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Well, we’ve had a long old break but The Morning After is BACK! Join Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free the morning after the night before, every Monday to Saturday on the only official Love Island podcast. You’ll hear from some of your favourite celebs in the crucial debrief of last night’s episode - it’s basically like a WhatsApp group that we’re all invited to! Plus, you’ll hear exclusive villa gossip, the lowdown from our dumped Islanders, PLUS regular appearances from comedian Steff Todd and our very own Agony Aunt, Olivia Attwood. Crack on with the conversation on Twitter using @LoveIsland, #LoveIsland, #LoveIslandPodcast, or email us at and we might even use your comments in an episode. See you in the morning!
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Millie and Liam are our winners of Love Island 2021! Who wants to be a Milliamaire?! We all do - they're absolute couple goals. Unbelievably, it's time for our final morning debrief of the series. We also take a trip back to the start of the series to see what Kem and Arielle predicted would happen. Spoiler alert: Kem didn't do very well... For the last time, we saw our Islanders spend a day together in the villa. They did a conga line, they had a salsa class, they wrote beautiful speeches to one another, they put on gorgeous outfits, they jumped in the pool wearing those gorgeous outfits... pretty much the perfect day as far as we're concerned. Faye + Teddy, Kaz + Tyler and Chloe + Toby were our fabulous runners up - we're so proud of all of them. Does anyone else want to just ask them all if they all just want to stay in the villa for a few more weeks? We love them all so much! Thanks to everyone who has spent mornings with us for the last eight weeks - it has been a wild ride, but we wouldn't want it any other way. Anyone got any plans for 9pm tonight? Hit us up if you can think of anything to do, we're at a bit of a loss tbh.
What did we learn last night? Thong bikini and crocs is a totally acceptable outfit to wear to meet your partner's parents for the first time. Jamz Supernova is here for our penultimate debrief of the series - we're all getting a bit emosh that it's all coming to a close...Not only that - Jake and Liberty are on the podcast this morning for a good old catch up on how they're feeling after leaving the villa. Might there be a future outside the villa for Jiberty? Do they have any regrets? We're so happy to be able to talk to them after the journey we've been on with them this summer! Chloe and Toby went to wonderland on their final date! They had a gorgeous tea party in the woods, surrounded by pictures of their time together. Toby even bought some sweets back to the villa for the other Islanders, cutie pops. It was friends and family day in the villa last night - and it basically made all of us cry. There were a few bombshells amongst the friends and family - eh? We're all patiently waiting for an invite to Tyler's Dad's barbecue. SO - tonight is the big finale. We're going to be finding out our winners of Love Island 2021! We have four loved-up couples heading into the final: Kaz + Tyler, Liam + Millie, Faye + Teddy and Chloe + Toby. Ohhhhh we love them all so much - can we have a four way tie please? We have one more episode left of the series (sob!) and if you want to get involved, you can keep tweeting us on #LoveIslandPodcast. Oh, we're going to miss you lot!Also, if you're thinking you were suffering from triple vision last night - don't worry. You weren't seeing three Chloes, it was just her mum and sister. Cancel that opticians' appointment.
OMG can't believe Millie and Liam got to meet the flamenco dancer emoji in real life!You've seen her hilarious Love Island TikToks and now she's on the podcast - Abi Clarke is our guest on The Morning After today! We're almost at the end of the series - but we somehow still have drama to debrief. Liberty and Jake made the decision to leave the villa. It's safe to say that a few weeks ago, none of us would have expected this to happen. But hey, if you can't fix things while you're on a super yacht - where are you going to be able to fix things? As they were leaving there were a lot of tears from the girls, and a -er- pile on from the boys. What's meant to be will be, and Jiberty just weren't meant to be :( Millie and Liam went on their final date... and they dropped the L-bomb! Well, come on - candlelit castle, flamenco dancers... who could resist? We still haven't seen Chloe and Toby go on their date. There was a little preview of it - but we're still kinda hoping they might be going to a big ball pit. Oh, the young at heart. And - it's time for the final JD Graft Off of the series... and we're playing for DOUBLE POINTS! So, whoever Sideman crowns top grafter of today will also be top grafter of the series. The pressure is on. Right... got to go and hoover the villa and do the washing up - Mum's coming round today!
