire need of the best under eye concealer - we love our children, but we haven’t slept since they were born, am I right? Ready to redecorate your home - but rolling on a budget?

Welcome to the Living with Landyn Podcast - a space to chat about ALL THE THINGS, and bring back the sage advice of the women who walked before us. Down to earth and lighted-hearted, come join the conversation as Landyn Hutchinson redefines the word ‘pretty’ and authentically shares her lifestyle, food, and fashion tips.

She’s bringing laughs and insights on how to cultivate a flourishing marriage, what color to paint your living room, how in the world to balance being a working mom, steps to create an empowering wardrobe and so much more. Along with sharing her lifestyle guru hacks, Landyn sits down with some of the most inspiring people in her life (whether that be her mom or some big names we all know and love!) who share their stories that make you feel a little less alone in the hustle of your everyday life. Tune in for your weekly dose of hope, comic relief, and major support for your dreams.

Landyn is here to remind you that you have a safe space for you to be - you. All while helping you design your life - one pretty choice at a time. You’ve just found the best girlfriend you never knew you needed.

Let’s get started. This is Living with Landyn.
40 Episodes
Today Landyn sits down with Maggie Tucker- an entrepreneur, a dreamer and last but not least the owner and brains behind Magpies Baby and Magpies Girl in Nashville TN. MagPies encompasses a fun and creative retail space for all children and fosters a loving community. Maggie shares her experience when building her business, mistakes and lessons she learned and what it’s like to start her family. Also for podcast listeners only, Maggie is offering 20% OFF September 28th - October 1st, for online only - use code: LWL20 This episode also includes: +Finding a mentor + creating a solid relationship +Challenges starting a new business +Creating a space centered in encouragement +Keeping merchandise fresh in a retail space +Maggie's skin care routine (she seriously has the best skin) +Being plant based For more information, including links to everything Landyn talked about, visit
Happy Friday everyone! This week Landyn is sitting down and answering all of YOUR questions about home decor! Landyn touches base on her family's new sectional she purchased from Sprintz Furniture, the perfect sheets for your bed and even her newest home projects. This episode also includes: + All about crypton fabric + it’s performance for a family + A Target line of sheets you have to have + The debate on whether or not she should paint her fireplace + How they keep their couch clean with their dog Jack + The top purchases for your first apartment For more information, including links to everything Landyn talked about, visit
Welcome back to another episode! Today Landyn is sitting down with Arianna from the Birch Arbor to talk all things chickens - yes you read that right! Arianna talks about her journey to her chicken family, her flocks different types of breeds, and even her favorite tips + tricks for being a chicken mama. Landyn and Arianna also share insight into building their coop, caring for their flocks and some common misconceptions people think about raising chickens. They also go into depth about how to clean and maintain your chicken coop - and she promises you it’s a lot easier than you might think! This episode also covers: + Arianna’s recommendations for getting your chicken family started + How to create a clean space and also a safe + protective space against predators + Do you really need a roster for chickens to lay eggs? + How many chickens create the perfect flock for your family For more details and show notes be sure to visit:
Today, Landyn is talking all about fall style staples you need to have in your closet. Do you ever feel like you’re chasing the latest trend or trying to create something from what you already own?  Well this season, Landyn will ensure that your style stays timeless + classic - and you’ll need just a few key pieces. Landyn believes now more than ever to focus on your capsule wardrobe, PLUS it’s the perfect time to build pieces that will last you for years to come. This episode also covers: + Dressing for your climate and choosing to buy what makes sense for where you live + How to rotate in pieces from summer for the perfect transition + What color pallet you want to work with this fall + What does your day to day look like and how can you outfit yourself realistically. For more on this episode and everything thing I talked about visit:
Today’s podcast is with Landyn’s Fairy Hair-Mother, yes you read that right- Meet Oxana, owner of Oxana Salon in Nashville, TN and she is the girl and mastermind behind Landyn’s hair. Oxana has been Landyn’s hair stylist for almost 5 years now and she has never looked back. This episode covers everything from how Oxana started her very own salon, the best haircare products you need and even the secret to Landyn’s haircut. This episode also covers: Oxana’s journey to America and how she search Building her business and how she puts her employees first Curating her style and creating the perfect effortless look Landyn’s hair type and just how Oxana works her magic   For more info including ALL the haircare products Oxana mentioned visit:
