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Author: Stitcher & Claire Fallon, Emma Gray

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A weekly recap podcast about The Bachelor franchise and beyond, Love to See It is a snarky but affectionate dissection of dating reality shows — and what they say about all of us — hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon. We laugh, we cry, we break down every episode in obsessive detail, and we unpack all the weird messages pop culture sends us about love. Join us on this journey.
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Welcome to Love to See It with Emma and Claire, a podcast about Western-themed erotic cinema. This week, we’re examining a modern classic: season 17, episode 2 of The Bachelorette. Katie’s search for a lover begins in earnest this week, and she’s ready to lasso herself a muddy cowboy with purple fluffy handcuffs. This episode was very sex-positive, very cowboy-positive, and of course, very dramatic. To dig through this week’s recap with us, we’re joined by longtime friend of the pod, Bachelorette alum and attorney Michael Garofola. See for privacy information.
It’s that time of year. 82% humidity in the 90-degree air, hordes of shrieking cicadas roaming the Eastern Seaboard, the dawning realization that you waited too long to reinstall your window AC unit — and, of course, the return of The Bachelorette. Now with 100% less Chris Harrison and 100% more forced references to sex toys! That’s right, Katie Thurston’s season premiere, baby. We’re here to dig into it with our wonderful guest, Molly Bernard! See for privacy information.
After over half a decade podcasting about The Bachelor as Here to Make Friends, we have a new home and a new name! We’re extremely happy to be here at Stitcher, and to be launching Love to See It, a weekly podcast about The Bachelor and beyond. You may be wondering, what is this show going to be? We hope it will be a space for the same kind of free flowing commentary, snark and analysis about The Bachelor that we’ve always done, a space where we can chat with our favorite comedians, podcasters, critics, and Bachelor alums about all the minutiae of each episode. And to kick it off, we introduce you to the cast of Katie’s season! We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to hear more of on the show! You can reach us at See for privacy information.
We’re going to begin this week’s podcast with a discussion on Taylor Nolan’s old tweets that resurfaced over the weekend and what accountability, consequence and empathy look like within the community of The Bachelor franchise. The tweets, which included hateful language toward a plethora of communities, were shocking, harmful, hurtful, triggering and absolutely indefensible.  Later in the episode, we discuss the Women Tell All special with style icon and contestant on this season of The Bachelor, Chelsea Vaughn. Our Calls to Action this week: - Stop AAPI Hate, an organization which includes a hate crime tracker, founded in the wake of rising and alarming violence toward Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic  - The Asian American Federation, which specifically helps fight racism and for equality for NYC’s Asian community!/donation/checkout  - Center for Disability Rights, a not-for-profit, community-based advocacy and service organization for people with all types of disabilities.  - The Disability Justice Culture Club, a collective of disabled and/or neurodivergent queer people of color operating out of East Oakland.  - The Trevor Project, which provides resources, support and a crisis hotline for LGBTQ+ youth.!/donation/checkout?c_src=EOY20&c_src2=headerdonatebutton  - The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, a non-profit, all volunteer, fat-rights organization dedicated to protecting the rights and improving the quality of life for fat people.  - Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, a NYC-based progressive Jewish organization that fights against anti-Semitism alongside other marginalized communities.  - The Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum,  - The Native American Rights Fund, which provides legal assistance to Indian tribes, organizations, and individuals nationwide who might otherwise have gone without adequate representation.    See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
**SPOILERS ALERT** We will be discussing reporting that includes spoilers. Please be warned. Skip forward to approximately 16:00 to get to the spoiler-free recap. Joining us to discuss our reporting on Matt James’ statement from last night is HuffPost Senior Enterprise Editor Erin Evans. Read our piece:  It’s hometowns week on The Bachelor, and you know what they say: home is in Nemacolin, where you all live forever now.  And so do your families! It’s like Noah’s ark -- each woman gets to save 2-3 loved ones from the pandemic. Just like Tayshia, Matt doesn’t get to actually travel to his ladies’ hometowns, but he does get to meet some parents this week. Here to discuss all the moms and all the sisters, we’re joined by Caroline Moss, host of the podcast Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
It’s been a hell of a week, and before we recap the episode, we need to discuss what’s been going on offscreen.  For that discussion and our normal episode recap, we’re joined by the amazing comedian, author, podcaster, producer Phoebe Robinson and her wonderful boyfriend, British Baekoff. You can read our coverage of Chris Harrison, his remarks and the push to hold the franchise accountable here:  - -   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Welcome to Here to Make Friends, where we preach harmony and peace, and lead by example, because actions speak louder than words. All the great lessons we learned from The Bachelor. We’re halfway into Matt’s season and there is actually a distinct lack of harmony and peace. The drama has never been more intense. When will we be able to rest? Possibly never. To recap another week of escalating, production-fueled sniping between the contestants, and Matt’s occasional breaks from mediating the conflict in order to make out with 23-year-olds, we’re joined by expert Bachelor recapper and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” writer Ali Barthwell.    See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
This week’s episode of The Bachelor may find a second life as a training video for teachers to recognize bullying dynamics in middle and high schools. Matt’s love journey was essentially on the backburner this week while he played Whack-a-Mole with the house bullies, so that’s what we’ll be doing as well.  Here to unpack all the truly distressing scenes with us is content creator, YouTuber and woman about town, Alexa Losey. Link to the TikTok we reference:   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
This week on Matt James’s journey to find love, we took one step forward and two giant steps back. We actually ended this episode with, somehow, more women than we started with -- and they even managed to jack up the already high level of unpleasantness in the house. Matt’s task is truly Sisyphean … as is our own, as audience members in search of a happy ending. So on this episode we have a new friend of the pod joining us, Zara Rahim. She is a communications strategist who has formidable experience approaching her work through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. She’s worked for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vogue, the list goes on. Our call to action: In light of all of the sex work shaming that went on during last night's episode, we want to encourage people to donate to the the Urban Justice Center Sex Workers Project to support advocacy for the human rights of sex workers. Because sex work is work. Period.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
