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Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson
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Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson

Author: Luke Thompson

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Luke's English Podcast is an award-winning podcast for learners of English.

Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken.

635 Episodes
629. Do you ever ... ? (with James) Strange Habits & Funny Observations A funny conversation about strange habits that we don't often talk about, with my brother James. Notes & scripts available on the website. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
628. OASIS (with James)

628. OASIS (with James)


628. OASIS (with James) A conversation with James about the English rock band Oasis, including details about their story, music, lyrics and the sibling rivalry between Noel and Liam Gallagher. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium  Image: Champagne Supernova by Oasis, record cover. Source: Fair use summary: Content is for educational purposes and the image represents the subject matter of the episode. 
627. Emina's Long Journey to English Proficiency My friend Emina Tuzovic has learned English to a proficient level as a non-native speaker of the language. She says it has been "a long journey". Let's find out all about that journey of English learning in this conversation, recorded in London just a couple of days ago. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
626. The Rick Thompson Report: Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal / General Election / Football An update from my dad about Brexit, including details about Boris Johnson's deal, the shutting down of Parliament, the upcoming general election and more. Includes some chat about Premiership football at the end. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
625. 88 English expressions that will confuse everyone (Part 2) Let's continue going through this list of words from an article I found in The Independent. Here is another list of 30 items of British English slang. Word list, notes and links available. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium   
624. 88 English expressions that will confuse everyone (Part 1) An episode about British English slang and culture, featuring expressions that Brits know but everyone else finds confusing. Here are the first 30 expressions in a list of 88 that I found on Includes plenty of funny improvised examples to make you laugh out loud on the bus. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
623. 13 Terrible Jokes, Explained Actually, it's 17 jokes, including some simple one-liners and a few longer story-based jokes for you to remember and practise telling yourself. Listen to Luke read out and explain some pretty awful but enjoyable word puns and shaggy dog stories, and learn some English in the process. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
622. General Ramble (Oct 2019) Learning English / Politics / Recording Setup / Book Recommendation / Beatles / Star Wars / Bill Bailey Rambling on my own about all sorts of things including Brexit news, describing my recording setup and microphones, a book recommendation for you, comments about the Beatles Abbey Road 50th Anniversary, the latest Star Wars Episode 9 trailer and Bill Bailey dissecting music in a brilliant way. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium 
621. British TV: Dragons’ Den (Part 3) Discord in the Den One more episode about this TV series involving entrepreneurs getting investment for their business startups. In this one there's plenty of disagreement and some strong feedback from the Dragons. Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium 
620. British TV: Dragons' Den (Part 2) Negotiation Listen to a real business negotiation and learn loads of English in the process. Vocabulary, scripts and notes available below. Episode page  italki offer 
619. British TV: Dragons’ Den (Part 1) Business Vocabulary Learn tons of business vocabulary in context in this episode all about a TV show about entrepreneurs negotiating investment for their business startups.  This episode contains a business ramble about things like equity investments, financial projections, manufacturing, distribution, logistics chains and marketing. Part 2 contains a real negotiation with plenty of emotional moments. Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium  
618. The Climate Crisis Explained in 10 Charts (with Cara Leopold) A conversation with Cara Leopold about the climate crisis including descriptions of key charts, graphs and data. Notes and transcripts available. Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium 
617. Sales and Advertising (with Paul Taylor) A language-focused episode looking at words and phrases that you often see and hear in advertising and sales situations. Also includes discussion of sales techniques, Apple's sales and marketing strategy and also a classic bit of stand-up by the late great George Carlin. Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium 
616. Can you find the 15 idioms? (with Paul Taylor) Listen to Luke and Paul play a conversation game and try to spot 15 common idioms. All idioms are demonstrated, explained and listed on the website. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium
615. Paul Taylor Became a Dad, and you won't believe what happened next How is Paul getting on as a new dad? How is everything going? What's he angry about this time? Episode page  italki offer LEP Premium 
614. Another Murder Mystery Detective Story (Part 3) Here's the conclusion of this online murder mystery text adventure game. Vocabulary is reviewed at the end. Video available for premium subscribers. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium
613. Another Murder Mystery Detective Story (Part 2) Here is part 2 of this text adventure game. There's also a video for premium subscribers.  Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium 
612. Another Murder Mystery Detective Story (Part 1) Listen to Luke investigating a 'choose-your-own-adventure' detective story and read along if you like! Learn English in fun ways with stories on Luke's English Podcast. Video available for premium subscribers. Episode page  italki offer  LEP Premium 
611. Top 10 Jokes from Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Listen to 10 jokes from this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy shows. Understand the jokes and listen to Luke break them down to help you learn more English. Video version available in the LEP App for Premium subscribers. LEP Premium  Episode page italki offer 
610. British Comedy: James Acaster Listen to a bit of stand up comedy that will require quite a lot of breaking down in order for you to understand all the jokes like a native speaker, but there’s lots to learn in the way of language and culture in the process. Episode page italki offer  LEP Premium LEP App
Comments (127)

Solmaz Dolatzade

it's so helpful. thanks Luke!

Dec 6th

Behnaz Ganjehi

great as usual

Nov 26th

Karol Andres

You should use deesser for her voice.

Nov 22nd

Yi Zhu

where are all coments ????

Nov 21st

Yi Zhu

love ur podcast

Nov 21st
Reply (1)

Tamim Hasan

why you talk a lot .... you dont come to main point u always roam around the topic without getting into it shitty episaode 238 ....plzzz reply admitting your useless gossip

Nov 16th

Ivan 927

20:00 it's "take it AT face value", Luke

Nov 13th

Ruslan Safin

What does Luke say from 11:00?

Nov 7th

Yi Zhu

too verbose...

Nov 6th


the best episode until now!

Oct 31st


They were all funny, Luke :)), except for the last one!

Oct 30th

saied khayamzadeh

so nice idea, thanks

Oct 29th

saied khayamzadeh

hello, I'm quite new listener to your podcast which is really great and I appreciate it too much. but in this episode you said several times something like dgedie or jedie that I don't know the meaning and it's spelling. may you let me know?

Oct 24th

papillon k

thank you from Iran

Oct 23rd

Ali Yoosefi

greaaaat, I should have found you sooner :)

Oct 16th


Dear Luke Hi I'm not a new LEPster but this is my first comment. I finally decided to come out. I've listened to your podcast for about 1 year and I really appreciate your sheer hard work and enthusiasm for finding and dissecting such a broad spectrum of subjects. Now, I think that I know a lot about British culture and language. Some of my favourite topics are poshness, different accents, indirect culture of your people, British comedy and especially Alan Partridge, Edinburgh Fringe, catching up with Amber and Paul, Brexit, and a bunch of other brilliant ideas. Your last two episodes about Dragons' Den also drew my attention to a great extent. I'm introducing your podcast to every passionate English learner whom I know here in Iran. I wish I could hear from you more often. Best wishes, Saeid

Oct 12th

Farzin Mandalzadeh

this podcast is awsome

Sep 22nd

Meihua Zheng

benedict cumberbatch is awfully and totally posh i think

Sep 9th

Zhan Cecilia

Where could i find the script

Sep 5th

Mariane Cardoso Martins

Oh my Gosh Luke!! Your daughter's voice is absolutely adorable!! It's a huge coincidence that while I was listening to the last episode I was wondering when would you give us the opportunity to listen to her voice.

Aug 29th
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