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Author: Azuree Ashby

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Are you ready to have the money conversation---with your PARTNER?? The topic of money and finances can be daunting, especially if you and your partner have different opinions on the topic! Join CPA, Azuree Ashby as she coaches a series of couples on how to navigate a pathway to Financial Freedom, use their differences to their advantage and prioritize Love, Then Money.

What is the one thing that couples dread talking about even more than sex? That’s right, it’s MONEY! In Love, Then Money, we follow couples on their journey to solidify their relationship in terms of money and how they are working together (or not) to achieve their financial goals. Join Azuree Ashby, CPA as she coaches couples on navigating a pathway to financial freedom by using their differences to their advantage to prioritize love THEN money!

18 Episodes
Episode 17 - In Between The Sheets with Marla Mattenson
On today’s episode of Love, Then Money, Marla Mattenson shares her wisdom of managing intimacy and relationships within an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Throughout her 23 years of experience in the field, she has coached Academy Award Winning actors, producers, directors, Grammy-Award Winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. Marla specifically focuses on the importance of learning to receive love, help, and the truth from others. Learning to receive will open up so many important doors within a relationship, especially a relationship where one or both people are transitioning into an entrepreneurial life. Get ready to learn all about incorporating the value of receiving into all aspects of life and relationships, from creating pathways to positive change, enhancing your sex life, and starting up a business. Some Questions I Ask: ·     How do you create a growth mindset in a relationship that’s unfamiliar with that mode? How do you learn to receive? (3:45)·     What if the concept of “self-help” is completely foreign to you? (9:45)·     What do you do if both parties aren’t willing to make space for change in your relationship? (9:51)·     What is the role of gender roles in today’s relationships? (15:10)·     When and how can you implement a session of 3-minutes of sexy-time into your schedule with your partner? (31:49)·     How can we overcome the societal negativity around money? (42:05)·     What is the #1 thing for parents to teach their children about money? (52:34)·     How do you navigate making the leap into entrepreneurship within a relationship? (55:35)In This Episode You Will Learn: ·     How learning to receive can benefit your relationship. (4:17)·     Key reflection questions to prepare for receiving truth and making positive change. (5:52)·     How to claim responsibility for your own happiness. (11:10)·     How to approach gender roles in today’s relationships. (16:15)·     How reframing stories you tell yourself can open you up to the truth. (26:47)·     Ways to kick-start sexual intimacy in your relationship again. (32:26)·     How you can learn to love money and reject societal negativity around money. (46:00)·     How to integrate everything your life to allow for full access to life. (49:53)·     Why teaching children the truth about wealth is crucial. (52:45)·     How to successfully navigate a relationship while starting a business. (55:57)Connect with Marla Mattenson:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
Needing Certainty - Katelyn & Jenny Part 3
On today’s episode of Love, Then Money, Katelyn and Jenny discuss their primary money personalities and top human needs, and how those two aspects interact within oneself and with a life partner. Jenny and Katelyn have very different ways of approaching financial situations, but their values oftentimes still align. When it comes to fulfilling needs, Katelyn seeks financial security and Jenny seeks fulfillment of love and connection. For Katelyn, seeking financial security oftentimes means building up their savings account. Jenny seeks fulfillment in the opposite way: through spending money. In the end, both of these needs and money personalities and spending tendencies present themselves in ways that both Katelyn and Jenny purely strive to care for their family. Some Questions I Ask: ·     Are your primary money personality and top human needs where you want them to be? If not, what would you change? (3:20)·     How do you see money personalities and how do you see those personalities meeting Jenny’s needs? (4:06)·     What are your primary financial goals and why? (5:11)·     How does your need for significance play into your primary personality of love and connection? (11:57)In This Episode You Will Learn: ·     Katelyn’s primary personality. (2:00)·     How Katelyn’s personality fulfills Jenny’s primary human and financial needs. (4:16)·     Katelyn’s financial goals. (5:34)·     Jenny’s primary personality. (6:46)·     Jenny’s understanding of her own human and financial needs. (8:32)·     Jenny’s financial goals. (9:33). ·     How the need for significance can play into the value of love and connection. (16:08)The Body Electric:WebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeYelp
I Wouldn't Call Myself a Workaholic-Katelyn & Jenny Part 2
On today’s episode of Love, Then Money, Katelyn and Jenny discuss their limiting beliefs around money, where those beliefs come from, and how they impact their relationship with finances today. Jenny and Katelyn are business partners that own a yoga studio. Even though they have the same salary, they still take very different approaches on how to use their money. Katelyn thrives on the freedom that financial stability gives her, but she also wants to save for the future. Jenny, however, is limited by the fear that financial planning brings her. Jenny and Katelyn’s responses to dealing with finances are reflections of their childhood experiences with money. They both discuss the financial struggles that they experienced growing up, and how their parents’ perspectives helped shape the ways they view money today. Some Questions I Ask:·     What are your limiting beliefs around money? (1:29)·     How does living in the moment affect your finances? (2:42)·     Where does the habit of constantly thinking about the future come from? (3:34)·     Will you ever be ready to stop working? What is your vision for the future? (3:49)·     How do you feel the universe works with determining who deserves money and who doesn’t? (10:30)·     Do you feel guilty for being financially successful? (14:09)·     Is giving money ever a point of contention in the relationship? (15:59)In This Episode You Will Learn: ·     Katelyn’s limiting beliefs about money. (1:37)·     Katelyn’s financial vision for the next 5 years and beyond. (4:06)·     Jenny’s limiting beliefs about money. (8:37)·     Jenny’s hesitation to have a vision about money. (9:40) ·     How your childhood experience with money influences your habits as an adult. (15:17)·     How giving or donating money can be a point of contention in a relationship. (16:18)The Body Electric:WebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeYelp 
Two Yogis Meet a CPA - Katelyn & Jenny Part 1
On today’s episode of Love, Then Money, a couple shares their experience with keeping track of their finances, developing philanthropic plans, and still leaving room for spontaneous spending.  Jenny and Katelyn are both business and life partners who have been together for nearly a decade. Together, they’ve opened a wildly successful yoga studio in St. Petersburg, FL called The Body Electric Yoga Company, or The B. Even though their money comes from the same place, Jenny and Katelyn take very different approaches to managing their money. Jenny prefers a hands-off role, while Katelyn takes care of most of the bills and banking responsibilities. They both see that things are going well financially, but there is still room to perfect their financial strategies. Some Questions I Ask: ·     What are your current money roles in the relationship? (6:08)·     Are you happy with your financial roles right now? (8:54)About Jenny and Katelyn: ·     Jenny and Katelyn are both business partners and life partners. (1:31)·     Jenny and Katelyn have the same salary and savings, making everything uniquely equal. (1:47)·     They keep their own checking accounts for personal spending, but most of their money goes into a join account for paying bills. (6:33)·     They recently started using a financial planner. (6:45)·     Jenny, having grown up poor in a rich neighborhood, prefers to think about money as little as possible. Katelyn, however, takes a more hands-on approach to their finances. (6:57)·     They currently don’t have a spending budget. (8:00)·     When they need money to pay bills, they take draws on the business. (8:10)·     Overall, they are relaxed and happy with their financial management roles and situation. (9:04)·     They don’t really track their spending or donating habits but would like to improve in this area. (9:09)The Body Electric:WebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeYelp
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