This week, much like Chris Harrison and Matt’s women, we tried out our own Bachelor-centric erotica, full of turtleneck-clad abs and girthy arms. And then, of course, we couldn’t avoid addressing the girl-on-girl crimes that filled this episode of The Bachelor. Joining us this week is Correspondent & Host of the VICE News Reports podcast, Arielle Duhaime-Ross. Our call to action this week: In honor of MLK Day, it’s a great week to set up a recurring donation to an organization that promotes racial justice and healing! Some ideas include:  - Color of Change - Black Lives Matter (their PAC or local chapter) - Undocu Black - Black Trans Travel Fund - The Loveland Foundation   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
This week, honestly, we have a lot of questions about what we’re all doing here in Bachelor Nation. Like, is this a sorority? Are we here to make friends? We need more clarity on this! Maybe next week Victoria can shed a little light on whether this is, actually, a sorority.  Until then, we’ll just have to muddle through. To help us sort through the second episode of Matt’s season, we’re joined by a very special guest -- HuffPost’s senior culture editor and our wonderful boss, Erin Evans! Read Erin’s HuffPost article ‘For Black Americans, The White Terror in D.C. Looks Familiar’   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Let our lead Matt James be clothed in earth-tone turtlenecks and let his roses be given in wisdom. Amen, and a-women. And now, let’s get to some heavy drinking and light making out! The 25th Bachelor season kicked off last night, and things are already getting to be, as Tayshia would put it, a LOT.  Joining us this episode to dig into the season premiere is BFF of the pod and co-host of the relationship podcast “Dear Shandy,” Sharleen Joynt.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Welcome to our recap of what will go down in history as one of the greatest love stories of our time. We can’t remember the last time this show gave us a proposal as romantic as the one we got last night. This very unusual season of The Bachelorette gave us two great love stories and we really can’t ask for anything more. Joining us to recap the end of Tayshia’s journey is friend of the pod and star of the upcoming sitcom ‘Mr. Mayor,’ Vella Lovell!   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
It’s finale week, and on today’s episode, the fantasy suites! We’re down to three potential partners for Tayshia, and sorry – we can’t choose. She’s going to have to marry all of them. In a just world, these sweet gentle boys would get to hang out with each other and Tayshia, all the time. No one has to have their heart broken! Except that they do have to. Hearts will be broken, and by this time tomorrow, we will know whose. Note: We will be discussing sexual assault at the beginning of this episode, until around the 8:00 minute mark.  Need help? In the U.S., visit the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline operated by RAINN. [link: ] For more resources, visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's website. [link: ] Read Claire and Emma’s story here.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
We get right into it this week because we have to cover four hours of The Bachelorette! We have to go from 8 guys down to 3. We have to talk about a Men Tell All held in a hermetically sealed chamber and a hometown episode held not in anyone’s hometown, but on the same vacant Palm Springs resort where the cast has spent the entire season. And we have to talk about the Top Chef and Bachelorette crossover episode finally happening!  Joining us this week to go through all of it is friend of the pod, Erin Darke!   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
We will be discussing depression and suicide during this episode from around 39:00 to 58:00. If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HOME to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line. Outside of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources. This week on The Bachelorette…. It’s Bennett vs. Noah: Two men enter the arena, one man leaves. And then a bunch of other guys also leave. It’s almost hometowns, and Tayshia still has NINE guys, so that can only mean one thing: an elimination bloodbath. Here to break down everything with us is Bachelor Season 24 alum and cohost of the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, Natasha Parker   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
This episode contains a discussion on eating disorders from 58:20 to 1:10:00. If you're struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237 or visit Welcome to Tayshia’s 4th week as the Bachelorette!  And wouldn’t you know it, that just happens to be Very Sad Personal Story week -- not to mention I’m Starting To Fall In Love week. Like very romantic clockwork. Here to help us unpack all the drama and trauma is friend of the pod and cohost of the forthcoming Bachelor podcast “Baby Got Bach,” Brett Vergara! Our call to action this week: Good friend of the pod Ashley Spivey lost her baby over Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to this inexplicably cruel and painful loss, she has also experienced harassment from the anti-vaxx community.  If you want to donate in Ashley and her baby CJ’s names, we’d like to suggest the Star Legacy Foundation, which funds research about stillbirth, and provides families dealing with the grief of pregnancy loss with resources, education and support.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
It’s Thanksgiving week and for many of us, it may feel like there’s less to be thankful for than ever.  This has been a year filled with loneliness and loss for so many Americans. But we do want to take a leaf from Bachelor Nation sweetheart -- eliminated but never forgotten -- Dr. Joe and focus on the good, and what we do have to be grateful for this week. Specifically, a very good episode of The Bachelorette. It seems like they cracked the code of quarantine bubble Bachelorette production and finally brought us an episode of that good, classic, frothy Bachelor fun. Here to discuss it all with us, we have BFF of the pod, Allison Williams.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Welcome to our grown-ass podcast. It’s a grown-ass show, where we discuss grown-ass men and grown-ass women and their grown-ass adventures on a grown-ass show called “The Bachelorette.” And last night, we closed the door on grown-ass woman Clare Crawley and devoted 100% of our attention to fellow grown-ass woman Tayshia Adams. Joining us to talk about this episode is Correspondent & Host of the VICE News Reports podcast, Arielle Duhaime-Ross.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Sometimes, you just need your reality TV to be more boring than reality. A peaceful transition, new Bachelorette leadership installed without incident -- it feels good.  Tayshia’s season began in earnest last night, and despite a couple of twists, it was really a back-to-basics episode. To discuss the season reset with us, we are joined today by author, journalist and commentator Liz Plank! Our calls to action this week: - Fair Fight: The nationwide group combats voter suppression and promotes “free and fair elections” from its home base in Georgia. Donate here. - The New Georgia Project. A well-regarded effort to register and engage voters, credited with enrolling over 500,000 people. A nonpartisan 501(c)3. Donate here.  - Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta: Before the November 3 election, the nonpartisan group called 92% of Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Georgia. They’ll do it again leading up to January. Donate here.   See for privacy and opt-out information. See for privacy information.
Comments (13)

