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Love ma Locha by Aditi Raval
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Love ma Locha by Aditi Raval

Author: Aditi Raval

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Just some suggestions.. no one can solve your problem but only you can. Communication is the key and don’t be just honest, also be loyal
16 Episodes
This one is for tenants and owners
Goodbye Sushant..

Goodbye Sushant..


You will be missed..
This is about students.
Stay home.. Stay Safe.. we all are in the same situation.
This is my way of spreading awareness and make people understand that why we need to stay home.
This podcast is just a part of my awareness message.
Hey All this is the last episode of season 1🙏🏻 I hope you guys have loved the first Gujarati Podcast talking about the real life love issues. Will come with season 2 - very soon ✍🏼🙏🏻
Love ma Locha is a first Gujarati podcast talking about love issues.
Love ma Locha | EP 08

Love ma Locha | EP 08


Love ma Locha is a Gujarati Podcast where we only talk about love issues :) do share your views and help them out to decide what to do and what to not..
This time someone shared a different story... I have been receiving mails from boyfriend or girlfriend- this time i have received email from that 3rd person who is in love with a committed girl.
This one is all about having some lil issues in love life. The stories are real and names are fake .. do share your views on the same. The language is Gujarati
Love ma Locha is all about love issues facing by youngsters. Do share your views and comments on the whole issue and help them out. This is in Gujarati Language.
Lots of people have Kundli issues in their love life. I have tried to share my views on the whole topic. Do share yours. This podcast is a part of my trial show in Gujarati Language. Let me know how you like it
This is a Gujarati podcast about love and relationship. Do share and try to heal some soul ;)
Love ma Locha is an experimental podcast in gujarati language where I will be sharing my own views on love issues.
This is just a random podcast which I started to solve someone’s love issues :) hope you will like it - language is gujarati
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