Nothing says happy birthday like a naan bread slathered in chocolate spread! She has delighted us with her incredible impressions all series, but she's with us for the last time this morning - it's Steff Todd! She's going to be getting down and dirty with the debrief, but we've heard a rumour that there's a couple of impressions that she hasn't pulled out of the bag yet. Wonder who they might be? We also have Mary and Aaron here for their first interview since leaving the villa! They fill us in on their post-villa plans, what went on behind-the-scenes of the talent show and what those 48 hours of chaos after the compatibility vote. And, phwoar - they are a fit couple. So - as of last night, Jiberty is done. We were so upset to see both of them go through that, especially after the journey they've been on. But it just goes to show, you never know what's going to happen in the Love Island villa. We did see them on their dream yacht date in the preview for tonight's episode - we'll have to wait and see how that works out... Meanwhile, Faye and Teddy are officially boyfriend and girlfriend! And they did it in style (surrounded by soggy petals). Kaz and Tyler trotted off to a gorgeous square and were serenaded by a string quartet - it's a shame they didn't get Millie down there on her piano, tbh. Get involved with the show using #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read your tweets out on the podcast! Anyone else still wondering why Teddy went into the pool fully dressed?
Someone please alert the Archbishop of Canterbury - we've had two immaculate conceptions! Kaz and Mary brought babies into the world without even graduating!!! We've got a podcast bursting with pals this morning - first up our Love Island Series Two winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are here for Throwback Thursday this morning. We figured they miiiiiight know a thing or two about the whole parenting thing. Plastic babies are good training for the real thing, right?! Then, they're so fresh out of the villa that they're actually still in Majorca... Priya and Brett are on the podcast! They fill us in about how they're feeling now they're out of the villa: Priya lets us know how she's feeling after ick-gate and Brett gives Kem an update on his PhD. So, the stork landed in the villa last night and dropped off six new bundles of -er- joy... okay, mainly screaming and not much joy. Tommy, Benjamin, Remi, Sienna, Marley and Jackson put our couples relationships to the test last night (but don't worry - the boys still managed to fit in a round of golf) And we're going to have to talk about that preview. It looked like Liberty was crying PROPER tears... we'll have to find out in tonight's episode. Surely it's not game over for Jiberty this late in the day?! There's still time for you to get involved - you can tweet us using #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read out your tweet here on The Morning After! Also, let's clear things up - it looked like Faye was hiding from the baby in the cupboard but really she was just looking for the entrance to Narnia. Have some respect, guys.
Rumour has it they're clearing a space in the National Portrait Gallery for Tyler's drawing of Kaz as we speak. Chris Stark is joining Kem and Arielle for our morning Love Island debrief today! We could talk to him all day and we're glad, because we've got a lot to discuss and dissect ... it was a pretty tense one. Hard to watch at points - and that was just the talents! First off, we had to deal with the fallout from the compatibility vote. Some of the Islanders got their investigation hats on and worked out who had voted for who - and let's just say not everyone was happy about it. Things got quite heated and there was a biiiit of shouting :( Hey guys, please can we all be friends - there's only one week left! Nothing lifts the mood like a talent show, does it?! Our Islanders took part in the annual Love Island Talent Show - and, wow, what a bunch. We had everything from Tom Jones to Carol Vorderman. THE RANGE! Our resident agony aunt Olivia Attwood signs off for the series in the final edition of Liv Island - but somehow we've had ANOTHER email from Mallorca?! We really should have worked out how all those emails were getting through by this point... If you want to get involved - you can still tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read your tweet out on the podcast! Does anyone want to call Ed Sheeran to ask if he wants Millie to do keys on the new album? Cheers.
It's like the old saying goes; cheese and wine will make her feel fine, coffee and a biscuit will give her the ick. Pips Taylor (aka The Cheese Chomper) is here with Kem and Arielle for our morning debrief today! They were officially the villa's most intelligent couple - but they just couldn't get past their difference of opinion on cheese... and so we sadly waved goodbye to Priya and Brett and their Love Island no-mance. And while we're talking about Priya - she casually pressed the chaos button when she left the villa last night by telling Faye that she and Brett didn't vote for Faye and Teddy as the least compatible couple - which has massively narrowed down who voted for them. By the looks of things, it's going to ge *quite* heated between Faye and Jake tonight. It's our honour to welcome Hat Wearer of the Year 2021 - Matthew is here on the podcast this morning, and lets us know if he thinks Priya might have made the wrong decision now that she's been dumped (spoiler alert: yes, he does) and which other girl he had his eye on... it's juicy goss, guys. We're sad to report that the Crush Club will be closing it's doors for this series after this morning - but not before we head down there to see who of you lot have been crushing hard this week, though! If you have any love problems that you need solving, you have one last chance to get them in to Olivia Attwood, so email us at and she could solve it for you tomorrow morning right here on the podcast. Maybe now Priya's back off to medical school she might be able to work on a vaccine for the ick? She could help a lot of people out with that...
