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In Lucid Dreaming, curator and writer Pamela Cohn interviews a constellation of artistic luminaries working within contemporary contexts of documentary practice and experimental moving image. Together they explore artistic inspirations, conceptual intent and processes, and the expanding socio-political possibilities of creating personal memoir. Support us on Patreon >

Kim Longinotto And Jessica Kingdon - Conversation #3 - Anthology #5 - March 3

British documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Chinese-American Director / Producer Jessica Kingdon join host Pamela Cohn to discuss familiarity, distance, perspective, and the independence of their practice.


Luke Fowler And Ernst Karel - Conversation #2 - Anthology #5 - February 24

Host Pamela Cohn speaks with Scottish artist, filmmaker, and musician Luke Fowler alongside collaborator Ernst Karel, an artist, and filmmaker working with experimental sound and electroacoustic music.


Jenni Olson And Angelo Madsen Minax - Conversation #1 - Anthology #5 - February 17

In this episode Pamela is joined by writer, historian, archivist and filmmaker Jenni Olson, and artist, filmmaker and performer Angelo Madsen Minax.


Amiel Courtin-Wilson - Conversation #7 - Anthology #4 - July 29

In the final episode of Anthology 4 filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson converses with Pamela Cohn about friendship, encounters, and feeling the world.


Ezequeil Yanco - Conversation #6 - Anthology #4 - July 22

Argentinian filmmaker Ezequiel Yanco joins Pamela to explore the nuances of casting, performance, and time: all central to his process.


Louis Henderson - Conversation #5 - Anthology #4 - July 15

Filmmaker and artist Louis Henderson joins Pamela to discuss collective making, historiography and languages of cinema.


Beatriz Seigner - Conversation #4 - Anthology #4 - July 8

In conversation 4 Brazilian filmmaker Beatriz Seigner joins Pamela to discuss being in place, being out of place, and what happens between.


Martin Dicicco - Conversation #3 - Anthology #4 - July 1

In episode 3 of this anthology, Pamela speaks with filmmaker Martin Dicicco about friendship, labour, movement, and outsiders.


Claire Simon - Conversation #2 - Anthology #4 - June 24

In episode two of the fourth Anthology Pamela discusses connection, the eye, youth and cinema with the wondrous Claire Simon.


Raed Andoni - Conversation #1 - Anthology #4 - June 17

In this episode Pamela meets Palestinian filmmaker Raed Andoni to grapple with politics of self, memory and performance. 


Lawrence Lek - Conversation #7 - Anthology #3 - February 18

In this conversation, the final of our third anthology, Pamela Cohn speaks to multimedia artist, filmmaker, and musician Lawrence Lek. They discuss the films 'AIDOL', 'Geomancer', 'Sinofuturism' and more. Lawrence says "I wanted to find out if it was possible to do a kind of coming-of-age tale from the perspective of an Artificial Intelligence and make it work as a story.".


Yin-Ju Chen - Conversation #6 - Anthology #3 - February 11

In episode 6 Pamela Cohn speaks with artist filmmaker Yin-Ju Chen


Naeem Mohaiemen - Conversation #5 - Anthology #3 - February 4

In episode 5 the host Pamela Cohn speaks with artist filmmaker Naeem Mohaiemen. 


Takashi Makino - Conversation #4 - Anthology #3 - January 28

In Conversation 4, Pamela speaks to Japanese experimental filmmaker Takashi Makino. Takashi says: "The theme of my new installation work is connecting people physically again, not so much with our bodies, but connecting in the very deepest part of our hearts."


Karin Chien - Conversation #3 - Anthology #3 - January 21

In conversation three of our third anthology Pamela speaks with creative producer and distributor Karin Chien. Karin says "We all share a human desire to see ourselves on screen, to see ourselves reflected in the narratives that we consume and the narratives in which we participate."


Sylvia Schedelbauer - Conversation #2 - Anthology #3 - January 14

In this episode host Pamela Cohn speak with filmmaker Sylvia Schedelbauer. She says: All my works, especially the later, more sensory films, have all been love letters to cinema and the cinema space.


Basir Mahmood - Conversation #1 - Anthology #3 - January 7

In this episode host Pamela Cohn speak with artist Basir Mahmood. Using video, film or photograph, he weaves various threads of thoughts, findings and insights into poetic sequences that coalesce into ever re-instituting forms of narratives.


Filipa César - Anthology #2 - Conversation #7 - November 5

In this episode, our host Pamela Cohn speaks to artist and filmmaker Filipa César about her work in dialogue, through archives and against Histories. Filipa says: "Who decides which images are saved, are important, or relevant for the world, for making History?"


Jalal Maghout - Anthology #2- Conversation #6 - October 29

In this episode, our host Pamela Cohn speaks to filmmaker and animator Jalal Maghout about his craft, about memory and forging of images. Jalal says: "In animation, you build a world, and especially in animated documentaries, there is a responsibility in the presentation of that world because you are talking about real people, real events, real places."


Zinzi Minott - Anthology #2 - Conversation #5 - October 22

In this episode, our host Pamela Cohn speaks to dancer and artist Zinzi Minott about her work in the context of society, performance and identity. Zinzi says: "You see scattered images of me in beautiful classic ballet shots next to something blowing up because that’s actually my life. That’s what going to dance school was."


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