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We’re diving into Bachelor news and gossip: From the Claysie breakup to the ongoing debate about Salley’s suitcase on Bachelor in Paradise! Plus, we have a special guest from the Roses for Every Body campaign to chat about the notable lack of progress the franchise has made in body diversity since the campaign began. Today, we’ll be chatting about: The state of body diversity in the Bachelor franchiseSusie Evans and former Bachelor Clayton Echard’s breakupThe ongoing saga of Salley Carson’s suitcaseThe Bachelor in Paradise cast going at it on TwitterBachelor pregnancy newsRumors that Kelley Flanagan and former Bachelor Peter Weber are back togetherA new interview from Jason Alabaster, a contestant from the latest Bachelorette season 
‘Paradise’ S8 Week 2

‘Paradise’ S8 Week 2


We had four hours of Bachelor in Paradise this week, and they were four extremely chaotic hours. Let’s get into it!
Bachelor in Paradise is here!! Season 8 of the franchise’s most fun spinoff is premiering just in time for fall. What’s more autumn than dating in bikinis? Here to join us for the first day on the beach is Aubrey Gordon, host of the podcast Maintenance Phase!
Now that Gabby and Rachel’s joint season is over, we finally get to take a deep breath and talk about some off-screen chatter! We’ll be covering a lot: Erich Schwer’s blackface photos and Gabby’s response to them More insights from Rachel on her breakup with Tino Franco Tino’s dad makes his podcast debut Kaitlyn Bristowe’s savage commentary on the new Bachelor  Plus, we’ll preview Bachelor in Paradise season 8, because somehow it’s already almost upon us!
We somehow survived another season of The Bachelorette. Last night, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s dumpster fire of a journey finally ended. In the words of Gabby, “THANK GOD!!!!” Today the two of us are going to try to unpack the 3-hour live finale.
We’re back to discuss the LIVE FINALE! Well, the live finale part 1. We’ll be back next week for… a second live finale? For some reason? Anyway, today it’s just the two of us. Frankly we have so much to say about this episode that there just isn’t room for anyone else to speak.
It’s Gabby and Rachel’s joint fantasy suites week! This is gonna be an epic two-parter, and here to help us break things down is the one and only  Phoebe Robinson, creator, star and executive producer of Freeform’s “Everything’s Trash.”
Technically this was the Men Tell All episode of Gabby and Rachel’s joint Bachelorette season, but it ended up being a grab bag of everything they couldn’t fit into the rest of the episodes. Here to talk through it is Emmy Award-winning writer for Last Week Tonight and amazing Vulture Bachelor recapper Ali Barthwell!
It’s hometowns week, and almost all of the families are ready to remark on just how much they’re smiling… with one or two notable exceptions. Joining us to get through as many hometown dates as the Bachelorette editors could squeeze into two hours is comedian and cohost of the Sounds Like a Cult podcast, Isa Medina!
We’ve been dying to discuss some Bach news and gossip! ‘Girl, you don’t know. YOU DON’T KNOW.’ If you don’t get that reference, you haven’t been obsessively reading Bachelor news and gossip Instagram accounts, and for that, you should count yourself healthy and very lucky.
‘Bachelorette’ S19e6