Tonight on ITV2 at 9pm - fourteen Islanders with very stinky pee. Arielle was busy smashing it on Aftersun last night - so the wonderful Jess Iszatt is here keeping Kem company this morning before she arrives. But don't worry - Arielle brings along her two new pals Abi and Dale to the podcast to have a catch up about their time outside of the villa and to see what they think about what has been going on in the villa since they left... Last night, the boys cooked up a storm for the girls on their dinner dates - but we all left with a bitter taste in our mouths because the dates ended with our Islanders having to vote for the two couples they think are the least compatible... that left Maaron, Feddy, Prett, and Jiberty all at risk of being dumped. We voted on the Love Island app to save our favourite couples, and we're going to find out the results of the vote tonight. It's tense, guys. And let's talk about Jiberty... 'I love you'-gate caused a bit of friction in last night's episode. You know things are serious when someone gets so wound up that they go into a cupboard and take their shirt off. They have smoothed things over now with a sexy suncream massage - but there are still undercurrents of doubts from some of the other Islanders... we'll have to wait to see what happens between them...Meanwhile, Priya and Brett had a snog (with tongues!) but then she said she felt bored on their date, Faye let it slip that she loves Teddy to the girls, Chloe and Toby were pulling moves from Lady and The Tramp, and Kaz had trouble cutting up her asparagus.Tomorrow, we'll be trying to set you up in real life during our Crush Club! If you want to get involved - let us know who you have a crush on by emailing Cute! And please, whatever happens - nobody show Gino D'Acampo the boys' attempt at carbonara... he won't be able to cope :(
How's Priya going to have time to finish medical school AND complete her NVQs? That's a heck of a lot of studying. We've got Cuppy joining us for the Saturday morning debrief! She's the ultimate Love Island stan and we are here for it (we're also here for the fact that she brought some furry friends to the podcast too!) Last night - our Islanders found out how the public had ranked them and it (of course) led to a few awkward moments. Does it matter what the public think? Can that start to change the way you feel about someone in there... feels like we might find out very soon. Jake and Liberty had another jittery day - however, last night's episode ended with him saying I love you to her. HOWEVER - the preview for tomorrow night's episode kinda threw that all up in the air, because it looks like the girls were having a bit of an intervention with Liberty around the firepit. Well, that's all we're going to be able to think about all weekend, isn't it?! Millie and Liam are on the cusp of saying those three words themselves, but they are not quiiiiiiite ready yet. Will they make it offish soon? Meanwhile, Chloe and Toby are on a two person mission to dismantle all the furniture in the villa - and they started with their bed. We're going to blame it on the bedtime boogie... And we're rounding off the week with our favourite alpha male Sideman in this week's JD Graft Off. Arielle is currently in the lead - as we head into the last couple of weeks, can Kem do anything to avoid a crushing defeat? Get involved by tweeting us using #LoveIslandPodcast - and we'll see you on Monday morning! What you doing this weekend? Oh nothing. Just vibin' ;)
Nothing says sex appeal like a polyester mermaid tail, does it?! Chanté Joseph is popping her The Morning After cherry today! She is one of the queens of the Love Island TL and we are so happy she's on the podcast to help us debrief from last night's episode. Anyone else needing to do some controlled breathing exercises to get their heart rate back to normal after that challenge? We saw our Islanders shimmy on down in their finest sexy outfits to try and get each other's hearts racing - and they were IMPRESSIVE. Does anyone know someone who works at the BAFTAs because Toby deserves a nomination for that superhero dance. The character development, the storyline... the EMOTION. Bravo, sir. Kyler made it *exclusive* last night. We're so happy to see them loved up! AND they got a trip to the hideaway - cue sexy outfits and heavy breathing. Liberty has a funny feeling in her gut about Jake... is he genuine? Is he putting it on for the cameras? Has she got the ick because his favourite colour is grey? Only time will tell - and that time is 9pm tonight on ITV2, because by the looks of that preview there will be a tense conversation between them in tonight's episode. And, of course, our lovely friend Steff Todd is here for our weekly dose of impressions. Good news is there are no Scots left in there so there's less chance that Kem's going to do his accent. Small mercies. If you want to get involved, you know what to do - tweet us using #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read it out here tomorrow morning! Just going to save you a bit of time: it's Love Island Series 3, Episode 33 - 33 minutes and 57 seconds. You're welcome.