Today’s podcast is all about THE GIRLS. Landyn’s chickens. Let’s just say they have been a hit. Little Instagram STARS! Everyone is obsessed with them in the most amazing way. This episode covers the most asked questions like when are they going to lay eggs and does Landyn still eat chicken. It was her dream to have these little ladies running around their garden and vegetables like a Hallmark movie and they made it happen. Follow your chicken dreams today! This episode also covers: The scoop on the coop Where to get one and how Landyn maintains the hen house Advice on getting chickens and what breeds are best for your home and personality Chick 411: Their routine, habits and when are they going to lay those darn egg? For more info and resources for this episode, visit:
Today Landyn is talking about MARRIAGE. This is a hot, hot topic and something she’s truly passionate about. She and her husband Steve have been married for 18 years and together for 28. Together since eighth grade! And they still like each other! They have a marriage that they’re both really, really proud of and also work really, really hard at. In this episode, Landyn really dives into the core of how she approaches her relationship. Plus: How her grandparents’ love story set the path for her in life Landyn’s own personal guidelines for marriage + how Oprah inspired her #1 rule How food is a love language + why Steve will always come first   The bottom line is you've got to keep feeding this union because it will continue to reward you if you keep investing into it. You can trust Landyn on this one.  Read more about this episode, including her marriage rules here:
This is a heartwarming episode with Landyn’s Father-in-law, Dave Hutchinson, also affectionately known as Mister. He’s a Jack of all trades, the heart of the family, the best grandpa and father-in-law ever. He’s a fan favorite and this is a chance for everyone get to know this wonderful man. They chat all about meeting each other, plus DIY adventures like their Ikea bookcase project and making the gardening beds in Landyn’s yard. The conversation also gets into: His first impressions of Landyn + how he got his nickname Mister Raising such a goal-oriented son + his thoughts on the Pro Football Hall of Fame His fascinating career as a police officer + SWAT team member Their family’s mutual love for all things grilling + his favorite things to make      Enjoy this sweet episode. Family really is everything. For more on this episode, visit: You can follow Mister on Instagram here:
Landyn is back with another Q+A podcast--this week is all about parenting. Landyn is the first to admit that while she’s no expert, she has been doing this for 16 years now and can definitely share what she’s learned along the way. She is the first to tell you that she fails daily as a mother and has her Mommie Dearest moments. Today she covers: The challenges of parenting a teenage daughter (and driving...eek!) Landyn’s family’s rules and expectations + how she and Steve play good cop/bad cop Talking to your kids about chores + money responsibilities And finally, a big topic for so many of us, phone rules. Hint: She’s strict.   This is an insightful look into one caring and fun family. You won’t want to miss it! For more on this episode, visit:
Landyn is joined on today’s podcast by her right hand gal and friend, Anne Claire Patterson.  They’ve worked side by side for several years and are more like family than boss + employee. You all sent in questions that you wanted to ask Anne Claire about working with Landyn, about their relationship, how she stays organized and the traits of a good boss. So you will love this heart to heart all about their work routine, what Landyn does that drives Anne Claire nuts and digging deep into the why of what they do at Living with Landyn.  Besides lots of laughs and a good time, this episode covers:   What business apps + tools this team uses to stay organized Why you should never respond to texts with just “OK” How Covid has deeply impacted the journey for Living with Landyn + Anne Claire’s role How to foster a loving + supportive  working relationship    Enjoy! For more on this episode, visit
Landyn is back with one of her very favorite episodes to record, the listener Q+A! You asked the burning questions and she answers. No questions are off limits! This week she’s covering everything you want to know about lifestyle. From dating in this crazy time to keeping your car clean to deciding on a boob job! Landyn also covers: How to manage and organize a busy family schedule Birthday traditions around the house + how to make everyone feel special Landyn’s morning routine + her tried and true advice to start the day stress free   This is a fun and chatty show, so sit back with your coffee and enjoy! Check out more details here:
