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Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast
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Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast

Author: Kellie Rasberry

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New episodes each Wednesday! "Love Letters to Kellie...the Podcast!" hosted by Kellie Rasberry and her longtime producer Robert Ehrman. Each week, Robert will read letters from listeners who are in need of advice from the Love Expert. Whether it's a teenager dealing with a first crush, a single person trying to find love online, or a spouse hoping to save a crumbling marriage, Kellie will give advice that may be tough to hear, but always comes straight from the heart. Write her for advice:
163 Episodes
Positions, policies, and the planning process...
Do you have a stash of mad money? And pay attention because he is telling you the truth.
She Ain't Got It!

She Ain't Got It!


Kissing, complaining, and cake!
A manic, a tired mom, one confused wife, and a straight bestie write a love letter...
Prison boyfriends, autistic siblings, and weight struggles.
We try to help Richard, Savannah, and Chelsea this week.
I Did It Cuz of Kellie

I Did It Cuz of Kellie


Social media anxiety, dirty pics, and the ole' dating wagon...
I Love You Too Bruh!

I Love You Too Bruh!


Next level involvement and why are we attracted to the bad boy?
Kellie has big problems with the letters on this episode.
Stage names, porn, and naked pics.
F-bombs, the L-word, and don’t talk about my mama!
We answer letters from Jessica, Jennifer, Ashley, Sheila, Crystal, Melissa, and Paula. But why is Kellie is disappointed in herself on the final episode of 2022?
Letters this week from Fat & Sad, Always Worried, Confused Human and an update from Shopgirl
Love Bombing!

Love Bombing!


Trusting your gut, promise rings, and new mamma drama
So much chaos with all of the letters in today's episode.
A Temporary Hump?

A Temporary Hump?


So many updates, a text breakup, and eventually you are gonna wear him out…
It doesn’t have to be that complicated! Stop using sex as a weapon! And not digging the geologist...
What is that telling your husband? It gets tricky when you start sleeping with somebody! And listeners helping Kellie with her own stuff this week.
Do you choose money over love, the girlfriend or the dog, and small or bigger city?
Did writing the letter backfire? Is this a gut punch? Does she want the spark back?
Comments (3)

Karen Pentz

Thank you for sharing this advice Kellie on cheating. I am thankful for you.

Jul 28th

Nina Holland

This podcast has been exactly what I've been wanting!!! the first episode was great! 💗

Feb 12th

Michael Jeansonne Jr.

where do we send in our jingle clips? I sing it with u all the time in the mornings and I think I got it nailed. thanks

Jan 29th
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