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Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast
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Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast

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New episodes each Wednesday! "Love Letters to Kellie...the Podcast!" hosted by Kellie Rasberry and her longtime producer Robert Ehrman. Each week, Robert will read letters from listeners who are in need of advice from the Love Expert. Whether it's a teenager dealing with a first crush, a single person trying to find love online, or a spouse hoping to save a crumbling marriage, Kellie will give advice that may be tough to hear, but always comes straight from the heart. Write her for advice:
56 Episodes
Nip That in the Bud

Nip That in the Bud


One letter brings Kellie to tears, Valentine's Day fallout, and he wants kids... just not with her!
This week we deal with letters about neighbors, family members, exes, a fiance, the military, co-workers and more...
Mama Has Needs!

Mama Has Needs!


Mercy killings, best friend relationships, and hand written breakup letters.
Baby mommas, bad bosses, and a brother's bad decisions.
Oh No He Didn't

Oh No He Didn't


Is average Joe settling? Could you hang up the phone on your mom? And you won't believe what this guy did to his wife and mother of his children.
An arranged marriage, a diappointing daddy, and a family member taking advantage of a situation.
What A Mess!

What A Mess!


Til death do us part... but he won't die!
He won't work, she had that other guy's baby, and why is Juliet mad at Romeo?
Give It A Minute

Give It A Minute


Out of the blue breakups, nudist colonies, and a passion for laundry.
Apology to a mom, problems with an in-law, and what did she write in her journal?
Now We Gotta Do It!

Now We Gotta Do It!


What if you are being taken for granted and not seriously? Is your husband's hobby hurting the family? And being supportive even when you don't agree with your spouse.
Is It Cheating Szn?

Is It Cheating Szn?


So many letters this week deal with cheaters...
Second jobs, second kids, and second marriages.
Sorry if it hurts, but Kellie tells you the truth this week. Also advice for the tired and confused and the wannabe supportive wife.
Let's Just Screw

Let's Just Screw


J-Si joins this week to offer his opinions on trust, laundry, and meeting family.
Excuses, exceptions, and exhaustion.
Lost friends, long time friends, and family drama.
Hiding your boyfriend, letting your woman go, and why getting divorced is awesome!
Bar action, bigger places, and born again.
A hurt daughter, a smitten momma, and a lost girl...
Comments (2)

Nina Holland

This podcast has been exactly what I've been wanting!!! the first episode was great! 💗

Feb 12th

Michael Jeansonne Jr.

where do we send in our jingle clips? I sing it with u all the time in the mornings and I think I got it nailed. thanks

Jan 29th
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