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771. Sick In Japan (Recorded Live at the BC) My story about how I ended up in a Japanese hospital bed, scared out of my brain. Recorded live in front of an audience at the British Council in Paris. Episode page  LEP Premium  LEP T-Shirts, Mugs & Merch 
770. Boats & Murder (but mostly murder) with Moz An episode with my friend Moz from the Murder Mile True Crime Podcast. Moz returns to tell us some true stories of crimes in the London area. Expect some smalltalk about living on a boat, some murder stories and an interactive detective game in which we have to solve a murder. Episode page LEP Premium  Luke's stand up comedy at the English Comedy Night in Paris  Murder Mile Podcast 
769. Film Club: This Is Spinal Tap (with James) A return to Luke's Film Club with the classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap, a "mockumentary" about a fictitious rock band from the 1980s. This time I am joined by my brother James and we discuss what was once voted "Funniest comedy film of all time". Learn some famous quotes from the film, listen to some scenes and understand the comedy with help from James and me. Episode page
768. English Teaching Methodologies (with Gabriel Clark) Gabriel Clark from joins me to discuss a short history of teaching methodology in the world of TEFL. The direct method, the grammar translation method, The Audio Lingual Method, the Structural Approach, Suggestopedia, Total Physical Response, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), The Silent Way, Community Language Learning, Task Based Language Learning, The Lexical Approach and dogme style - all these get described and discussed. Learn how English teachers teach you English! Episode page My talk at the British Council  LEP Premium  LEP Merch etc 
767. Amber & Paul in the Podcastle Two hours of PodPal action for your enjoyment. This one has a bit of everything. Some audience questions, an idioms game, some dodgy jokes, accents, impressions and more. Episode page LEP Premium LEP T-shirts, mugs etc 
766. Learning English with The News (with Stephen from SEND7 Podcast) Talking to Stephen from the Simple English News Daily podcast about learning English with the news and whether BBC reporters actually speak like normal humans. Episode page  LEP Premium  LEP T-shirts, mugs, etc 
765. Travelling Stories / Reverse Culture Shock (with Martin Johnston from Rock n' Roll English) Martin joins Luke to talk about moving back to the UK, his fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees and some funny stories about travelling experiences. Episode page Martin's fundraiser  LEP Premium 
764. 22 Funny Jokes, Explained Learn English with 22 funny jokes with explanations of vocabulary, homophones, double meanings and pronunciation. Video version available.  Episode page  LEP Premium  British Council English Score Tutors  LEP T-Shirts, Mugs, etc 
763. Rambling in the new Pod-Room / Choose The Adverb / Deal or No Deal This is a chance for me to just let loose and have a ramble while inviting you to this kind of housewarming party (or perhaps just the first part of the party) in my new pod-room. In this one I am going to welcome you into the new room and do a ramble challenge in which I am restricted to only talking about things inside the room, plus reading from some random books on my shelves. Grammar rules, adverbial collocations and a game show story. Private Lessons with British Council English Score Tutors Episode page  LEP Premium  LEP T-Shirts & Merch Rules of the Ramble Welcome everyone to the pod-room. Give a tour. I’m restricted to only talking about things inside the room. Maybe describe some of the items on the walls and pictures. Include some descriptive language. Pick up a book and do a random exercise from it. Keep talking without pausing or saying “errr”.
762. Meditation & Learning English (with Antony Rotunno) Discussing meditation, meditation techniques, how it can help in our lives and improve us as language learners. Antony Rotunno is my guest and listen out for stories, advice, tangents and maybe one or two revelations. Episode page Private Lessons LEP Premium LEP T-Shirts, Mugs & Merch Luke & Antony discuss Monty Python & The Holy Grail Antony's Meditation episodes from Life & Life Only Antony's Podcasts    Life & Life Only Glass Onion: On John Lennon  Film Gold   
761. Why we love The Beatles (Recorded Live at The British Council) + Public Speaking Tips This is a presentation I did at the British Council in Paris recently, in front of a live audience. First I talk about public speaking and my approach to doing presentations and then you can hear the recording of my talk. The Beatles were a global phenomenon when they first appeared in the 1960s and their appeal continues to this day. The world still loves The Beatles. But why is this? Join me as I take a deeper look at the social, cultural and psychological factors that make The Beatles story so compelling even after all these years. Episode page with intro & ending transcripts Private Lessons with British Council English Score Tutors LEP Premium LEP T-Shirts & Merch  
