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Our new podcast episode is related to life sciences. Listen to the interview by Sam Biardo, Founder at Technology Advisors, and Terri Schiffer, Sr Director, Sales Operations and Marketing at Onco360, to find out how Creatio helps Onco360 achieve its goals and overcome challenges.
Join an interactive interview session with Butch Knowlton, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Ringler Associates, and Andy Zambito, Chief Sales Officer, Americas at Creatio, to learn about the real-world case from Ringler Associates about the keys to successful digital transformation in business services.
The new episode is out! And today, we will be talking about the future of technology and diving deeper into how no-code technology will be able to drive transformational efforts. Join an interactive interview session with our special guests, Andrew Fenton, Chief Sales Officer for EMEA & APAC at Creatio, and Brent Leary, co-founder and partner at CRM Essentials LLC.
What restricts organizational freedom and limits employee creativity? How should leaders provide teams more freedom to innovate and be creative? Where should automation of processes be owned inside the organization? Cameron Herold, CEO at Whisperer & Business Growth Guru, and Andy Zambito, Chief Sales Officer, Americas at Creatio, discuss these and other troubling questions in our new podcast episode. Tune it now!
"The further backward you look, the further forward you see", said Winston Churchill. So let's talk about the future and its implications for the future of work! Today, we are honored to have Frank Diana, Managing Partner at TCS, a recognized futurist and thought leader with over 30 years of leadership experience. So don't lose another moment, relax and take a journey into the future!
How can small community banks compete with larger massive consolidated financial groups? Is it any way to deal with a legacy and accelerate the digital transformation? How long will last the impact of COVID-19 on financial services? This and other troubling questions about the future of the banking industry will be discussed during the interview by Devie Mohan, co-founder of Burnmark, and Andie Dovgan, Chief Growth Officer at Creatio.
Join an interactive interview session with Andrew Fenton, Chief Sales Officer for EMEA & APAC at Creatio, and Florin Boldescu, Chief Information Officer at BRD, to learn how driving innovation by implementing a no-code platform helps build an exciting future for financial services organizations.
In our new episode, we have invited the industry-leading expert Devie Mohan, co-founder of Burnmark – a global fintech research company – to share her insightful ideas and predictions on how the banking industry might change by 2025. Get a peek into the future!
Our new podcast episode is out! We invited Michael Meyer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Risk Officer at MRS BPO to share some insights into how financial services organizations can use digital platforms to succeed in the new no-code era. Tune in now!
This episode’s speaker is Melissa Jurkoic, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Addapptation. With over twenty years of experience in the tech industry, Melissa will guide you through the main steps when implementing next-gen technologies to make your customers happy. 
Listen to the industry experts: Erik Hale, Sales Enablement Director, Creatio, Yoav Snir, Global Head of Digital Partnerships, Amdocs, Tolga Artan, Chairman, LuckyEye, and Basil Malik, CRM Practice Leader, Blytheco.  Dive into practical tips on how to overcome challenges on your way to success with this episode.
In the new episode, you will learn about the real-world case from our customers Ivy Ventures. Nels Yehnert, Data & Analytics Associate at Ivy Ventures will share how low-code technologies help the company to accelerate alignment across the organization and enable it to accomplish more tasks involving less resources. 
Our new episode is focused on how to accelerate manufacturing processes with low-code/no-code approach to automation and stay competitive on the market.  Listen to Scott Williams, Northwest Regional Sales Manager BluePrint Automation and Scott Wolfe, Director of Sales and Operations, Techosystems to discover the real benefits of low-code/no-code technology for the industry.
Our new episode of Low-Code Talks with Creatio is about current challenges in the financial industry and approaches to overcoming them with digital technologies.  Learn how to make a financial industry organization more agile and customer-centric with #lowcode / #nocode tools from our today’s speaker – Constantin MAREȘ, Executive Director IT, PMO & Transformation Office at OTP Bank, Romania.
Today, many companies are striving to become data-driven. But have you ever wondered what exactly does it mean? Being a data-driven organization is much more than just installing the right tools and apps—it involves making strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.  Listen to our new podcast episode with Jim Love, CIO and Chief Content Officer at ITWC, to learn how to build a data-driven organization.
Listen to our new episode with Alan Joenn, Account Director at Collier Pickard, to discover do's and don'ts on your way to transforming the future of your business
We invited Barton Goldenberg, Founder and President, ISM Inc to provide insights on how to create a low-code company. Ready to learn how to avoid pitfalls on your route to an agile, adaptable and resilient enterprise? Tune in now!
A year after the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world, many organizations have found new ways to reshape their operational models using technology in order to survive. We’ve invited industry-leading experts: David Lashar, partner at Keen360, Tolga Artan, Chairman at LuckyEye and Harshan Senadhira, Head of Product Implementation at Mitra Ventures to discuss the strategies organizations have defined after prospering through 1 year of the pandemic and what you need to do now in order to get ready for the post-pandemic normal.
Join an interactive interview session with Mir Tariquzzaman, CTO & GM at IDLC Finance Limited, to learn about the keys to business transformation success based on IDLC’s first-hand expertise in leveraging technology innovations, managing changes, and driving business growth at an accelerated pace.
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