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Webroot returns with another podcast series, this time exploring how MSPs can mitigate risks and boost cyber defenses within their own businesses. ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert editor Joe Panettieri is joined by Webroot experts for a miniseries that looks at the trends and threats facing today’s MSPs.
24 Episodes
You might be surprised to hear this episode's guest suggest MSPs don't start with technology when building a cyber resilient business. To protect themselves and their customers, sr. product marketing manager Holly Spiers says to start with your security gaps and the technology will follow.
This episode explores the critical importance of cyber resilience in a remote work world. Network security expert Jonathan Barnett will briefly explain the term cyber resilience and then dive into remote work cyber risks that MSPs and SMBs should address.
What is cyber resilience? How does it differ from cybersecurity? How can MSPs and SMBs take a more holistic approach to protecting themselves from today's attacks? Sr. Director of product management Nick Emanuel provides a roadmap for businesses looking to adopt a cyber resilience posture. 
DRaaS, BaaS, HWaaS, RPO, RTO...Too often discussions of data backup and recovery revert to an alphabet soup of acronyms. In this episode, host Joe Panettieri and guests cut through the confusion to focus on what MSPs and small businesses really need when it comes to data protection.
Gauging the risk of billions of data objects—URLs, IPs, apps, etc.—requires context. In this episode, OpenText's Cathy Yang explains how the Webroot Threat Investigator tool allows threat hunters to focus on the relationships between data points, gathered by real-word sensors, to create more actionable threat intelligence.
Atlanta, Baltimore, Knoxville: These cities were all struck by ransomware in recent years. Here, host Joe Panettieri and Webroot threat analyst Tyler Moffitt explore what makes the public sector an attractive target for ransomware actors and how MSPs can tailor their cybersecurity strategies for state and local governments. 
Host Joe Panettieri talks with Webroot engineering services manager Briana Butler about worrisome trends concerning women in cybersecurity, especially given the industry's skills gap and organizations working to address the problem.
Hackers have evolved their tactics to target remote workers. In this episode, Webroot and Carbonite director of security intelligence Grayson Milbourne provides advice for foiling these new attacks with a checklist for a work-from-home clientele.
In this episode, Webroot's George Anderson and Dr. Prashanth Rajivan, assistant professor at the University of Washington and expert on the human dimensions of cybersecurity, join host Joe Panettieri to discuss how human psychology makes us take the bait in phishing attacks.
The first improvements to DNS in decades will improve privacy and security. They could also reduce network visibility. Our host talks and network security expert Jonathan Burnett discuss what DoH means for you.
Ever wonder how third-party endpoint security evaluations are conducted? Who does the testing, how’s it done and how is success determined? We tackle those questions head on in this episode of Lockdown Lessons
You've likely heard the term. But what does it mean? Marketing or mission critical? Our host sits down with an industry veteran to discuss what it takes for businesses to stay on course—no matter what.
FBI Warning To MSPs

FBI Warning To MSPs


Webroot’s George Anderson returns to discuss a pointed warning issued to MSPs by the FBI about being a vector for attacks against their customers. With host Joe Paniettieri, Anderson evaluates the memo and the response it’s elicited from MSPs.
Host Joe Panettieri and Webroot's George Anderson contrast traditional endpoint protection with the surging popularity of Automated Detection and Response (ADR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) approaches to threat hunting.
Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst, joins host Joe Panettieri to examine the hacker type they call “the Hoodie”. They discuss what defines this type of hacker, who the Hoodie targets, what he really wants, and how businesses can better protect themselves.
Hackers’ motivations range from ethical to extremely destructive. While white hat hackers test and assess systems, black hats pose a huge threat to businesses. Joe and Security Analyst Tyler Moffitt discuss the differences and what they mean to you.
Hackers come in many forms, and those with ill intentions can cripple or destroy your business. To help MSPs and SMBs know their enemy, host Joe chats with Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst, to debunk the most common hacker myths.
Host Joe Panettieri invites Webroot's Shane Cooper back to cover how a simple combination of the right advanced software solutions and regular updates and patches can help businesses and MSPs close significant security gaps.
Shane Cooper, manager of business sales engineering at Webroot, joins Joe to explain how businesses and MSPs can close security gaps just by disabling common (but generally unnecessary) services in the Windows® OS.
Joe and James Motz, NOC Manager at MyTech Partners MSP, return for this second Lockdown Lesson on network security. This time, they tackle network segmentation and how this simple step can reduce risk and even prevent the spread of malware.
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