‘Bachelorette’ S19e6


We are back on our collective Virgin Voyage for week 6 of Rachel and Gabby’s journey. Today, it’s just the two of us and we’re ready to dive in. Somehow, we’re already just a week away from Hometowns!
Here’s to women weeding out f-boys and securing that bag! We were both huge fans of the wildly entertaining dating show FBOY Island. So, we are super psyched to talk with one of the outstanding leads. Joining us to give us the REAL, UNFILTERED INSIDE SCOOP, is none other than the f girl queen herself, Tamaris.
Who needs to travel to Europe when you can simply watch The Bachelorette, a travel documentary series with some light kissing? Here to join us in discussing the attractions and traditions of Belgium is the wonderful Daryn Carp, Bravo personality and host of Shaken and Disturbed.
It’s week four of our favorite reality show… a little something we like to call “Let’s Destroy Rachel’s Confidence.” It’s an uplifting docu-series about what happens when two beautiful, brilliant women are tortured by a bunch of producers and editors for mass entertainment. Today we’re joined by the wonderful Kelsey McKinney of Defector Media and the Normal Gossip podcast!
It’s week three of the Gabby and Rachel co-season of The Bachelorette. The two women are desperately clinging to their friendship, while the show (and the men) seem more and more determined to pit them against each other. This week, we’re joined by author of the books Cultish and Wordslut and host of the Sounds Like a Cult podcast, Amanda Montell!
Welcome to Love to See It, a podcast about men with six-pack abs and the decisions that ‘FEMALES’ get to make for themselves. Claire is on a much-deserved vacation, but luckily we have a wonderful guest to help us break down this week’s episode of The Bachelorette: Brittany Luse, host of the podcast For Colored Nerds!
The gossip is really heating up this summer! Katie Thurston prompted IG followers to ask her for tea. Many ended up asking for tea on the men from her season. But first, we talk with Jenna Vesper, co-host of the Date Card podcast! She joins us to discuss a new campaign called Roses For Every Body. It’s calling for The Bachelor to cast fat people on the show and allow them to be shown as they are – whole, complex, desirable and deserving of romance.
We’ve been waiting, waiting… and waiting! Finally, the Gabby Windey / Rachel Recchia joint Bachelorette season is kicking off. And so far, it is delivering all the hugging, squealing and compliments about each other’s shiny hair that we craved from this season. Here to help us bask in the female friendship glow is writer and comedian Elyse Myers!
The cast bios for Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s two-Bachelorette season are out, and it’s finally time for us to take a good close-read, follow them on Instagram, and try to suss out who will disappoint us the most this year. We’re doing a live online show with Moment House on Sunday, July 10! Tickets are on sale now at
Ahh, low-rise jeans, frizzy blowouts, and women’s magazines making tons of advertising cash instead of slowly sinking into the sea… we love to see it. It’s the final week of our Summer Lovin’ series, and while we’re sad that it’s coming to a close, we’re overjoyed to have our final summer fling be with a truly iconic early ‘00s romcom: ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.’ Joining us to recap this Kate Hudson / Matthew McConaughey romance is Becca Freeman, co-host of the Bad on Paper podcast and the co-creator of the RomCom Pods podcast. We’re doing a live online show with Moment House on Sunday, July 10! Tickets are on sale now at
Comments (13)

Jackie Harris

Obsessed with this show!! I love watching reality TV through a race informed, critical viewpoint. This show delves into the sociological implications of the Bachelor franchise and it's fascinating. Been listening for four years and won't stop anytime soon!

Jun 11th

Kathleen F

Taking yourselves way too seriously! I totally agree about the need for diversity etc but holy cow. Say what needs to be said then MOVE ON. When I want that kind of commentary I'll go to places like NPR. I come to The Bachelor for brainless fun.

Dec 8th

Ann Kavanagh

I think you need to change the name of your show. I am looking for recaps ..not feminist I the only one?

Nov 5th

Kathleen F

The first half of this interview was great! While it was cool to hear from her, the portion with LeNease could've been way shorter.

Jul 14th

julie mckenna

I agree with some of the other more recent posts. I know you might have to review these shows for you career but it seems lately you watch more for all the ways to point out your platforms than for the entertainment. and there doesnt seem to be any enjoyment. sometimes it is ok to allow a show to be for heterosexual dating. especially since it seems to be pointing out just how off track it has become. maybe some good comes from these shows. and if even some people learn communication dos and don'ts from watching its could be slightly helpful. also, its ok for a heterosexual man or woman to want to find a realtionship and even marriage with another heterosexual. I believe that you both, as well as some of the people you have on your show, are in committed relationships. as a woman we should be free to make choices even if that is choosing to stay home with their children if it is an option and shouldnt be seen as less than.

Mar 1st

Ann Kavanagh

like your show but you spent sooo long talking about feminism...yes this season is horrible but....

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Jaime Lester

I get what yall are trying to do, but yall take it too far sometimes. Saying someone's hair is great, who HAS AMAZING HAIR, isnt racist. Not every dang word that comes out of someone's mouth is racist. Chill on the racism, feminism before you scew too far, then lose the goodness of what you are trying to do

Dec 24th


OMG, please stop saying "like". You can't be taken seriously if you use that word in every sentence.

Aug 30th

Jess Javier

Nick is so annoying.

Sep 6th

Leslie Quinones

pretty sure he said wanker.

Jun 5th

Dani Kock

"The friendzone isn't a real thing." 😂👏👏👏

Jun 1st

Kickboxerhitstar Baam Baam Sedam

eease all media

May 18th
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