Our thoughts are with those who watched last night's episode with members of their family. It's Throwback Thursday, baby! We have the one and only Shaughna Phillips on the podcast this morning to get her low down on this year's villa action and also to take a trip down memory lane to Series 6. We had a surprise recoupling last night - which all led up to Priya having to make a difficult decision between Matt and Brett. But our Islanders all saw Matt out of the villa in style by all waving him off wearing their fedoras. We'll miss you Matt! There was a fair bit of synchronised -er- shenanigans in the bedroom last night. Maybe it was a bit cold in there and they all had to warm up? Or maybe it was one of those nights where you just can't get comfortable no matter what position you lie in? Either way, the girls looked lovely at their graduation ceremony... aww, we are so proud of them - get those qualifications! And we're going to have to talk about that preview. It looked a bit like Liberty could be having doubts... we will have to tune in to ITV2 at 9pm tonight to find out the fate of Jiberty. Eeek! If you want to chat to us - use #LoveIslandPodcast and we could read your tweet out right here on the podcast. You can also email us on if you have a dilemma for Liv or a crush for Crush Club. Right, going to do some morning yoga now. Apparently, if you sit crossed legged with your eyes closed for long enough a fit boy will come over and make you an iced coffee. Worth a shot, isn't it?
Starting a petition to get Sir Tom Jones sent in as a bombshell for Liam...Yasmin Evans and Nick Bright are in the driving seats of the podcast today while Kem and Arielle are away. Are they the coolest supply teacher duo ever? Most definitely. Can they help Kem and Arielle understand what the NVQ system really means? Absolutely not. Ok, we're gonna cautiously say that everything seems, like, really happy and settled in the vill- oh, wait there's been a bombshell sent in there to shake everything up, never mind. The peace and quiet never lasts for long in there... Although - there wasn't much peace and quiet in the bedroom last night. Is that a round of applause we can hear? Aw - it's nice to know that everyone's cheering each other on. GET THOSE NVQS! Last night we saw our boys compete in the Sex Gods challenge - whether you loved or hated those lil gold pants, we can all agree that seeing Jake stuck in the lava was *priceless*. It's just a bit of cornflour, babe! Got a life dilemma that needs solving? Well, Olivia Attwood is your woman - get your emails in to us on and we could get her to solve your problem right here on the podcast. We're biased, but her advice is ALWAYS on point. Right, off to the bank to see if we can get a Business Loan to start up a sweet treats brunch place - a menu of grapes, fizzy sweets and unpeeled carrots jammed in some hummus. Who wouldn't want to invest in that?!
We're sad to say there will be no podcast episode this morning. ONLY WINDING YOU UP! See, Chloe, you can't just play with people's emotions like that! Megababe Kamilla Rose joins Kem and Arielle for this morning's debrief - we're so happy she's here (even if she thinks friendship bracelets are a bit high school-ish - sorry Kem!) Last night we said adiós to Abi and Dale - we're going to miss them a lot... but did anyone else think they looked kinda hot as a couple when they were leaving?! We also said hola to newbies Priya and Aaron! They surprised some of our Islanders with an invitation for a couple of dates. Charcuterie boards and a nice cold drink? There's nothing like cured meats to cure a broken heart - eh, guys?! The vibe from Faye is starting to hint that she's missing Teddy... in the preview for tonight's episode it sounded a bit like there *might* be an apology on the cards. Either way, we're hoping that things can at least be friendly between them, we don't like seeing anyone upset :( It's Crush Club day! We have an update from an email we read out last week - have we had another success story?! If you want to ask someone out here on the podcast, you can email us on - and while you're there, chuck us all your problems and we'll get Liv Attwood to solve them tomorrow. Cheers. Matt said that Priya was perfect! Tbh - he should have just pulled a Kem and said I love you on the first date. Works every time.
