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Are you wanting to experience an evolved relationship that includes reclaiming your sexuality as sacred? On Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda Satya and Amelia (two women in their 40s) explore love and the misuse of power on the planet in a hope to shed light on the darkest part of our psyche in order to free our primal nature.
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Ep.28 A News Sandwich!

Ep.28 A News Sandwich!


https://www.lovesexagenda.comIn this edition of Love Sex And The Hidden Agenda Amelia and Satya give us a "News Sandwich". Also, we get an inside look as to what has been going on as far as a manifestation and behind the scenes to see what a magical process and journey this has been.
In this episode, we explore the evolution of relationship and sex throughout the generations. Amelía recalls her impressions of relationships and sexuality as a child. Isn’t it fascinating how religion plays such a huge roll in our sexuality? Alternative relationships, sexuality, religion. Oh yeah and Amelia’s experience of seeing affairs and pedophilia in her religion while growing up. Hmmmmm, ever wonder why some women develop immune disorders? Were they in relationships with sociopaths or narcissists unknowingly?
What happens next in the aftermath of the last episode? When life is falling apart, how do we let life crush us so that we can birth ourselves into who we were meant to be? You will find yourself diving deep into this alchemical episode. Learn all about how to piece things together when things are so damn hard you feel like your life is over. Turn your pain or your anger into your power.
Have you ever had a feeling or a strong reaction to someone but you feel unjustified? Perhaps you feel you are judging unfairly or it’s your shadow side perhaps jealousy? What if that feeling is actually intuition that in the moment you can’t prove? How amazing would it be if one day you have proof that the feeling you had turns out to be 100% right? Well it all happens in this amazing story Amelía shares.
In this episode Satya reveals an awkward situation during her wedding from a long time friend. This is a story that we all need to hear. Sometimes it's hard to make the right decision with friends and family that we have invested time in. This is a very important story and a lesson for all of us. There is lots of laughter and fun on this one as well! Check out the site at
In this exciting episode Joe the producer can’t help but express some of his feelings. This episode is filled with laughter as many interesting topics come up. Amelía shares an embarrassing story of how she picked up on someone without even realizing it. Could this be the parasite in action? Join us in this joyride of hot bodies, complements, shame, narcissism and
In this episode we wonder how on earth Amelía self regulates as a single woman in her forties living in a tropical paradise with scantily clad gorgeous single people everywhere. In this “candystore” do we cling to someone or do we let go and trust? Satya and Amelía also talk about feelings around looking at others with desire and being looked at with desire. Tell us what you think by sending in your comments!
In this episode Satya and Amelía touch on Trumps presidency and how it has affected their lives both good and bad. Other subjects are also discussed and begs this question; How easy is it to get innocent people to unknowingly rally behind something dark? All you need is one true detail surrounded by a sea of false information. This episode can test your current reality.
In this episode, Satya shares a story with her friend who got called "fake" in the grocery store for being beautiful.Apparently, she was bullied by blue-eyed blondes in high school.Amelía also shares her story of discovering her trauma from blue-eyed women and white men. Tune in to get the full story and join in the conversation. Do you get triggered by a particular character trait in others? We'd love to hear your story, please share it with us!
In this episode of Love Sex and The Hidden Agenda, Amelía bares all and shares a secret affair. Satya and Amelía explore how so often when we judge something we find ourselves in that situation eventually. Have you ever said “I would never...”? Do you have any secrets or affairs you wish to share with us? Please comment on
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