760. The Rick Thompson Report: Ukraine Talking to my dad about the situation in Ukraine on 28 February 2022. Episode page 
759. Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans Join me as I walk around my local streets in Paris, go to the laundrette and ramble about what's going on in LEPland at the moment and why there haven't been any new episodes for a while. Episode page  LEP Premium  LEP T-Shirts & Merch   
758. Pub Quiz Trivia with Sarah The Paris Quiz Mistress Chatting to pub quiz host Sarah Toporoff about her love of trivia, and asking each other quiz questions about history, geography, literature, language & pop culture. Can you answer the questions and follow the conversation? Episode page LEP Premium  LEP T-Shirts & Merch 
757. Setting up my new Pod-Room / DIY (Do It Yourself) Vocabulary & Expressions Describing how I am setting up my new pod-room with a couple of stories and plenty of vocabulary for talking about DIY and doing improvements to your home. Vocabulary list available. Episode page with vocabulary list  LEP Premium LEP T-Shirts & Merch 
756. Learn English with LEP in 2022 / A New Year Ramble In this episode I’m going to wish you a Happy New Year, ramble a little bit about what’s going on in LEPland, restate some of my aims and objectives for this podcast, and give a few comments on how you can use the podcast to improve your English, with reference to some recommended episodes from the archive. Episode page with links and notes LEP Premium LEP T-Shirts & Merch   
755. FUNNY RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP TEST with Amber & Paul Can Luke, Amber & Paul pass this funny Russian citizenship test which was written and sent in by a Russian LEPster? Join us as we attempt to answer questions which (apparently) every Russian person would know. This could be embarrassing! P.S. I am 99% sure that this really is the final episode of 2021. Episode page (download the audio & read the full citizenship test from Vadim)  LEP Premium (vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation lessons)  LEP T-shirts & merch 
754. Learning & Teaching English in The Metaverse / The Mandalorian (with Andy Johnson) Andy Johnson returns to talk about more “M” words - this time it’s The Metaverse and The Mandalorian. The Metaverse is an immersive and interactive 3D online environment. How can it be used for learning and teaching English? Andy’s new job is with a company that offers English learning in the metaverse, so let’s chat about it. Also, we finally talk about The Mandalorian on LEP after waiting nearly a year! This is probably the last episode of LEP in 2021 - so Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you have a Happy New Year! Episode page LEP Premium Fluent Worlds Academy (Learn English in The Metaverse)  LEP T-Shirts & Merch 
753. Visiting the Louvre Museum with Amber & Paul Join Amber, Paul and me as we take a tour of the famous Louvre Museum in Paris and describe some of the world's most amazing artwork and artefacts, including stunning Greek sculptures like Venus de Milo, fascinating renaissance paintings by Leonardo da Vinci such as the Mona Lisa and many more incredible pieces. The video version has photos of all the work being described. Photos are also shown on the website page. Episode page LEP Premium LEP T-Shirts & Merch 
752. Creating Award-Winning Books for Children (with Penny Dale) Author and illustrator Penny Dale talks about the process of creating successful books for children, including some of her most popular books such as Ten In The Bed and the Dinosaur series. Video version available. Audio version has 30mins extra rambling. Episode page LEP Premium  LEP T-shirts & Merch  Penny Dale 
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Moslem Habibi

you are a great teacher Luke , your sense of hour is great, it help learners to learn better ,

May 24th

mehdi tila


May 23rd

Abdurahmon Abdullayev

Luke, do you read old comments?

May 21st


Thank you I enjoy and learn a lot

May 17th


I like to know that Stephen was drinking mate during the interview 😊 Greetings from Argentina 👋

May 9th

Fateme Aramesh


May 8th

z0e mh

I'm in love with your British accent 🥺❤️

May 8th

mohi oji

it was awesome, good job♥️👌🏻

May 5th

Yuqi Su

I love her voice, and humor! So cute!

May 3rd


So much fun. I couldn't stop laughing. Luke, Amber and Paul are great together!!!

Apr 30th

Saba Sola

It was an interesting topic🙏🏻

Apr 29th

Abdurahmon Abdullayev

blind date, speed date new words

Apr 27th

mehdi tila


Apr 25th

Hani Hosseini

that was awesome 😎

Apr 24th

Amir Ghasemi


Apr 23rd

Fateme Yousefi


Apr 22nd

Abdurahmon Abdullayev

There is a lit of twilight movies which one should I watch

Apr 19th

Abdurahmon Abdullayev

why there is not any comments here?

Apr 17th

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