Look on the bright side, at least it's way nicer to be kicked out of a club by Laura Whitmore than a scary bouncer. We're starting off the week with the wonderful Will Njobvu - he's giving Arielle and Kem a run for their money for being the ultimate Love Island fan. Last night, Laura crashed the party at the Island Vibes Club. Two of our Islanders will not be returning to the villa after the party and we're going to find out who that's going to be tonight - but one thing's for sure... our Islanders are going to have to make some very difficult decisions.In the loved up camp we have: Milliam (who are now official), Chloby (who have been doing some early morning under the covers activity), Kyler (the door is wide open) and Jiberty (who seem to have worked things out after Mad Movies-gate) Meanwhile, Dale and Mary have agreed to take things slowly and Faye is insisting that things are finished between her and Teddy :( Our single pringles Abi and Matt are just living life and staying out of the drama, enjoy the holiday guys! We also have a quadruple whammy of Islanders on the podcast this morning! Hugo, Amy, Clarisse and Sam are here for a good old catch up. Did Sam and Clarisse feel disappointed with what went down post-Casa Amor? Is there a coffee date on the cards for Hugo and Amy?! Tomorrow, it will be time to head down to the club... the CRUSH Club - as we will be giving you the opportunity to shout out your crush right here on the podcast. If you want to join in, you can email us on Can't believe we're saying this but - does anyone know if Toby is available for life coaching sessions?
Good to know that Toby achieved his NVQ so quickly, he must be really passionate about his studies. Snoochie Shy is with Kem and Arielle for our Saturday morning debrief - and tbh, we're glad she's here because that episode was a lot. Can we all just take some deep breaths and use our inside voices please?!We saw the end of the Mad Movies challenge last night - our Islanders were shown some more clips of their time in the villa... the aftermath was very tense - and it led to Faye calling time on things between her and Teddy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of words that would be far too rude to say at this time in the morning. Jake's *words of encouragement* to the boys during Casa Amor were finally revealed to the girls, and Lib was left feeling very vulnerable after hearing what Jake said about her in the early days of their relationship. Oh, just wish we could go in and give her a big hug and tell her she's gorgeous. In more positive news, Liam's back in bed with Millie, Chloe and Toby are just vibin' away from all the drama, and Matt had a lovely time eating a big bowl of popcorn all to himself. It's the little things, guys. As it's Saturday - it is of course time for the JD Graft Off with the one and only Sideman. Kem's back in the game for the first time in a couple of weeks, but Arielle is still in the lead, and it's time to decide which Islanders have been laying it on the thickest this week. If you fancy getting yourself involved in the podcast, you can email us on with your dilemmas for Liv Attwood, and your crushes for Crush Club. You can also tweet us using #LoveIslandPodcast!Here's to hoping that Teddy doesn't roll over and snap his sunglasses in his sleep. We can't see him go through another break up :(
Hope that popcorn's sweet - because the Islanders are going to be salty after watching those movies...Our brilliant friend Tolly T is here this morning with Kem and Arielle for our debrief after last night's *eventful* episode. We said goodbye to a quartet of Islanders last night - Amy, Clarisse, Sam and our OG boy Hugo. Kem's heart is breaking a little bit this morning - we all know how much of a thing he had for Hugo... but hey, maybe there's a future there for Hugo and Amy outside the villa? If not, Kem will happily take him out on a date to the zoo. Our Islanders spent most of the day being all loved up - snogging in the pool, talking about the future, discussing their NVQ qualifications... then, boom - pure chaos. Movie night has deffo been more horror than rom-com so far - and from the looks of that preview, it's only going to get scarier. We'll be there for the sequel at 9pm tonight. The Morning After's resident impressionist Steff Todd also pops in to give us her lowdown on the week and to do some of her incredible Islander impersonations - just you wait til you hear her Mary, unbelievable. If you want to get involved you can tweet us using #LoveIslandPodcast, or you can email us with your crushes or your life dilemmas on - DO IT. Bet Mary's secretly thrilled that she's still sleeping in the other room on her own. Yeah, cuddles with someone you fancy is cool, but sharing a room with seven farty boys? No thanks.
