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Step into the void with The Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine as he talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.
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When you start out your life as a packing weight, you're either going to hate everything about our sport, or you're going to be in it for life. Luckily for Laurie Lubbe the latter is what happened.  The daughter of a French National and World champion in Style and Accuracy, she fell in love with the sport the first time she found herself under her own canopy, and never looked back.  Now herself a sponsored athlete by the French Federation, Laurie takes the time to tell us about what it was like growing up in the sport, her journey to the tunnel life and competitive aspirations, what she believes it takes to chase the title of "Champion", and what life for her has been like in the time of Covid.  Join us for a fun and upbeat chat on this edition of Lunatic Fringe.
Anas Bekkali.  Like a lot of us, he got his start in "Air Sports" almost completely by accident, and like most of us, it totally took over his life, and damn has he made the most of it!  Starting off as a pure "tunnel rat" and transitioning to the sky, he's managed to do a whole lot with his ten or so years in the sport.  From skydiving over Everest with the Moroccan Flag and jumping his countries flag back home (where he was invited to meet the king), to plans for jumping the great pyramids of Giza and an adventure show of Morocco, Anas is working hard to make the most of his time in the Lunatic Fringe.
I've always wondered what non skydiving mom's and dads think about the sport we all love, how they deal with the stress and fear, and how they handle dealing with their kids involvement in the Lunatic Fringe, so to find out, we sat down with Bonnie and Nancy, the mothers of Junior and I respectively to find out how they coped, and still do...  Slightly embarassing and fun, join us for a little family time
Rafael Schwaiger. He likes to fly in tunnels and sometimes he skydives. Perhaps the most ridiculously understated introduction any guest has ever given themselves on Lunatic Fringe.  Unless you pay no attention to what's been happening in the tunnel for quite some time, then you're well aware of just how talented and charismatic Rafa is. World Freestyle Champion and holder of so many other titles and accolades that I won't even begin to attempt to list them, I'll still be the one to tell you that I think his biggest accomplishment is being so exceptional at what he does, while still being a happy, fun and slightly out of his mind guy. Please join us as we talk all about Rafa's path down the Lunatic Fringe, and I describe what I get to see on camera that you can't!
Back again to talk about weird shit during weird times, its Puss Foot's own Brian Casserly taking time out of his crazy busy schedule to just shoot the shit! In true bonfire style we cover everything from Covid to kids, and religion to dildo's in true lunatic style.  Join us for a good laugh in true Lunatic Fringe style.
A Kiwi born and raised, Antz Hansen had been around aviation from a very young age, so when the daydream of making a skydive finally presented itself, the outcome wasn't quite as he'd expected.  As it turned out, round parachutes weren't his thing...  But then, after he'd already established himself as a professional photographer, the chance to try the new "Square" design presented itself, and boom! Working behind the lens his entire adult life, specifically as an "extreme" photographer, Antz has gone out of his way to put himself into some seriously sketchy situations, and is happily not only still here, but happily is sitting down to tell us about his path with the Lunatic Fringe.
From round parachutes to squares. Riding atop busses fueled with beer and coke and dodging power lines. Lodi O.G. jumper. World record big ways. Subterranean BASE in Mexico. Burning Man. Waterfall wingsuiting...  There isn't a whole lot in air sports that Splash Robinson hasn't experienced firsthand! One of the original crew out of Lodi and on to Skydance in Davis, Splash has been going big ever since he wrapped his fathers car around a telephone pole (not how you would imagine). He's been there, done that and was probably the guy who designed the t-shirt. This is the guy that helped put the Lunatic into Lunatic Fringe, and its an episode you're not gonna want to miss! 
Raised in a family of Aviation enthusiasts, pilots and veterans, Jan Kruger had thought the career of a pilot might be the right path for him, but his family aimed him in a slightly different direction.  Taking on the challenge of becoming and A&P, or Mechanic, or Engineer, or as Jan puts it, somebody that fixes airplanes he found his niche, and ended up working with one of the premier companies that helps keep Twin Otters in the air and doing their thing. With skydiving a dream that had always been on the back burner, it jumped to the forefront as soon as he started spinning wrenches for a skydiving operation which has led him happily and inevitably down a path straight toward the Lunatic Fringe.  Join us on this wine filled and aviation enthusiast based episode!
Living mirrored lives on different sides of the planet, Louise Kristensen and Shannon Seyb had a passion and drive for most all the same things. From Horseback riding and yoga, to tunnel flying and a love of the sky and our community, forming a team to spread the love and a positive vibes was the only natural thing to do. Biding their time until they can train for dynamic two way tunnel comps and get back in the air, Louise and Shannon take the time to tell me how they got their starts in the sport, and how they've spent their "down" time lately keeping it interesting here in the Lunatic Fringe.
Just about as all around positive as they come. Professional Skydiver, writer, life coach, "Ball of Light"...  I had to ask, just how does Melanie Curtis manage to stay so positive and upbeat all the time? The answers may not surprise, but they will most certainly inform. As a member of a new skydiving demo team designed to raise awareness and highlight women in our sport, she's all about making positive change! We go pretty deep on this one to be sure, so...  For those that are looking for just light hearted and want to avoid some of the topics of the day, well, this may be a bit more in depth than you're expecting, but I got the chance to really talk straight with Melanie about the world we're living in, the sport we love, and all the reasons why for good or bad, we love the Lunatic Fringe.
