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In this episode, Satya and Amelía react to a video from the famous men’s relationship coach John Wineland. Watch as they become flustered and speechless! You will want to share this with the men in your life as well so they can learn these communication techniques for when a woman is feeling intense or angry. You can check out John Wineland's video here: ( Let us know what you think in the comments.
Have you been put in a stereotypical box you don’t like?  In this carefree episode, Amelía and Satya riff about some of the boxes they've been put in.  From soccer moms to cocaine parties, to the size of Satya’s breasts, they have a good laugh reminiscing about some of the labels they’ve been given. What stereotypes are you sick of being labeled? How can we stop judging others and allow them to surprise us? This is the question. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us a message over on our webpage.  Amelía has created a special gift for you get a fresh start for the New Year- you can access her Rebirth & Renewal process for free all of January 2021.  Sign up here to get access: (
In this comical episode, Satya beats around the bush to give Amelía some sound advice in her relationship. If you're wondering what they are talking about it's a personal issue they are trying to make light of and apply it to the masses, you'll understand when you hear it. What fears are running you? Where do you get nervous in a relationship? Listen in as these two ladies laugh at themselves and get serious about how we can be better inside our relationships. Want to learn how to master your energy and activate your mission? Join Amelía's Mystery School (
In this episode, Amelía and Satya talk about the latest eclipse sandwich at the end of 2020 and what it brought up for them personally, and what it means for us collectively. Amelía shares how people with deep-seated trauma wounds will especially be triggered during eclipse energy as it highlights the madness that hides inside. She goes on to share the 4 Stages of Inner Growth, so you can track yourself and see if you are moving forward or backward on your healing journey. You can download and print out a nice graphic of the 4 stages here. If you want to learn how to master your energy and unlock your divine destiny, check out Amelía's Mystery Schoool (
Are you always waiting for signs before you take action? Pay attention! Amelía shares why you should never lose your discernment when dealing with synchronicities. She also shares what she was presenting at the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality, the 4 stages of your soul mission.Satya says this is a juicy episode as it's packed with a lot of wisdom nuggets.If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends.You can check out the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality here: ( if you are looking to discover your soul mission check out Amelía's Mystery School here: ( Mantra I shared in this episode, "Your foundation needs to be as big as your destiny" was passed on to me by my former student, Melissa White, it was given to her, by her mother. IG @councilofmothers
In this episode, Amelí and Satya break their 3 weeks of podcast silence and discuss their least favorite topic: Politics. They share some personal issues and their recent challenges during this global epidemic and political warzone.Please like, subscribe, and share this episode with your friends.If you would like to fine-tune your inner navigation system, check out Amelía's Mystery School where she activates men & women to live with purpose.
Do you want to connect with a deceased love one? Do you want to clear toxic ties with family members?Are you curious about your spiritual lineage?Doing the work to clear your familial lineage is the work of the wounded healer. As we do this work it ripples out into the timelines affecting the 7 generations before us and the next 7 generations to come. In this special episode of LSHA, Amelía and Staya guide you through a meditative state to connect to a deceased love one and to clear the 7 generations that came before you. In order to get the most out of this healing session, listen in a quiet place, create a small altar for your ancestors, and light a white candle. Let us know how these lands for you. To learn how to clear at a quantum level, to master your energy and discover your life’s purpose, check out Amelía's Mystery School here: (
In this second episode with Angeline and Dixon, the Relationship Masters, we learn about the secret sauce of long-term relationships. Dixon shares how he went from a skirt-chasing fool who cheated on his ex's to being in a 30-year monogamous and juicy relationship.Dixon shares how he overcame his addictions and Angeline swears she didn't "train" him, as Amelía wondered. They have a lot to share with all of us who are looking for a long term partner. It's not about changing or fixing or training them to behave the way you want them to it's about cultivating generosity of heart.Listen in to these masters, and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you want to learn more about finding your true love or getting the support you need in your current relationship? Check out Angeline & Dixon's courses and live coaching. You can get a special discount for being a podcast listener by using AMELIA at checkout. Visit ( for all the details and to take their manimal quiz!To learn how to master your energy and activate your mission, check out the Mystery School here: (
In this episode, Amelía introduces us to two very special people she holds dear to her, Angeline Hart and Dixon Schwenk. Listen in to hear from this beautiful couple (who have been together over 30 years and work as relationship masters), helped Amelía re-parent herself through a number of interesting synchronicities.Angeline shares how most women have not been raised by noble, protective, honorable, or caring fathers so it is obvious why so many of us struggle in our relationships. She explains how important it is that these old patterns locked in place need our attention and our guests have the skills and tools to help us. You will also hear how Dixon’s spontaneous healing for Amelía moved them both.The conversation is touching, even Satya is moved to tears... just knowing couples like this exist is a blessing in itself.Learn how to establish a healthy, loving, supportive, and mutually respectful relationship and how to turn challenges into opportunities to grow. Find out if you are an external processor or an internal processor and how this simple discovery can drastically improve your relationship.To learn more from Angeline & Dixon and take their Manimal quiz. Go here: (
This is a time capsule healing brought to you by Satya Ra & Amelía Aeon Karris of Love, Sex, and the Hidden Agenda Podcast to open a gateway to free you from the hold of parasitic, toxic entities, and return you to your sovereign nature. To get the most out of this invocation, take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be recalibrated in the truth and beauty of pure love. Let us know how you experience this in the comments. To learn how to master your energy and take back your power, check out this Mystery School course to Activate Your Mission: ( all beings return to Love.
