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Just two guys shooting the breeze about pinball. Send questions and comments to
10 Episodes
In Episode 10, we sit down with Dan Nikolich and talk all things Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown! After the interview we talk Flip N Out pinball stream and the results of the Aquabats pinball theme
In episode 9 we catch up with the ongoings of Scott and Josh. We talk about the little news going on in the hobby. Josh reveals what it means to be a LoserKid. Scott and Josh talk about their top 3 music pin ideas. Don't forget to go to to vote!Or send us your thoughts to
In this episode with get to talk to Eric Meunier (Game designer of JJP Pirates of the Caribbean ) and get to peek behind the curtain at Willy Wonka along with some of the cool stuff it took to make PotC.If you want to follow along with the show on some of the things we discuss, then here are the links:Deeproot's RAZA ( Save Ep 21 ( on Head2Head talking Wonka ( Hardy Expedition for Gold Custom Pin ( or Die Pinball Podcast with Raymond Davidson (
You know, we were going to talk about a specific topic but we got distracted by Black Knight and Willy Wonka. So we hope you enjoy!Check us out or contact us
Episode 6: TPF and Twipys!

Episode 6: TPF and Twipys!


We do a recap of TPF and the Twipys along with some interesting info (well we find interesting) about Steve Richtie's next pin. If you want to follow along with the Twipy categories, go to
In this episode we sit down with Dan Newman to get an idea of what it takes to start a pinball league and get tournaments going!If you want to join us at the Salt Lake Gaming Con or just want more info, check out
We sit down with the legendary Jeff Rivera of the Pinball Podcast and talk all about getting longevity out of a pinball collection, beaver, and getting rammed by a bull! Come join us in the fun.Check out the Cowboy Pinball story @ song: Cinnamon Scars by The HanksOutro song: Stockholm Syndrome by Muse
Episode 3 we talk about a bunch of different topics including:- Monty Python pin- Evil Dead Pin- James Bond Pin- Angry Birds pinAnd how to start a game room, where to find pins, pros and cons for new, slightly used, and used pins, and our top 3 toys on a pin.
This time around I sit down with Scott Larson as my co host. We cover different things like Munsters, Monster Bash, and what we would like to see in the future from the hobby. Also a couple of tips for those people looking to buy pinball for their first time.
In this introduction, I decide to dip my toe in the metaphorical pinball podcasting pool.If you want to join in on the discussion email me at
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