Be prepared to be blown away by today’s guest Maria Carell, CEO of Revision Skincare. Landyn has used Revision for ten years and can’t say enough good things about the impact their products have made on her skin. In addition to being a wealth of knowledge, Maria is charged with helping Revision build on its legacy of being the first to market with innovative and science-driven skincare products - you know, the ones that address signs of aging while we sleep! AND, she also leads the brand’s growth through acquisitions and expansion into new markets around the GLOBE. Oh, and not to mention she is a wife, mother and all around powerhouse of a woman. In our conversation today, we jump right into  Maria’s background and the role that passion plays in business success. The challenges of being a working mother and debunk the stereotypical myth of how to ‘have it all’ What it’s like to be a woman at a male dominated leadership table. Maria’s top pieces of business advice for navigating new or uncomfortable situations.   Plus! We answer from your most asked skincare questions!  You know you are in good company when you are sitting down with a woman who has been nominated for numerous awards such as the “Most Powerful Business Woman Award”. Get ready to be inspired!   For more on this episode, visit :   Discover Landyn’s favorite Revision Skincare products here: Use the code LIPS to receive a free YouthFull Lip Replenisher when you spend $75 through September 15!
Are you hearing wedding bells? Today Landyn is discussing all things wedding. Whether you're getting married or planning one for your kids or looking for the perfect wedding gift, all of your burning questions answered here. Plus, you can listen to Landyn walk down memory lane to her 2002 wedding in Miami inspired by who else, Martha Stewart. This episode covers: Did you know what Landyn’s wedding colors were? She chats about all of the details + the ups and downs of planning it. How she would do a wedding now if she could do it again (Hint: Simplicity rules!) Wedding registry 101: Putting together a smart registry with pieces that can last for years Sit back and enjoy this delightful storytime, complete with laughs and tons of info you’ll want to take notes on. Be sure to check out the show notes here with all of the registry items listed for easy reference:
In this episode, Landyn’s gardening dreams come true with her guest Arianna Iappini, a garden coach and the owner of Birch Arbor Gardens. Arianna is here to dispel the myth of a black thumb. She believes that with a little coaching, anyone can grow a successful garden. Arianna has deep experience nurturing and cultivating land and knows what it takes  to get our food from seed to table. From sowing seed to handling plant maintenance through each season to harvesting, cleaning and prepping produce. After listening to this conversation, you are going to want to run—not walk—to get gardening!  This enlightening episode digs into: The top 3 things someone should know when they start a garden. How to deal with pests and protect your space. The benefits of growing flowers and veggies together. Tips for tricky tomatoes—pruning, watering and what about the suckers? Chickens + why they are an amazing addition to your home.   For more notes + resources from this episode, visit:
This Question & Answer session is all about STYLE. This is one of Landyn’s favorite topics to chat about + she dishes on some amazing fashion finds. Get ready to give your wardrobe a big boost! Did you know that a nude shoe elongates the leg? Where you can find a stunning tennis bracelet for $15? The best bra you’ll ever wear? On this episode, Landyn covers her favorite sunglasses, tips for wardrobe basics, simple gold jewelry, where to buy bras + undies and more!  This episode is sponsored by Global Healing, the brand behind the Oxy Powder pills I swear by! The great news is podcast listeners are getting an exclusive 15% off! Use the code LIVING15 when you place your order here:  Check out more info + product resources here:
Today’s guest is Landyn’s new favorite lifestyle blogger, Anna Mae Groves. Anna is a wife of 21 years and the mom of four beautiful young men. Landyn recently connected with Anna and they clicked immediately through shared interests in cooking, home, family and beauty. This inspiring episode covers: A heart to heart conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement and how to navigate important changes with empathy and kindness. The importance of family, being there for teenagers and maintaining connection in your marriage. Starting a lifestyle blog + sharing authentic content. The secret’s to Anna's glowing skin + favorite skincare products. Her homemade linen spray that will make your sheets fresh + clean! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy two new friends get to know each other. You’ll walk away with a full heart and some new tricks up your sleeve! Follow Anna here: For more info from the episode, check out:
