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Loper & Randi Podcasts on 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio. Listen Live from 6a - 10a weekday mornings and Rewind Saturday 6a-12p
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Should Tom Brady play for another team? The shock and emotional fallout from Kobe Bryant's death. Imagine getting a tape worm from a vacation you took 10 years ago. UFC bad boys Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Matt Brown stop by the show. A police officer lies to a child. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Justin Bieber to play the Shoe, the Corona virus, and more!
Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter died in a helicopter crash. Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith are at odds over Stephen's UFC analysis. Randi has created a contest where you bedazzle a Corona Virus mask for her to win UFC tickets. Trump has launched an outer space Air Force. Plus vacation deprivation, TV to watch, MawMaw Monday, the Grammys, Superbowl foods, and more!
A guy claimed to be able to taste soy sauce by dumping it on his junk, so Loper tested it out to find out if it really worked. Randi competed in a tennis tournament yesterday. China has figured out what started the Corona Virus. We have a Loveless In Columbus update. Plus, New Music Friday, Porn Hub, Neil Young, the best winter, and more!
Kirk Hammett says Metallica's battle with Napster was a complete waste of time and energy. What long term argument did you have that turned out to be completely pointless? Randi may have had her most embarrassing moment ever and she tells all. UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, stops by the show. Plus Price Is Right, support animals on planes, impeachment bore fest, and more!
Kansas and Kansas State had a big brawl after their basketball game. Tom Hanks was hacked and is not really endorsing that. Netflix has a rating system that does not seem very legit. KFC had to apologize for their latest TV commercial...what's the problem? We had a great discussion about things getting thrown during an argument. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, Pam Anderson, Popeye's, and more!
Could Bratt Pitt and Jennifer Anniston be reuniting? Turns out lots of people get married to someone more than once. Ozzy Osbourne has a form of Parkinson's after having the worst year of his life. The dad of a wrestler attacked his son's opponent for an illegal take down. Guess who no longer has the top selling jersey in the NFL? Plus, Treadmill Trivia, a new AC/DC album and tour, Wake n Bake Trivia, and more!
Wild cats in Australia are some very dangerous creatures. The Superbowl is all set. Conor McGregor made an amazing return to the UFC Saturday night and Loper teared up a bit. Tinder was hacked and there are lots of pictures and info out there. Guess what this audio of Randi's mom is from. Plus, gymnastics, MawMaw Monday, Match Game, Brad and Jenn, the Wiggles, and more!
Randi continues to drain Loper of his money for her trip to Vail. Who or what do you trust and have faith in? 100 years after prohibition. Snoop Dogg and Guns N Roses to do a pre Suberbowl concert together. Plus, New Music Friday, Scorpions, Queensryche, Josh Blue, and more!
Randi is bleeding Loper dry because of her upcoming ski trip. We have a card update for the UFC fights in Columbus this March. Loper keeps bringing cups to work and forgetting to take them home. Our Blitz calendar cover girl stops by for an update on our Loveless in Columbus dating contest. Plus, career changes, crazy divorces, top rock of the 2010s, the Friends reunion, your cat will eat you if you die, , and more!
Pearl Jam has a new album and tour coming. A jet plane dumped a ton of jet fuel over kids on school playgrounds. A man was able to successfully create a bulletproof storm trooper outfit with a 3D printer. Plus, Egg Roulette, free legal advice, MTV VJs, divorce month, and more!
LSU is your college football national champion. Dr. Oz says breakfast is not necessary, but Mark Wahlberg disagrees. Trick Daddy got arrested with weed and cocaine, but claims it is all medicinal. Randi needs high end travel in Colorado. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, a 6 year old cancer survivor, a royal family update, and more!
People have been fat shaming Chris Jericho on social media. Randi is headed west to do some skiing. A new Silence of the Lambs series is coming soon. What would you stop doing if you could? UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, dropped by the show this morning. Plus, MawMaw Monday, concert announcement, Drunk driver's ed, flu shots for the mini Lopers, Rock N Roll HOF fan votes, and more!
How do you deal with your kids trying to get in bed with you and sleep at night? Dcotors are warning people not to use toothpaste as lubricant....people need told this? We want to know what the best pizza in Columbus is. Taco Bell is going to pay their managers 6 figures. Sgt. Salguhter of the old WWF is being accused of stolen valor. Plus, new music Friday, comedian Ryan Hamilton, royal family drama, and more!
Kelly Quinn returned to the show this morning. The royal family is in disarray over #Megxit. Green Day wants to play a concert in your backyard. There is a proposal to ban sex predators on New York City subways. So many festivals, so little time. Plus, Egg Roulette, Jean Luc Grand Pierre, aches and pains, Vegas sports teams, and more!
Our Blitz Calendar cover girl, Erica May, joined us this morning so everyone could get to know her as we prepare to make one lucky guy her next date. The XFL has some pretty cool rules that the NFL doest not. Gas prices are starting climb around town. Steve Palmer is in with free legal advice. Plus, Motley Crue, Inkcarceration, Iraq, Loper's mole, and more!
Nirvana did a reunion over the weekend. We have found the happiest drive-thru worker in the world. We test your knowledge of Fred Durst's sex resume. Thick rick is obsessed with the game, Settlers Of Catan. Plus, new visors in cars, Treadmill Trivia, Sony cars, the environment and more!
The Lopers took mini Loper, Makenzie, out for a hibachi dinner and to see Cats for her birthday and the reviews are in. Gene Simmons likes to out ice in his cereal. People who have birthdays close to a holiday get cheated. How long can you leave your Christmas tree, lights, and decorations up? Plus, the Beastie Boys have a book, Elon Musk, Match Game, Lori Loughlin goes to prison school, and more!
Vacation is over which means Loper and Randi are back live. The state of Illinois has legalized recreational weed. Gwen Catfani brought hellfire to the Loper home. Loper and Randi spent New Year's Eve in Atlanta watching one band for 6 hours. Plus, Wake N Bake, penguin sex, stolen llamas, Ozzy Osbourne, a mashup of Wham and Slayer, and more!
Loper and Randi bring in Christmas gifts. We found out that kids are dominating Youtube and raking in millions. UFC fighter, Matt Brown, is back from his big win in Vegas and stops in to hang out. Plus, Dirty Minds, Inkcarceration, Helium Theater, White Christmas, and more!
We have some information about the new Bill & Ted movie. A major classic rock band has a huge show coming to Las Vegas. Randi shares a story about a friend who has to keep an unbelievable secret from her mother. We announce the lineup for Inkcarceration. Plus, Egg Roulette, sugar depression, a Lori Loughlin update, and more!
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