n this episode, Amelía shares what she has been tracking about a black smoke entity that seems to have arrived on our planet from another wold through CERN’s super particle collider. Listen in as Satya and Amelía share stories of grappling with its hold. Amelía has learned that she needs to stop fighting with it because it loves struggle, conflict, and fear. How do we remove these entities once they grab a hold of us?Stay until the end to receive a channeled prayer and blessing that Amelia and Satya create to hold you in the luminous light of love and help you return to your sovereign nature. To learn how to master your energy and activate your mission, check out the Mystery School here: (
In this episode Joe shares his biggest frustration with dating. Listen in as Amelía and Satya chat with Joe about the devastation and cost of our past baggage. He urges men to stand in their authenticity, even when they are nervous. How can you love yourself enough to get what you want in your relationships? Do you even know what you want? Do you dare to want it? Listen in to hear Joe’s journey and how he is fine tuning his ability to start over even after dealing with the parasite head on. If you are looking to master your energy and activate your mission, check out Amelía's Mystery School here: (
In this second episode with Joe Rupe he continues to open up with Satya and Amelía. He shares how producing this podcast has been a big trigger in his personal life on a number of levels. He shares how he got away from a toxic relationship where he felt emasculated and manipulated into kink and ended up walking on egg shells and nearly lost everything being so hooked in.Listen in to hear how Joe had to explore a dark world of rejection, psychosis, and illusions in order to set better boundaries for himself and anchor in more self love.Have you dealt with something similar? Let us know in the comments. If you are looking to master your energy and activate your mission, check out Amelía's Mystery School here: (
In this episode our podcast producer Joe Rupe from The Fringe FM joins Amelia and Satya for a relationship conversation from the masculine perspective. He shares how emotional men actually are and expresses his own pain from the females in his life.Tune in to hear a conversation around the masculine and feminine balancing act and how we are all finding our balance after going to some extremes. Joe shares some of the tricks he learned after his divorce to rebound from feeling the deep loss and pain he endured when his family got split up. How are relationships evolving? How do we heal together? Listen in and join in on our conversation by posting a comment and letting us know your thoughts.
In this episode, Satya shares about how she has found unshakeable presence and direct truth through her training in Amelía's Mystery School. She also shares about her husband’s anxiety discussing conspiracy theories, deep spiritual insights, meditation experiences, etc. Amelía talks about the disinformation in the media that distorts realities and loves to categorize truth-seekers as “conspiracy theorists” or just plain “crazy. How do we navigate all the warfare on our psyche present in the news today? Listen in to hear how Amelía and Satya have fine-tuned their truth-seeking abilities.
Do you know the truth yet deny it because it makes you uncomfortable? Amelía warns us that what is happening now, is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are self-medicating with pot or alcohol, you may be causing a split in your reality. Listen to this episode to hear Amelía share a wild story about one of her ex-boyfriends that includes CERN’s particle collider, ET’s, Sasquatch, entity possessions, Mount Shasta, Mars, super-soldiers, shamanic healing, a black smoke creature, the war of the worlds, authoritarian rule, and the thought police.She encourages us to look at our fears, disconnect from group thought, and discover the truth within ourselves. Check out the Mystery School if you are looking for support navigating these crazy times. ( someone who you think will like this episode? Share it with your friends!
Do you have lot of synchronicities in your relationship? Are you curious if these are good omens or bad? Are you curious what’s the point of all the paranormal madness?Tune in to the latest episode of Love, Sex and the Hidden Agenda and hear Amelia’s wild paranormal ride of following her inner guidance from deep meditation that guided her from one relationship to the next. You will hear how she met and got energetically trained by the Sasquatch people (yes big foot is real), how her teacher in Mount Fuji aided this unfolding, and how she ended up camping on Mount Shasta for three months straight. Are magical moments destined to bring you to your one true love, or are they merely lessons on your path to mastering your energy and discovering your life purpose? Listen in to find out. Follow us on Social Media here: IG: ( ( Activate Your Mission, join the Mystery School: (…amelía aeon karris510-985-4333Like me on FB | Follow me on
In this episode Satya and Amelía reflect on this podcast so far. They tell the truth about how they purposely tried to hide the podcast and keep it separate from their actual businesses. What they actually do for a living is revealed in this episode as well as the purpose of this podcast and where it is going. Satya and Amelía talk about how they are ready to bridge worlds and bring together everything that they are into this world unapologetically. Please like, comment and subscribe to our channel! Follow us on Social Media here: IG: ( ( the Self Mystery School to master your energy and activate your mission! (
In this episode Amelía and Satya talk once again with Isa Lara Marie to discuss the toxic shame that hides within our sexuality. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse of any kind, and find yourself attracted to rough play, kink, BDSM, or 50 shades of grey… AND are questioning if it’s healthy for you - you do not want to miss this super insightful episode. Learn how to move away from the vicious cycles of gas lighting and what steps to take towards developing levels of deep trust and healthy bonding. Listen in to find out the key questions you should ask yourself when seeking a healthy relationship that will keep the perpetrators at bay! To learn more about Isa go to her website: ( like, comment and subscribe to our channel! Follow us on Social Media here: IG: ( ( (
"In this episode, our guest, Isa Lara Marie shares how common it is for victims to protect their perpetrator and get hooked in an abuse cycle unconsciously. She shares how to come back into your body if you are disassociating, how to not get overloaded in your healing process, and when its best to seek out support. You will also learn how predators track energy and find their victims and how to take action if you feel trapped in an abuse loop.If you have been attracting narcissists and sex addicts and you are ready to break your relationship patterns, you do not want to miss this episode! To learn more about Isa go to her website: ( learn more about Isa go to her website: ( like, comment and subscribe to our channel! Follow us on Social Media here: IG: ( ("
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