In Part 2 of this hilarious conversation with Landyn and Stephanie Chapman – singer, songwriter, and mama of three – the girls continue their chat on what a perfect day as a mother looks like (all those mamas out there will relate!) and also the importance of throwing out all judgmental thoughts + narratives. Pull up a seat because this comedic duo is giving you a front row seat into their fun, loving, and unique friendship. They dive into: If a mama could choose their version of a perfect, exactly what it would look like; The best, two-ingredient chicken recipe you’ve ever seen; The best (and most unexpected) hostess gift, and Where judgment really stems from.   This episode will have you rolling on the floor in laughter, remind you of the importance of surrounding yourself with true friends, and even leave you with a two-ingredient recipe that is bound to go viral! Follow Stephanie here! For more on this episode, check out:
As sweet as she is sassy and as talented as she is funny, today's guest will have you laughing out loud from the moment she takes the mic. Today, Landyn sits down with her dear friend and extraordinary songwriter, Stephanie Chapman! Known for talent, creativity, and her sense of humor, Stephanie is here to bring you joy, brighten your day, and make you laugh until you cry! In this two-part episode, you will feel just like one of the girls as this hilarious duo gives you an insider look at their unique friendship. Proclaimed by Landyn to be one of the funniest people she knows, Stephanie is chock-full of stories from the time she met Keith Urban in adult braces, to the moment that her favorite cat that came back to life, to cliffhangers about Ed Sheeran, Merle Haggard, and Tom Hanks. Stephanie and Landyn also get real with one another and open up about all things motherhood, marriage, friendship - and of course, home decor, including their favorite Instagram accounts to follow. This episode will have you rolling on the floor in laughter, remind you of the importance of surrounding yourself with true friends, and encouragement to call up your friends to tell them how much they mean to you! Follow Stephanie here! For more on this episode, check out:
Feel like you have a million and one irons in the fire on any given day?! And if you're the people pleasing type, you can feel guilty for ever saying no or setting a boundary! If you're tired of always saying yes and regretting it later on, this episode is for you! Tune in as Landyn breaks down exactly what it means and looks like to live out her 2020 motto: If it's not a hell yes, it's a no. In this short and punchy chat, Landyn is dishing out that little push we could all use in remembering: you have the permission to say no. You are *not* a bad person for turning something down, a simple 'no thank you' is more than sufficient.  Listen in for Landyn's decision making process on how she intentionally chooses to fill her life with the things and experiences she is passionate about. No more simply 'pushing through' a commitment that your heart is not a part of in the first place. Because your one life is far too important to be filled with things that are not *truly* important to you.  Need a daily reminder of this motto? Get your hands on Landyn's mug! For more about this episode, visit
Today’s guest, April Tomlin of April Tomlin Interiors, is truly redefining southern design. Ten years ago April made the decision to pursue her passion in interior design full time. Since then, she has attracted a roster of A-list clientele from the music and sports industries with her distinctive style.  Using organic and raw materials juxtaposed with a clean and simple palette, April’s designs have been featured by People, West Elm, Architectural Digest, Nashville Lifestyles - just to name a few.  And today - she is answering all of your burning questions! In today’s episode, Landyn sits down with the queen of design herself to dive right into your most requested topics! From rugs, to small space hacks, where to source decor, and room layouts, April and Landyn cover it all.  You will hear all about the current color trends in the industry, where to begin when tackling a room design, when and how to incorporate pops of color, and so much more! This fast, fun, and informative episode will get you up to speed on the latest in the design world and leave you with tips and tricks to tackle your next design project with confidence.  You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Be ready to walk away equipped to make your house a home! Follow April on Instagram! For more info from the episode, check out
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Jessica McCabe

love this podcast so much!!!

Aug 26th

LaShea Russell

OMG....sad summer is a REAL thing. I am a seasoned military spouse and summers are hard for a variety of reasons. I am grateful you gave it a label. I ❤ this podcast...such a blessing

May 16th
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