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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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Randi has an issue with her mom, who constantly rags on her and criticizes her. Protests over the death of George Floyd broke out in downtown Columbus last night. 10 TV meterologist, Mike Davis, has been sentenced for child pornography. Freezing your cereal bowl will make the cereal much better. Plus, New Music Friday, the Immortal Matt Brown, Alice Cooper tap dancing, embarrassing selfie, and more!
A bar in Texas is banning customers from wearing masks....would you go in? How would you feel if your dinner host served spaghetti by hand? What is the person next to you doing right now? Scott Baio and Wanda Sykes are fighting on social media. Plus, travel, Claritin D, Vegas casinos, Disney World, and more!
Loper has returned to the gym and Randi is back at tennis. There are now only two positions you are allowed to do with prostitutes. It is getting tough to find an above ground pool. KFC is introducing their brand new chicken sandwich. Plus, Egg Roulette, legal advice, bald eagle increase, and more.
Randi had a very embarrassing moment in the bathroom. Loper played baseball...Loper got hurt. Debunking the myth that the Farmer's Almanac predicted Covid-19. You can buy Elvis Preseley's used, rhinestone studded jock strap. What do you do when your next door neighbor decides to become a beekeeper? Plus, Treadmill Trivia, gyms are open, Randy Jackson, and more!
Ohio State is trying to put together a plan to allow fans at football games this season. There are 47 keys to successful flirting. It looks like we are going to see a Tyson Holyfield rematch. How would your kids feel about making up school in the summer time? Plus, New Music Friday, lockdown and drunk, Tony Hawk, Memorial Day, catnip, and more!
Loper found a new for your balls. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are done and it may be thanks to MGK. Just add a little salt water to your strawberries and you will discover the cute little worms living inside. The beard evolved from fighting. No one knows when they last wore real pants. Plus, opening gyms, new movies, new TV, reliable streaming, Michael Jordan, Death Angel, and more!
Was Loper really going to buy a $110,000 Persian rug? A Costco customer got thrown out for not wearing a mask and he has gone viral. Joe Rogan just got a huge podcast deal with Spotify. Folks down in Texas did not let Covid-19 stop their annual topless jeep party. Plus, Egg Roulette, flooding, the titanic, free legal advice, and more!
The Immortal Matt Brown calls into the show to talk about the UFC fights. If you notice your significant other's phone like this all the time, you may need to worry. Las Vegas looks like it is starting to open up. Marijuana sales have skyrocketed. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, HOA rules, how to date a celeb, Ryan Seacrest, and more!
Randi's friend, Lauren, just found out that her Atlanta cul-de-sac is full of swingers. Bars are coming up with some odd social distancing hacks. Matt Brown and the UFC fights. Loper & Randi are debating about where to go for some vacation time. Plus, local bar issues, wearing masks, baseball and tennis rules, and more!
Today is Loper's birthday and it was fulled with lots of surprises. A vegan listener is upset because his wife has started eating meat again. Kids are eating parents out of house and home. A cat got adopted because of its very special skill. Plus, New Music Friday, bankruptcy filings, Loper's mom, and more!
Today we moved into our brand new studio at the Blitz. Are there really people to tip at an automated car wash? Pajama sales are going through the roof. You can get married for free where the Eagles play football in Philadelphia. We have probably seen the end of buffets, but Golden Corral has a plan. Plus, rock band merchandise, Melissa Etheridge, deadly driver's ed, and more!
Randi made lasagna for dinner last night and shut down Loper when he reached for a topping. A pro baseball player has concerns about sports coming back. California has closed down until August. A listener is having a moral dilemma because she was not charged for her groceries. Plus, going shopping, Tekashi 6ix 9ine, gyms, legal advice, Egg Roulette, masks, and more!
We can go back to shopping, so where do you want to go first? Or will you go at all? We got to hear some ridiculous excuses for calling off work today. Loper is trying to get his cat to stop scratching up their furniture. People want back in the gyms and they are starting to protest. Plus, complicated passwords, French country, Radio Recliner, Treadmill Trivia, and more!
We want to know what skills you developed during quarantine...Thick rick put on panties. People are doing a lot more impulse buying during quarantine. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have a lot of dogs in their many is too many? Where will you swim this summer? Plus, Gatlinburg, TN, Captain Crunch Ice Cream, MawMaw Monday, UFC 249, and more!
Loper faced a moral dilemma at a handicap parking space. Loper's birthday will end up being a celebration that opens the world. Sports is really coming back and it starts this weekend. A nurse in New York stole something from a dying patient. Plus, New Music Friday, the water fountain, the peanut and hot dog industry, Waco on Netflix, and more!
Loper had some issues riding a bike yesterday...well his son's bike that is. If you are pregnant, do you deserve a Mother's Day gift? There are real live UFC fights this weekend. Baltimore Raven Earl Thomas found himself in the middle of some crazy sex orgy wife gun drama. We have an update on the woman who was drowned by an alligator. Plus, the blood moon, American Horror Story, top streamed shows, and more!
Covid-19 is mutating in Europe and a Covid researcher was murdered. It was not easy to get Mexican food yesterday for Cinco De Mayo. Billabong and Metallica have teamed up for some sick summer attire. Is it okay for your wife to hire the male nanny that she thinks is amazing? Plus, Kelly's day off, Egg Roulette, Brian Johnson's Hoover ad, and more!
Loper is used to soap bottles with aprons on them in his home...and apparently so are many of you. Wendy's uses fresh ground beef which is making it hard to get a hamburger. Are you going to find a way to party with friends on this Cinco De Mayo? Mike Tyson is rumored to be coming out of retirement to fight again. Plus, Dirty Minds, Joe Exotic, restaurant openings, chicken eggs, and more!
Something we can still celebrate is Star Wars day. The hot new place to find a date is any home and garden store. Loper got a view he wasn't expecting during a family bike ride. Nothing like stepping in dog poop in your own yard and you don't own a dog. Plus, Rock Star moms, Lebron cheating rumor, Murder hornets, Meyers Jewelers, stimulus checks, and more!
Randi brought Kelly some Chili Cheese Fritos and Kelly could not believe them. NASCAR will be the first sport to really come back. There may be a meat shortage on the horizon. Hercules live and other movies. Plus, new music Friday, eels are getting lonely, do you rock a mask, tipping drivers, and more!
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