Look, when we asked the challenge team for some saucy snogs we didn't think they would take it THAT literally! It's Throwback Thursday on The Morning After - so we have the lovely Anton Danyluk here from Series 5 to have a wee reminisce about his time in the Love Island villa, and also to spill the beans on what's going down in this series...Our Islanders have been left with some *choices* after last night's episode... Mary and Sam, Clarisse and Tyler, and Amy and Hugo are all at risk of being dumped. Two boys will be going home and two girls will be going home - but the decision of who goes is going to be left to their fellow Islanders. Sorry, but how are they possibly going to decide?! We'll have to find out tonight... It's not all doom and gloom though - some of our Islanders are feeling properly loved up. Chloby had a very cute brunch (even though Toby's been in the villa so long he has forgotten what the letter E looks like), Jake said he loved Kaz (wrong girl, mate) and Feddy had a chat about the future (awww). Things even seem to be defrosting between Liam and Millie. Now, if only the rest of them could sort it all out, that would be great. If you want to tell us what you think about everything going down in the villa - you can use #LoveIslandPodcast, and we might read it out here on the podcast. Hopefully Liam and Millie have got planning permission for that new house they're building... does anyone know a good surveyor for a house constructed using love?
It seems that the memory of Kem being the villa's resident barber is *fading* into the distance....His Twitter commentary has been on fire all summer and now he's on the podcast - Jason Okundaye is here with Kem and Arielle today for our morning debrief! Nothing says time to party like a recoupling right?! Last night - the girls got to choose in the recoupling. It resolved some of the drama from Casa Amor, but it has ratted a few more cages... it's never simple is it? And last night we had the Spotify Summer Party - Mabel was in the villa (but don't worry - Toby didn't try to couple up with her) and she was absolute fire. Our Islanders really deserved a treat didn't they? Liam even provided us with a cheeky encore. Wish he'd had backing dancers too, tbh. Last night we voted for our favourite couple on the Love Island app - and we're going to be on tenterhooks all day waiting to see the results of the vote on tonight's episode. It's going to be sad saying goodbye to any of our Islanders, but at least it might resolve the weird beds in the living room situation... It's Wednesday, so Olivia Attwood is here to solve all your problems. If you have a problem that's playing on your mind, you can email us on We've had fades, friendship bracelets AND Kem's catchphrase... what's next - Toby scoring the winning goal at Soccer Aid?!
Toby could at least put all that pickle to a good use and make everyone a Ploughman's...Katie Thistleton is here with Kem and Arielle for our morning debrief - and she's got a lot of responsibility on her shoulders because it's mad chaotic in that villa at the moment. It seems like the main lesson that our Islanders are learning at the moment is 'you don't know what you've got til it's gone'... we're looking at you Toby, Liam, and Tyler...Some of the moves we saw in last night's episode were pulled straight from the Year 8 playbook: texting each other across the room, passing notes and telling everyone you like a girl (but without telling the girl herself). Tbh, kinda obsessed with it. Have we ever seen so many Casa Amor Islanders get pied off in one go before? At this rate, they're all going to start cracking on with each other. It's shaping up to be a very interesting recoupling... and the girls are choosing. It's all to play for in tonight's episode. It's Crush Club day - so we attempt to get you coupled up in real life. If you have a crush that you want us to shout out next week - you can email us at While you're there, chuck us your dilemmas and we will get Olivia Attwood to solve it for you tomorrow morning. To be fair, writing a love letter on kitchen roll is probably a good idea - adorable AND absorbent (well, maybe not adorable in Liam's case...)
How many times do we reckon we're going to hear Chloe say 'NO WAY' in tonight's episode? What a way to kick off the week! Becca Dudley joins Arielle and Kem for our first debrief of Week 6. We also have a mega catch up with all our Islanders from Casa Amor that didn't make it back into the main villa - that's Lillie, Salma, Kaila, Medhy, Jack AND Harry. We feel *very* popular this morning. Milliam is over! After that very awkward orange juice date with Lillie - Millie said that things were well and truly done with Liam. Liam, on the other hand, is less convinced. Hey, at least we know that the girls probably got their RDA of Vitamin C, eh? The fall out from the recoupling is still rolling on - Kaz and Tyler had a bust up but Faye and Teddy seemed to have patched things up and Teddy has been reunited with his beloved fragrance. The balance of the universe is restored. In the preview for tonight's episode, we heard that Toby's head has spun all the way back to Chloe. Toby's really out here serving us an all you can eat buffet of absolute chaos - and we're here for it. Tomorrow morning, we'll be giving you the chance to couple up in real life - if you want us to shout out the person you fancy in our Crush Club, you can email us on Anyone want Dale to give them a cheeky fade, lift the mood a bit?
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