So yeah... A charmed if not short career in skydiving is exactly what Mandy Curry had. Stumbling into amazing situations and lucking her way into rubbing elbows with skydiving royalty, she can't help but look back at her time in the sport with rose colored glasses! A mother of two on a vastly different trajectory, Mandy takes the time to sit and reminisce with me about trips to Eloy, landing on glaciers, guns and death threats in Mexico and dollar bills at the strip club cause she met me while I was sans pants in a thong looking for a "champagne room" customer, she's most certainly got a few stories to tell! Wait, this one might not have been the best idea! Please join me on this episode of Lunatic Fringe with one of my dearest friends (who knows way too fucking much about me), Mandy Curry.  
Proper scared. Kaz Sheekey started out like I imagine a fair amount of us do in skydiving, but for her, just like most of us who decide to make a life out of it, that fear she felt on jump one became a positive driving force, not a deterrent. Immediately attracted to the lifestyle as well as her love of jumping, all it took was a "vacation" to the US to drive her into a 25 plus year love affair not just with skydiving, but with canopy piloting.  A kick ass competitor, Flight One instructor and demo team member to boot, as well as balancing life as a mom in these trying times, Kaz Sheekey takes a bit of her time to share with us her journey into the Lunatic Fringe.
Meat Hauler. Not what most people dream of when they think of a career in skydiving. It's not glamorous and it ain't sexy... As a matter of fact, unless you're a first time tandem student, the tandem instructors tend to be the most overlooked of us, but the truth of the matter is, it's an incredible way to spend your time in the air. Rich LaBarr will be the first to tell you that tandem instructors are seriously un-sung heroes in our sport and deserve their time in the spotlight, and I am 100% in agreement. Starting late in the game (late as in he took his time becoming a working skydiver, not cause he's old and grey) Rich and his wife became fully immersed in our sport, and haven't looked back. Join in as we talk about the joys of strapping other people to you and doing dangerous things!
Started jumping while in college, Check.  Coach rating, Check.  Tandem Instructor, Check.  US Navy F-18 Hornet Pilot...  Big Fuckin' Check!  Joey Marco started both his career in aviation and his career in skydiving around the same time, and has somehow managed to keep his passion for both!  As a new F-18 pilot, Joey gets inundated with "Fan Boy" pilot questions all over the place that I've wanted to ask for years, and we even manage to talk about skydiving!  Join in on another "quarantine" edition of Lunatic Fringe
Hard work and perseverance paid off.  Signed to run and compete for not just one of the best track teams around but precisely who she wanted, Rachel Belmont was headed to college on exactly the trajectory she had planned; then, as seems to happen too damn much, her future was changed by a random injury that left her wondering what came next. Too strong to back down, she was able to push past not only the physical, but the mental as well to become not just an accomplished runner, but an ultra-marathoner.  Training now as a nurse and wanting a way to give back during these crazy times, she wanted to find a way to combine the two worlds she's fallen in love with, and has put running and skydiving together to help those in need. tune in to listen to exactly what she's gone through, what she's got planned, and how you can help on this edition of Lunatic Fringe into the Void.
You want to know what it takes to become world champions? Curious about how to develop the kind of moves that not only haven't been seen before, but not even imagined? Wonder how in the hell anyone could survive 10 years of hardcore training, competition, travel and pressure AND do it all as a couple? And of course, find out who in the hell is behind those awesome jumpsuits? Well look no further! On this episode of Lunatic Fringe, Team Airwax members Greg Crozier and Karine Joly take the time to sit down and tell me the in's and outs of their wonderful journey to the top of the podium, smack in the middle of the Lunatic Fringe.
Like a large number of people, Beverly Cosslett's first experience with skydiving came about with a "Sure, why not"; unlike most that more "agree" than "Decide" to skydive, she managed to get herself quickly hooked! Working her way into South Africa's skydiving scene and beyond, she started at a time when the rule breakers and bad boys (and girls) ruled the sport, and stuck with it through its transition into a more, shall we say, adult sport. In a mix between agreeing and being dragging, she has gone on to work the last 7 years as Skydive Johannesburg's Chief Instructor, remembering the old days while guiding the new, all while balancing a career in the real world. Join in on this edition of Lunatic Fringe and enjoy!
Intimidated by the sport. In his own words "lacking natural talent"...  Words that only Ernesto Gainza would use to describe himself because nobody I know would use anything other than "Calculated" or "Driven". Maybe "Forward Thinking" or even "Fucking Crazy" (that was me...).  Currently holding the record for the smallest canopy every landed, the man has taken on challenges that very few ever would, and he's done them with success and professionalism to say the least. Join me as I get the wonderful opportunity to catch up with my friend Ernesto, and find out how he ended up with all of us deep in The Lunatic Fringe.
Hannah Parker PHD.  Fuck skydivers are amazing at themes (life changing course corrections), and this is one of my favorite ones by far!  Well on her way to becoming a full blown Doctor and researcher (did I mention the fuckin’ PHD?), Hannah and her friend decided to make a skydive to jazz things up a bit, at jazz it up it certainly did! Managing to finish off that PHD while fucking around at the dropzone, she gave her family the impression that she just needed some "down time" after all the hard work,  which is why she was pissing off to Portugal to go skydiving... Seven years later, she's still on that vacation from her original path! Join us for a fun look into the life and style of a hard working skydiver on this episode of Lunatic Fringe!
Wow is all I have to say! First off, Julio Ruiz, the owner and operator of Liquid Sky is doing his part. Having thought not just about his families well being in these crazy times, but of his employees and those around him, he decided to put his design skills to work to put out masks to help stem the forward push of the Coronavirus. Secondly, he tells me about his beginnings in our sport, life in Puerto Rico, what it was like to have his arm shoulder deep in a cow's ass, and if its easier to shoe a horse than outfit a skydiver! This one you've gotta hear!  
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