Jackie Harris

Obsessed with this show!! I love watching reality TV through a race informed, critical viewpoint. This show delves into the sociological implications of the Bachelor franchise and it's fascinating. Been listening for four years and won't stop anytime soon!

Jun 11th

Kathleen F

Taking yourselves way too seriously! I totally agree about the need for diversity etc but holy cow. Say what needs to be said then MOVE ON. When I want that kind of commentary I'll go to places like NPR. I come to The Bachelor for brainless fun.

Dec 8th

Ann Kavanagh

I think you need to change the name of your show. I am looking for recaps ..not feminist I the only one?

Nov 5th

Kathleen F

The first half of this interview was great! While it was cool to hear from her, the portion with LeNease could've been way shorter.

Jul 14th

julie mckenna

I agree with some of the other more recent posts. I know you might have to review these shows for you career but it seems lately you watch more for all the ways to point out your platforms than for the entertainment. and there doesnt seem to be any enjoyment. sometimes it is ok to allow a show to be for heterosexual dating. especially since it seems to be pointing out just how off track it has become. maybe some good comes from these shows. and if even some people learn communication dos and don'ts from watching its could be slightly helpful. also, its ok for a heterosexual man or woman to want to find a realtionship and even marriage with another heterosexual. I believe that you both, as well as some of the people you have on your show, are in committed relationships. as a woman we should be free to make choices even if that is choosing to stay home with their children if it is an option and shouldnt be seen as less than.

Mar 1st

Ann Kavanagh

like your show but you spent sooo long talking about feminism...yes this season is horrible but....

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Jaime Lester

I get what yall are trying to do, but yall take it too far sometimes. Saying someone's hair is great, who HAS AMAZING HAIR, isnt racist. Not every dang word that comes out of someone's mouth is racist. Chill on the racism, feminism before you scew too far, then lose the goodness of what you are trying to do

Dec 24th


OMG, please stop saying "like". You can't be taken seriously if you use that word in every sentence.

Aug 30th

Jess Javier

Nick is so annoying.

Sep 6th

Leslie Quinones

pretty sure he said wanker.

Jun 5th

Dani Kock

"The friendzone isn't a real thing." 😂👏👏👏

Jun 1st

Kickboxerhitstar Baam Baam Sedam

eease all media

May 18th
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