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Are you wanting to experience an evolved relationship that includes reclaiming your sexuality as sacred? On Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda Satya and Amelia (two women in their 40s) explore love and the misuse of power on the planet in a hope to shed light on the darkest part of our psyche in order to free our primal nature.
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In this episode we wonder how on earth Amelía self regulates as a single woman in her forties living in a tropical paradise with scantily clad gorgeous single people everywhere. In this “candystore” do we cling to someone or do we let go and trust? Satya and Amelía also talk about feelings around looking at others with desire and being looked at with desire. Tell us what you think by sending in your comments!
In this episode Satya and Amelía touch on Trumps presidency and how it has affected their lives both good and bad. Other subjects are also discussed and begs this question; How easy is it to get innocent people to unknowingly rally behind something dark? All you need is one true detail surrounded by a sea of false information. This episode can test your current reality.
In this episode, Satya shares a story with her friend who got called "fake" in the grocery store for being beautiful.Apparently, she was bullied by blue-eyed blondes in high school.Amelía also shares her story of discovering her trauma from blue-eyed women and white men. Tune in to get the full story and join in the conversation. Do you get triggered by a particular character trait in others? We'd love to hear your story, please share it with us!
In this episode of Love Sex and The Hidden Agenda, Amelía bares all and shares a secret affair. Satya and Amelía explore how so often when we judge something we find ourselves in that situation eventually. Have you ever said “I would never...”? Do you have any secrets or affairs you wish to share with us? Please comment on
Ep.18 Levels Of Honesty

Ep.18 Levels Of Honesty


In this episode of Love, Sex, and The Hidden Agenda, Satya and Amelía respond to listener feedback about skewed bits of truth and talk about what lying means in different cultures and families. Amelía shares some juicy info about the dynamics of her early intimate relationships and how they relate to truth/lies in her family of origin.
Ep.17 Unmet Needs

Ep.17 Unmet Needs


In this episode Satya brings up the topic of Unmet Needs and how so often we abandon our own needs because we think they will never be met. We were brought up in ways that made us feel shameful for having basic needs like affection, attraction, and loving support. Tune in and hear this week's discussion. Take a moment to send in your comments and questions on their website or social media platforms
Ep.16 Are We Over Sharing?

Ep.16 Are We Over Sharing?


In this episode Satya, Amelía and Joe discuss the issues that have come up since creating the podcast. Three episodes went unreleased after sitting with the repercussions it may cause. Amelía candidly shares her reasons for sharing and admits she overshares and is looking for clarity in how to draw the line between transparency and secrets. They want your feedback so make sure to send them a message through social media or on their website at
In this episode, Satya asks Amelía to talk about foot fetishes and ancient memory. Amelia and Satya both share their personal experiences about their feet activations and discuss body portals and gateways of energy in the body. Tune in and engage in the conversation by sending in your questions and comments on their website at
In this episode, Amelía and Satya go into a deeper discussion of what sex magick is and the different forms it takes. Amelía shares some of her personal experiences of how sex magick awakened her spiritual abilities and put her on the path to discovering the evolution of relationships. How do we come into right relation with our sexual energy? Tune in and engage in the conversation by sending in your questions and comments.
In this episode of Love Sex And The Hidden Agenda Amelía explains the different forms of light and dark sex magick. She shares a story about astral sexual encounters and how to protect yourself from inccubus and succubus feeders. Do you have questions you'd like them to discuss? Please send in your questions and comments on their website:
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